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Occupation of Nordeaux


Invasion of the Soleilian Mainland



Battle of Montrebeau
Battle of Montrebeau
Order of Battle on Day 1

Great Northern Aquilonis War


Gopaco 21 – 23, 4541ᴘᴄᴢ


Montrebeau, Clairiere Province, Soleil

  • Allied Victory
    • Complete liberation of Clairiere Province

Yamatai flag Yamatai
Ardeal flag Ardeal
Bialidrak flag Bialidrak
Soleil flag Soleil
Eden Order flag Order of Eden
Akatsuki Ninja flag Togo Ninjas

Umdar prewar flag Umdar
Chaos flag Chaos Army


Yamatai flag Sugako Naishinno
Ardeal flag Queen Zelda VI
Soleil flag Gen. Victor
Bialidrak flag Gen. Asghar
Eden Order flag Robert

Umdar prewar flag Vyrvio POW
Chaos flag Charlotte Corvinus WIA


1300 Infantry
600 Soshiyuza
100 Calvary
3 Trebuchets
1 Dragon
10 Catapults
2000 Infantry
3 Trebuchets
2 Air ships
1700 Infantry
300 Cavalry
3 Trebuchets
500 Infantry
200 Wizards
Eden Knights:
100 Infantry
50 CavalryTogo Ninjas:
100 Ninjas

2000 Infantry
50 Trebuchets
12 Mountain Trolls
50 Soul-Wraiths
2000 Auxiliary Infantry
300 Chaos Knights


1250 killed
500 wounded
38 missing

2100 killed
1000 wounded
700 missing

The Battle of Montrebeau was a major confrontation during the Great Northern Aquilonis War, and one of the first battles of the Allied Liberation of Soleil.


Planning of didn't begin until the actual invasion. Days prior, half-mermaid abjaksan of Maritymir, Naiʻa Palakiko, was sent to Clairiere Province to inform the rebels, who had been harassing the occupying Umdarn for months, that an allied invasion was coming. Nai'a found the rebels in Nordeaux quickly enough, and they worked to expel as many Umdarn soldiers from the town as possible before the allies arrived.

Three days later, the allies arrived under cover of night, and as the troops came ashore, leaders got together to plan their assault on the island's capital, Montrebeau.


Day 1

The first day of battle began with the placement of troops. The Alliance placed their troops parallel to the Umdarn army. Once everyone was in place, preliminary bombardment began. Umdar returned fire, but it wasn't as effective as the allies. After 40 minutes, Umdar sent a group of Soul-Wraiths on the two Transylvanian airships, causing all action on both sides to halt. A group of Yamato kajihito led by Princess Sugako went up to help, but they were too late. The Soul-Wraiths had kissed most of the crew on both ships, leaving only two survivors.

Once the Soul-Wraiths were gone, cannon-fire recommenced, and Umdar also sent out a group of Mountain Trolls, but they were easily repelled.

With the entire army shaken by the appearance of Soul-Wraiths, the allied army backed off for the day.

Day 2

Day 3


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