Opening Credits

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Beauty and the Beast

Copyright MCMLXXX Michael Shires Productions
All Rights Reserved

With the Voice Talents of
Sandra Kerr
Michael Hordern

Story by
Laura Sharples

Steve Rogers Al Zimmer
Willard Michaelson A. Kendall O'Connor
Ron Graham Dick Bickenbach
Terry Slade Jack Huber
John Ahren

Al Davidovich Philip DeGuard
Ray Hartshorne Thelma Witmer
Art Rogers Bill Lynn
Robert Gentle Richard Grandmain
Jim Thornton

Directing Animators
Mike Klein Fred Thompson
Oliver Jones James Lasseter

Harold Anderson Harold King
Ed Aardal Hugh Fraser
Scott Webb Jerry Hathcock
Ryan Benny Cliff Reeves
Bob Hathcock Phil Davies
Don Lusk Kenneth Michaels
Irven Stevens Ed Beck
Kenneth Muse Irven Spence
Ed Barge

Assistant Directors
Ed Augustin Cliff Nordberg
Harold Foster Don Towsley

Key Assistant Animators
George Nicholas George Kriesl
George Germanetti George Geopper

Effects Animators
James Buckley Don McManus
Don Patterson

Art Direction
Leonard Clements

Production Design
Maurice Nelson

Character Design
Bob Beck

Layout Styling
Dale Barnhart

Character Styling
Ed Benedict

Background Styling
Daniela Bielecka

Sound Supervisor Robert Crissman

Film Editors
Roy Tanner
Peter Tanner

Music Editor Emery Kennethson

Process Effects Ray Mercer

Color by Technicolor

Recording Director Wally Burr

Songs by
Sandra Kerr
Mike Beck

Michael Young

Richard "Terry" Wallace
Steven Wright

Production Manager
Ken Phillipson

Written by
Bruce Thompson

Story Editor
Howard Swift

Creative Producer
Larz Bourne

Associate Producer
Bob Moore

Supervising Producer
Izzy Takamoto

Technical Supervisor
Yoram Garling

Music Score by
Bob Young
Ted Nichols

Executive Producer
Michael Shires

Produced and Directed by
James Phillipson

Closing Credits

Ink and Paint Supervisor
Warren Johnson

John Aardal Ralph Migliori

Production Supervisor
Bert Stevenson

The End

Produced by Michael Shires

No. 29601
Dolby Stereo Mr. Nanny
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