Batman Unchained is a 2014 movie and sequel to Dark Knight Rises. It will be directed by Sam Raimi and will be released on August 13th 2014. 

Good Guys

Vin Diesel as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Robert Pattinson as Tim Drake/Robin

Joe Mantegna as Commissioner James Gordon

Kerry Washington as Tamara Fox

Olga Kurylenko as Ariana Dzerchenko

Mario Cotillard as Michelle Gauthier a love interest for Batman

Mirtha Michelle as Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandsmark

Joey King as Arizona

Amaury Nolasco as Keith Aguilar

Embeth Davidtz as Mayor Edwina Best

Will Smith as Norm Paxton

Tuc Watkins as Officer Coulter

Ian Anthony Dale as Officer Katayama

Michelle Rodriguez as Officer Anna Ortiz

James Francos as Officer Donnie Goss

Bad Guys

Jon Ortiz as Ramon Bracuda a bolivian crimelord who plans on taking over Gotham City.

Mark Paul Gosselar and Don Cheadle as Tommy and Ian two hitmen hired by Bracuda.

Chad Lindberg as Ernest Starkey a fence for stolen goods and a member of Bracuda's mob.

Tom Hardy as Tor a janitor working at Barcuda's brothel and a member of his mob.

Justin Bartha as  Detective Watson a corrupt police officer on Bracuda's payroll.

Alex O'Loughlin as Albert a butcher for Bracuda and his mob.

Laz Alonso as Elliot Fallon a realtor working for Bracuda and his mob.

Kiefer Sutherland as Detective Falstello a cop working for Bracuda.

Stacey Keach as Louis ,a butler working for Ramon Bracuda.

Brandon T. Jackson as Officer Bischoff a corrupt officer working for Bracuda.

Mark Boone Junior as Detective Arnold Flass a corrupt cop released from jail by Bracuda and now works for him. Mark Boone Junior is the only actor to reprise his role from a previous Batman movie.

Other characters'

Gong Li  as Guan Wan Kim a  woman who accompanies Batman to the policeman's ball.

Matthew Lillard- as Zeb a batman fan who dresses up like Batman causing Batman to be amused.

Devon Aoki as Junko a japanese prostitute who befriends Batman She helps Batman take down Bracuda and his minions

Shemar Moore as Detective Angelo Hager a stupid police officer who is easily distracted by things and tells Commissioner Gordon what he already knows but he does manage to arrest Bracuda and his minions with Commissioner Gordon's help.

Ted Dibiase Jr-as Detective Martin Miller a stoic and cold police officer who is really a kind hearted man he is also Batman's best friend.

Tom Wilkinson as Forrest Best-The Mayor's husband he along with his wife are right-wing fiscal conservatives and good friends with Batman they also like Commissioner James Gordon and reward him the key to the city for saving Gotham.

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