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Battling the Evil is a animated movie.

Good Characters

  • Penna, The Main princess
  • Sathinoz, the Main Hero
  • Valavia, a good witch
  • The good Genie
  • The good Colossal Giant

The Organization of Evil

  • Devil Warlock King, main villain
  • Witchal The wicked witch
  • Snakerious the wicked python
  • Captain Squidsharker the wickest pirate in the 97 Seas
  • Liongor, The wicked Lion
  • Liontor, the wicked Lion
  • Goblintor The King of goblin
  • Vampireus, the wicked vampire
  • Mindour, the Mind powered creature with wicked physic Powers
  • Skeletoneron, the king of wicked undead
  • Clover wolf, Leader wolf, Fat wolf and Savage Wolf
  • Wicked Grand Vizier, his Son and His Grandson
  • Mr.Beetleous and his Two stooges
  • Nannya, the wicked magical Nanny
  • Sea witchy Qwmina, the wicked Sea Witch