Batman: No Man's Land is the next DC Universe Original Animated film based on the storyline of the same name taken from the Batman comics.


An earthquake hits Gotham City and destroys all bridges connectig the city to the outside world. Another result of the disaster is a large scale breakout of criminals from both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison. The criminals quickly take control of Gotham, and the government decides to not yet intervene in the affair.

Jim Gordon, the police commissioner, rallies some of the remaining law enforcement officers to try and take back the city. Batman and Oracle also work together to try and reclaim Gotham.

The two groups eventually merge together, and they set about retaking the city by battling the gangs and marking their territory with grafitti.

Gordon is forced to team-up with Two-Face to claim vital territory from the Penguin, but Two-Face sees a chance to claim a greater amount of land and betrays him. The villain subsequently puts the commissioner on trial. Renee Montoya reaches to Two-Face's more human side; Harvey Dent, who decides to act as Gordon's defence. Thanks to Dent, Gordon is acquitted.

Soon, things are looking up for Gotham. Batman and Gordon have subdued moth of their enemies and Gotham begins to prosper once more. As the city is being rebuilt, Gordon's wife Sarah continues her own investigation; looking for several orphans who went missing. She is horrified to learn that they have been kidnapped by the Joker, who subsequently kills her.

Gordon sets out to hunt the Joker down and finds the orphans round up at a run-down amusement park, where he also encounters the Joker. Batman arrives and finds Gordon holding the Joker at gunpoint. Batman tells Gordon that if he kills him, then all they have worked for will be for nothing; the city will have lost it's morale. The Joker, having already crippled Gordon's daughter Barbara, asks Gordon if he has a son. Gordon responds by shooting him in the knee. The Joker muses that he may never walk again, and then bursts out laughing as he realises that Gordon has avenged Barbara's paralysis.

The film ends as Gordon retires from the police force and wishes his wife a final farewell, while Batman prepares to continue his duty as Gotham's protector.

Voice Cast

Kevin Conroy - Bruce Wayne/Batman

Bob Hastings - Jim Gordon

Tara Strong - Barbara Gordon/Oracle

Richard Epcar - The Joker

Richard Moll - Harvey Dent/Two-Face

David Ogden Stiers - Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

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