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Battle of Forest Haven

Great Hero Purge


October 10, 2008


Forest Haven


Team Dark Victory

  • Wookiees
  • Koroks
  • Hylians
  • Team Dark
  • Maggie's father†
  • Sora
  • Wookiees
  • Koroks
  • Oevvaor jet catamarans
  • Raddaugh Gnasp fluttercraft
  • 1 Hylian
  • Darth Vader
  • Stormtroopers
  • 5 Imperator-class Star Destroyers
  • 6 AT-STs
  • 9 AT-ATs
  • Lambda-class shuttles
  • TIE Fighters
  • A lot of Wookiees
  • Many Koroks
  • Maggie's Father
  • 1 AT-AT
  • Stormtroopers
  • A few TIE Fighters
  • 1 Lambda-class shuttle

The Battle of Forest Haven was a conflict between the Wookiees and Team Dark, led by Darth Vader, on the Hylian homeworld of Hylia. He sensed that Maggie was hiding on Forest Haven with her father. Vader went to the island to exterminate her, the Wookiees, and the Koroks. As he killed many Wookiees and Koroks along the way, he met face-to-face with Maggie's father, who was really a Jedi. During their duel, Darth Vader badly injured Maggie's dad by throwing him into trees and all around. After eight minutes of wounding him, Vader then force choked him, and threw him into trees once more, before force pushing him into forest.

The Dark Lord held the Jedi in a force grip again, but paused before killing the Jedi, as he sensed that another, far more powerful, hero was nearby. Believing the individual to be Maggie, Vader demanded to know where she was, but Maggie's dad stated that she escaped the island. Enraged by the Jedi's truthful words, Vader raised his lightsaber in preparation for a finishing blow. However, before Vader could strike down the defeated Jedi, his hand was burned by a single shot of fire. He turned around to find, to his surprise, Sora. Vader sensed that this boy was the source of the strong force presence he had previously felt. Maggie's father yelled to him to run, but Vader crushed his throat with the force. As Vader approached the keyblade wielder, the Imperial commander of the attack rushed in with three stormtroopers. The Commander ordered the boy to be killed, but Vader forced the keyblade out of the boy's hand and into his, and then killed both stormtroopers and the commander. Vader sensed incredible potential in Sora and forced him to surrender to the dark side since there was no escape for him. Sora then became another member of Team Dark.

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