Batman Beyond is a 2017 American Action Superhero Sci-Fi film, based off of the 1999-2001 DC Animated Universe series of the same name, premiering in the theaters on May 15, 2017. The first of three installments of the Batman of the Future film trilogy, the film stars Tyler Posey, Clint Eastwood, Hugo Weaving, Karrisa Tynes, Scott Campbell, Michelle Harrison, Arden Cho, and Yvonne Craig as the main cast of the film, Posey stars as a teenage Terry McGennis as he takes over the Batman mantle to protect Gotham as Bruce Wayne did before him.


After nearly forty years as the protector of Gotham City, sixty year old Bruce Wayne finally retires and hangs up his cape and cowl, due to his failing health and nearly resorting to the use of a gun as self-defense. Twenty years later in 2059 Neo-Gotham, eldery eighty year old Bruce Wayne struggles to win over control of his company to Derek Powers. Meanwhile, Terry McGennis, a sixteen year old juvenile delinquent, still continues to get his life together after four months in juvie, and constant run-ins with the law. After Bruce saves him from a gang of Jokerz, a street gang that worships the deceased Clown Prince of Crime, Terry helps the old man to his mansion, where he discovers the batcave. Now, after Derek Powers murders Terry's father for refusing to hand over his research, Terry steals a high-tech red and black version of the batsuit to take justice into his own hands, and works with Bruce Wayne to stop Powers from making bio-weapons to sell on the black market, and must face him himself, when Powers is mutated into the radioactive super villain; Blight. Realizing that Gotham is being plunged into a new era of crime and darkness, Bruce mentors Terry to take over the Mantle of Gotham's Dark Knight.


  • Tyler Posey as Terry McGennis/Batman, ​a sixteen year old reformed juvenile delinquent, who previously spent four months in juvie, with constant run-ins with the cops, while his parents went through a divorce. He lived with his father, who he constantly argued with. After helping Bruce Wayne to his mansion, he found the batcave, and later stole a batsuit, when Derek Powers killed his father for his research. While working as Bruce Wayne's "personal assistant", Terry trains to secceed Bruce as the Dark Knight and redeem his past mistakes.
    • The batsuit is a black high-tech suit, with red accents and a red bat on the chest. Unlike the previous crusaders, Terry doesn't wear a cape, but instead retracts wings from under his arm, combined with his jet boots, to fly. The suit is also allows durability, allowing Terry to take a hard blow, but remain conscious. The new suit is capable of many weapons and abilities;
      • Dispensible Batarangs
      • Grappling guns built into wrist
      • Increase strength, speed, and agility
      • Electrical discharge
      • Camoflauge
      • Retractable blades from forearms
      • Launchable tracers
      • Touch microphones on tip of fingers, allowing Terry to hear conversations clearly through solid walls
      • Infrared/night vision
      • Vital scanner
      • Bat bombs
      • Smoke pellets
      • Flash bang
      • Kill function, allowing Bruce to shut down the suit from the batcave
  • Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne, the pending CEO of Wayne Industries, trying to take his company back from Derek Powers. Twenty years earlier, he was the masked vigilante, Batman, but after suffering a heart attack while fighting robbers, he nearly used a gun as self-defense; abhorred by this he hung up his cape and cowl. In order to stop Powers' from using his company to sell bio-weapons, he reluctantly let Terry keep the batsuit. Bruce hires Terry as his "personal assistant", while secretly training him to carry on his legacy.
  • Hugo Weaving as Derek Powers/Blight, the current, diabolical, CEO of WaynePowers, who plans on running Bruce Wayne from the company, for good, in order to create bio-weapons and sell them on the black market, but after Batman attempted to foil his plan, he got infected by radioactive neurotoxins, that transformed him into a super-villain, with the power to generate intense beams of green radiation. As "Blight" his skin is transparent green radiation, causing his black bones to be visible
  • Scott Campbell as Warren McGennis, Terry's father and a scientist at WaynePowers, who often argued with his son over his juvenile actions. His research on biological energy became the key to Powers' plan, but after learning of Powers' plan, Warren refused to give up his work and was murdered for it.
  • Michelle Harrison as Mary McGennis, Terry's widowed mother, who Terry now lives with, after his father's murder. She often worries that Terry will dive back into juvenile acts since the death of Warren, but is happy to hear Bruce Wayne offered him a "job".
  • Karrisa Tynes as Maxine "Max" Gibson, Terry's best friend and a very smart student in school. After finding out Terry is Batman in the middle of the film, she often covers for him, and uses her computer skills to hack into secret files if Terry needs her to.
  • Arden Cho as Dana Tan, Terry's girfriend, who also worries about him being to aggressive and going back to juvie. Though they do have a very close relationship and she helps comfort him after everythin
  • Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon, the commisioner of Gotham city and the former partner of Batman, Batgirl, having hung up her cowl to replace her father as commisioner. She barely approves of Terry being Batman, believing that dressing up and fighting crime is an innapropriate way to handle justice.
  • Colton Hayes as Nelson Nash, the captain of the wrestling team and a school bully, who Terry often stands up to.
  • Cooper Timberline as Matt McGennis, Terry's younger brother. They often bicker, like most siblings, but Matt is actually a big fan of Batman.


In the year 2039 of Gotham City, a group of kidnappers hide inside an airplane hangar, as they watch a news report about a failed attempt by Derek Powers to take over Wayne Enterprises. The news also states that the kidnappers have failed to release their hostage, a young heiress, in spite of being paid five million dollars in ransom, but suddenly, a dark figure takes them down in the shadows, one by one. The figure steps out of the shadows, to reveal himself as Batman, in a new suit, lacking the cape, but with a new red bat symbol on the chest. Just as he attempts to take on the last thug, he is struck by heart pain and falls to his knees. The thug begins beating him with a crowbar, leaving Batman in desperation, as he grabs a handgun. The attacker runs out in fear and is intercepted by the police, including the new commissioner, Barbara Gordon. Limping out back, Batman removes his mask to reveal a sixty year old, grey-haired, Bruce Wayne, horrified of nearly using the ultimate sin in his eyes. Back at the Batcave, Bruce Wayne puts the Batsuit in the costume display gallery alongside his original suit, and the suits of his former parteners. He vows "Never again", then takes one last look at the Batcave, shuts off the lights, and leaves his past in the darkness.

Twenty years later in the year 2059, Gotham is more high-tech, fill with hover cars and robotic machines. Derek Powers has control over the merged company, WaynePowers, and continues to grow his wealth and power, as Bruce Wayne is now an elderly recluse, according to a newscasting on a train. A teenager dressed up as a clown jumps in and starts making trouble, but another teenager, Terry McGennis, fights the thug and shoves him out.

Back at Terry's home, his father Warren is called by a desperate friend, Harry, who works for Derek Powers. He meets with Harry, who has dark patches of ill skin on his hands. He tells him about a secret illegal project Powers is conducting. As a large man and two officers, who work for Powers, come to drag him away, he hands Warren a disk. Powers summons Warren to "clear up" any misunderstanding, saying that Harry was very "ill" and is getting the help he needs. He comments on Warren's research on biological energy generation, and asks to make a deal, but Warren refuses and leaves.

Arriving home, Warren is abhorred by the information on the disk. Terry comes home and asks his father if he can go out with his friends, but Warren reminds Terry he is grounded for getting in a fight. Terry yells at his father, saying that mom would've listened to him, and storms out.

He meets with his girlfriend, Dana Tan, and friend Max Gibson at a nightclub, as well as his rival, Nelson Nash. Suddenly a group of Jokerz, a clan of multiple streetgangs that idolize themselves after Batman's worst enemy, the Clown Prince of Crime, arrive and start terrorizing the place. Terry fights them off, but more arrive, so he steals one of their motorcycles and they chase him. Arriving at a seemingly abandoned road, he swerves to miss an old man. The Jokerz prepare to attack him, but suddenly, an eighty year old Bruce Wayne arrives and fights them off, using his cane as a weapon. Afterwards, Terry helps him to his mansion to get his medicine. Outside, is Bruce's vicious dog, Ace. As Bruce falls asleep, Terry prepares to leave, but sees a bat stuck in an old grandfather clock. Freeing it, Terry accidentally reveals the entrance to the batcave. Bruce knocks him down in anger and forces him to leave.

Returning home, Terry sees a squadron of police officers. Running through the halls of his home, he sees clown graffiti and runs into his mother, who tells him that Warren has been murdered, apparently by the Jokerz.

After the funeral, Terry moves the rest of his stuff into his room, now living with his mother, Mary, and brother, Matt. Terry cries in his mother's arms, blaming himself for not being there. He accidentally drops a box of his stuff, including a picture of him and his father. The glass is broken and the picture is torn, as the disk pears out. He reads the disk information and realizes it might not have been the Jokerz that killed his father.

He has Dana drive him to Wayne Manor and then tells her to leave. Over the gate's intercome, Terry says that something with his company cost his father his life, but Bruce ignores him. Terry becomes angry and says that Bruce is no Batman, until Bruce opens the gates.

Bruce reviews the disk and realizes Powers is using his company to create dangerous neurotoxins. Bruce tells Terry to take the disc to "Commissioner Gordon", but Terry states that the police won't listen, and that Batman needs to do something. Bruce yells at him to go, and says that there is no more Batman.

Walking through the city, Terry is stopped by Powers and his henchman, Mr. Fixx, asking for the disc. Terry tries to run, but Fixx grabs him. Terry decides to give him the disc, throwing it up, kicking Fixx in the stomach, and running. The guards attempt to gun him down, but he escapes, although, Powers now has the research from Warren he needs to continue his plans.

At Wayne manor, Bruce is sleeping through a news broadcast of the Kaznian Minister, Vilmos Egan, meeting with WaynePowers. Ace begins barking, which wakes up Bruce. He notices the entrance to the batcave is open. Elsewhere, Terry is in the high-tech batsuit, clumsily flying to WaynePowers. He eavesdrops on Powers talking to Egan about selling a bio-weapon, using the neurotoxins to poison their enemies. Terry is intercepted by guards and escapes into the factory. Inside, he fights them off, but Wayne tells him to return the suit. When Terry refuses, Wayne activates the "kill function", paralyzing the suit. The guards begin beating Terry, but when they prepare to kill him, Bruce reluctantly re-activates the suit, in which Terry takes out the guards. He asks where the hover bay is, but Bruce orders him to return to the cave. Terry tells him that he read up on Bruce's past, knowing what happened to his parents, and now he can nail the man who killed his father. He sees Powers and Fixx supervising the employees loading the nuerotoxins, and spot him. Fixx takes off in the hovercraft, while Powers stays behind to handle Batman. Terry takes down the guards and attempt to stop the hovercraft, but Powers blasts him with a bio-energy laser. Terry throws a canister of the neurotoxins. When Powers blasts it, the bio-energy mixed with the toxin, infects him. Terry then flies after the hovercraft. Inside he faces Fixx and stops him, but accidentally damages the control, causing the hovercraft to crash.

Powers is taken to a secret lab, where his scientists use radiation to cure him of the poison, but when they turn off the light, it shows him as a black skeleton engulfed in green radiation.

Terry returns home and crashes into his bed, but his mother calls him downstairs, where she's talking to Bruce Wayne, who offers Terry a job as his "personal assistant", but it will be no easy task. Terry agrees, forming a partnership between the former and new Batman.

The next day, Terry goes to school and meets up with Dana and Mx in class, while Bruce attends a meeting with the board of WaynePowers, via video chat from the mansion, to talk about the recent disappearance of Derek Powers, after last nights robbery from the science department.

Meanwhile, Powers, along with his guards, break into a WaynePowers factory, melting straight through the walls, and blasts the workers with radiation beams. At the company, the board, along with Terry, is informed of this. Bruce contacts Terry, while he's in class. Terry tells his teacher that his boss needs him, but she refuses to let him go, until he says it's Bruce Wayne. Batman arrives at the plant, where Powers blasts him through a window. He shoots a batarang at the green man, but it just melts. Bruce watches from the console in the batcave. Powers, who Batman teases by calling him "Blight", blames him for what happened and angrily attacks him. While Blight retieves the tech he needs, the guards attack Batman. He easily defeats them, while Blight makes his escape. Batman chases after him, but Blight blasts him, and causes a fire. Batman grabs the men and carries them outside before the factory explodes. He tries to get information off the guard, but they're all unconscious. Although, a wallet drops out of one of their pockets, revealing a WaynePowers access card.

At the lab, Powers creates synthetic tissue, to cover his radioactive form, and swears vengeance on Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Terry and Bruce meet at the Batcave, realizing that Powers is still up to no good, and agree that Powers is working with Blight. Dana calls Terry to meet with her, and Bruce lets him go. They go on a date, but while walking through the park, Terry realizes they're being followed, and run. Terry takes down two guards sent by Powers. The third guard nearly kills him, but he is saved by Commissioner, Barbara Gordon, who warns Terry that vigilantes will not be tolerated anymore.

He takes Dana home and returns to tell Bruce what happened. They see that Powers is trying to eliminate everyone that is a threat and plan to end this.

The next day, Terry shofurs Bruce to WaynePowers, where he and Powers meet with the board to decide the fate of the company. Meanwhile, Terry uses the camoflauge mode on the Batsuit to sneak into Powers office and steal the disc. Terry walks into the meeting and gives Bruce the disc, so they can expose Powers' illegal experiments. The board throws him from the company, giving full ownership back to Bruce. Angered, Powers accidentally melts his synthetic skin, revealing him to be Blight. Terry disappears, while Bruce confronts Blight, using his cane to trip and throw him. Blight attempts to blast him, but Batman flies in and tackles him into the wall. Checking on Bruce, Batman turns around to see that Blight has melted through the walls, and Batman follows him to the roof, where his scientists have finished connecting a toxin dispenser, to spread the neurotoxin across Gotham. Blight and Batman battle once again, while the scientists prepare to deploy the gas. Batman begins to lose durability, cornered to the ground, as Blight continuously blasts him with beams of radiation. Batman shoots grappling hook around his neck and throw him around the edge of the roof. With three seconds left, Batman shoots explosive batarangs at the machine, destroying it before it could spread the gas. The machine crashes off the roof, taking Blight with it, and crushing him, though he still remains alive. He pounds through the debris and randomly blasts, until Batman neutralizes him with anti-toxin.

Bruce regains full control over WaynePowers, once again Wayne Enterprises, while Terry continues his normal life and new life as Batman.

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