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Beast Force: Dyna-Crisis is a TV movie crossover between Beast Force and its predecessor Dyna-Man. It is set after the final episode of Beast Force and shows the two teams working together to stop the Underground Empire Egos.


The Dyna-Men return to Earth to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their victory over the Vader Clan. Suddenly, a monster appears and the Dyna-Men transform to fight it. However, the Beast Force then appear and attack the monster, driving it off. The two teams then become acquaintanted with each other.

Meanwhile, the monster returns to the underground kingdom of Egos and is destroyed for his failure by the Egos' leader Emperor Zebha (Voiced by David Kaye) . Zebha sends his subordinate Prince Igam to hunt down the two teams. He then visits the Egos' prison dungeons where he is holding the good natured Princess Ial, who reveals that the underground people cannot go out in direct sunlight or will die. Igam transforms into the Black Knight and battles the two teams on the surface. Igam then kidnaps Dyna-Pink and locks her up with Ial.

Ial reveals to Dyna-Pink that Zebha isn't the true ruler of the underground people; her parents ruled the kingdom of Tube before Zebha killed them and oppressed the people. She was arrested because she was next in line for the throne.

Igam sends more monsters to ravage the surface while Dyna-Pink escapes her cell. She then witnesses Zebha in his true form; a terrifying monster. She also discovers the prophecy of Tube that Ial and her sister Igam would overthrow the wicked Zebha. She then realises that Igam was forced to be raised as a man.

Dyna-Pink uses her wrist communicator to alert the two teams to the Egos' underground location. They enter the base and fight off Zebha's henchmen while Dyna-Pink breaks Ial out. Ial forces Igam to remember their destiny and they confront Zebha, who transforms into his true form and battles the two teams of heroes. Ial and Igam then combine their powers and blast apart the ceiling of their base, exposing Zebha to the sun and severely weakening him. The two teams then fire both of their cannons to destroy Zebha. The two sisters then walk out into the sunlight and die together because their kingdom has been lost.

The two teams have a final celebration before the Dyna-Men return to Dyna-Star.