At Christmas time, Commissioner Gillian P. Leob gets kidnapped by Penguin. Penguin blackmails Leob with evidence of his corruption. Penguin wants Leob to help him become the new mayor of Gotham City and wipe out Carmine Falcone, Leob's employer. Leob disocvers his secretary Selina Kyle is snopping around his files and guns her down in an alleyway. But Selina somehow gets revived by the alley cats and becomes Cat Woman. 

Bruce Wayne recieves a letter from Falcone to come to the wedding of his nephew. Wayne knew that Falcone hoped to persauve him to allow his bank to do business with him. But Wayne isn't afraid to say no to Falcone's face. At the wedding, Bruce Wayne meets Selina Kyle after an intense discussion with Falcone. Detective Sergeant Ethan Bennett wasn't invited to the wedding, but he came anyway. Bennett was writing down license plates from every car parked to Falcone's mansion. It's because Bennett wants to have evidence to expose him. 

Batman breaks into Falcone's mansion and achieved what Bennett couldn't get. Batman manage to get evidence against Falcone. That evidence is a diary. Penguin, The Kabuki Twins, and Penguin's goons tries to gun down Batman for the diary, but fails. 

Falcone goes to jail. That leaves Penguin free to takeover his criminal empire. Penguin and his men robs a bank, but Batman failed to stop them. But Batman exposed Penguin's plans to the press, giving him bad publicity. Penguin kidnaps a scientist name Hugo Strange and forces him to create D.A.V.E to destroy Batman for good after kidnapping Leob for betraying him. 

Batman and Catwoman infiltrates Penguin's lair and has an encounter with D.A.V.E, Penguin, The Kabuki Twins, and Penguin's henchmen. Cat-Woman sacrifices herself by electrocuting Leob to death. 

Batman continues his fight against crime. James Gordon is promoted to commissioner and has The Gotham P.D work with The Dark Knight. Gordon tells Batman about The Joker's new apperance in Gotham City. 

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