Beast: The First Prey is a 2020 American horror film, and a prequel to Beast and Beasts.


A group of friends are on a camping trip but the camping trip turns deadly when they come face to face with the creatures and realize they are in a test.


Dr. Lara Masters, Dr. Shane Gordon and Dr. Karen Carter are debating what to do with the Project Beast. Dr. Carter says "We bring in a group of young people. Friends, to be exact. We use them as bait. The younger. The better." Dr. Masters disagrees with this idea since they are only young but she is outnumbered by the other doctors.

A group of friends (Whitney, Adam, Krista, Shannon, Ross, Tommy, Keiran and Nicki) are invited to a cabin, to spend their graduation. They make a wrong turn and asks Lara if this is their cabin. Lara says yes and they'll have a great time. Lara tells Damon Whitfield to show them to the cabin. As Damon shows them to their cabin, they unpack their stuff and Krista invites Damon to the party but he says he is in a relationship with Lara, which embarrasses her.

Whitney is planning to lose her virginity to Adam with the help from the ladies. As night falls, the group of friends have the party and Whitney loses her virginity to Adam. Lara and the others watch on the cameras as the group of friends are having a good time and Karen says "Elias says to let them free," Lara pulls the lever and the creatures are let loose.

The group of friends hear the creatures roar. Nicki walks toward the window and a creature breaks the glass window and takes Nicki, killing her. Krista is almost attacked but Tommy steps in the way and is killed in the process. Ross runs into the forest, leaving the others behind. Whitney grabs a kitchen knife and stabs the creature but the creature rips the knife out and throws the knife. It goes closer to Whitney but it is shot through the head with a shotgun by Krista, killing it instantly.


Emily Blunt as Dr. Lara Masters

TBA as Whitney

TBA as Dr. Shane Gordon

TBA as Dr. Karen Carter

TBA as Adam

TBA as Krista

TBA as Damon Whitfield

TBA as Shannon

TBA as Ross

TBA as Tommy

TBA as Keiran

TBA as Nicki


Nicki - Pulled through the window and eaten.

Tommy - Creature's arm through his chest.


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