Bear in the Big Blue House: The Movie (also called in Canada as Bear in the Big Blue House: The Quest for Treasure!) is a 2011 film adapted from the Playhouse Disney series, Bear in the Big Blue House. It features puppeteers like Noel MacNeal, Peter Linz, Tyler Bunch, Vicki Eibner, and James Kroupa.


The movie begins with Bear opening the door and saying hi to the audience. He is going to the Woodland Valley General Store for some clam-related food with Pip and Pop. Just then, he hears someone yell his name from the kitchen. It was Tutter. Tutter tells Bear that his favorite show, "The Wonderful World of Cheese", is almost on, and he can't find the remote. Bear asks Tutter if he had looked in the couch. Tutter looked in the couch and the remote was there. He thanks Bear and watches his show. Bear, Pip, and Pop walk all the way from the Big Blue House to the general store. Pip and Pop are amazed by the big amount of clam food, like spaghetti and clams, clam chowder, clam yogurt, and clam-sicles. Pip and Pop put a lot of the clam-related food in the shopping cart. When they get to the counter where Jeremiah is, Jeramiah tells Bear, Pip, and Pop that he found a lost building in the cave and a bunch of gold in it. Bear, Pip, and Pop were amazed and tell everyone else at home about the raspberries. Everyone is excited and go pack their things.

Bear tells the audience about the word "quest" and sings a song about it. That night, Tutter is so excited, he can't sleep. Bear sings a lullaby to Tutter and he falls asleep. The next morning, Bear and his friends go with Jeremiah to find the gold. They leave the Big Blue House and go into Woodland Valley, where they tell Harry the Duck, Lois, and Doc Hogg about the treasure and they go with them. They all go into the forest. They pass the Otter Pond where they play in. After playing in the pond, they continue on their quest. Bear sees a large mountain and he goes up the mountain with the gang. While going up the mountain, Bear hears a laugh. Bear knew it was Shadow and sings a song to bring Shadow here. Shadow soon appears and tells Bear a story about Shadow City.

In Shadow City, the shadow citizens were enjoying their life. A shadow man walks to a hot dog stand and takes a hot dog. He eats the hot dog by a dock. A shadow seagull swoops in and tries to take the hot dog from him. Suddenly, both of them drop the hot dog into the ocean. A giant shadow monster comes out from the bottom of the ocean and eats the hot dog and comes out of the ocean for more. Scared, the man runs into town and tells some citizens about the monster. The citizens start panicking. Then, one smart citizen has an idea and tells the citizens about it. He will have them help him build a giant rocket hot dog that will send the monster out of town. They start building the hot dog rocket and send it past the monster. The monster chases the hot dog back into the ocean. The citizens cheer for the smart citizen. The mayor of Shadow City gives the smart citizen a medal.

Bear tells Shadow that the story about Shadow City was great. After Shadow tells Bear to just try and catch her if he wants to hear another story, Doc Hogg comes and takes Bear with the gang. At the top of the mountain, there is a snowy land down at the bottom called

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