Batman Reborn is a 2013 reboot to the Batman franchise. The film will be released on July 5, 2013. After watching his parents get murdered, Bruce Wayne spends his life training to be a crime fighter. His first attempt to battle supervillains comes with an escaped convict named Killer Croc. But, will Batman stop him before Killer Croc destroys Gotham for good?


Young Bruce Wayne walks home from "The Mark Of Zorro" with his mom and dad. Joe Chill murders Bruce's parents. He spends his life trying to stop crime in Gotham City. Madman known as Killer Croc wants to kill people. Batman must don his cape for the first time, and stop Killer Croc.


Mark Wahlberg as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Dwayne Johnson as Killer Croc

Harrison Ford as Commissioner Gordon

Sean Connery as Alfred Pennyworth

Hugh Jackman as Sergeant Eric Wales

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