Batman: The Last Laugh is a 2019 Live-Action American Superhero Horror-Thriller film starring Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Will Friedle, Matthew Mercer, and Bruce Dern. It is directed by Rob Zombie. It is based on the comic book Batman: The Killing Joke. It is rated R for bad language, bloody violence, and scary images. A sequel called Batman: Arkham Knight is planned on being the last installment.


It's the final battle against Joker but he's already crossing the Moral Event Horizon. Will he die? Will he take over Gotham? Or will he give up?


The film starts with a middle aged Bruce Wayne/Batman (Kevin Conroy) is chasing crime pin Paris Franz (Michael Mando) and gangster Frankie Carbone (Michael Rosenbaum) during a robbery while his sidekick Tim Drake/Red Robin (Will Friedle), Tim's cousin/adopted older brother Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Matthew Mercer), Tim's love-interest Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Elizabeth Olsen), Tim's rival Hank Hall/Hawk (Josh Brolin), and Hank's wife Dawn Granger/Dove (Minka Kelly) help out. The drivers escape and Paris starts stalking Batgirl, much to Red Robin's anger.

At Tim's apartment, Tim and Barbara get into an argument about Tim being overprotective until Tim confesses his love for Barbara and reveals that Paris Franz has been expelled or fired from various places for sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Moved and touched by Tim's confession, Barbara confesses to feeling the same way. They both make amends and get engaged before having s*x.

The next morning, they find out that Barbara is pregnant but she regrets it because they didn't used protection. Heartbroken by what she said and feeling rejected by his fiancé, he leaves the apartment and ignores her when she tells him to come back.

At the Fransisco mansion, Paris confronts his uncle (Jack Nicholson) but kills him in cold blood. Then he kidnaps Batgirl and r***s her.

At a warehouse, Red Robin and Paris fight. Eventhough Paris wounds him, Red Robin won. However, Paris makes a sexist joke about Batgirl reveals what he did. Angered by this, Red Robin finally snaps and brutally beats up the sexist pervert. However, Nightwing stops him from killing the guy. Red Robin, in fear, runs away. Paris dies of his injuries while Carbone is arrested.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is reunited with his wife Selena Kyle (Grey Delisle) and their daughter Helena Wayne (Lexi Rabe). Hawk and Dove visit Tim and he apologizes for what he did. However, Hawk angrily beats up Tim and calls him a disgrace to the heroes until Dove stops him. When she is giving bandages to Tim, he admits that he had a crush on her but couldn't act on them because of age difference. However, they end up having an affair but she's not pregnant because she can't have kids, much to his sympathy. They keep their affair a secret but still love each other, despite Tim's love for Barbara. She understands his love for Barbara and gives him advice to just be himself. Unknown to them, Bruce saw the whole thing but doesn't reveal it because of his love for Selena. Speaking of his wife, she announced that she's pregnant with Bruce's son, much to his happiness. Tim and Dove heard the whole thing and congratulate them. Helena heard this too and she's excited to have a younger brother. (a title says "Batman: The Last Laugh")

Six months later, The Joker (Mark Hamill) is finally found and captured by Batman (Kevin Conroy) and G.C.P.D. He is finally given the death penalty in prison. However, Joker manages to convince people to let him on David Endochrine (Conan O'Brien)'s show but later kills the audience with gas. He then says that David gets "what he f**king deserves" and then shoots him in the head. He then picks up the camera and calls himself public enemy number one before laughing maniacally and shooting the camera.

At Throne's mansion, Rupert Thorne (Bruce Dern) is given protection by Gillian Loeb (Tim Roth) but Loeb is shot and killed by Joker. During Joker and Throne's confrontion, Joker's backstory is revealed.

A flashback reveals that Joker was born Jack Napier Thorne and is the son of Rupert Thorne and Mrs. Napier. However, Thorne abandoned them and Jack abused his mother. One day as a grown man, he murdered her in cold blood and ran away from home. He later became a criminal and was the one that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. He was found by Thorne who hired him. Jack became the Red Hood but when he fell into chemicals, instead that's what caused him to finally become The Joker.

Back in the present, Thorne reveals that deep down he loved Jack but Joker refuses to forgive him and shoots him a few times. While dying, Thorne warns Joker about being a curse upon a Gotham and that his legacy will be death and madness. However, Joker ignores the warning and tells Thorne to "say hi to mommy for him." Thorne then dies of blood loss and Joker just leaves, showing no remorse for killing his father.

At Wayne manor, Bruce starts trying to find Joker but hasn't found him yet. Lucius Fox (Samuel L. Jackson) wants Bruce to stop this legacy because Joker has captured Jason Todd (Yuri Lowenthal). They are sent a video where they see Jason has been tortured. Joker asks Jason who Batman is and Jason, who angrily blames Batman for not saving him, reveals the hero's identity. Then Joker just shoots Jason and leaves him injured, even taunting Batman about it. Batman feels guilt ridden over not saving Jason. Then he recognizes Joker as the one who killed his parents. Then Joker forces them to reveal their secrets: Bruce and Selena reveal Selena's pregnancy, Helena confesses that she knows about it, Hank confesses that he r***d and abused Dawn when they were younger, Dawn reveals that she hates Hank and instead loves Kyle Rayner (Brenton Thwaites), Dick confesses that he killed Deathstroke, Tim confesses his affair with Dawn, and Barbara reveals her pregnancy. After they did that, Barbara is shocked by Tim's affair and he apologizes for it but Hank expresses disappointment in him for caring about her feelings more than just stopping the bad guys. Angered and fed up with his bully, Tim punches him and angrily leaves the cave while burning his suit and saying that he quits. Selena goes to check on him while Bruce banishes Hank from the team for life. Dawn gives Barbara permission to punch her and to reveal that Tim loves her while also revealing that he was mad at her for regretting the relationship but Barbara doesn't punch her and feels guilt at how she treated Tim. She promises to make amends with him.

At Tim's apartment, Selena is hanging out with Tim and they're having a good mother-son talk but they are interrupted by Joker who paralyzes Selena and captures Tim. Joker then takes pictures of Selena and sends them to Batman.

At a carnival, Joker meets the owner (Kevin Michael Richardson) and shake hands with him for ownership but kills him with Joker gas. He then has Barbara as a member of his tied up captive audience. Joker then tortures Tim. Then Joker starts to sing "I Go Looney" to Tim who is horrified at seeing pictures of a tortured Jason sent to him. He also executes the second Hawk and Dove after tying them up and sprays the tied-up audience with laughing gas but Barbara survives.

At the hospital, the doctors reveal that Selena might never walk again but the baby is still alive. Nightwing (Matthew Mercer) reports he identified Joker's location. Batman, however, chooses to go alone.

While driving on the road, he encounters Lobo (Danny Trejo), who is driving a truck. Lobo tries to attack Batman but the hero manages to crosses the bridge before some hijackers put a detonator on Lobo's truck and it explodes, killing Lobo and destroying the bridge.

At the carnival, Batman gets past Frankie and Hank by tricking them into crashing into a burnt vehicle which causes an explosion that kills them. He enters the hideout. He rescues Tim and Barbara but is forced to see videos of everyone suffering abuse from Joker. This makes him give a message. They all see this, so he unmasks himself and reveals his identity, leaving everyone shock. Joker starts laughing and Batman angrily threatens him but the Joker escapes.

Outside the carnival, him and Barbara carry a traumatized Tim but much to their relief, he recovers. He then hugs Barbara and apologizes for being too overprotective but Barbara forgives him and they share a reunion kiss. He then gives them new costumes due to their clothes being taken. They ride the Batmobile to go home but are attacked by Joker's own Jokermobile as he sadistically says this gonna get greasy. However, Dick's destroyed plane helps them hang Joker's vehicle over the destroyed bridge that Lobo died at. Batman is about to come to the others but Joker is conscious while his jacket is hanging onto his truck turret gun and he starts shooting his gun at them to take them with him to death. Having enough of the Joker's insanity, Batman goes to the driver's seat and tries shooting turret to get his jacket ripped but that only ends up possibly killing a bird, as jokingly told by Joker. However, he deactivates the turret and Joker starts holding onto his front license plate for dear life while dropping his gun but the license plate falls off and he falls to his death into the gorge below, avenging the deaths of the Waynes and completing Batman's mission of defeating the Joker once and for all. They then get in the Batmobile and escape the crashing plane.

Around the world, everyone starts cheering at the Joker's death and Batman has now become the number 1 hero in the DC Universe, replacing Superman.

At Wayne manor, Bruce returns to it but finds out there's a virus that Joker put in the Batcave. Realizing the only way for it to stop is for one hero to fall, he turns on the self-destruct system.

Outside the manor, people are gathered and are surprised by the news that Bruce Wayne is Batman but the manor explodes. Superman (Brandon Routh) carries Bruce, who has been killed by the explosion. Despite being dead, he still smiles at Selena and Helena, who both mourn his death.

The next morning, the people of Gotham and other heroes from around the world attend Batman's funeral and they go their separate ways: Superman willingly gives up his powers and retires to be with his family while giving Connor the role as Superman, Tim and Barbara get married and have a son named John, Selena gives birth to her child and names him Damien, Helena trains to become a new hero called Huntress, Richard moves into Jump City and starts a life with Starfire, Jason is revealed to be alive and goes into hiding, the Justice League is disbanded, Jim Gordon becomes mayor of Gotham City with Harvey Bullock as the new police commissioner, and Lucius Fox is the new CEO of Wayne Industries.

In mid-credits scene, despite Joker's death, he has a legacy where people that like him are continuing his work and start laughing. Then we hear Thorne's last words: "You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness." Then we also last see Joker's corpse laughing until the scene ends.

In post-credits scene, a still alive Jason is drinking at a bar.


  • Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman - The Main Protagonist of the film and the number 2 hero.
  • Mark Hamill as Jack Napier/The Joker - The Main Antagonist of the film and the number 1 villain.


(while the criminals are being chased, they see Red Robin is the one chasing them)

  • Paris: (confused) "Robin? Where the f**k is Batman?"
  • Frankie: (smirking) "Probably got weak and tired in his old age. He's so f**king lazy, he has to send his little babies to do his s**t."

(they chuckle at this until they see the batwing and Batman is p****d by the remarks)

  • Batman: (p***d off) "Wrong, you s**theads. Surrender now or you're heading for an a**whooping."
  • Frankie: (scared) "Oh s**t, it's the f**king Batman."
  • Paris: (smirking) "Relax, this old timer doesn't even know how to fight. Let's whoop his a**."
  • Batman: (shrugging) "Alright, you asked for it. Prepare to be f**ked."
  • Paris: (chuckling) "Yeah right, you and what f**king army, pal?"
  • Batman: (smirking) "My f**king army."

(then the other heroes show up and they too smirking. Later Batman and the others watch a video tape)

  • The Joker: (holding a camera) "Hello, tell us who you are."
  • Jason Todd: (bruised and beaten) "My name is Jason Todd."
  • The Joker: "Who do you hate?"
  • Jason Todd: "Batman."
  • The Joker: "I guess that means you're mine now. Who is the Batman?"
  • Jason Todd: "Bruce Wayne."

(then Joker just shoots Jason in the chest)

  • The Joker: (smirking) "Do you see that Batman? That's what happens when you drag your friends into this little game of ours."


  • Boss Franz - Shot to death by his nephew Paris.
  • Paris Franz - Accidentally beaten to death by Red Robin.
  • Talk Show audience - Poisoned with laughing gas.
  • David Endochrine - Shot in the head by Joker.
  • Gillian Loeb - Shot in head by Joker.
  • Rubert Throne - Shot to death by Joker.
  • Carnival Owner - Injected with laughing gas by Joker.
  • Hawk II and Dove II - Executed (off-camera) by Joker's machine guns.
  • Tied up audience - Poisoned with laughing gas.
  • Lobo - Killed in explosion on a bridge when Batman launches a detonator at his truck.
  • Frankie Carbone and Hank Hall - Killed in a car explosion when Batman tricks them into crashing into a burning vehicle.
  • The Joker - Falls to his death.
  • Batman - Commits suicide by blowing up his mansion.


  • This is one of the only R-rated Batman movie to involve the f-word and other R-rated stuff.

T.V. Tropes

  • Bittersweet Ending: The Joker is dead and his reign of terror has ended but so is Batman along with the second Hawk and Dove, the Justice League is disbanded, Selena is paralyzed, and Tim Drake is traumatized by the events.
    • Downer Ending: In the mid-credits, the Joker's legacy has indeed become a curse
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