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Batman: Rise Of The Villains is a 2017 American superhero comedy film directed by Quentin Tarantino and produced by Tim Burton. It stars, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Cera, Andrew Garfield, Mark Hamill, Devon Graye, James Frain, and Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Lucius Fox. It is a sequel to Tim Burton's Batman and prequel to Batman: The Last Laugh. There will be a T.V. show called Batman: Wrath Of The Villains.


It is 8 years later after Rubert Throne's arrest, the people of Gotham think their safe but they don't know what is going to happen next.


The films starts with Batman (Kevin Conroy) putting The Joker (Mark Hamill) in Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Joker's son Jerome (Devon Graye) meets Antonio Diego (J.B. Blanc), Waylon Jones (Fred Tatasciore), Garfield Llyns (Zac Efron), Julian Day (Dustin Ybarra), Tracy Kean (Erin Richards), Joe Chill (Will Brill), Richard Sionis (Todd Stashwick), and Lonnie Machin (Drake Bell). A new inmate comes in but dies of poisoning and some gas comes out of his mouth which knocks all the inmates out. (The opening credits)

Batman (Robert Downey Jr.) is hired by James Gordon (Ewan Mcgregor) and Aaron Cash (Jamie Foxx) to find the inmates and put them back into custody.

The next day, the inmates wake up in a class cube and meet the owner of the mysterious facility Theo Galavan (James Woods). He want to hire them as a team of villains and their goal is to kill Batman. But he says, If you quit, then you die. Richard denies but is strangled and stabbed to death by Shiva (Kelly Hu), Theo's younger sister, and now they all decide to join him.

They kidnap Mayor James (Timothy Spall) and 10 people (including Barbara (Mila Kunis), Gordon's daughter). Jerome and the others take 7 of them to the roof of the Gotham Gazette. They have Bane throw them off of the roof as a message calling themselves The Maniax!. Jerome says, Now that's a headline and Garfield says, Gotham will burn in my flames. They all start laughing.

G.C.P.D. show Batman the targets: The Joker (name unknown), 41 years old, various crimes. Jerome Valeska, 18 years old, matricide. Antonio Diego, 32 years old, killed his family with his bare hands. Waylon Jones, 36 years old, killed his aunt. Garfield Lynns, 20 years old, big-time arsonist. Julian Day, 64 years old, killed 10 men and ate a dozen women. Tracy Kean, 18 years old, killed her parents. Joe Chill, 55 years old, poisoned 18 people. Lonnie Machin, 16 years old, anarchy, serial bombing, and murdering his legal guardian. Richard Sionis, Roman's older brother, killed 24 employees, cod: Strangled and stabbed to death, body found in Lacey Towers. They all get the help from Nightwing (Andrew Garfield). In Arkham, they visit Eddie Nashton (Crispin Clover) who is still incarcerated but is helpful. Gordan gets a call that that suspects stole a truck filled with gasoline and are holding a school bus hostage. All cheerleaders and jocks are screaming in fear. Jerome sprays them with gasoline and Joker threatens to burn them but Batman and Gordan save them and only capture Joe Chill while the others escape. They interrogate Joe but he is shot in the head and chest by Shiva using a sniper gun.

At the G.C.P.D., Gordan finds Tracy Kean and Bane in the alley and tries to arrest them but is assaulted by them and leave him injured. Jerome and the others (disguised as cops) attack the police station and officer Bullock (Kurt Russell) is wounded. Aaron tries to fight but his left hand is eaten off by Killer Croc. Jerome tells Bullock, Gotham will be ours. And when Calendar Man steals one of his lines, Jerome kills him with a shot to the head. Jerome reveals that there are bombs in the Metropolis police station and the place is destroyed by them with Jerome laughing.

Gordan is found by Batman and taken to the hospital. Batman and the others are watching The Joker making a broadcast on T.V. saying, Why be a cop, when you can be a psychopath? and ends it by saying, You haven't seen nothing yet and laughs at them.

They all put a bounty on the Maniax's heads and will avenge the officers. An injured Bullock reveals that they come from a facility owned by Theo Galavan. Lucius Fox (Samuel L. Jackson) gives them directions and helps them mess with security. Mayor James is found but a chip in his neck detonates and blows up his head.

They defeat Tracy but encounter Bane until Robin fights him and gets Bane thrown into a river by the Batmobile but Tracy is gone. They think she got away while Bane attacked them. Batman reveals that he has a Batcave on Arkham Island and use the Batcomputer to create new gadgets. But they are interrupted by Lonnie Machin and he reveals that he placed 3 bombs all over Gotham. And he orders them to either let them detonate or stop them. But says that the Smallville police station is already destroyed. But Robin reveals that deactivated them and is ready to fight Lonnie Malcolm. Batman helps him defeat all the henchman but they refuse to hurt Lonnie because he's just a kid. Honored by their morals, he surrenders. They just decide to handcuffed him until the police arrive and send him to juvie. He tells them everything and they are on their way.

At the facility, Joker decides to kill a hostage by sawing the face off with a hacksaw. Jerome makes a live message to all criminals in Gotham and telling them that they are all going to work together to rule Gotham if they all can destroy Batman, Robin, and other heroes. They all break out of jail and join the Maniax.

Malcolm Machin tries to kill James Gordon with a bladed boomerang but is knocked out by Robin. He finds out that Jerome has made a chemical called Titan and the cure is in Jones' lair. But it's a suicide mission, until he encounters a inmate named Scarecrow (John DiMaggio) who gets attacked by Jones. It's revealed that a shock collar distracts Jones. Robin makes a Jaws themed alarm in case if Jones attacks. Batman collects plant samples to cure people of the Titan but has to get passed Jones. Jones calls himself Killer Croc. Croc tries to eat him but Batman made a trap and Croc falls in a sewer pit, his whereabouts are unknown. However, Croc survived and plots revenge on Batman.

After Batman leaves, he goes to the Bat Cave to make the antidote but the cave is attacked by Garfield Llyns, now calling himself Firefly.

Batman and Firefly meet on Pioneer Bridge, Robin comes to help and manages to deactivate bombs. Robin shoots the jetpack with batarangs but it causes an explosion, giving Firefly third degrees burns over 90% of his body but he survives. Robin tells him to get a new hobbie. They find out that Joker has kidnapped Alfred.

At the fund raiser, Theo Galavan is now mayor but Joker and Jerome, now calling himself The Prankster, betray him by poisoning him and the guest with Joker Gas. Joker makes a joke to people and finally reveals himself to the audience. He's here to rob rich people of all their money and he tells about the poison. The poison will only kill them in about 1 hour and one of the guest came an hour early. The victim dies from the poison and Joker warns them if they call 911 instead then they will switch to lead poisoning. Theo starts to look remorseful for hiring a sociopath.

At the batcave, they've been searching for Joker but they manage to find him at city hall. Nightwing tries to stop him but Joker attaches a bomb to him that will explode if he doesn't solve jokes or if he tries to take it off. Batman and Robin go to the rescue and decide to help Nightwing get rid of that bomb. Joker asks them why did the chicken crossed the road and Nightwing answers to get to the other side, deactivating the bomb. They cure the guests. Joker finally gives up and tells them where Alfred is. Joker and Prankster are arrested. Tracey tries to kill Barbara and Alfred but Barbara gets free and knocks out Tracey, saving Alfred. The Bat family reunite and Barbara joins their group as Batgirl by not telling their secret. Gordon at first gets worried but when he sees her defeat a criminal, he lets her join.

In the aftermath, it's been confirmed that Theo is fired for negligence and is replaced by Hamilton Hill, who is not corrupt and instead cares about Gotham.

In the mid-credits, a crate of titan is last seen swimming until Scarecrow's arm is seen catching it, meaning he survived.


  • Robert Downey Jr. as Bruce Wayne/Batman - The Titular Main Protagonist of the film. Age: 33. Kevin Conroy voices Batman.
  • Michael Cera as Tim Drake/Robin - The Bigger Good Secondary Protagonist of the film. Age: 17.
  • Andrew Garfield as Richard Grayson/Nightwing - Robin's older cousin. Age: 20.
  • James Woods as Theo Galavan - The False Main Antagonist of the film and former founder of The Maniax.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Fox - The manager of Wayne Enterprises and ally of Batman/Bruce Wayne.
  • Ewan Mcgregor as James Gordan - The commissioner of the GCPD and ally of Batman/Bruce Wayne.
  • Jamie Foxx as Aaron Cash - The seargent of the GCPD and leader of the bomb squad.
  • John Dimaggio as John Crane/Scarecrow - One of the Antagonists of the film.

The Maniax

  • Mark Hamill as Jack Napier/Joker - The True Main Antagonist/Final Villain of the film and true founder of The Maniax. He is Jerome's father and Batman's arch-enemy.
  • Devon Graye as Jerome Valeska/Trickster - The Secondary Antagonist/final villain of the film and high school bully turned terrorist and leader of the villains. He is also the son of Jack Napier. Wanted for: Terrorist attacks. Age: 18. Status: Incarcerated at Arkham City. Quote: I'm not going to kill, i'm just going to hurt you really, really bad.
  • Steven Blum as Bane and Fred Tatasciore as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc - The Tertiary Antagonists of the film and Jerome's second hand men. Bane is wanted for: Killing his family with his bare hands. Killer Croc is wanted for: Killing his alcoholic aunt and eating Aaron Cash's hand off. Age: Bane is 32 and Killer Croc is 35. Status: Bane's whereabouts are unknown and Killer Croc is also missing.
  • Anthony Hopkins as Julian Calendar Man Day - A Supporting Antagonist of the film and doctor turned serial killer and cannibal. Wanted for: Killing 10 men and eating a dozen woman. Age: 60's. Status: Deceased.
  • Zac Efron as Garfield Lynns/Firefly - The Quaternary Antagonist of the film. Wanted for: Arson of the GCPD fire department. Age: 20. Status: Incarcerated at Arkham City but is incinerated over 90% of his body.


Jesse Eisenberg as Jervis Tetch - An Wayne Tech employee who is kidnapped by The Maniax. He is later being treated by Hugo Strange.

  • Crispin Glover as Eddie Nashton/Edward Nygma


  • Mark Hamill will have a computer-generated appearance for his role.

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: Lonnie Machin has revealed that his legal guardian was a drinker who hated him and bullied him while only using him as a weapon. Killer Croc's aunt wasn't so great either.
  • Adapted Out: Unlike the comics, Lonnie Machin is not related to Joker.
  • Big Bad: Joker becomes this in the end.
  • Bigger Bad: Theo is still this since he created the group of villains and is thereby responsible for the crimes they commit.
  • Karma Houdini: Theo gets away with his actions that started the events in the film. However, he does get fired for negligence.