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Beauty and the Wolf is an American Action romantic fantasy film, based off of Disney's hit Movie, Beauty and the Beast, premiering on the Disney Movie Network, in 2014. It is directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and produced by Roy Conli, John Lasseter, Glen Keane, Clark Spencer, and Scott Mednick for Disney. It's a 2014 make of the 2014.

The film is a disney animation re-imagining of Charles Perrault's eponymous folk tale and Disney's 2014 animated film of the same name. The film stars Ty Simpkins as the titular character, with Hayden Christensen, Huge Jackman, Jason Bateman, Jack Black, Ginnifer Goodwin, Katie Lowes, Noah Schnapp, Noel Fisher, Chad Lindberg and Kristen Wiig. It is directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and produced by Roy Conli, John Lasseter, Glen Keane, Clark Spencer, and Scott Mednick for Disney.


At the Town, Adam runs away from home and his brother Mitchel. He walked all the way in the woods, He saw the castle for his better home. And in Christmas morning, An enchantress, disguised as an old beggar, offers an enchanted rose to a young prince in exchange for shelter in his castle from the bitter cold, but he refuses. For his arrogance, the enchantress transforms him into a wolf and inflicts a spell on the castle. She gives him a magic mirror that enables him to view faraway events, along with the rose. To break the spell, the prince must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the rose's last petal falls on his 36th birthday. If he fails, he will remain a wolf forever.

Ten years later in 2006, a young bookworm boy named Ben is bored of his town life and seeks excitement. Because of his nonconformist ideals, he is ridiculed by everyone except his father Mitchel (an odd inventor), the town bookseller, and a vain muscular hunter named Gaston. Despite being popular with the townsfolk, Gaston is determined to take care of Ben but he repeatedly rejects his advances.

Mitchel and his horse Phillipe get lost in the forest while traveling to a fair to present his newest invention, a wood-chopping machine. When Phillipe abandons Mitchel, he comes across the Beast's castle. Inside, he meets Lumière the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock, Mrs. Potts the teapot, and her son Chip the teacup. They offer him their service; however, the Wolf discovers and imprisons Mitchel. After Phillipe leads Ben to the Wolf's castle, he offers to take his father's place. Over his father's objection, the Wolf accepts Ben's offer. While Gaston sulks over Ben's rejection, Mitchel returns to town but is unable to convince the others to rescue Ben.

The Wolf sulks in his room when Ben refuses to have dinner with him that night. Despite this, Lumière offers her a meal. While he and Cogsworth also give her a tour of the castle, he wanders into the forbidden West Wing. When the Wolf frightens him out into the forest, Ben encounters a pack of wolves. The Wolf rescues Ben but he gets injured in the process. He begins to develop feelings for him while she nurses his wounds and he delights him by showing his extensive library. While the two bond in the Wolf's castle, Gaston pays Monsieur D'Arque to send Mitchel to the town's insane asylum if Ben refuses Gaston's proposal again.

Sharing a romantic evening dance together, Ben tells the Wolf he misses his uncle Adam. The Wolf realized that Mitchel misses him. The Wolf reveals that he is Ben's uncle. Ben recognises man as Adam. Ben is amazed to find his uncle alive, knowing that he is his Uncle. The Wolf told Ben he was transformed into a wolf by a beautyfull enchantress and anyhting what happend. Ben tells the Wolf he misses his father. He lets him use his magic mirror to see him. He sees Mitchel dying in the woods trying to reach the castle. The Wolf lets him go out to save him and he gives him the mirror to remember him by. Chip stows away; Ben finds Maurice and brings him home. As Gaston is about to forcibly bring Mitchel to the asylum, Ben proves Mitchel's sanity by showing the Wolf with the magic mirror. Realizing that Ben loves the Wolf, Gaston convinces the villagers that the Wolf is a man-eating monster and leads them to the castle to kill him.

With Chip's aid, Mitchel and Ben escape from confinement. While the villagers are fended off by the servants, Gaston fights the Wolf. The Wolf initially is too depressed to fight back, but perks up after seeing Ben return to the castle. He corners Gaston, but spares his life and orders him to leave. However, when the Wolf turns to Ben, a mad Gaston fatally stabs him, but then loses his footing and falls to his death. Ben professes her love for the Wolf, who dies before the last rose petal falls. With the spell broken, the Wolf reverts to Adam as his true form alive. The servants resume their human forms and the castle is restored to its former glory. Ben dances with Adam in the ballroom as everyone watches in delight.

Voice cast

  • Ty Simpkins as Ben – A bibliophilic and wonderful 13 year old young boy who seeks adventure, and offers his own freedom to the wolf in return for his father's. In their effort to enhance the character from the original story, the filmmakers felt that Ben should be "unaware" of his own beauty and made him "a little odd." Wise recalls casting Simpkins because of a "unique tone" he had, "a little bit of Belle," after whose appearance Ben was modeled.
  • Hayden Christensen as A Wolf/Adam – A young man who is transformed into a wolf by a beautiful enchantress as punishment for his arrogance. He is from the character of a Wolf (by Zack King as a wolf escapes from the jail) in Zootopia. He has ice blue eyes of Larry (the grey wolf guard), And the tail and gray fur and white muzzle of Officer Tim Wolford. The Wolf was based on the wolf characters in Zootopia.
  • Huge Jackman as Gaston – A vain hunter who vies for Ben's hand in protectiv and is determined not to let anyone else win his heart. Jackman's voice is from a character of Charlie Kenton in Real Steel. In the beginning, Gaston is depicted as more of a narcissist than a villain, but later he leads all the villagers to kill the wolf, enraged that Ben would love a Wolf more than him.
  • Jason Bateman as Lumiere – The kind-hearted but rebellious maître d'hôtel of the Wolf's castle, who has been transformed into a candlestick. He has a habit of disobeying his master's strict rules, sometimes causing tension between them, but the Wolf often turns to him for advice. He is depicted as flirtatious, as he is frequently seen with the Featherduster and immediately takes a liking to Ben. A running gag throughout the movie is Lumière burning Cogsworth.
  • Jack Black as Cogsworth – The head of the household staff and Lumière's best friend, who has been transformed into a clock. He is extremely loyal to the Wolf so as to save himself and anyone else any trouble, often leading to friction between himself and Lumière.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Plumette – A maid and Lumière's sweetheart, who has been turned into a feather duster. She is unnamed in the 1991 film (listed as Featherduster in the credits); Babette is the name given to this character later in the 1994 stage adaptation of the film, and Fifi in 1998's Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World. and Plumette in the 2017 live-action remake.
  • Katie Lowes as Mrs. Potts – The castle cook, turned into a teapot, who takes a motherly attitude toward Ben.
  • Noel Fisher as Le Fou – Gaston's often abused yet loyal sidekick.
  • Chad Lindberg as Mitchel – Ben's inventor father. and Adam's yonger brother. The citizens call him crazy, but his loyal son believes he will be famous one day.
  • Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate as the Bimbettes – A trio of village maidens who constantly fawn over Gaston, known as the "Silly Girls" in the stage adaptation.
  • Kristen Wiig as Garderobe – The castle's authority over fashion, and a former opera singer, who has been turned into a wardrobe. The character of Wardrobe was introduced by visual development person Sue C. Nichols to the then entirely male cast of servants, and was originally a more integral character named "Madame Armoire." Wardrobe is known as "Madame de la Grande Bouche" (Madame Big Mouth) in the stage adaptation of the film, and is the only major enchanted object character we do not see the human form of in the film.
  • Hattie Morahan as Agathe – A beautiful enchantress was disguise as a old begger woman, melted away to revield herself and she transformed Adam into a wolf.
  • Will Arnett as the Stove – The castle's chef who has been transformed into a stove.
  • Matthew Broderick as the Bookseller – The owner of a book shop in Ben's home town.
  • J. K. Simmons as Monsieur D'Arque – The sadistic warden of the Asylum de Loons. Gaston bribes him to help in his plan to blackmail Ben.
  • Noah Schnapp as Chip – Mr. and Mrs. Potts' son, who has been turned into a teacup.
  • Fred Tatiscore as Baker – The owner of a bakery in Ben's home town.
  • Alec Baldwin as Tom
  • Patrick Warburton as Stanley
  • T.J. Miller as Dick
  • Steve Buscemi as Crony - The guy (who said "And sharp cruel fangs?" and we don't know the name) is with Tom Dick and Stanley. He is unnamed in the 1991 film (listed as Crony in the credits).
  • Eric Allan Kramer as Barber
  • Kirk Baily, Jack Blessing, Ranjani Brow, David Cowgill, Caitlin Gutt, Elisa Gabrielli, Jackie Gonneau, Wendy Hoffmann, Scott Menville, Renee Robert, Andre Sogliuzzo and Hans Tester as Townfolks
  • Harley Graham, Darien Provost, Ava Telek, Eva Bella, Davis Cleveland, Jace Norman, Diego Velazquez, Thomas Kuc, Livvy Stubenrauch, Elsie Fisher and Dana Gaier as Townfolk's Children
  • Karen Disher, Maile Flanagan, Jason Fricchione, Bill Hader, Kelly Keaton, Clea Lewis Jane Lynch, Carlos Saldanha and Cindy Slattery as Objects
  • Max von Sydow as Narrater - Narrates the prologue.


(Ben rushes home and descends into the basement.)

  • Ben: Dad?
  • Mitchel: How on heck did that happen? Dog gonnit! (He pulls the barrel off his waist, along with his pants.)
  • Ben: Are you okay, Dad?
  • Mitchel: I'm about ready to give up on this hunk of junk! (kicking machine)
  • Ben: You always say that.
  • Mitchel: I mean it, this time. I'll never get this boneheaded contraption to work.
  • Ben: Yes, you will. And you'll win first prize at the fair tomorrow
  • Mitchel: Hmmmph.

(Look at the picture of him and Adam, sigh saddley)

  • Mitchel: I hope he's coming back for me. I miss him.
  • Ben: I miss him two. He's my best uncle I ever have. He'll forgive you as soon as he comes back.

(Now back to fix the invention)

  • Ben: ...and become a world famous inventor!
  • Mitchel: You really believe that?
  • Ben: I always have.
  • Mitchel: Well, what are we waiting for. I'll have this thing fixed in no time. (sliding under machine) Hand me that pipe wrench there... So, did you have a good time in town today?
  • Ben: I got a new book. Dad, do you think I'm odd?
  • Mitchel: My son? Odd? (Appears from under machine with bizarre goggle contraption on his head distorting his eyes) Where would you get an idea like that?
  • Ben: Oh, I don't know. It's just I'm not sure I fit in here. There's no one I can really talk to.
  • Mitchel: What about that Gaston? He's a handsome fellow!
  • Ben: He's handsome all right, and rude and conceited and...Oh Dad, he's not for me!
  • Mitchel: Well, don't you worry, cause this invention's going to be the start of a new life for us. (Comes out from under machine) I think that's done it. Now, let's give it a try. (Machine whirs and chops wood, just as it should)
  • Ben: It works!
  • Mitchel: It does? It does!
  • Ben: You did it! You really did it!
  • Mitchel: Hitch up Phillipe, boy. I'm off to the fair! (Log strikes him in the head, knocking him out. Fade to later in the day)
  • Ben: Bye, Dad! Good luck!
  • Mitchel: Bye, Ben, and take care while I'm gone!

(Mitchel and Phillipe continue on their journey)

(Ben and Wolf have adjourned to the balcony under a starry night.)

  • Wolf: Ben? Are you happy here with me?
  • Ben: (Hesitantly) Yes. (He think of his uncle, missed him) And my about uncle Adam, My dad's brother, My dad and I missed him. he run away from the town. Because my dad's word hurts him. My dad forgive him when he comes back for him.
  • Wolf: (think of Mitchel He realize he forgot about Mitchel. Even Ben And he missed him two. Mitchel forgive him. and He'll forgive him two) Maybe he will. He is my brother.
  • Ben: What? You are?
  • Wolf: Yes. It's me. Adam. Your uncle. Don't you recognized with my eyes?
  • Ben: Uncle Adam? (look into Wolf's eyes, pause for realization, finally found him) Uncle Adam. (hugs Wolf along with him) I missed you. I almost find you anywhere.
  • Wolf: I missed you two. I accidentally forgot you. Even locked your dad in the dungeon and scared you out of the west wing for touching my rose.
  • Ben: It's okay. This isn't your fault. What happened?
  • Wolf: When I was a human, I been transformed into a wolf by a beautiful enchantress. after one winter's night, the old begger woman came to the castle and offered me the single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. But I mistakenly sneered at the gift, don't want it and turn her away.
  • Ben: She was in disguise as a woman before she turn you into an animal. I accidentally forgot about who you are with a trouble recognized. I wanted to apologize.
  • Wolf: It's okay. We reunited now
  • Ben: (Gently) Thanks. (He looks off into the distance)
  • Wolf: What is it?
  • Ben: (Looks at him desperately) If only I could see my dad again, just for a moment. I miss him so much.
  • Wolf: (Looks disappointed for a moment, then excited.) There is a way.

(The pair adjourn to Wolf's lair, where Wolf hands Ben the magic mirror.)

  • Wolf: This mirror will show you anything, anything you wish to see.
  • Ben: (Hesitantly) I'd like to see my dad, please.

(The magic Mirror shines into life, and Ben turns his head away as it flashes.)

  • Mitchel: (Being thrown into the truck.) Ben? (He runs into the house and get the magic mirror.) Let go of me!
  • Ben: (Comes back out with the magic mirror. He yells to the crowd.) My Dad's not crazy and I can prove it! (To the mirror) Show me a wolf! (Magic mirror again shines, then produces the image of the still depressed Wolf appeared a howl. The crowd oohs at it and aahs at the Wolf.)
  • Woman 1: Is it dangerous?
  • Ben: (Trying to reassure her) Oh, no, no, He'd never hurt anyone. Please, I know he looks vicious, but he's really kind and gentle. He's my uncle. And my dad's brother. My dad and I missed him. And now I found him. We didn't reconized him but I do with his eyes. He's been turned into a wolf by a beautiful enchantress he told me.
  • Gaston: If I didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for this monster.
  • Ben: He's no monster, Gaston. You are!
  • Gaston: He's as crazy as a man. (He grabs the mirror from his hand.)

(Adam picks up Ben and swings him around. The yellow jeans of his pants wipe to the ballroom, where all are gathered to celebrate. Adam sees Mitchel, They run towards each other and they reunited together in joy.)

  • Mitchel: (He and Adam hugs each other in forgiveness) Adam, I'm sorry what I said to you. I didn't mean any of this to hurt you.
  • Adam: It's okay. It was a mistake.
  • Mitchel: It's so good to have you back.
  • Adam: Thanks. (He's come back to his wife)

(Mitchel is next to his wife. Ben watches them. And he saw a beautiful girl.)

(Ben and the girl dance around the room as the rest of the characters get in their last lines.)

  • Lumiere: Ah, lover. (He says this, and a maid, obviously the former Plumette walks by, brushing him on the chin.) Heh heh! (He starts to chase after her, but Cogsworth stops him.)
  • Cogsworth: Well, Lumiere, good friend. (Shook Lumiere's hand) Shall we let bygones be bygones?
  • Lumiere: Of course, my buddy. I told you he would break the spell.
  • Cogsworth: I beg your pardon, good friend, (Patting his back) but I believe I told you.
  • Lumiere: No you didn't. (Pinched Cogsworth's cheek) I told you.
  • Cogsworth: You most certainly did not, you pompous parrafin-headed pea-brain!
  • Lumiere: En guarde, you, you overgrown pocket watch! (He takes off his glove and slaps Cogsworth across the face with it.)
  • Cogsworth: Take that! (They begin to fight.) Stop shoving (Cut to Ben and the Girl who continue to dance around the floor. The camera stops on Mr. And Mrs. Potts, Chip Adam, Adam's wife, Mitchel's wife and Mitchel, who is beginning to cry.)
  • Chip: Are they gonna live happily ever after, mom?
  • Mrs. Potts: Of course, honey. Of course.
  • Chip: (Looks happy for a moment, then puzzled.) Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?

(Mitchel laughs and Mrs. Potts hugs her child and laughs. Cut to a camera looking over the entire ballroom with all in the shot. It slowly zooms out with Ben and the Girl dancing around the room, and fades into the final stained glass window, this one with Ben and the girl in the center, surrounded by the rest of the characters.)

  • Chorus: ♫Certain as the sun♫

♫Rising in the east♫

♫Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme♫

♫Beauty and the wolf!♫

♫Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme♫

♫Beauty and the wolf!♫

(Fade out into The end.)


Appearance, Sets and costumes

  • You know what color a wolf has? He has ice blue eyes of Larry (the grey wolf guard), the tail and gray fur of Officer Tim Wolford, And arms and legs and white muzzle of Zach King as a wolf, And in the prologue, All the way through to Ben clean his wound saids “You're welcome.” to Ben thank him for save Ben's life, And Mrs. Potts tell Wolf the castle's under attack, All the way through to Transformed back into Adam, His jeans is dark blue, a T-shirt is plain white and his coat is dark red. In a ball room, A wolf's ball cloths, He has a black trench coat, blue shirt and dark blue cargo pants.

And his body fur color was based on the character created by a Wolf (by Zack King as a wolf escapes from the jail) in Zootopia.

And Ben's, Walks to the town in the song of "Ben" and health a wolf's wound in the den of the castle, Find his dad from the woods and get home and on the balcony of the castle his uncle picks him up and swings him around, He has brown hair and eyes, white long sleeve shirt, american eagle original straight denim medium/dark wash blue jeans, blue T-shirt (out side of his white long sleeve shirt), and converse chuck taylor all star shoes (M9160) hi top in black shoes. In a ball room in the song of "Beauty and the Wolf" to the ruffles of his pants wipe to the ballroom where all are gathered to celebrate and in the end of the movie, He has a yellow jeans, White Nike Pro Core Long Sleeve Base Layer Top Mens A5YV4771324, Yellow T-shirt (out side of his White Nike Pro Core Long Sleeve Base Layer Top Mens A5YV4771324), bauer nylon warm up jacket yellow-YELLOW 40340 L, and Men Supra WMNS SOCIETY YPL - ACID YELLOW/ PASTEL LILAC.

  • When Ben rides on Phillipe to the castle, Run away by terrefied of a wolf's anger, Find his dad and go home to the town where he and his dad belong and Ride back to the castle, He use a black zip up hoodie. (as black zip up hoodie was dark blue)

In a front yard playing the snow with Phillipe and the footstool and head into the library when a wolf show him a surprise, He has a reebok dallas stars men's premier home custom jersey green hockey shirt, another light green shirt, Army Converse All Star (High top) $35$50 SIZE 11.5 Air Walk Shoes, black pants and a red Warm Hoodies Hooded Fleeces Jacket Fashion Cardigan Coat Outerwear with white fur.

A next day, eating breakfast, in a courtyard, feed the birds a sead, playing snowball fight and sit in front of a fire in the song of something there, He has a light pink long sleeves, basketball marquette pink jerseys, Georgia Boot Internal Metatarsal GT ST 12” Work Boots - Waterproof, Insulated, Safety Toe, and white big & tall adidas Athletic Pants.

In the middle of Human Again when Ben read the book at the table in the den when a wolf is with him, Ben has aqua long sleeve, dark aqua dolphins soccer jersey, New Arrival Supra Skytop Blue Beige Shoes For Men From China , and men regular fit straight jeans pants.

  • A wolf watches Ben in a front yard playing the snow with Phillipe and the footstool and show him a surprise into the library and in a courtyard, feed the birds a sead, playing snowball fight and sit in front of a fire in the song of something there, He has a jeans of a Criminal Wolf (by Zack King as a wolf escapes from the jail), a blue (7060W) Cool Vista T-shirt and his coat is dark blue.
  • A day, eating breakfast with Ben, A Wolf mistakely gobbling down some of the food in the hole bull without a spoon, He has dark green coat, light grey (#d3d3d3) T-shirt, and admiral blue (2065-10) jeans.
  • In the middle of Human Again when a wolf is at the table in the den with Ben read the book, A wolf has a blue (7056N) Endless Blue Jeans, blue (7070W) Bridgewater T-shirt and his coat is (Pantone 288) dark blue.
  • Mitchel, father of Ben, He has Dickies Long Sleeve Work Shirt, Dark Grey Jeans and work atlantic shoes.

based on the character created

  • A wolf is from the wolf character of Zootopia.
  • When Adam transformed into a wolf, He is based on the character created by a Criminal Wolf (by Zack King as a wolf escapes from the jail) in Zootopia. As is, He is from the wolf character of Zootopia.
  • Ben's brown hair was based on the character's hair created by Young Kristoff in Disney's Frozen.
  • Mitchel's blonde hair is shape like Kristoff's hair.
  • And his face is shape like Flynn Rider's face. And Mitchel dosen't have whiskers, No mustache, No beard, and nothing on him. Just perfect.
  • Adam's face is shape like Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast. And his orange hair is shape like Anakin's Skywalker's hair in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


  • It will distributed by Walt Disney Pictures