Being Gay is a LGBT 2016 comedy film starring Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey.


Former childhood friends, John Bruzzone and Richard Bender have a family reunion after gay marriage occured over 25 years ago.



  • Will Ferrell as John Bruzzone
  • Jim Carrey as Richard Bender
  • TBA as Laura Nordstroem
  • TBA as Kimmy Bender-Bruzzone
  • TBA as Tonio Bender-Bruzzone
  • TBA as Blanca Miletus
  • TBA as Jerica Foladare
  • TBA as Stevie Pabrezis
  • TBA as Victor Hoermann
  • TBA as Avery Boehrer
  • TBA as Tracy "Trace" Pantilla
  • TBA as George Phelps
  • TBA as Daron Abderrazzaq


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