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Batman Rises is a 2016 superhero film. It is reboot to the Batman franchise. This films stars Mark Wahlberg, Zac Efron and Isla Fisher.


Batman and Robin, with help of Catwoman, break into Arkham Asylum, which has been taken over by the maniac criminal known as the Joker. The Joker, however, traps the heroes inside of the asylum and then sets off to unleash his true, more deadly plot; releasing a flock of bats which will carry a viral plague through Gotham, and cause it's victims to laugh to death.


Batman and Robin arrive at a crime scene where Gotham politician Wilson Klass has been murdered, his mouth conformed into a twisted smile upon death. Batman discusses the killing with police commissioner Jim Gordon, revealing that this is the second murder. Gordon notes how both victims were previously mayors; both Wilson Klass and the previous victim, Marion Grange, spent time in office. Batman theorizes that former mayors are being targeted by the killer. As Batman and Robin leave the scene, Gordon finds his daughter Barbara snooping around. Barbara turns out to be obsessed with the Dynamic Duo and has secretly been attempting to figure out their identities.

As night falls, the guards of Arkham Asylum are taken by surprise by masked thugs controlled by a ruthless man disguised as a clown. The villain then locks down the asylum.

Batman and Robin learn of the escalating situation, and meet up with Catwoman on a rooftop. Catwoman reveals a loophole in Arkham security, which unless the bad guys know of, they should be able to exploit and get inside. The trio manage to gain access to the asylum with surprising ease, but the villain then appears over the intercom system. Calling himself the Joker, he reveals that he was awaiting Batman and is ready for him. The Joker tells Batman that he will surrender to him, but only if he can reach him first. The Joker then opens the cells and unleashes an army of criminals with a vendetta against the heroes.

Simultaneously, Barbara has come to believe that Bruce Wayne and his ward, Dick Grayson, are Batman and Robin. The final clue comes when she catches a football game on TV which Bruce Wayne was scheduled to attend, but did not appear at. She then hears word from her father of the Arkham takeover and that Batman is believed to be inside. Close to the truth, Barbara slips out and heads for Wayne Manor.

Batman, Robin and Catwoman encounter three of the heroes' past foes; Mr Freeze, the Penguin and Two-Face. First of all, Freeze kidnaps Catwoman and plans to harvest her to organs, then turn Batman over to the other inmates, and escape, using Catwoman's organs to save his wife Nora. Batman confronts Freeze and distracts him, allowing Robin to retrieve Freeze's gun and freeze him.

Secondly, Penguin knocks Robin out and imprison him in his former cell, planning to lure Batman into a trap, unmask them both, and then seel their secret identities to the mob. Batman and Catwoman work together to outsmart the Penguin, and he ultimately winds up back in his cell.

Finally, Two-Face imprisons Batman and decides to put him on trial. Catwoman, however, appeals to Harvey Dent and convinces him to defend Batman. Harvey ultimately turns the case in Batman's favour and saves him. 

Throughout their time is Arkham, the group is spoken to by the Joker, who reveals that he wants revenge on Batman. Piece by piece, the mystery is revealed. The Joker turns out to be a former thug who Batman accidentally knocked into a chemical vat during an encounter, resulting in the Joker turning out the way he did.

Batman then interrogates one of the Joker's terrified goons and finds the criminals' location. Batman finds him and the villain does surrender, but reveals that the entire affair was merely a distraction. He reveals that he has corrupted an Arkham psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel, and she is now waiting atop Gotham cathedral, preparing to unleash a flock of bats carrying a viral strain of Joker venom. The Joker explains that he needed to test the venom and just to screw with Batman and the police, targeted former mayors. As the Joker laughs maniacally, Batman ties him up and leaves him for the police, who finally manage to storm to asylum. Catwoman tells Batman that she isn't willing to wait around to die at the Joker's hands and flees the scene. Batman and Robin then set off for the cathedral.

Meanwhile, Barbara uses skills that her father taught her to infiltrate Wayne Manor and distract Alfred, allowing her access to the Batcave, where she commandeers the experimental Batwing. The on-board computers lock onto Batman's location and she sets out to help him. Alfred manages to get in contact with her and reluctantly agrees to help her.

Batman and Robin arrive at the cathedral, where Quinzel reveals that the bats are going to target the football game which Bruce Wayne missed. She manages to subdue the duo and gloats over them, when suddenly Barbara comes roaring by in the Batwing. She loses control and crashes into the spire. As Quinzel looks for her in the wreckage, Barbara frees Batman and Robin, who are confused by her appearance but welcome the assistance. Alfred manages to contact them and informs them that he used a sample of the toxin found at the early crime scene to create an antidote for the Joker venom, a vial of which is stored in the Batwing. As they frantically search for, Quinzel rushes to unleash the bats. Barbara tackles her and their struggle frees some of the bats, which subsequently attack them. As Quinzel is surrounded by bats, Robin recovers the vial and uses it to save Barbara. Batman then decides to mass produce it so they can cure the remaining bats as well as being able to counter future Joker venom plots. The flock surrounding Quinzel causes her to fall from the top of the cathedral to her death.

As the film ends, Barbara becomes Batgirl, the latest addition to the Bat family.


  • Mark Wahlberg as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Zac Efron as Dick Grayson/Robin
  • Isla Fisher as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • Milla Jovovich as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Bruce Willis as Jim Gordon
  • Timothy Dalton as Alfred Pennyworth
  • James Franco as The Joker
  • Anna SophiaRobb as Harleen Quinzel
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Mr Freeze
  • Paul Giamatti as the Penguin
  • Liev Schreiber as Harvey Dent/Two-Face