Before the Nightmare is the pilot and first episode of the first season in The Phoenix Defenders.


The Phoenix Defenders have been in superhero business for the past few years,


Howard Cooper: Stay still, Phoenix Defender! Your days of vigilantism are over!


Howard Cooper: What? People don't say that anymore?

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Eh... i don't think so, men. Camouphlat Vaporis.

Suddenly, thick clouds of fog began to appear and surrounded Cursechanter. Narrowing their eyes in suspicion, the cops started to shoot at her. Inside the fog, Cursechanter creates a mana force field around her and chants a spell.

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Abeo Exorior!

She begin to blur until she disappear completely and the force field dissolves. The cops continued shooting at her and once the fog disappeared, the cops realized that Cursechanter has vanished.

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:What seems to be the problem, Mayor Spoons?

Mayor Spoon:No, you're doing it wrong! You must break through my windows like sane people!

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:...Okay then...(Lyn and the others slowly backed out of the office. A few seconds later they burst through the window) What seems to be the problem, Mayor Spoons?

Mayor Spoons:It's horrible, Phoenix Defenders! An evil alien is threatening to destroy the city and it's inhabitants!

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:We're on our way!


Howard Russo:Who cares? We don't even know you.

Citizen:Someone please get him!

Velocity zoomed off

Saya Sato/Velocity:I got him!

Citizen:Wait a minute, that's the wrong guy.

Saya Sato/Velocity:Oh! Oh well, he's gone.

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter:Not for long!

The scene cuts to a man running down the street with Lyn running across rooftops then she leaps straight up into the air by several feet.

Lyn Manchester/Cursechanter: (shouted)HONG KONG PHOOEY!

Man: Where?!

Lyn then kicked the man across the face, sending him flying across the street and crash into a wall.


Hong Kong Phooey:Right here.

The camera turned to who said it and Hong Kong Phooey was actually there, much to everyone's surprise. Hong Kong Phooey for no reason, karate chopped a nearby trashcan in half.

Lyn Manchester:School year starts on August 15.

Apollo McGuire: August 15?! (gasped in horror)That's tomorrow!

Devanie Black:It's something we'll have to do whether we like it or not. I know everyone hates school but the first day back can't be that bad, right?

Lyn Manchester:Okay, in case the city needs us during school hours-

Delphine Isley:Which it will?

Lyn Manchester:We have to keep the communicators concealed at all times. Instead of ringing like they normally do, the communicators will vibrate to let you know if there's trouble. When that happens, excuse yourselves from class and meet up outside the school. Try to keep a low profile.

Ezekiel Williams:What are we supposed to tell the teachers? (puts on an innocent face and raised his hand) Oh teacher, may i be excused to go and save the city? Yeah, like that's ever gonna work.

Lyn Manchester:I don't know...Just tell them that you feel sick and have to go to the nurse. Or tell them that you have to use the restroom. You'll think of something. Well, school starts tomorrow. We could try it out and see how it goes on our first day i guess. And like Devanie said, it might not be so bad.

Berna Manchester:You know, home school is starting to look more intriguing.

Aeolus Rowan:Berna... tomorrow may not be bad as it seems. Those kids only say mean stuff about you because they're insecure. They're jealous of you. Ain't that right, Crispin?

Crispin Rivers:Please don't bring me into this.

Berna Manchester:What is there to be jealous of?! I suck! I'm the most worthless and pathetic freak of the school, and i've been for the past 4 years. You've never had to deal with what i'm going through. You don't understand; you'll never understand!

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