The official Batman symbol.

Batman: Rise Of The Black Mask is a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises in which Batman is the good guy again. After Roman Sionis helps actor Matt Hagen with his face, the experiment goes wrong. As revenge, Matt Hagen kills Roman's wife. Roman going insane with sadness, makes a mask out of his wife's body. Matt Hagen desperately seeks help so, Edward Nygma tries to help, but is fired for letting a "monster" in the lab. Going insane, Edward turns to crime. Batman must stop the three, and gains help from Robin.



Christian Bale - Batman/Bruce Wayne

Shia LaBeouf - Robin/Dick Grayson

Michael Caine - Alfred Pennyworth

Gary Oldman - James Gordon


Michael Bein - Black Mask/Roman Sionis

Michael Clarke Duncan - Clayface

Mark Wahlberg - Matt Hagen/Voice Of Clayface

Brendan Fraser - The Riddler/Edward Nygma

Cillian Murphy - Scarecrow/Johnnthon Crane

Aaron Eckhart - Two-Face/Harvey Dent (flashbacks)

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