Batman Returns is a 1992 superhero film directed by Tim Burton. It is a sequel to the 1989 film Batman.


A wealthy couple throw their deformed baby into a sewer in Gotham City. The floating casket is discovered by a flock of penguins, and thirty three years later, the boy resurfaces as the criminal Penguin. During Christmas, he kidnaps police Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb. With evidence of his corruption, he blackmails Loeb into helping him leave the sewers to become of Gotham's elite.

One night, upon returning to his office, Loeb finds his secretary Selina Kyle looking through his protected files, revealing his corruption. As she knows to much, Loeb chases her into an alley and murders her. She is somehow revived by alley cats but suffers a psychotic breakdown and trashes her apartment and invents a black leather suit, becoming Catwoman; a female version of Batman willing to use deadly force to achieve her goals. Her ultimate goal is revenge against her former boss.

Loeb hatches a plan to have the Penguin run for mayor. The Penguin's secret gang cause trouble in Gotham, creating bad press for Mayor Hamilton Hill. During the turning on of the Christmas lights, they kidnap the Ice Princess and send her off of a rooftop to her doom, framing Batman for the crime. The Penguin also takes remote control of the Batmobile and takes it on a rampage, once again fooling the city into believing Batman has turned on them. Batman is able to isolate the device Penguin is using to control his Batmobile with help from a mechanic named Robin (Marlon Wayans), a Batman fan who has outbursts similar to Chris Rock.

Bruce Wayne, however, uses a recording of the Penguin's gloating over fooling the entire city and plays it aloud during the Penguin's campaign, causing him to become shunned and he retreats back to the sewers. The Penguin decides to take revenge on the city by kidnapping all of the infants and drowning them in the toxic pool which surrounds his lair. Loeb tries to stop him so the Penguin cages him up inside his lair. Batman and Robin pursues the Penguin to the park near the entrance of his lair and after a brawl, the Penguin falls through some glass and plunges into the pool of toxic waste. 

Catwoman is finally presented with her chance to kill Loeb but Batman tries to convince her to turn him over to the police. Loeb uses the distraction to shoot Catwoman multiple times but she survives as she has nine lives. Using a taser, she creates an explosion which electrocutes both herself and Loeb. In the aftermath, Batman can only find Loeb's charred remains.

While Captain James Gordon is promoted by Mayor Hill to commissioner, Bruce Wayne and Alfred drive around Gotham searching for Selina, but find only her cat, which Bruce takes home with him.


Michael Keaton - Bruce Wayne/Batman

Michael Gough - Alfred Pennyworth

Pat Hingle - Lieutenant James Gordon

Tommy Lee Jones - Harvey Dent

Danny DeVito - Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

Christopher Walken - Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb

Michelle Pfeiffer - Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Marlon Wayans - Robin


The film was followed by Batman Forever.

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