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Batman: I got this under control.
Batman: I got this under control.
Tim: *'''Sighs'''* Ok......listen try checking in once in a while we're partners remember?
Soon as he walked away Barbra spoke
Barbra: He just wants to help you know.
Batman: Don't let your feeling for him cloud your judgement
Barbra: It's not that I want him in harms way.....I rather he stay out of it but he could help.
Batman: And I'm sure he can. But if Batman is a target to the Red Hood so is he. Next time he muse force.
Just soon he hopped in the batmobile it didn't take long for everyone to turn away just for Robin fully suited up and rides off and Barb heard him rode off
Barbra: TIM!!
She strolled her wheelchair down to the ramp just watching him go at the end of the tunnel
Barbra: Sh**!
She sat there for the longest moment in her life knowing it's Jason's anniversary she hoped to God history would not repeat itself
In the Batmobile Batman drove on thinking to himself in silence till a voice on his radio broke his silence
'''Hey Bruce you got a minute?'''
Batman: What is it Dick?
'''I got a report from the GCPD. You won't believe who just busted a move for the first time in 10 years.'''
Batman: Who?
'''Our old pal Roman Sionis.'''
Batman: Black Mask. I haven't seen him since he smuggled chemicals in the city.
'''I know right. It's unfortunate. Some of his goons have already made some dealings with the Hoods men. I think Roman's our best lead on finding him.'''
Batman: Understood Dick.
*'''How's Joker doing?'''*
Nightwing: He's been oddly quit all day. Right now he's sleeping like a baby.
Or was he.....?
Joker was laying on his bed but....apparently Batman and Nightwing forgot to check for a cell phone cause...…
…..he was sending a text to his men to track his location
And he made a call....
… guess who

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Under the red hood

Ready to duel with the atone for the fallen?

Batman: Under The Red Hood (2019) is an 2019 Live-action adventure, drama, comedic and suspenseful comic book film and is the long awaited solo Batman film to be included in the DC Extended Universe as well as the live-action counterpart to the animated movie of the same name and one of the two sequels to Justice League: Part II. Multiple rumors had tried to pinpoint when and even if this film would be out, from the direction it would go towards with Ben Affleck stepping down from the directors chair to other rumors claiming he’s stepped down from portraying Batman all together. It took an extra 2 years since the box office success of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice for news to break through: the film had begun principal photography around the time “Justice League” had hit theaters......

.....which meant that an early 2019 release was inevitable. Whether or not this is Ben Affleck’s last time portraying the Caped Crusader remains to be seen.

The film is written and directed by Matt Reeves, produced by Zack Snyder and distributed by both Warner Bros., and D.C Entertainment. 

Cast members will include Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, Tobey Maguire, Jermey Irons, Hailee Steinfield, Zac Efron, Steven R. McQueen, etc.


Coming soon....


  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman)
  • Jared Leto as Joker
  • Tobey Maguire as ???
    • Ty Simpkins as Young Jason Todd
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred
  • Hailee Steinfield as Barbara Gordan (Oracle)
  • Zac Efron as Dick Grayson as (Nightwing)
  • Steven R. McQueen as Tim Drake (Robin)
  • Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)
  • Rachel Weisz as Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
  • J.K Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordan
  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
  • Ben Mendelsohn as Roman Sionis (Black Mask)

  • Bill Nighy as ???
  • Angelina Jolie as ???


Over on the mountain side.....

.....just on the outskirts of Gotham......

......the time of day had finally changed as the reflective beaming of the suns shadow began to slowly roll and fade away from the surface as the mild tranquility of the afternoon transitioned into a beautifully cool evening breeze and a beautiful sapphire sky.

The wind was rather soothing as it brimmed past the metal texture, structure and surface of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. Rather convenient for someone to be doing business in the middle of nowhere, huh?

Thing is, though......that couldn’t be ANY more further from the truth.


The blowing wind sound of a crowbar smacks against the soft tissue and flesh of human skin, leaving another mark on the face of a young man.

With a black eye swollen over his left eye, barely covered with a mask over his face......and his excessive coughing......this boy was in dire straits.

The unfortunate thing about the situation was......this was NO ORDINARY boy.

This.....was the teenage Jason Todd (Ty Simpkins)

The Boy Wonder.


The second Robin......if you will.

And he was practically in the WORST condition of his life in here. His bones have been broken, his body has been shattered, his vision was all but blurry, he could barely stand up, and the blood.....

......HIS blood.....

......was splattered all over the walls.


Another whack of the crowbar launches him back towards a pile of wooden boxes, as he crashes into them. Once again, he coughs excessively and without any control.

WOW. That looked like it REALLY hurt.

That voice from out of the corner of the room was nothing sort of nightmare fuel for the now vulnerable Boy Wonder was nothing short of nightmare fuel inducing. The shadow that perforated through that dark corner of this room could’ve been only ONE person.....

.....the Clown Prince Of Crime himself......

......the Joker (Jared Leto).

Jason: B-Batman? Is that you?

Joker: Batman's not coming to save you kid. He's already searched from roof to sewer for a full 365 days and.....well now......I’d say he's already given up searching.

This little announcement, if you will, made him look down I’m not only disappointment but in pure anger. Mostly because he didn’t believe him.

Joker: Oh, don't look so sad, broski. You have a place with us by our side.

Breathing heavily, Jason skewed out a mighty......

Jason: F__K YOU!!!

Joker: THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Imagine you and me together on the streets chasing down the weak and defenseless. We'd be a NEW dynamic duo. Just like Batman.....and that new boy wonder of his.

“New Boy Wonder”?

Did he.....he just say that as......a means of saying that Batman replaced him?

Jason: What?? You mean he-n-no....

Guess denial is the clincher.

Jason: H-he wouldn't do that!

Joker: No?

He digs into his jacket pocket, unfolding it with care......before shoving it into Jason’s face.

Joker: So this isn't.....Batman with a Robin wanna-be? Or is that—Funny. Was it the ears that fooled me? Or the cape? I can't really tell the difference.

The funny thing was it wasn’t a new Robin. Joker just photoshopped the picture and edited it himself to make it look like it was somebody new.

The little bugger.

Jason: No....Bruce.....

Joker: What was that??

(Uh oh...)

Jason: He wouldn't do that!

Joker: I know it's hard to bare the pain. I didn't even want you to see that picture but have to be cruel to be kind.

Jason cried softly but....Joker took a crowbar hitting him down on the flour

And he walked beside him holding up a camera and soon the screen became the camera view

Joker: Hiya Bats! Are you surprised? Well have I got a major surprise for you.

The recording view caught Jason on the flour beat up

Joker: Wondering why your searches proved fruitless before you recruited that new kid....he's been with ME! The entire time! Hey Jason say hi to the nice Bat.


Joker: Oh sorry for his behavior *Comes on screen* I just told him the bad news of his replacement and....he didn't take it so well....but don't worry. He's in good hands.

He holds up a brander with a "J" shape in the most methodical way imaginable.

Joker: Cause I'm gonna make sure he never forgets his initial....or....mine in fact. Ha-ha!

The screen caught on recording as Jason desperately tries to squggile away to no avail. As the lights blew out from above again, nothing but Jason’s bloodcurdling scream could be heard as the sizzling from the brand puffed smoke out to the screen.....

.....causing it to cut to static.

The camera view came back into focus just HOURS later and was recording once more. This time it showed Jason still in that chair, covered in bruises with the "J" brand implanted on his left cheek and his Robin suit....spray-painted with “Jokes on you, Batman".

(Now you know where that Easter egg in BvS came from.)

Then Joker came on the screen

Joker: Is this thing on?

It's rolling, Puddin

Joker: Hiya Bats! It's your pal Joker again. Sort to keep you waiting, but I had a new twisting surprise for you. Jason? Have you got something to say to our dear Dark Knight?

Turning the camera over to Jason, with the “J” mark still imbedded and branded deep into his cheek, nothing but pure rage and anger was hollowed out and in him. Nothing could take all this pain away from him now.

Jason: could you do that to me? Leave me like a used toilet paper covered in sh**?! I.....I—WHY?! HOW COULD YOU?!?!

Joker: That's my boy! *Faces the camera view* Did you get that Bats? The boy's no longer yours now. He's mine! Mine. Mine. To do with what I please.

Joker walked around Jason and to the camera

Joker: Say.....I never really asked, but......The Bat.

Jason painstakingly looks up to him.

Joker: Who is he really under that mask? C’mon. You tell your uncle Joker.

Oh goody! Goody! This I have to record!

Jason: Of—Of course. It's---


Joker suddenly took out his gun and shot him....

Puddin! Why'd you do that?!

Joker: I never really could stand a tattle-teller, Harley. You know that.

But I wanted to know who he was, sweetie.

Joker: No one's ever who you think they are my dear. Why spoil the fun? That's why Bats and I like to play our games alone. Harley, get a shot at the boy.

The camera shook around towards Jason's supposedly dead body

Joker: You see what I mean, Bats. THIS is why you should never drag your friends in this crazy game of ours. Heheheheheheheh……..Hahahahahahahahahahahaha……..

The camera view went static again till....

… cuts to the main title

~Title opening: Batman Under the Red Hood~

After rolling off from the static feedback of the camera feed it cuts itself over to an oversight view of Gotham city as the camera feedback finally cuts itself out....

….to the present day

March 25th 2018.

Early evening in the city of Gotham and stuff seemed to be going down exactly the way people had planned it out to be. The currently infested cesspool of crime and villainy had one of the most dramatic crime rate shortages in the history of the city’s existence......

......thanks to the Dark Knight.

Now, if you were to ask where that vigilant Dark Knight was, you’d find him alright......

.....just hidden in plain sight...... billionaire playboy asshole Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck).

In this late afternoon, he had been called forth to attend a press conference and has since then been asked to offer his thoughts on the Man of Steels recent well as his connection with the Caped Crusader and the rest of the Justice League.

Being a calm cool and collected figure in the eyes of the public, Bruce seemed to know EXACTLY what he wanted to say.

And he did.

The first question that he was immediately asked about or confronted about was.....

Reporter: Mr. Wayne, what are your thoughts about Superman’s return?

Bruce: *chuckles* I will be the first to admit, while I was not a fan of Superman beforehand......his selfless act for the sake of humanity’s cause made me see his true intentions. Ever since then, it had made me anxiously hopeful that I would one day see his return.

Reporter #2: Why is that so?

Bruce: Simply because.....there's so much that I never really thanked him for. It's just in that dark time I had my consciousness cleared after knowing Superman's true nature.

Reporter # 3: But have you and your funding's been supporting Superman's affairs with the Justice League?

Bruce: Well yes. I have. It was a request of the Batman himself.

Reporters: Mr. Wayne! Mr. Wayne!

People started shouting at once then suddenly a tv was turned the batcave

Alfred (Jeremy Irons): How he does it I'll never know.

He walked by the bat computer where Tim Drake (Steven R. McQueen) was playing SKYRIM on it

Tim: Yeah come at me you big black dragon!

Roars and sword clashing sounds were being made when Alfred brought him dinner

Alfred: Frankly young sir that's one way Master Bruce could put his work into.

Tim: What he slayed dragons and shouted powerfully

Alfred: Not entirely. Master Dick always took his "Gameboys" upstairs

Just a minute later an elevator came down entering the Billionaire play boy himself

The way he Gussied up his tie before shortly ripping it off him wasn't all that uncommon for Alfred. But maybe it was for Tim.

Who knows?

And you know what’s funny? The first thing he said as soon as he fully entered the cave was.....

Bruce: How I do it......I really don’t know.

Tim: *snickers* That’s what he said.

Bruce: Heh?

Yeah, billionaire playboys can have fun every once in a while. They have their off-days. But this playboy spends his off-days very differently than most.

Almost immediately, he whips his direction immediately to the Bat-Computer and like a world class record breaking hacker, he scourges through the databanks of the system before it shows a full landscape map of the entire city of Gotham.

Even inside of the Batcave, the man is ALL business.

Bruce: Catch any of the feedback from the news lately?

Tim: Oh.....umm, yeah. Yeah. There’s ONE interesting thing that I picked up, though.

He jumps into another seat and quickly starts typing as well until the typical normal Gotham news broadcast appeared over the screen, audio file only.

Alfred: It was captured mere moments after you had finished your interviews. I’d recommend you listen closely.

He does, with his hand centered over his chin, anticipating what would come next.

And what he heard......didn’t really make his job any easier.

This is Vicki Vale, currently going live at the confines of the Belle Reve Penitentiary where we have confirmed to have another breakout. Prior to Bruce Wayne’s interview in the city a few moments ago, the Clown Prince Of Crime himself, The Joker is now another in the long list of inmates who have escaped from Belle Reve. He had currently been unlisted in this center with no possibility in ever being released, but the criminal mastermind—

Bruce immediately shuts the audio feedback off and just slams his fist down on the table.

The Joker was HIS responsibility. Not only was he responsible for putting him away almost EVERY single time but HE created him, unintentionally, might I add. So any little thing that he does......would be considered Bruce’s fault as well......which pretty much means he has to fix that fault rather quickly.

Bruce: Son Of a—

  • clears throat*

Almost immediately, all three of them (Bruce, Alfred and Tim) turn back behind them to come face to face with this redhead girl with glasses on confined to a wheelchair.

Long story short: it was Barbara Gordon (Hailee Steinfield)

Bruce: Heh. Barbara.

Barbara: Quick question: do I ever go flouncing around in here and start messing with your stuff?

Tim: Hey, I didn't touch anything.

Barbara: I didn't mean you, Tim.

Bruce: Have you isolated the match track records on Joker's position?

Barbra: It's encrypted right now it could take time to crack. But I think you should know Joker's not the only problem.

Tim: Can't be worse than that clown.

Barbara: For all our sakes I hope not.

She opens a security feedback connected to the cameras of City Hall......of all places.

Barbara: Last night, there was a brake in at city hall. A group of red and black mercenaries broke into city hall. A group of red and black mercenaries and stole some data drive from the office safe.

Alfred: Heh. Luckily, the Mayor was on vacation that day or re-election would come early.

Barbara: He had a lot more valuables stuffed in there. And yet, all they took......was a flash drive.

Tim: Guess they thought it must’ve had some feasible data on it.

Bruce: Mercenaries in Gotham aren't in it for the money, Barbara. However......

He pauses in silence for a moment before continuing.

Bruce:......I know someone who has more knowledge about them than anyone. She was once hired to do this similar task for another group of mercenaries five years ago.

Barbara: Oh god. Bruce; please telling me you're not talking about that.....that.....that thief.

Tim: Wait, why am I the only one who's clueless in this room?

Bruce: *Sighs* I basically have a...."Friend" who.....steals from the rich and gives to the needy......."Basically".

Tim: “Basically”. Meaning what?

Alfred: Meaning her own intentions and tenacity precede them.

Tim: Robin Hood?

Bruce: No. Her name's......Selina Kyle.

Barbara: I KNEW IT!

She pushes herself back from the desk, flustered.

Barbara: Seriously......What is it about that woman that instantly makes her the most important person in your world?

Bruce: Selina's not the goal, Barbara. If she has experience with mercenaries, especially cracking a safe, she may know more of these guys than us. And considering how she already broke into the same place one time, if they got codes from her......

Barbara:......She may know who's leading them.

She sighs heavily.

As much as she didn’t WANT to trust her, there’s no denying that Bruce knew what he was doing most of the time. If what he says is true, then by all means......he needs to go after her.

Barbara: Ok. Alright, alright, Bruce. I guess you need to go find her but PLEASE......I beg of you. Stay focused.

Bruce: Right.

Barbara: DON'T let HER get in the way again.

Bruce: Since when was the last time I did that?

Barbara: Do I have to count back to last year?

Alfred: Or before that?

Barbara: And before that.

Alfred: And before that.

Bruce: Ok ok ok. I get it. Just....don’t remind me of know.....

Barbara: Bats and Kitty sittin’ in a tree.

Bruce: PLEASE. Please, just keep it professional.

Like I said before, this billionaires off days are more different then many others, in theory at least. And Bruce definitely didn’t need to be reminded of the countless on and offs he had with Selina.

One time too many she’s pulled one on him and vice versa. Other times, things got a little.....well, I don’t wanna go there.

Finally done with the conversation, Bruce just turns back towards the elevator to get back UPSTAIRS, but not before Tim just taps him on the arm, asking him......

Tim: D-did you sleep with her?

Bruce: Metaphorically.


He then walks firmly to the elevator, leaving Tim in borderline confusion.

Meanwhile, hours later in the evening....... was just another witching hour......for a nightly prowl on the town. It would fit particularly better for a cat.....

......or should I say, for a Cat.....woman.

Yep, the infamous Catwoman (Rachel Weisz) herself was up to her old tricks again. had crack open a sky window to another mansion. (You'll like the Easter Egg in this.)

She hopped down on her feet almost like any cat

She waltz over through the hall and spotted.....

....A golden braun’s watch.

Owned by Penguin.

Of course, when it comes to Selina, if she sees something and she wants, it’s more then likely she’s gonna get it.

And it didn’t seem like nothing was stopping her.....just yet. As soon as she approaches the glass case that supported the watch, she pressed out her retractable claws....

.....slowly inching closer towards the case until......

......she sensed an object hurdling fast behind. Quickly moving out of the way, she flipped away from it, only to see that it was a Bat-a-rang that was thrown beside her, as it stuck to the wall.

Catwoman smirked at the sight of it, for it was all too familiar for her, and as soon as she turned behind her, which revealed a bat shadow.....

......she practically blushed.

Catwoman: You know......there's a simpler way if you wanna ask me out to dinner.

You're usually not one to pick up a phone, Selina.

Catwoman: And you’re not one to wait by it.

Just at that moment Batman stepped out of the shadows

Catwoman: *Turns around and leans back on wall* But Bats. If you really missed could have stopped by at my apartment and say hi. Or.....just another magical night.

(I guess that answers Tim's question)

Batman: Don't flirt with me Selina. You know why I'm here.

Catwoman: You want to know if I had anything to do with the city hall brake in. Not really surprisingly. I mean I hadn't had any mirk business since Deathstroke. You could ask him but he hasn't been in Gotham for years. Unless he's moving back in.

Batman: What about Joker?

Catwoman just was about to reply till....

...armed men in strange red masks stormed in pointing their guns at them

Leader: Sir! We have eyes on target! Batman's here in Copplepot Manor (Yep)

Good work. Remember I want him alive!

Leader: Sir he's not alone. The Catwoman's here too. What should we do with her?

Just bring her to me too.

Leader: Understand. Alright listen up! Boss wants them both alive! Shoot to wound! FIRE!

Soon as they opened fire Batman grabbed Catwoman close to him and covered them both in his cape and let out a smoke bomb.

Despite the huge over-abundance of smoke plastered all over the area, the gunmen just kept on shooting and emptying their magazines of bullets determined to get a least ONE shot off the Caped Crusader

Unfortunately…....he was already gone....

.....or so they thought?

All 12 men (yes, 12) had a plastered layer of confusion all over their faces, for they weren’t expecting him to have an escape strategy. But then again, they were prepared for it. I mean, it’s what they signed up for.

Merc #1: No visual.

Merc #3: Damn it.

Leader: Ugh. Boss, the Bat flew off. Got the Cat with him. Looks like they had this pla—

Just as he was about to finish, a thunderous force crashlands in-between them all and executes a shockwave, launching all of them across the granite floor.

The Batman, himself.

As soon as he recovers, he flips his cape back, pulls out 12 remote control Bat-a-rangs, six on each hand, and throws them around each mercenary..... the point where once they all came back around, they stuck to all their guns.

Batman then presses a button on his wrist, and all Bat-a-rangs electrically shock each and every one of the mercs, disarming them of their weapons in the process.

And then comes the fun stuff.

He slides underneath one of the mercs before grabbing him by the head and ramming him into his knee. Almost immediately, he back-kicks another one heading in his direction.

And of course.....with this much fun revolving around Catwoman of all people...... really couldn’t count her out of it.

So, of course, she got involved with the fight as well.

And like any tag team, Batman and Catwoman worked consistently well together as they went to town on the mercs.

Took some effort and a lot of team attacks for what these guys were capable of

Batman had to use his fast thinking looking for an open targets then BAM!

One got scratched on the cheek by Catwoman's claws and a couple more fell by her whip pulling them down

And soon they were down to one and Batman dragged him across the room and holds him up

Batman: Who are you working for?!

Leader: I'm not telling you JACK!

He hit him in the jaw the guy split out a loose tooth

Batman: WHO IS IT?!?!?!

Leader: Do your worse! You'll never get a word out of me!

Catwoman just looked bored till she saw a walkie talkie on the flour and someone was talking on it

What?!? Hello? Looks like they had a WHAT?!?! Command unit 7!

She picked it up and spoke

Catwoman: Um....unit 7 can't come to the phone right now. They're a bit.....BEAT up. Can I take a message?

What?! Who is this? Identify your unit number immediately!

Catwoman: Unit number? Who needs them?

Catwoman walked over to Batman still interrogating the murk

Catwoman: Hey Batty? You better take this. Could be who you're trying to get out of that sucker.

Batman took it and spoke on it

Batman: Who is this?

Batman? Well I never thought I hear from you so soon. I hope my men didn't give you....too much trouble just before you and I can have our fun.

Batman: Who are you?

You'll know that soon enough! VERY soon....but until then why don't you use your....detective work to FIGURE IT OUT!!

The transmission cuts off

Catwoman: That guy sure sounded awfully pissed.

Batman: He's not the first. I have to find out who it is.

He took the walkie talkie apart and plugged it's chip in the adapter on his glove

Batman: I need to get this analyze if I can trace their broadcast I'll listen to their communication and maybe trace them their positions

Catwoman: Well have fun with that. I'm gonna hit an art gallery or two and....I know I don't say this a lot but....just be careful handsome.

She launched out her whip and pulled herself up

Batman: Alfred I'm analyzing a radio broadcast to the batcomputer. Let me know when it's uploaded.

Miss Barbra's already on it.

Batman: Patch me in.

It didn’t take much effort and much time at all.....

.....thanks to Oracle, Barbara Gordon’s new alter ego.

Coming your way, Bruce.

He quickly taps on his wrist as a virtual encrypted file of the audio recording shows up and just when an entire viewpoint of the city shows up in the background, the audio file just flys back to the background......

.....all the way..... Founders Island, which is near the edge of the boundary layers of the city.

Which pretty much meant that whoever’s behind this is all the way near down there, which would be his next stop.

But as he listened to the audio file, something about the voice that came over it puzzled him. he recognized it from somewhere.

Here’s what he heard:........

This guy's got heavy armoring. Especially if he's hitting a city like Gotham.

I hope he burns it to the ground for all I care. That place’s a hell hole.

Batman patched in deeper

'’'By the order of the hood, this is now a phase one priority one program.

That voice sounded awfully familiar for Batman even Oracle from the cave

Bruce.....that sounds awfully like.....

Batman: Deathstroke. Looks like Selina's hunch was right.

I don't get it. Wilson's been quiet for years so why come out of hiding now and steal a data drive?

Batman: He said something about “The Hood”. Sounds like the guy he and these goons are working for. There’s obviously more into this story then at first glance:

So now what?

Batman: Keep listening to that channel, we might learn something else. I'm gonna head to the GCPD; see what your father has on the Joker.

Meanwhile on Bleak Island...…

… an office filled with weapons and joke toys the Joker sits in his desk he seemed quit which is not like him

Knowing that last year his former "Harley" helped the Justice League save the world from the Enchantress

And it was rather lonely since the brake up

Joker: Oh...Harley.

Just then one of his goons came in with a news paper

Goon: Uh excuse me chief! I got something here you might wanna see.

Feeling interrupted Joker SHOT the goon down killing him instantly

(Friends? Have you met this guy?)

He put the gun down looking at his picture frame of him and Harley laughing together covered in blood

He couldn't bare it and got and saw the news paper in the dead goons hand he took it and read it

Joker: "City hall brake in missing data drive." Hmm....Hehehehehehehe

Whatever he was laughing at something about that heist gave him.....just another insane idea

He came down stairs where a nightclub was holded up and came down to the front desk man

Joker: You still have Harley's location?

Man: As you requested sir.

Joker: Get the cars ready. And bring me a reporter I want to show her something on tv.

Whatever he's cooped up in his mind it seems to involve winning Harley back....and stealing that data himself

On the roof of the GCPD Gordon (JK Simmons) as usual was by the bat-signal

He was breathing smoke from his cigar just for...

Ever considered a donut?

Gordon: Daah! Ever considered not sneaking up on people?

Batman: It's an advantage to drop my enemies.

Gordon: Even on cops?

Batman: Not tonight Jim. Any lead on the Joker?

Gordon: We were tracking a number of limbos there's usually not that many unless an opening of Oscar winning ceremonies. But those limbos were reported stolen.

Batman: What about city hall?

Gordon: We hadn't had dealings with mercenaries since Deathstroke. Is he behind this?

Batman: He's part of it yes. But someone's pulling strings. They call him the hood.

Gordon: That's not much to go on. We suppose to put wanted posters of guys in hoods?

He turns one minute and Batman's gone....again

Gordon: *Scoffs* Somebody's got to pull that on him.

Cutting to somewhere in the DIAMOND district on Founders Island where a militia base workshop

We cut to combat gear covered legs walking down the ile

The legs walked in a room where the camera rotated up from behind who that was standing infront of a red hood figure in a chair

He was known to his the Red Hood (???)

And the man standing before him was the one eyed merk leader himself and second in command of the Red Hood Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello)

Deathstroke: Sir my forces are in route from south Africa. However the data drive from city hall is protected by a large Wayne tech code may take a day to crack.

Red Hood: Nothing.....YOU CAN'T handle now is it?

Deathstroke: I would like to see you pull one off on your own. May I remind you you wouldn't be THERE right now if I hadn't put you through hell.

Red Hood just scoffs. If he’s one to be tempted, it’s more then likely he’ll retaliate in a very unprofessional manner. And no question about it.....

.....he slowly reached in his brown jacket and pulled out a modified high tech pistol......only to place it down on the side.

Red Hood: don’t want to tempt me, man. If the men I sent don’t respond by the next few hours.....then I’ll leave it to ME, then. You already have much on your plate, don’t you?

Deathstroke: You can say I like roughing it.

Just before Hood could answer back, three mercs burst through the door with some rather important news.

Merc #2: Sir.

Just as Red Hood turns to them, the first Merc just throws something in his direction and he quickly it catches in-between his fingers.

Taking a good luck at it......

......he realizes that this is the data drive he had enlisted his men to find hours ago. And of course, the logo embedded over it was enough to technically make his skin crawl.

Red Hood: WayneTech. BRILLIANT.

Merc #1: Sir?

Red Hood: Thank you. All three of you.....are dismissed for the rest of the day.

Merc #3: What about the others?

Red Hood: They’re not done yet. By midnight tonight, I have something special planned.....for an old adversary of mine. Once we roll out, that’s one more loose end to tie up......

He once again looks firmly at the data drive.

Red Hood:.....and I’ve waited long enough for it. Sooner or later......he will DIE.

Deathstroke: Hmm? Why DO you hate him so?

Red Hood: Honestly, could never understand.

Deathstroke: Well just say the word and we'll make it happen. Batman will fall.

Red Hood: What happens to the Bat, just so we're clear, is entirely ON my terms. He'll suffer all the same.....when I say so. For now though......I want your men on scene by the end of the night.

Deathstroke: you wish.

Soon as everyone left the room, he pulled down his hood revealing only his RED helmet. Staring down at newspaper clippings and pictures of Batman's trials

Superman's death reports

Justice League assembles

Suicide Squad prevent terrorist attack

His sight, however, was set on one picture of Batman dragging Joker out in cuffs.

This sight infuriated him.

Red Hood: If there's one thing I learnt from the two of‘ll never really kill each other. You need someone to do it for you. THAT'S.....what you'll learn from ME.

That's when he took the picture and snipped the heads off from it fueling his vengeance on both the Batman and the Joker for but for WHAT though?


That remains to be seen.

Fast forward a few screenshots and a few HOURS later at midnight and we’re back on the Jokers side of things where he and his men were literally ready to move and mobilize all on his own Command for the soul purpose of reclaiming his Harley Quinn.

The entire time this rather sadistic looking smirk on his face REALLY couldn’t leave him, as expected because.....well, he was crazy that way. Not to mention that he was in a tuxedo the whole time.

Joker: You will......come home.

Crowding himself into his “Joker-Mobile” which is really just a purple Lamborghini, he flashed on his neon lights and immediately slams his foot down on the gas pedal as he takes off.

With his men in LIMOS tailing behind him, he then proceeds to lead them all into the city in a synchronized line or order......clocking way over the speed limit.

It was all going well......

......until this military vehicle from out of NOHERE rams into the Lamborghini, flipping it over on its side as it literally crashes into near the ends of a roadway tunnel.

As soon as the Jokers men see this, they pile out the limos in droves and start shooting at that one militia vehicle.....

......only to see five more of them pull up behind it as those Hood militia men pile out of the APC vehicles and start opening fire out on Jokers men.

Pretty soon, the entire street became a warzone firefight between the Jokers men and the militia.

As for Joker himself, he was barely even conscious by the time his vision cleared up well enough to see where he actually was. And by the time he was fully awake, all he heard was a loud thump on the hood of his Lamborghini.

Unwilling to take any chances, he whips out his golden AK-47 and immediately starts popping bullets through the roof of his car, hoping he got whoever landed on his ride.

Nothing happens.

Suddenly, the windshield on his right door bursts.....

......and that’s when he sees the Red Hood.


Red Hood: Son of a b__ch.

Joker: to haunt your every dream.

Red Hood: I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

He wastes no time dragging Jokers sorry ass out of his purple Lamborghini, leaving his AK-47 on the rear base of his seat. He then proceeds to literally slam him up against the window from the front of the car and the just kicks him off as he bounces his head off a militia van.

Coming to the realization this was gonna be a short and sweet conclusion, he wanted no witnesses. He snaps his fingers, with his militia bombarding the area and flat out shooting a few of his men dead as Red Hood then turns his gun back to the Clown Prince while the gunfight continued onwards.

Joker: Say.....have we met before? Fancy a dance in the pale moonlight?

Red Hood: We’re the furthest place from Heaven, ok? This is HELL......and I’m the devil.

Funny he said that because he felt that rather familiar presence lurk above him from the distance and as soon as both him and the Joker looked back behind them and ABOVE them......

......they saw that familiar shadow on the rooftops.

And that shadow pulled his attention from the Joker as it stood casting pointy ears and winged like cape blowing in the wind and eyes glowing white

(He's wearing one of the suits I showed you in this)

Red Hood: Batman....?

The troops armed themselves and shot up at him


They stopped by his command and looked up again to see he was gone

Red Hood: The hell was THAT all about? Did I order you idiots to open fire?!?!

Soldier: I'm sorry sir. We had orders from Deathstroke to shoot on sight.

Red Hood: That a fact? Well he's gonna learn who's in charge soon.

I do know it won't be you for long.

Everyone turned to see Batman standing face to face with them all Red Hood just stared dead at him like a man ready to squash a bug

Joker just smirked and laughed

Joker: How's it hanging Bats? Still making dark entrances?

Red Hood: Someone SHUT him up!

One duck tape him and the hood stared back at Batman

Batman: I take you must be the Hood.

Red Hood: That's RED Hood to you bub!

Batman: What'd you want with Joker?

Red Hood: Ho! It's not just him. I also want you Batman. You see I'm one with idles to my enemies and there are many ways how I deal with them. See I want Joker to PAINFULLY die. As for you....I attend to make you PAINFULLY suffered as I have.

Batman: Are you someone I turned in under that red mask of yours?

Red Hood: Ho ho ho oh no Dark Knight. I'm a LOT worse than that. But before I get down to details I just want you to know how far this is gonna take you. You may wish you finished the clown yourself! Not to mention not recruiting that new boy wonder of yours!

Batman: Leave him out of this!

Red Hood: Hehe I can't tell not much has changed in you Batman. But I warn the time this is're gonna wish they change!

Batman: I wouldn't count on it.

He pressed a button on his belt then the batmobile rode in shooting stunner knocking out a few soldiers but Red Hood grapples up to escape and Batman beats down the last three soldiers then see's Joker tied up and gagged

He does untie him but holds him up

Batman: Start talking Joker! Why is this Red Hood after you?!

Joker: Now don't get poundy on me Bats. He said he was after you too.

Batman: Why?!

Joker: How should I know Batsy… our time together we made a lot of crossfires we could have pissed a LOT of others off. You never know if Hoody boy was in one! Hahahahahahaha!

Batman knocked him out and dropped him on the ground and pressed on his ear

Batman: Oracle. I've ID'd our new player he calls himself the Red Hood. But he has a grudge against Joker and myself. I need a way to secure him.

You're not bringing him to the cave are you?

Batman: Course not. It be too risky. I have a base somewhere near Divinity Church. I built it years ago. It's another home away from home. Have Tim ready to prep a cell for Joker. I'm bringing him there.

Already taken care of Bruce.

The voice that came over the intercom link didn't really startle him in the sense that it surprised him but it startled Barbra in the sense in which she wasn't expecting it

Batman: Dick.

Is--is that--

Hey Barb. Long time no talk. too.

I've already got a cell prepped at Divinty Church Bruce. No need to worry about me cause I'm waiting for your ass so hurry up.

Batman: Keep it prepped and ready. I have more questions to ask him.

You and me both.

Unwilling to waste anymore time he basically hangs up the comm dragging the Joker to the Batmobile. He literally stuff his arch nemesis in the back seat before the Caped Crusader jumps in at well

Within the midist of a few seconds.....the Batmobile takes off with it's thrusters

Meanwhile....back at the cave....

…..Seemed Tim was suiting up anyway he came out of the store room where the suits and armor were held as Robin came out and Barbra on the Bat-computer soon noticed him

Barbara: Tim? Where you going?

Robin: I'm gonna see what I can do to help.

Barbra: *Turns her wheelchair* Tim wait up. There's much going on that might be dangerous. Plus Dick is here to back Bruce up.

Robin: *Stands by the Red Bird Bike* I figure he and Cyborg were busy with this Titan team.

Barbra: Well even he know where to be. Plus there's a terrorist act by militia going on out there. I'd sit this one out.

Robin: You worry too much.

Barbra: I use to say the same thing. But that was before I got put in this chair. And trust me the last thing we want is to loose another---

Robin: Another what?

(I'm sure you can guess who she's talking about)

Barbra: careful Tim.

He nodded putted on his helmet and started his bike riding out from the cave just in time for Alfred to come down seeing Tim rode off which gave him a sense of dejavu

He walked beside Barbra both making eye contact

Out on the open rode Robin speeded towards the high way to Gotham but.....

….little did he know he was being watched

Deathstroke up in helicopter by the opened hatch spotted him with binoculars

Deathstroke: So there's our boy wonder. I want a tracker on him. Don't loose him.

Pilot: Yes sir.

The helicopter flew sideways tailing the boy wonder

Meanwhile the Batmobile rode into Founders Island nearing divinity Church

Just soon it stopped near the cemetery behind it and dragged Joker out

Joker: Didn't take you for the bat in the bellring in in Church Batsy.

Batman didn't respond and walked him towards a wall.....

….or was it

Joker: What? We playing eye spy on the wall?

Batman: Open.

Batcomputer: Voiceprint: Confirmed.

The wall opened straight up revealing an elevator Batman scooched the Joker in and he pressed the red button which took them down and closed the wall back down

Leading them to another batcave where Nightwing stood waiting and just when they came out after the elevator reached the ground

Joker: Hey! Nightwing old boy, is that you? Haha! How's the tin man?

Nightwing (Zach Effort): Tin man?

Batman: Don't answer him.

Nightwing: *Scoffs* How I missed his witty repartee.

Joker: That's normally my line boy blunder! Hahahaha!

He keeps on laughing maniacally in classic Joker fashion as they drag him into the tightest cell they had with the most functionality and head over heels security metrics guarding that ONE CELL

As Batman just throws Joker into the wall more then likely rouging his shoulder he just groans for a few split seconds before turning back to the former dynamic duo.....

…..with the only thing keeping them visible in the a literal mini lamplight

With this Joker.....once again....jokes again

Joker: Hmm. You two....looking good. Been working out?

No response

Joker: You could probably use a little sun. But.....then again.....who am I to talk?

He again laughs manically

Batman: I'm gonna ask you AGAIN

He slams on the wall beside him where he stood and just inches closer to his face

Batman: What do you know about the Red Hood?

Joker: Ho Ho That he has HORRIBLE taste. Bleh! When I wore that number he was sporting it was classy. More flashy Mater D then motorcycle fetish. Ah.....these kids today....

Typical Joker. Mumbling on and off topic incoherently like has nothing better to do but then again that's just what the brinks of insanity do to you when everything goes down the toilet

Nightwing: Hey hey Pennywise!

He snaps his fingers to get his attention back.

Nightwing: It's apparently that neither of us want to be here more than YOU do. If you're behind this in ANYWAY we WILL find out The thing is you're not--

Joker: Oh Bird Boy you're so much less fun now. All grown up and in your big-boy pants. Still better off than his replacement right? Even tougher making with the yuks when you're yuks worm food huh?

Something about this response just ticked Bruce off to a whole other degree. He immediately lands down on his hand with molten iron as the Joker barley tries to avoid the pain. But he only ends up laughing yet again...…

…..when he realizes he was literally B-Branded on his right hand

Furthermore Batman ends up flinging Joker across the room as his bad shoulder hits the wall once more. Before he even has half a second to recover Bats angrily picks Joker up by the throat and slams him against the wall AGAIN as Nightwing looks on

The way he had pressure applied to his arch enemy barely joking him out made it all the more clear that he was not playing any games with the Joker he was always rough with him and there was always a moment of panic where the Caped Crusader could snap at any moment....

….and end him

Apparently that's what the Joker was sort of pressuring him to do as he just smiled at him asking.....

Joker: You gonna do it this time? Or you just gonna put me in another body cast for six months?


He was close on that first part with how on edge he was now.....especially knowing who's anniversary was tomorrow

And looking at the Joker didn't help not even his jokes knowing he was responsible but....

…..knowing he could not brake his code....AGAIN like he did during his war against Superman....and he knew.....

…..he could not cross that line again JUST to cause more pain to the memory of his parents....not even.....

….to Martha

(Some people may joke about it. But you can't blame him for being sensitive for hearing the names of his parents he saw them get killed as a kid for Pete's sake)

And then he just drops him

Batman: Lock it up.

He walked out the cell and Nightwing noticed the way that statement was made but fallowed Batman's orders

Joker: I that's another cast Bats? Hehehehehehehehahahahahahaha!

On the batcomputer in that base Batman sat in his chair unmasked and Nightwing came in pulling his off too

Dick: Bruce....did he get to you in some way?

Bruce: Not now Dick.

Dick: Spare me the broodiness. I know what this is really about....I miss him too.

Bruce: *Sighs* That night when he sent me the tape.....I hears Jason's last words....he was really gonna tell who I was. Who WE were.

Dick: He had troubles even before you took him in Bruce. He was easy to manipulate after that. Besides deep down he knew you wouldn't abandon him. I mean....I went missing myself just the year before I hung up the Robin suit. I knew you wouldn't to me.

Bruce: You didn't fall in his hands Dick. You had loving parents. Jason didn't. He never knew his mother. Hid father was a criminal. Joker made me cross a line I promised I wouldn't.....but after his death....I last my will to keep it and took it out on Kent Till I learn.....he made me realize what my parents would think of me.

Dick: If they were here Bruce....they be proud....of WHAT you turned out to be as we all are. Alfred. Barbra. Tim. Even the others at the Hall of Justice.

Bruce: Thank Dick. But now we need to focus. I got a feeling this Red Hood is just getting started. And I personally like to find out who he is and what he's planning.

He went online to patch up his communications

Oracle here.

Bruce: Put Lucius Fox online. I need to make another request.

Already got him on. I was just telling him about the data drive.

Hey Bruce. So another run in with Deathstroke?

Bruce: And a new player. Did Barb tell ya?

Everything. And I just already have something cooking up in the oven. Something that should be light wear and help you work fast especially about tomorrow. I'll have it ready by morning drop by Wayne tower then.

Bruce: Thanks Lucius.

Transmission cuts off

While that goes down the sound of revving from a motorcycle pulls up alongside the entrance of Divinty Church and then pull to a stop

Setting the Redbird Motorcycle in place Robin leaps off said bike and flips his hood back on to remain anonymous. He knew that Bruce and Dick were here....

….or were they?

Robin: Alright I'm here at the church. Where are they?

There's a wall on your right when you pass through the cemetery. No password number code nothing that simply complicated. Just---

Robin: Found it.

Batcomputer: Voiceprint confirmed. Access granted.

Just like earlier the walls slid open from both sides revealing an elevator just behind the concrete

Robin: He's down there?

Should Be.

Robin: Should be?

He normally doesn't tell me whenever he's leaving a certain area. All he does say is where he's going next.

Robin: Unhealthy habits?

Not unhealthy. Just unusual.

Robin: Like me?

Fat from it, Tim.

He chuckles slightly as he approaches the elevator wiring to open it until.....

…..a certain sensation stops him.

A modified high tech gun gets pressed up to the back of Robins head with each inch inching further and further to the back of his cranium. Robin playing along just puts his hand up in the air as if he was accepting surrender

But he quickly grabs it from behind and disarms the figure before whipping out his staff and pushing the figure back to the elevator wall....

…..only to realize he had the Red Hood right where he got him

Red Hood: Heh. So this the recruit he signed up after that sorry excuse for a prodigal son. You're the new Robin.

Robin: Clear as day. And I take it you're.....

Red Hood: Call me the Red Hood. Pleased to beat you.

Red Hood swung his fists at him just for Robin to countered with his staff and to knock him aside

Just to be countered himself

Red Hood: So he gave you this thing too? How unpredictable.

Then he knocked him aside forcing Robin to roll down a hill of the cemetery

Landing on a stone

Robin: Ugh.....It's like this guy knows my every move. But how?

The Hood approached him with guns gripped in his hand

Soon as the Red Hood pointed his gun at him.....

…..Robin threw his red bordering disarming him then Robin jumped up and kicked him while there was an opening

Robin: Sorry buddy but I'm ending this now.

He was just about to cuff him but Red Hoof tripped him and PINNED him down

Red Hood: Either you're still in training or the Bat didn't teach you everything

Robin: And what would you know? Who....ARE you?

Red Hood: Now that be spoiling the surprise. But just tell Batman this. Tomorrow night. On the very eve of 10 years ago tomorrow.....they'll both PAY! For EVERYTHING!!

That's when he stomped on his face cutting the screen out....


Tim! Tim! Can you hear me?

…..the vision got clear again facing Barbra's face

Barbra: Hey gave us a fright.

Barbra: Back in the cave Bruce found you unconscious soon as he came out of the cave at Divinty Church. Just lucky you were barely alive.

Tim: Oh....that Red Hood guy.....he knew where it was cornered me there....But....he---said that...."Tomorrow Batman and Joker....would pay."

Barbra: For what?

That was a question yet to be answered

The next day Bruce walked in in suit to Mr. Fox's office

Fox (Samuel Jackson): Ah Mr. Wayne. I was just about to call Alfred.

Bruce: Things been tight lately Lucius. So what have you got?

Lucius: Lets have a look.

(I saw this in the Telltale series)

Fox walked to a chest board on the side table and moved the right white knight to a front black square and the white king to the knights king's square and the book case opens to applied sciences

Bruce: Check mate huh?

Fox: Well who can check Batman this way?

Bruce chuckled and lead him across the room to a sheet covered figure

Fox: Since you and those powered friends of yours fought off Dr. Moon's Witch alter ego I noticed you were gonna need more equipment with newer modifications. The prototype testing out proved itself before building the real one. But remained untested.

Bruce: Then tonight's a good night.

As soon as Bruce pulled off the sheet.....

….he was bombarded by a new sight.....

…..the new Bat-Suit version V8.04....

Bruce: Whoa....

Lucius: Pretty much the reception I expected. Well Mr. Wayne let me talk you through inner and outer layers of the bodysuit are made of tri-weave. It's between those layers of those layers where things get interesting. That's where Waynetech MR hardens the response to impact

Bruce: I see. With that kind of shock absorption I'd be able to put more force into my normal strikes?

Lucius: That's right. And of course counter attacks. Cause this also has liquid armor inside. It's more flexible than what you're accustomed to as well. You'd use that increased maneuverability to take out your foes in quick succession.

Bruce: How bout the Batmobile?

Lucius: This suit compatible with electromagnetic tech mechanism too. I other words you'll fly out that thing like a bullet from a rail gun.

Bruce took another second to admire the suit he then smirked

Bruce: Is it ready for a test run?

Lucius: Not yet. But when you're available later today we can send it trough a few tests

The entire time Bruce just turned away at looked out through the window

Bruce: I'll probably need that suit tonight. Can you get it decoded within the hour?

Lucius: I can work it out in the next thirty minutes or so.

Bruce: Thanks

He was just about to walk out the room until he had remembered something. Rather important

Lucius: Oh and.....Mr. Wayne....


Lucius: I'm terribly about....

Bruce: I know. It's just....I couldn't save him.

Lucius: You did your best.

Bruce: So says says....well everybody.

Later at the batcave Bruce and Alfred tested the new combat gear

Barbra and Tim were on the Batcomputer trying to pinpoint anything on Red Hood

And after some time Bruce suited up in the plaited up suit and stepped out as a new armored Batman

Tim in Robin suit but not with cape and mask yet fallowed him out

Tim: Bruce wait up!

Batman: Not tonight Tim. This could get ugly. Maybe worse than last night.

Tim: I got caught off guard but I'm ready. Let me help.

Batman: I got this under control.

Tim: *Sighs* Ok......listen try checking in once in a while we're partners remember?

Soon as he walked away Barbra spoke

Barbra: He just wants to help you know.

Batman: Don't let your feeling for him cloud your judgement

Barbra: It's not that I want him in harms way.....I rather he stay out of it but he could help.

Batman: And I'm sure he can. But if Batman is a target to the Red Hood so is he. Next time he muse force.

Just soon he hopped in the batmobile it didn't take long for everyone to turn away just for Robin fully suited up and rides off and Barb heard him rode off

Barbra: TIM!!

She strolled her wheelchair down to the ramp just watching him go at the end of the tunnel

Barbra: Sh**!

She sat there for the longest moment in her life knowing it's Jason's anniversary she hoped to God history would not repeat itself

In the Batmobile Batman drove on thinking to himself in silence till a voice on his radio broke his silence

Hey Bruce you got a minute?

Batman: What is it Dick?

I got a report from the GCPD. You won't believe who just busted a move for the first time in 10 years.

Batman: Who?

Our old pal Roman Sionis.

Batman: Black Mask. I haven't seen him since he smuggled chemicals in the city.

I know right. It's unfortunate. Some of his goons have already made some dealings with the Hoods men. I think Roman's our best lead on finding him.

Batman: Understood Dick.

  • How's Joker doing?*

Nightwing: He's been oddly quit all day. Right now he's sleeping like a baby.

Or was he.....?

Joker was laying on his bed but....apparently Batman and Nightwing forgot to check for a cell phone cause...…

…..he was sending a text to his men to track his location

And he made a call....

… guess who


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