Be Careful What You Wish For is a 2016 Disney Channel original movie.


17-year-old Heather cannot stand her 6-year-old brother, Patrick. Their parents and other adults think that he is a perfect angel, but Heather knows otherwise. Patrick destroys her homework, colors on her walls, listens in on her phone conversations, and even fingerpaints all over her beautiful mural. Despite knowing that he does not know any better, Heather's patience begins wearing very thin.

Two days before her senior prom, Heather comes home and is horrified to find that Patrick has destroyed her expensive prom dress by cutting it up with scissors and spilling paint and other things all over it. Heather loses her temper and punches Patrick in the face, knocking out two of his teeth out and giving him a bloody nose. As a result, she is grounded, not allowed to go to the prom, and is forced to completely pay for the destroyed dress.

That night, the fuming Heather wishes on a shooting star that Patrick would disappear and never come back. When she wakes up in the morning, she discovers that her wish has come true.

Over the next few days as her parents and police frantically search for Patrick, Heather relishes in a brother-free lifestyle, but, eventually, she is overcome with guilt.

When she confesses what she had done, everyone suspects her of kidnapping (and possibly murdering) Patrick.

As Heather now realizes how much Patrick means to her, she must try to find a way to reverse the wish.


  • TBA as Heather (the film's primary character)
  • TBA as Patrick (Heather's bratty brother)
  • TBA as Lynnette (Heather & Patrick's mother)
  • TBA as Tim (Heather & Patrick's father)
  • TBA as Alex (Heather's prom date and boyfriend)
  • TBA as Chelsea (Heather's best friend)
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