Beast Wars: Transformers: The Forevers Appear! is a Marvel Comics/Beast Wars: Transformers crossover. Hiding as Cybertronians, the Forevers (counterparts of the Eternals) are a species of Cybertronian that lives forever. Some of them experience Extincteviant Syndrome, a syndrome that makes him/her ugly and wicked. Both Forevers and Extincteviants are created by the Quintessials, giant-sized robot Transformers from Quintessa.


  • Ikarion- Rat
  • Sersa- Cat
  • Zurabbit- Rabbit
  • Phastox- Beaver
  • Makkaros- Platypus
  • Ajakonix- French Bulldog
  • Thenaxia- Fat-tailed Scorpion
  • Noah- Squirrel
  • Agrhinar- Rhinoceros
  • Ardomix- Bear
  • Spriterdon- Iguanodon
  • Klingo- Crocodile
  • Rejehog- Hedgehog
  • Uglii- Kangaroo
  • Cybelephant- Elephant
  • Armadillan Brothers- Armadillos


  • Druigorex- Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Krowsnest- Raven
  • Argoshark the Hunter- Shark


  • One Above Everything- Lion
  • Germiax the Analyzer- German Shepherd Dog
  • Eagl'son the Searcher- Eagle
  • Tefrapus the Surveyor- Platypus
  • Nezrolphin the Calculator- Dolphin
  • Arabbitshem the Judge- Rabbit
  • Rhinorgen the Measurer- Rhinoceros
  • Gammenopotamus the Manipulator- Beaver
  • Slothmut the Dreaming Quintessial- Sloth
  • Oneguirrel the Prober- Squirrel
  • Zirmunk the Tester- Chipmunk
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