The Beast Force

Beast Force is the second sequel series to Go Rangers, the American adaptation of Himitsu Sentai Goranger, and the direct sequel to the previous series Dyna-Man. The series is an adaptation of both Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan and Choujyou Sentai Liveman. It was followed by Flash-Man.


The Arcadia Academy, situated on an island just off of South America, is attacked by the ruthless Black Magma organization. Three surviving students then become the Beast Force to prevent subsequent attacks by Black Magma.


The Beast Force team is named after the Time Force squad.

Wes: Red Falcon. He desire for revenge drives him as leader of the team. His plane is shot down midway through the series and he is thought to be dead for a few episodes, but then returns to continue his fight against Black Magma. His best friend was killed by Black Magma.

Jen: Blue Dolphin. Her fiance was killed by Black Magma.

Lucas: Yellow Lion. His brother was killed by Black Magma.

Eric: Black Bison. He and Trip join the group later. They had been kidnapped by Black Magma and joined the team after escaping.

Trip: Green Rhino.

Alex: Became Red Falcon when Wes was missing. He gladly returned the powers to Wes once he returned safely.

Captain Mayfield: He formed the team to fight Black Magma.

Katie: pink panther

cloe: cyan owl

joe: crimson Phoenix

Black Magma

The Omnipotent God, or Omni: A disembodied brain which is the true leader of Black Magma. He is connected directly to the base's energy source. In the final episode, he transformers the entire base into a huge mech and battled the Beast Force. Captain Mayfield used Queen Setra's power sceptre to disable Omni, allowing the team to destroy the mech and Black Magma. Voiced by Blu Mankuma.

Commander Hellspawn: A formed administrator of Arcadia Academy, he is now a mechahuman who serves the Omnipotent God and controls Black Magma. He dies on board the Black Magma when it is destroyed in the final battle. Voiced by Frank Welker.

Queen Setra: The leader of the Vader Clan. She returns in Beast Force after she cryogenically froze herself at the end of Dyna-Man. Hellspawn gives her a mechanical heart to keep her alive, but warns her that should she ever betray him, he will stop her heart. She ultimately attacks Omni in order to provoke Hellspawn to stop her heart, thus freeing herself from Black Magma's grip. She dies of a cardiac arrest on the base's floor.

Amazoness: A Vader field officer who comes to Earth on command from her queen. Like Sertia, she is oppressed by Hellspawn and Omni. After her final battle against the Beast Force, she detonates a mine beneath her, wishing to die rather than serve Black Magma.

Cy-Kill: Intergalactic bounty hunter, hired by Hellspawn to kill the Beast Force. Stole a Black Magma idol to become the 'Death Monger.' When the idol was smashed, he lost his powers and was put into suspended animation indefinitely. Voiced by Brian Drummond.

Zero Girls: Hellspawn's personal group of female spies.

Machinemen: Androids that served as henchmen.

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