Batman: The Animated Series is a 1997 American animated super-hero comedy television series based on DC Comics superhero Batman and is called the Earth Prime timeline. It is a remake of the T.V. series of the same name. A live action remake will be called Tim Burton's Batman and there will also be a live action series.


  • Kevin Conroy as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman - A playboy billionaire by daytime but a vigilante by nighttime.
  • Adam Groaswell as the voice of Dick Grayson/Nightwing - One of Batman's first sidekicks and Barbara's boyfriend.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Jason Todd/Red Hood II and Jonathan Samuel Kent/Superboy II - Jason is a sociopathic vigilante and the Batman's second sidekick while Jonathan Samuel Kent is the son of Superman and the second Superboy. However, Jason was the temporary main antagonist of season 2 and is the only member of the Bat Family that is still wanted by the police.
  • Will Friedle as Tim Drake/Red Robin and Jimmy Gordon
  • Scott Menville as Damian Wayne/Robin - Batman's son and forth sidekick.
  • Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Oracle
  • Kirsten Dunst as Stephanie Brown/Spoiler
  • Tom Kane as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bollock
  • Adam West as Mayor Hamilton Hill
  • Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Nolan North as Connor Kent/Krypton - The clone of Superman and the first Superboy.


  • Mark Hamill as Red Hood I/The Joker and Ferris Boyle - However, this version of the Joker is more tragic and sympathetic than his Earth 1 counterpart, who became a sadistic and sociopathic monster. Unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, the Earth Prime Joker regrets torturing Jason Todd and paralyzing Barbara Gordon.
  • David Ogden Stiers as Oswald Copplepot/The Penguin
  • John Glover as Edward Nygma/The Riddler
  • Troy Baker as Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Maurice LaMauche as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze


(Batman confronts Red Hood)

  • Red Hood: (panicking) "No please, stay back."
  • Batman: "It's over, you're going to jail."
  • Red Hood: (still panicking) "But I'm no criminal, I was set up."

(he tries to take off the helmet but trips and starts falling off a ledge. Batman becomes eye-widened and tries to save him but it's too late, Red Hood is already in the chemicals. Later, Batman reacts to Freeze's origins)

  • Batman: (surprised) "My god, it was Ferris. He's a monster."
  • Mr. Freeze: (appearing) "Yes, this would move me to tears, if I had any to shed."

(he freezes Batman and knocks him out. Later, after Batman defeats Freeze, Vicki Vale asks him)

  • Batgirl: (curious) "What was that?"
  • Batman: (smirks) "The only thing to stop a cold. (he then gives Vicki Vale a video tape) Here, this is evidence that Ferris is not nice or good. Make sure they charge him with accounts of murder and attempted murder. (he then glares at Boyle) Good luck Humanitarian."

(Later, Tim and Barbara are partnered up)

  • Barbara: (teasing) "Well squirt, it's just you and me."
  • Tim: (groans) "This is torture. Why couldn't I be partners with Stephanie?"
  • Barbara: (still teasing) "Because she's a villain."
  • Tim: (angry) "Ugh, I hate you."

(Barbara smirks but she receives glares from Bruce and Grayson)

  • Grayson: (disapproves) "That was really low, even for you."
  • Bruce: (also disapproves) "This is why I made you partners: To try and get along or at least become friends."

(later, Barbara smiles at Tim)

  • Barbara: (smiling) "Thanks for saving me."
  • Tim: "It was no big deal."

(Barbara then starts humming "Am I Blue?", much to Tim's surprise)

  • Barbara: (giggling) "Next time, sing that for a special girl."

(Barbara kisses Tim's cheek and his surprised look turns into a smile. Later a young man is identified as Jimmy Gordon, making Batgirl flinch)

  • Batgirl: (flinching) "Jimmy."
  • Jimmy: (not happy) "Hey big sis. You still got mom's name. Not so surprising."

(Batgirl unmasks herself and gets upset)

  • Barbara: (upset) "Brother please, come back home
  • Jimmy: (scared) "No. Don't send me back. Have I been through enough?"

(then Barbara tries to approach him but he flinches and runs away. Later Tim and Jimmy hang out and they bond over hating Barbara)

  • Tim: (surprised) "I still can't believe you're related to her. I feel bad for you."
  • Jimmy: (smiling) "Thanks. (then he frowns) However, I also don't like mom and dad because they always liked her. I left Gotham because one time Barbara framed me for something I didn't do and it caused my parents to hit me. She then said they never loved me and cruelly laughed as I laid on the floor crying. When I finally had enough, I ran away from home but they didn't care because they kicked me out. I hate them. When I once stopped a school shooting, Barbara took the fame for herself and framed me of being an attention seeking brat. All I just want is real parents and siblings who love me and accept me."

(unknown to them, the superhero girls were shocked by this and felt bad for Jimmy. Barbara is crying at this, not realizing what her brother went through. However, Jimmy notices some scars on Tim, which Tim notices and explains)

  • Tim: (explaining) "The reason I put scars on myself is because of how Barbara keeps blaming me for what happens to her. I hate her because she's a bully and a fame-hungry coward. I never wanted to say this aloud but I thought her father should be disappointed in her for how she treats us. She treats me like a kid and never gives me a chance. She reminds me of how I'm only a sidekick and that she has more training than me. She's also disgusted of my opinions on the villains. I actually show sympathy for Mr. Freeze because he has a wife that he needs to cure. I don't blame him. The reason I'm always with Stephine is because I love her and I had a connection with her. Me and her are not allowed to date because the others forbid it due to her being declared a villain. I would do anything to keep her safe and redeem her. She was the first person to show me love. I'm actually not dating Wonder Girl because she's too obsessive over me. I would break any rules to be with Stephanie. However, your father still loves you. He told us about how he misses you and wants to make amends. The reason Bruce Wayne fights crime is because his parents were killed by this criminal named Joe Chill. Dick's parents were killed by Tony Zucco. My father was killed by Two-Face. Actually, I almost killed Two-Face but stopped because I realized I was going to far. Anyway, I vowed to be better than Barbara and show her that I can make things happen."

(Jimmy nods and now has respect for him. Barbara was shocked about her interaction with Tim. Later when Tim finds Barbara at her apartment, he gets horrified when he finds her shot so he runs over to her)

  • Tim: (horrified) "Barbara! Barbara, who did this to you?"
  • Barbara: (in pain) "He had that horrible smile. That horrible bloody smile. I think he wants to settle the score with Bruce. Just go get help."
  • Tim: (sad) "I'm not leaving you. Not this time. (he then hugs her closer and Dick comes in but notices what's going on and calls 911. Tim then starts crying for Barbara) I'm sorry for I treated you. I promise to never be Robin ever again. This time, I'll be your protector. I made a promise to Jimmy that you'll be safe and I'm keeping that promise. Sadly, I can't feel your legs. You've been paralyzed. You'll never be Batgirl ever again."

(Barbara was horrified at this and she hugs Tim back. Dick was also horrified to hear that his girlfriend's paralyzed but also comforts her. At the hospital, Bruce, Jimmy, and Mrs. Gordon arrive with them and they are saddened by what's happening. Jason also arrives but Bruce and Dick are not happy to see him. However, Tim goes over and hugs him, who returns the hug)

  • Jason: (sad) "Thanks for calling me. I had to dodge the law again to see her. (then he gets angry) Who did this to her?"
  • Tim: (explaining) "I don't know but she said the shooter had a horrible bloody smile."
  • Jason: (angry) "That clown looking monster."
  • Tim: (also angry) "It's the Joker."

(Bruce, Dick, Jimmy, and Mrs. Gordon were also glaring. Later after hearing what Tim's doing, Barbara starts crying)

  • Barbara: (crying) "Please don't leave us Tim."

(she then started blaming herself for how he's acting as Dick comforts her and he too misses his brother. Outside, Tim is holding his Robin costume and is near a flaming a barrel. He then throws his costume into the barrel and it burns, officially ending his career as Robin. He then goes on his bike and drives away. However, he sees crime in another part of Gotham and makes a choice)

  • Tim: (determined) "I guess Dick had a choice in going solo. I'm going to do the same. (he then sees Cassie calling so he stops at a near by cliff and he answers) Hey Cassie."
  • Cassie (calling): (sad) "Tim, I don't know how to say this but we're becoming distant from each other because of what's happening and I want you to move in with me. I got us a house but the team wants to find you. They're worried about you. Is everything alright?"
  • Tim: (sad) "I'm sorry Cassie but my time as Robin is over. I'm going solo unless you want to help me."
  • Cassie (calling): (smiling) "I knew you wouldn't give up. I promise to help you. I'm still Wondergirl."
  • Tim: (smiling) "I'll find a new name soon. I love you."
  • Cassie (calling): (smiling) "I love you too."

(he hangs up and gets back on the road. When he finds her new home, she smiles at him and he carries his stuff into the house. They then share a kiss and close the door. Later after getting angry at stuff, Jon calms down but is still upset by Superman's favoritism towards Supergirl. However, Connor enters the room and comforts him)

  • Connor: (sympathetic) "I heard what happened. (Jon was shocked but is still upset) I'm here to comfort you because I don't want my little brother to be upset. He didn't mean to be so harsh towards you. He's just upset that Luthor got away."
  • Jon: (still upset) "Why're you defending me? I messed up. Just go away."

(Connor sighs and hugs his brother before leaving. He sees Wonder Woman but notices she is worried)

  • Connor: (sighing) "He's fine but recovering. He needs people who care about him."
  • Wonder Woman: (nodding) "Yeah. He's just a boy."

(they walk away to avoid another anger issue but they see a worried Damien. When Superman passes by, Damien and Connor glare at him while Wonder Woman frowns in disappointment. Batman notices the looks and goes to have a talk with Superman. Later after Superboy messes up again, Connor saves him from the team's anger and the four Robins protect him too)

  • Nightwing: (worried) "Are you okay?"
  • Superboy: (nervous) "Yes but why aren't you mad?"
  • Red Hood: (serious) "Because it wasn't your fault."
  • Red Robin: (agreeing) "Yeah, it's those bad guys' fault. We're family, we don't fight each other."
  • Robin: (smiling) "You got us on your back."

(Superboy sheds tears of joy and hugs them, which they hug back. Later when Lagoon Boy arrives, he glares at Superboy and was about to scold him but Connor defends Superboy)

  • Connor: (glaring) "Back off, fish boy."

(however, they are surrounded by enemies and Mr. Freeze)

  • Mr. Freeze: (smirking) "Aw, my favorite Robins. All grown up."
  • Nightwing: (sighing) "Hey Victor. You got us. What gave us away?"
  • Mr. Freeze: (annoyed) "Your loud mouth fish friend over there."

(they glare at Lagoon Boy, who was too arrogant to take responsibility)

  • Lagoon Boy: (arrogant) "Well, if the little wimp didn't set off the alarm-"

(he was interrupted when Connor just randomly elbowed him in the face, knocking him out)

  • Connor: (sighing) "You don't know how long I waited to do that."

(the others started snickering. Later after the mission was complete, they all saw the video of what Connor did but he choose to not tell them why he did it. Superboy and the four Robins are glaring at a smirking Lagoon Boy. When they arrive at the cave, they choose to avoid anyone, especially their respective love interests. When they're gone, the League want to talk about what happened but Wondergirl arrived and revealed the video of what really happened. However, they are sad to hear him talking about how he feels)

  • Batman: (frowning) "Clark, we need to talk."
  • Superman: (nodding) "I know, Bruce. I know."

(they left while the young members of the Teen Titans are worried for Superboy. Later after Superboy accidentally kills Doomsday, he was horrified at first but then was shocked when the crowd cheered. However, he chooses to fly away to the cave and he goes to sleep in his civilian form. The next morning, he wakes up and goes to get breakfast but finds Connor and the four Robins waving at him. He was confused by their happiness but then smiled himself when he sees that Lagoon Boy was kicked off the team for his behavior and Jon saved a lot of lives. Kara came in smiling and kissed Jon's cheek but he ignored her, making her heartbreak. Lois came in smiling and ruffled her son's hair up, making him smile. Lois also smiled at Connor, who smiled back. Wonder Woman also came in and winked at Jon, who blushed. Jason smirked at this and Damian had to restrain Jon from killing the jerk. Jason then looked at a tired Tim, who is sitting next to Cassie and drinking hot chocolate)

  • Jason: (serious) "Tim, you fixed my motorcycle?"
  • Tim: (tired) "I just woke up."
  • Jason: (shocked) "Just woke up? It's 7 am. You would've dug ten graves by now."
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