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Beasts is a 2019 American horror film.


After being in the forest for five days, Billie is forced to go back to the place she fears the most to find her sister. Billie must survive the bloodthirsty creatures, along with the sheriff, his deputy and a group of hunters.


The film opens with the previous film's survivor, Billie Chambers (Alexandra Breckenridge) running in the woods, away from the creatures. She finds a car driving towards her and she waves her arms around to make it stop. A woman exits her car to help Billie and Billie passes out from exhaustion.

Billie wakes up in the hospital where she meets Sheriff Livingston (Ron Perlman) and Deputy Erin Meyer (Danielle Harris). They question her about the other survivors and she responds "They're all dead." They question how long she has been in the forest to which she responds "Five days. I was trying to escape from those things." They question her about the "things". Billie says "What's it matter what they are? You need to go back there and kill those motherfuckers because if you don't, everyone is going to die."

Sheriff Livingston says "My deputies found your friends' dead bodies but your sister is still missing. We need you to go back there." Billie rejects but Sheriff Livingston says "It wasn't an offer. You're coming to find her or else you look like you're a murder suspect." Deputy Meyer begs her to go find her sister and Billie accepts but says "You're gonna need more people and a whole lot of weapons."

Billie, Sheriff Livingston and Erin meet a group of hunters: Dominic Morse (Shiloh Fernandez), Katsumi Tanaka (Jamie Chung), Cameron (Lucien Laviscount) and Christopher Barlow (Randy J. Goodwin), Kris Hooper (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Annie Wagner (Michelle Trachtenberg), and twin brothers Nolan (Max Carver) and Brayden Haynes (Charlie Carver).

As the group is looking for Violet (Arielle Kebbel), they hear growling in the forest. Billie says "Shit." A creature jumps out from a tree and attacks Christopher. Cameron tries to shoot the creature but another creature comes behind him and attacks him, as well. Billie grabs Cameron's shotgun and blasts the creature's head off. The creature that attacked Christopher jumps on Billie but Erin manages to shoor the creature in its throat with a sharp, and finally the head, killing it. As Christopher is about to rise, a creature claws out his throat and takes him away.

Cameron is about to run after his father but Billie says "He's already dead. Unless, you want to live, I suggest you stick with me. These things want to kill us because we entered their territory. They're fast. So if you see a chance at killing them, I suggest you take it. Otherwise, they'll kill you." Sheriff Livingston asks why they should follow her orders, to which Billie responds "Because I fucking dealt with these things for five days. I survived and I'm not gonna let any of these things kill me."

The group is ambushed by a group of creatures, splitting them up. Annie is running until she sees a creature in front of her. She hacks the creature with her machete, killing it. Another creature shows up and it kills her. Nolan, Livingston and Kris are running in the forest until a creature jumps from a tree, landing in front of them. Livingston wounds Kris with his Nolan's pickax and it kills Kris, giving him and Nolan a chance to escape.

Brayden and Cameron are running in the forest until four creatures surround them. They both manage to defeat them, saving each other's life. Brayden kisses Cameron, saying "I've always liked you." Cameron kisses him back and says "Me too." They run to find the others.

Meanwhile, Billie, Erin, Katsumi and Dominic are walking in the forest until they see a creature. The creature tries to attack them but Violet (Arielle Kebbel) manages to save them. Violet attacks Billie but Erin says to Violet, "Billie came to save you." Violet then offers Billie a hand and lifts her up off the ground. Cameron, Brayden, Livingston and Nolan manage to find the others. They question Kris and Annie's whereabouts, which they confirm as dead. Billie says, "We need to keep moving."

Sheriff Livingston says "We need to find a way out of the forest." But Billie denies leaving until all of the creatures are dead. Sheriff Livingston says "I'm not risking my ass. We found your sister. Now, let's all get the fuck out of here." Billie walks up to the sheriff and says "You can leave but they'll kill you. If you want the people in your town to live. Then, let's end this once and for all."

Cameron and Brayden are in the forest and call for the creatures. A few creatures jump from the trees and chase Cameron and Brayden. Brayden is wounded and Cameron carries him to the cabin. They manage to make it to the cabin and enter. They see Brayden wounded and they try to think of a way to distract the creatures. Brayden volunteers by blowing up the cabin. Cameron and Nolan volunteer to stay because someone needs to pour the gasoline. The others escape through a window. Nolan calls for the creatures and they kill him. The creatures enter the cabin but Brayden has died. Cameron is wounded by a creature. He looks at Brayden one last time and says "Bombs away motherfuckers," before blowing the cabin up, as the others watch from the forest.

The others stumble upon a cave, which belongs to the creatures. Dominic then stops Katsumi and says "I just want you to know. I've always liked you." Katsumi kisses him and says "I'm not going anywhere." Violet says they need to stab them in their heads with a knife to be quiet. As they stab them in their heads, Dominic is killed. The five survivors run deeper into the cave. Sheriff Livingston says they need to feed and attacks Billie. Violet tries to stop him but he pushes her off of him. Katsumi then tries to stab him but he hits her in her face. Erin then stabs him in the back, betraying him. Erin begins to stab him several times in the face, killing him. All of the creatures wake up and they fight them off but it becomes too much for them to handle. Billie crawls up the cave to get help. Billie makes it to the road, only to find a group of soldiers. She tries to warn them about the other three survivors but they take her away.


Alexandra Breckenridge as Billie Chambers

Danielle Harris as Deputy Erin Meyer

Arielle Kebbel as Violet Chambers

Jamie Chung as Katsumi Tanaka

Ron Perlman as Sheriff Livingston

Shiloh Fernandez as Dominic Morse

Lucien Laviscount as Cameron Barlow

Randy J. Goodwin as Christopher Barlow

Michelle Trachtenberg as Annie Wagner

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Kris Hooper

Max Carver as Nolan Haynes

Charlie Carver as Brayden Haynes


Christopher Barlow - Throat clawed and dragged away.

Annie Wagner - Attacked.

Kris Hooper - Eaten.

Nolan Haynes - Stomach torn apart.

Brayden Haynes - Wounded and dies from blood loss.

Cameron Barlow - Blown up with the creatures.

Dominic Morse - Attacked.

Sheriff Livingston - Stabbed in his head several times by Erin.


Billie Chambers

Erin Meyer?

Violet Chambers?

Katsumi Tanaka?