Beast Wars: Transformers: 88-Constellation Team is a spin-off from Beast Wars: Transformers: E.N.D.A.N.G.E.R.E.D., and airs sometime in 2026. The team has their beast-mode-heads in their chests.

88-Constellation Team members:

1. Lepus-1 (co-leader)- Rabbit 2. Lupus-2 (co-leader)- Wolf 3. Corvus-3 (third-in-command)- Crow 4. Columba-4 (fastest dove in the planet)- Dove 5. Dorado-5 (chef)- Goldfish 6. Lacerta-6 (computer expert)- Lizard 7. Canis Major-7 (father)- Greyhound Dog 8. Canis Minor-8 (son)- Greyhound Puppy 9. Ursa Major-9 (uncle)- Polar Bear 10. Ursa Minor-10 (nephew)- Polar Bear Cub 11. Vulpecula-11 (thief)- Fox 12. Indus-12 (headdress-wearing hero)- Raccoon 13. Aquila-13 (who wears a scarf)- Eagle 14. Horologium-14 (who tells the time when Predacons attack)- Crocodile 15. Chamaeleon-15 (friend to Musca-16)- Chameleon 16. Musca-16 (friend to Chamaeleon-15)- Housefly 17. Leo-17 (grandfather)- Lion 18. Leo Minor-18 (grandson)- Lion Cub 19. Lynx-19 (crystal expert)- Lynx 20. Phoenix-20 (immortal, cannot die, for when he dies he is reborn)- Phoenix 21. Monoceros-21 (weapons expert)- Unicorn 22. Canes Venatici-22 (restroom janitor)- White English Bull Terrier Dog 23. Equuleus-23 (plays polo)- Horse 24. Eridanus-24 (soccer player)- Shark 25. Pegasus-25 (winged messenger)- Pegasus 26. Perseus-26 (prince of the planet Medusa)- Dragonfly 27. Orion-27 (hunter rhinoceros)- Rhinoceros 28. Virgo-28 (female commander)- Elephant 29. Circinus-29 (brother of Pyxis-30)- Sea Lion 30. Pyxis-30 (brother of Circinus-29)- Gryphon 31. Camelopardalis-31 (father-in-law of Longrack)- Giraffe 32. Delphinus-32 (snooker-playing father of Dolphinus)- Dolphin 33. Andromeda-33 (female penguin demolitions expert)- Penguin 34. Gemini-34 (beaver with two minds)- Beaver 35. Libra-35 (the balancing platypus)- Platypus 36. Volans-36 (the caped flying fish)- Flying Fish 37. Cygnus-37 (father of Override)- Swan 38. Taurus-38 (father of Overdrive)- Bull 39. Sagitta-39 (archer)- Ant 40. Sagittarius-40 (archer)- Wasp 41. Scorpio-41 (scout)- Scorpion 42. Capricornus-42 (game show host)- Goat 43. Cepheus-43 (king of the Armadillonians)- Armadillo 44. Cassiopeia-44 (queen of the Deerians)- Female Deer 45. Cetus-45 (whale hero wearing a sailor's hat)- Whale 46. Vela-46 (part of the Argo Narvis III gang)- Seahorse 47. Puppis-47 (part of the Argo Narvis III gang)- Manta Ray 48. Carina-48 (part of the Argo Narvis III gang)- Octopus 49. Tucana-49 (mace-weilder)- Toucan 50. Pavo-50 (longbow archer)- Peacock 51. Crux-51 (boxer)- Kangaroo 52. Pictor-52 (the mail quail)- Quail 53. Caelum-53 (marathon runner)- Koala 54. Sculptor-54 (rock musician)- Meerkat 55. Sextans-55 (crimefighter)- Cheetah 56. Octans-56 (crimefighter)- Tiger 57. Telescopium-57 (gunner)- Vulture 58. Microscopium-58 (his cannon is on his right shoulder)- Flea 59. Aries-59 (basketball player)- Ram 60. Ophiuchus-60 (rat hero)- Grey Rat 61. Lyra-61 (who plays the lyre)- Panther 62. Mensa-62 (crossbow archer)- Gazelle 63. Draco-63 (who breathes fire)- Winged Dragon 64. Scutum-64 (who has a shield)- Turtle 65. Boötes-65 (herdsman)- Tapir 66. Auriga-66 (charioteer)- Okapi 67. Ara-67 (worships Primus)- Spider 68. Antlia-68 (firefighter)- Scarab 69. Fornax-69 (cop)- Frog 70. Norma-70 (school teacher)- Badger 71. Coma Berenices-71 (who fights Starscream and other minor Predacons)- Parrot 72. Apus-72 (reggae musician)- Bird of Paradise 73. Hercules-73 (strong musclebot)- Hercules Beetle 74. Crater-74 (heroic termite)- Termite 75. Pisces-75 (brave codfish)- Codfish 76. Piscis Austrinus-76 (gladiator)- Catfish 77. Triangulum-77 (who uses his litter tray as a shield)- Cat 78. Triangulum Australe-78 (pollen-collector)- Bee 79. Grus-79 (pilot)- Crane bird 80. Cancer-80 (film director)- Crab 81. Aquarius-81 (hotelier)- Piranha 82. Serpens-82 (quicker and heroic)- Snake 83. Reticulum-83 (a net-weilding warrior)- Hummingbird 84. Centaurus-84 (Woodforest's grandson)- Woodpecker 85. Corona Borealis-85 (crowned falcon)- Falcon 86. Corona Australis-86 (crowned hedgehog)- Hedgehog 87. Hydra-87 (courageous hydra)- Greek Hydra 88. Hydrus-88 (called "the last member")- Hippopotamus

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