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Batman is an upcoming american super hero movie set for release in 2014, it is a reboot of the franchise.


The film opens with a woman walking home from work when she is suddenly attacked in an alleyway by a group of thugs. As the thugs close in on her tey are attacked from above by a mysterious caped figure. Two of the thugs manage to escape and are pursed by the caped figure, only to run in to him in the street, one of them is knocked out but the other esapes. Later, the police arrived to find all the hugs tied up, one of the police discovers a metal blade shaped like a bat, he hands it to Commissioner Gordon (Harrison Ford) who  analyses the blade before saying "Who are you Batman".

Back at his mansion the next morning, Bruce Wayne (Michael Fassbender) is reading the newspaper, the headline reads "Batman Strikes Again". Bruce's Butler, Alfred (Micheal Caine) discusses Bruce making the headline "again" to which Bruce pretends to know nothing about. Bruce then heads to his office at Wayne Industries. Meanwhile, Rupert Thorne (Jack Nicholson) reads the same newspaper and gets angry that more of his thugs were put in prison. Thorne then gets angry at the thug who escaped, Jack Hood (Crispin Glover) for failing. Thorne tells Jack to go to Ace Chemicals and set up a trap to catch The Bat.

Later that night at his office at Wayne Industries, Bruce's secretary tells him that the journalist Vicki Vale is here to interview him. Vicki Vale (Reese Witherspoon) questions Bruce about his company and his personal life, which Bruce is quite vague about. After Vicki Vale leaves Bruce gets a message from Alfred saying that a break-in is in progress Ace Chemicals. Bruce then reveals a secret elevator way which leads to an underground pod. Bruce takes the highspeed pod to a secret cave where he quickly suits up to become The Batman, before speeding off in his Batmobile.

When Batman arrives at Ace Chemicals to find Commissioner Gordon and the police locked in battle with armed thugs (who are being led by Jack Hood). Batman finally finds Jack Hood who tries to shoot Batman. Batman   deflects the bullet and disarms Jack, this knocks Jack off his balance and he falls over the railing and into a large vat of chemicals. Batman presume Jack dead. However, just after Batman and the police leave the scene, a white hand comes out of the vat of chemicals and grabs the side.

Bruce is sat in his limo whilst reading the news about Jack Hoods death, Alfred tries to tell Buce that it was not his fault but Bruce still blames himself. Meanwhile, back at Rupert Thorne's hideout. Jack Hood bursts in, his skin has been bleached by the chemicals and turned chalk white, his lips have turned bright red and his hair has been died green. Thorne asks Hood what has happened to him. Hood says that Jack Hood was killed by the Batman and now there is only The Joker. The Joker then gives Thorne a cigar as "gift" for allowing him to be reborn as The Joker. Thorne smokes the cigar which turns out to be poisoned. Thorne dies and Joker takes over as the mob boss.

The next morning Alfred reminds Bruce that he still hasn't got a geust to take to the Wayne Industries charity benefit being held at the Haley Circus later that night. Bruce decides to ask Vicki Vale who agrees to go with him. At the circus the ring master introduces The Flying Graysons who preform various ariel stunts. Joker and his men then burst in and threaten to blow up the entire circus unless they get all the money raised at the benefit. Whilst the crowd are panicking, Bruce starts to fight with severl of Joker's thugs, whilst the Graysons try to dispose of the bomb. The Joker notices them doing this and shoots them down, however one Grayson survives and manages to dispose of the bomb before it explodes.

Angered by his loss at the circus. Joker places a bomb filled with his toxic gas known as Joker Venom, somewhere in Gotham City. He then breaks into Channel 5 studios during the news and holds Gotham City to ransom asking for millions in return for the safety of the city. He holds all of the staff at the studio, including Vicki Vale, hostage. Bruce is informed about this and quickly heads to the Batcave located under his mansion, he suits up to go and take on The Joker.

Batman flies to the scene uing his Batwing and lands it on the studio roof where he encounters several armed thugs. Batman heads inside and soon fins The Joker, the two battle it out through the studio, Joker sets off a (normal) bomb which causes parts of the studio to collapse. Whe Batman defeats Joker, Joker tells him he wont have time to find the bomb before it's too late and that Batman wont be able to kill him. Batman says he wont but fate will before throwing him in to the flames below. Batman makes sure the hostages are ok before he gets back in the Batwing and flies off to find the bomb which he discovers at Ace Chemicals. Batman fires several rockets at the chemical plant and succsesfully destroys the bomb.

Later, Bruce is talking to Vicki Vale in another interview (this time at his mansion) he answers the question about his personal life saying that he spends most of it alone. He and Vicki then kiss and start a relationship. As the film ends Commisioner Gordon and Harvey Dent (Simon Baker) unveil the Bat-signal which will be used to call Batman when he is needed

After the credits roll, a scene is shown where Alfred walks downstairs and discover that Bruce is adopting the young Grayson boy who surived Jokers attack, the boy is called Dick, Dick Grayson (Josh Hutcherson) turns to Alfred and smiles.


  • Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Crispin Glover as Jack Hood/The Joker
  •  Reese Witherspoon as Vicki Vale
  • Micheal Cain as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Harrison Ford as Commisioner Jim Gordon
  • Jack Nicholson as Rupert Thorne
  • Josh Hutcherson as Dick Grayson
  • Simon Baker as Harvey Dent


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A sequel is possibly in the works depending on the fans reaction to the film. Micheal Fassbender and Josh Hutcherson have both confirmed that they would like to return for a sceond movie.