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Batman: Gotham Knight

Directed by

Daniel Jameson

Produced by

Daniel Jameson
Christopher Nolan
Alexander Thompson

Screenplay by

Daniel Jameson
Christopher Nolan

Story by

Daniel Jameson
Christopher Nolan

Based on

Characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics


Ben Affleck
Adrien Brody
Nicholas D'Agosto
Bill Nighy
Denzel Washington
Jude Law
Ewan McGregor
Scarlett Johansson
Alec Baldwin
Mark Harmon
Michael Rooker

Music by

Hans Zimmer


Wally Pfister

Production Company

Legendary Pictures
Syncopy Films
DC Comics

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date(s)

June 12, 2014 (World Premier)
June 15, 2014 (Worldwide)

Running time

170 minutes





Box Office


The True Justice Has Arrived
~ The Film's Tagline

Batman: Gotham Knight is a 2014 DC Comics's superhero film and the first film in DC Cinematic Universe. The film is directed by Daniel Jameson and produced by Daniel Jameson, Christopher Nolan and Alexander Thompson.

The story takes place when Bruce Wayne first time becomes The Batman. And the Gotham City Police Department thinks Batman is the one of the criminal, because that time Gotham City is filled with criminals and controlled by Gotham's 2 most feared mafia boss, Carmine Falcone and Black Mask. And Batman must face a new criminal who called himself, The Joker.


  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman - Bruce Wayne is a billionaire industrialist whose parents were killed by a mugger, Joe Chill when he was 9 years old. After travelling around the world to train himself to become a vigilante to protect the weak and later known as Batman.
  • Adrien Brody as Joe Chill/The Joker - Joker is a new criminal in Gotham and a Psycopath. He's a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy. Before being Joker, Joe Chill is a mugger who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. He is the main antagonist of the film and a much more darker and scary version of The Joker.
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent/Two-Face - Harvey Dent is the new elected Gotham City's District Attorney. He's a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne and they both still friends until now. He teamed up with Captain James Gordon, GCPD, and Batman (without realizing it) to capture Carmine Falcone and bring down his organization.
  • Bill Nighy as Alfred Pennyworth - Bruce Wayne's trusted and loyal butler who taking care of him since his parents's death and one of the two people who knows Bruce's secret identity. He's being working for Wayne Family since the birth of Bruce Wayne.
  • Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox - The Head of Wayne Enterprise since Thomas' and Martha Wayne's death and one of the two people who knows Bruce Wayne's secret identity. He's the one who create Batman's gadgets, The Batsuit, The Batmobile and the one who invented the cure for the fear gas.
  • Jude Law as Dr. Jonathan Crane - A corrupt psychopharmacologist who works for Arkham Asylum. He developed a fear toxins in a form of gas. In the first movie he's not the Scarecrow and he will be the Scarecrow in the sequel.
  • Ewan McGregor as James Gordon - One of the few honest cop in Gotham City. He's the only one cop who believe Batman is a good man but forced to hunt him down because of the order of the GCPD commissioner, Gillian B. Loeb.
  • Scarlett Johansson as Vicki Vale - Bruce Wayne's ex-girlfriend and a Gotham Gazzete journalist. She's in a relationship with the District Attorney and also Bruce's friend, Harvey Dent. He broke up with Bruce after Bruce decided to travel the world and train Martial Arts from various Martial Arts masters around the world and now Bruce has a feeling for her again.
  • Alec Baldwin as Gillian B. Loeb - The corrupt police commisioner who ordered the Gotham Police to hunt down the Batman and he's under Roman Sionis's payroll and he's the reason why GCPD not trying to capture Roman Sionis. 
  • Mark Harmon as Carmine Falcone - One of the two Gotham's most feared Mafia Boss who have the controlled of Gotham City until Batman, Harvey Dent, and the GCPD capture him and take down his organization.
  • Michael Rooker as Harvey Bullock - One of the few honest cop in Gotham City but he doesn't believe Batman is a good man and trying to take down Batman.
  • Adrian Pasdar as Thomas Wayne - Bruce Wayne's father and the former President of Wayne Enterprise.
  • Melora Hardin as Martha Wayne - Bruce Wayne's mother and the former Vice President of Wayne Enterprise.
  • Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson - The leader of the Armed Thief group.
  • Charlie Sheen as Alex Richard - The Mayor of Gotham.
  • Edward Norton as Shaun Cameron - The Deputy Commissioner Shaun Cameron.
  • Chow Yun-fat as Kirigi - One of two known martial arts masters who trained Bruce Wayne to become Batman.
  • Oded Fehr as Henri Ducard - One of two known martial arts masters who trained Bruce Wayne to become Batman.

Although Daniel Jameson wouldn't confirm who will portrays Black Mask in the sequel but he said Black Mask will be the main antagonist in the sequel and there will be explanation how his mask can't be put off from his face.



The filming began in Early November 2013 and in the first 4 days they shot the two short scenes of Bruce Wayne's trying and in the first two days the headed to Himalaya where they shot the scene when Bruce Wayne is being trained by Master Kirigi and 2 days later they are headed to France when Bruce Wayne is being trained by Henri Ducard. In Himalaya, the crew built the ancient castle where Kirigi trained Bruce Wayne. The filming take place in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Jersey and some parts are in England, Himalaya, Hong Kong, and France.

To built a Batcave that similar to the comics, animated series, and video games, Jameson use the same studio where Christopher Nolan built his Batcave, Shepperton Studios. A Batcave set was built there and measured 300 feet long, 180 feet wide, and 100 feet high. The production designer, Gabriel Norton installed 15 pumps to create a waterfall with 14.000 imperial gallons and built rocks with using molds from real caves. 

Hatley Castle was chosen from 25 different locations for the Wayne Manor, because of Jameson and Nolan liked the architechture, the exterior, the front and back yards, and the luxurious interior. The Willis Tower was chosen for the Wayne Enterprise tower and the Batmobile and police chase scenes are filmed in some big streets in Chicago and mostly in The Loop.


Jameson worked with the production designer, Gabriel Norton to create the look Gotham City. One of Jameson's and Norton's greatest design is the Circle district, it looks like New York's city Times Square and it's located in the Loop where they create one of the Batmobile and the police chase scene and when Batman are headed to the subway where the Joker's explosives at. Jameson and Norton designed it as a large modern-metropolitan area filled with Skyscrapers and Luxurius buildings and some part of the city is the slummish, wet, dirty and the sky is full of factory smoke and filled with crack houses, destroyed and abandoned houses, small nightclubs and bars, drug dealers, and muggers and the street is filled with garbages.


For Batman: Gotham Knight, Jameson preffered traditional stuntwork over computer-generated imagery. There were, however, several establishing shots that were CG composite images; that is, an image composed of mutiple images. Examples include Gotham's skyline, exterior shots of Wayne Tower, and some of the exterior monorail shots. The climatic monorail sequence mixed live action footage, model work, and CGI.

The bats were entirely digital (except in shots containing only one or two bats), as it was decided directing larger numbers of real bats on set would be problematic. Dead bats were scanned to create digital models. Location and sets were recreated on computer so the flying bats would not be superflous once incorporated into the finished film.



The film begins with The Joker is crashing Bruce Wayne's birthday party in Bruce Wayne's Penthouse. And he want to find Bruce Wayne because he believe Bruce knows where and who is Batman. Because The Joker doesn't found Bruce Wayne and he grab a man and Joker ask the man where's Bruce Wayne and the guy doesn't know where he is and The Joker shot him in the head. Then The Joker screams "Now i got bored, and now all i want to know is, WHERE IS BATMAN?!" and from behind Batman replies "I'm Here" and then Joker suddenly shot Batman with his pistol and Batman block the bullet with his gauntlet and the two got into a fistfight. And Joker stabs Batman, and then he laugh and he shot batman mutiple times and when Joker fire his last shot, Batman fell out of the window and Joker laugh louder and the screen fades to black. And "25 Years Earlier" shows up on the screen.

Main Story

Young Bruce Wayne and young Harvey Dent are on the backyard of Wayne Manor. And they are playing cat chasing mouse and Bruce is the mouse. And because too exicted, Bruce fall to a hole because he doesn't see the hole and the hole is covered with leaves. And the hole is filled with bats and because Bruce fell to the hole, the bats are attacking him and he develops a fear of bats as a result. And Harvey saw Bruce inside the hole and he told Thomas Wayne that Bruce is fell to the hole. And then Thomas get inside the hole by rappling and carry Bruce out from the hole.

The film shifted into 10 minutes later and Bruce's wounds have been healed by Alfred. Then Thomas Wayne get inside Bruce's room, he ask his son why he looks terrified. Bruce answers his father's question by saying when he fall into the hole he's been attacked by a swarm of bats and as a result now he's afraid of bats. Then Thomas assure him by saying "there's nothing to be afraid of and our greatest fear can be our greatest weapon if we can conquer it.". Then the film shifted into 5 hours later. Bruce and his parents are exiting the Monarch Theatre and walk into an alley and it's a rainy night. After a short walk on the alley, they got mugged by a mugger. He told Martha Wayne to gave him her diamond necklace but Thomas Wayne won't allow it and trying to disarm him but the mugger shot him first and Martha screams and the mugger shot her too. And when he's about to shot Bruce, police sirens can be heared in the distance and the mugger run away. Then Bruce fall into his knee and cry and Thomas told Bruce to not to cry and he assure him everything will be alright and then he passed away.

Then 3 police cars arrived at the crime scene and one of them is Officer James Gordon. The polices secure Thomas' and Martha's corpses and Gordon take Bruce to his car. Then the film shifted into 3 hours later. Bruce is in the GCPD building and he's being accompany by Gordon and he's trying to cheer him up. Then Captain Gillian B. Loeb enter the room and tell Bruce, GCPD have captured the mugger and the mugger's name is Joe Chill.

The next day after Thomas' and Martha Wayne's funeral, Bruce appeared in the court as the primary witness during Chill's trial and accompany by Alfred. Despite the prosecution's best effort, Chill was found not guilty based on lack of evidence. And when he's being escorted out of the court house he smirked at young Bruce Wayne and it developed Bruce's deep hatred on Joe Chill and he vowed to avenges his parents death.

The film shifted into the present day, Somewhere in Asia a group of Armed Thief is breaking into a Storage complex owned by Wayne Enterprise. They are gonna steal some stuff that owned by Wayne Enterprise. The leader of the group killed a guard silentely and one of the group member told him to not to kill and after a short arguement, the leader agreed to use non-lethal weapon. After they take down all the guards in their storage target area, a guard regained his concsiousness and he call the police. After the police surrounded the complex, the group is trying to escape and one of the group member sabotage their escape and one of his action is shot a generator besides the leader of the group and burning a half of his face and most likely the explosion is killing him. After the group is being apprehended and brought to the police station, the police put off the theifs' ski mask and the thief who sabotage the group's escape attempt is Bruce Wayne and Bruce is trying to told them that this is just a misunderstanding and he told the police that he's Bruce Wayne and the police laughed at him and one of them slammed his face and then a cop came in and told the the police in the interrogating room that the leader of the group, Slade Wilson has escaped the storage complex when the police apprehended the group member without the police unbeknownst.

Several months later, In an Asian Prison a prison guard approach a man in a cell who turns out to be Bruce Wayne in a raggy clothes, long dirty hair, and scruffy beard. The guard said Bruce got a visitor and it's his first and the last visitor because he's being released from the prison. Turns out the visitor is his own most loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth. He sarcastically asked Bruce if he had enough fun and he asked him too how he got captured by the Asian. Bruce replied his question, after his training he want to find some fun activity to do. He's trying to stole things from his family own company, Wayne Enterprise but no one believe that he's Bruce Wayne and he said he had enough fun and he's ready to go home.

The next day in Gotham CIty, Bruce is standing in Wayne Manor Living Room and he staring at the huge potrait of him and his parents and when he saw his parents in the potrait he remember the time when Joe Chill killed his parents and then Alfred approached him and Bruce told him that his parents' death is his fault because he's the one who ask his parents to go to the Monarch Theatre to watch a movie and Alfred convinces him by saying his parents' death is not his fault and his parents' death is their fate and Bruce smiles and thank him for calming him down and Alfred told him that the board of Wayne Enterprise have heard about the return of Bruce Wayne and they wants to meet him to discuss about the future of the company and Bruce asks Alfred to tell them to delay the meeting until tommorow because Bruce got another thing to do. Later that same evening, Bruce returns to the hole where he fell when he was a child to conquer his fear. He rapples down into the hole and landed on the platform. Suddenly the platforms breaks and Bruce fell into a huge cave filled with Bats. And when he's returns to the Manor he ask Alfred about the huge cave. And he said, it's a shelter that Bruce's great great grandfather build when the World War I happened. And he said there's an elevator that can escort him into the hole but Alfred not sure if it still working. The two are headed to the elevator. The elevator is hidden behind a wall and to open the wall Bruce must use a piano near the wall. And the elevator is still working and Bruce starts to rebuild the shelter and turn it into the Batcave.

The next day the meeting is being held and Bruce wanted to fill his father's position, The Chairman of Wayne Enterprise because his father really wanted Bruce to replace him and the board agree to fulfil Bruce's request and after the meeting, Lucius Fox, the Wayne Enterprise top scientist and the cheif of R&D division greeted him and he told Bruce he wants to show some advanced equipments that he and Thomas Wayne build. The equipments are an armored but flexible vehicle, an advanced motorcycle, an advanced grapnel gun, an advanced kevlar armor, and a pair of advanced combat gauntlet. Fox said these equipments are rejected because they requires a huge budget to make a large numbers of these.

6 weeks later, Bruce has finished the Batcave and he is in the Batcave and designing the Batsuit. Then Alfred came in and ask Bruce why he want to do this and Bruce answers Alfred's question. He want to restore justice In Gotham City and complete his father's goal to make a new and better Gotham (And when Bruce replied Alfred's question, The film shifted into Himalaya here Bruce learned Martial Arts 10 years ago and Bruce Is being trained by an Martial Arts master, Kirigi and France when he's being trained by Henri Ducard) . And 6 Hours later, Bruce wears the prototype Batsuit (Ski Mask for the Mask, Bullet proof vest, Army Camo track pants, and two Brass Knuckles). He starts to stop little crimes like Muggers, Small Roberries, and Small Drug Dealings. But he not always succeed, sometimes he got outnumbered and got beaten up. Bruce keep perfecting his suit but it's not worked out either. The next day, he went to the Wayne Enterprise to meet Fox. He ask Fox to borrow the equipments. Fox told him that the equipments are not his but they are Bruce's because Thomas Wayne has bought them and Fox asked him why he need these equipment and Bruce replied he will use them for his sport activity that he created himself and Bruce asked him to teach him to drive the armored vehicle. For the first time, Bruce's driving is bad but after Fox gave him more detailed tutorial Bruce finally can drive the vehicle and after that Bruce thanked him for teaching him to drive the vehicle and keeping the equipments and prevent the company from taking them.

Later that night, Batman sneak in into an arms dealing. He eavesdroping and heard one of the goons saying something about Joe Chill and suddenly he remember the time when Gillian B. Loeb tells him the name of the mugger who killed his parents. Then he interrupted the dealing, he throw a smoke bomb and when the goons are blinded, he beat up all of them. After he beat up all of them, he interrogate a goon and ask the goon about Joe Chill and his whereabout. The goon said Joe Chill is a huge black market weapon seller and he sent the goons here and deliver the weapons that Carmine Falcone ordered and the goon doesn't want to gave him Chill's location. Batman grab him and throw him into some barrels and he ask the goon Chill's location again and suddenly reinforcements of Falcone's men arrived and they got Batman surrounded. Then Batman calls the Batmobile and in 5 seconds the Batmobile arrived and Batman jumps and enter the Batmobile. Then he shot a rocket into one of Chill's men car and clear a path for him and Chill's men after him and the chase attract Police's attention. The film shifted into Fox's lab and the car chase is on the news and Fox saw the Batmobile and smiles because he knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. After he lost them and causing some damages in the city, he returns to the Batcave. After he exit the Batmobile, Alfred yells at him because what he did on the news and Bruce tell him to calm down and he said everything will be alright.

The next day the new elected District Attorney, Harvey Dent attend a press conference with Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and Captain James Gordon and he vowed to bring the well known mob boss, Carmine Falcone to trial. And he will cooporate with the GCPD to do that and he states his next target is another well known mob boss Roman Sionis and it makes Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb worries because he's under Roman Sionis's payroll and Sionis order Loeb to eliminate Batman because Sionis believe Batman is a threat to his organization. Meanwhile Bruce meet Fox at his lab and he ask Fox to make him a Nylon Wings and when he's gonna reveal his secret identity to Fox, he said he didn't need to because he already know Bruce is the Batman and he agree to do it and he will back Bruce up if he needs anything and once again Bruce smiles and thank him.

Later that night, Alfred has traced Joe Chill. He's in the Gotham Docks to take the weapons he ordered and the weapons will be delivered by Shipment Ship. Bruce went to the docks by flying with his new wings but he keep sent the Batmobile to the docks for backup. The docks is heavily guarded and when he got there, the weapons are being unloaded from the ship. He start to the guards silentely one by one but when he reach the ship area he realize there's no way he can't do this quietly. He decided to blow the ship and sunk the massive number of black market weapons. He storm the ship quietly and plant the explosives on the ship's weak spots. After he get to the vantage point, he blow the charges and the ship slowly sinking and he throw some smoke grenades and storm the area. After he found Joe Chill, he start to beat him up and when the two are fighting, Chill flashes back into the time when he killed Thomas and Martha Wayne and because he saw Batman, he remember the young Bruce Wayne and after a short fight, the police reach the area and Chill gave Batman an uppercut and stun him and buy him some times to run away. After a short chase, Chill get in a car and run away and Batman calls the Batmobile and chase Joe Chill. And it attract Commissioner Loeb's attention and he decided to after the Batman and take him down and he told Gordon to join him. Batman ram Chill's car and get it off the street and the car is thrown into the river and presumably killing all the people inside the car including Joe Chill. And after a long car chase, Batman lost the cops and it makes Loeb angry and Loeb order his men to hunt down the Batman. The film switches into Joe Chill's car and the car is drowning and the camera switches into the inside of his car. All Chill's men are dead but not Joe Chill and his face got destroyed because of the accident and after a few seconds he open his eyes.

The next day, Alfred wakes Bruce and he said his ex-girlfriend and childhood friend, Vicki Vale and Harvey Dent are visiting and Bruce asked him why didn't he told him that Vicki has return to Gotham because after graduated from collage, she and her family moved to New York and Alfred asking for Bruce's forgiveness because he forgot to tell Bruce about it. Bruce flashes back to when Bruce date Vicki Vale in college. After they graduate from collage, he told her that they had to break up because Bruce is gonna leave Gotham for a long time for his training. She gets mad and storms out. Back in the present, Bruce greets Vicki and Harvey and he invite them for a tea but they refuse the invitation because they just want to tell Bruce that they are getting married in 3 months. Bruce told them he is happy for them. Later that night, Joe Chill is waking up in a hospital room and his face is covered by bandages and he's being greeted by Dr. Jonathan Crane. Crane told him he's in the Arkham Asylum. Crane told them that he's the one who saved his life and Crane want Chill to work for him and his boss. Chill refuse to do so and Crane threatens him and he said he can turn off Chill's pacemaker and Chill doesn't believe it. Crane prove it by stopping his pacemaker for 3 seconds and after Crane reactivate Chill's pacemaker, Chill agrees to work for Crane and he ask him what he want from him and Crane smiles.

The next day, a group of bank robber is robbing the Gotham City National Bank. They do the robbing loudly and a short fire fight between the robbers and the security guards is occured and it attract the GCPD's attention including Loeb and Gordon. The robbers drill the safe steel door and the leader of the group threatens the cops by saying if they interfering the robbers will kill all the hostage inside the building. After they open the safe door they take all the money inside and escape the building with motor cycles and the half of the police (Including Gordon and Loeb) in the area are chasing them and the other half are saving the hostages. When the police are gonna untie the hostages, they realize the ties are rigged with explosives and the explosives suddenly explodes and killing all the people inside the building. In the middle of the chase, Batman shows up with his Batcycle and join the chase. After a long chase, Batman capture one of the robbers and he interrogate the robber and ask who are they. The robber just said "Chaos will hit Gotham and you and your friends should be prepared.". Suddenly the GCPD surrounds the Batman and the robber and Batman get on his Batcycle and escape the police. After a long chase, he lost the police and Loeb adds Batman to the Gotham Most Wanted List and he is number one on the list.

The next day, Joker is doing a live broadcast and he reveal he's the one who responsible for the robbery and he also told all the Gotham citizens a chaos will hit Gotham and it will be started with the death of some important people in Gotham and he said it could be some people in GCPD, the mayor of Gotham, Alex Richard, and random Gotham citizens will day each day and there's no way to stop it. Then The Joker visit Carmine Falcone's nightclub and he offer Falcone his protection from the Feds and the Batman. He reminds Falcone about Harvey Dent's plan to capture him and he also reminds Falcone that Dent is not messing around. Falcone accept the offer because Joker's robbery impressed him and the two are join forces.

With the help from Harvey Dent, the GCPD starts to capture some important people in Falcone's organization and hopefully it can bring them closer to Carmine Falcone. Because of Dent's action, it made him an city icon, a new hope for the city. And it makes Falcone angry and Joker convices him by telling him it's the part of his plan. After that day 3 people are death in Joker's hand and he sent a video to the Gotham City News and in the video he reminds Gotham that he's not messing around and he gave an offer to the Mayor, He wants to own Gotham and if the Mayor gave him the city, he'll guarantee the safety of the Gotham Citizens and if the Mayor refuse the offer, the chaos that he mention earlier will happened and he gave the Mayor 1 month to think. Commissioner Loeb told the Mayor to not to worried about the Joker because he said he and the GCPD will handle him. A half of Gotham Citizens wants the Mayor to refuse the offer and the other half wants the Mayor to accept the offer and it causing some riot in Gotham to persuade the Mayor to gave Gotham to the Joker.

A day later, Bruce's birthday party is coming. And the party will be held in his Penthouse and Vicki Vale, Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon are invited. The party are going well and they with Harvey Dent in the Party, they are cheering him because of his act to cleaning the street of Gotham and they hope Harvey can bring down Joker aswell. Suddenly the Joker and his goons are crashing the party. And he want to find Bruce Wayne because for some reason, he believe Bruce knows where and who is Batman and he told the guests there's no way Harvey Dent can bring him down. Seeing Joker crash the Party, Bruce Wayne rushes into his secret armory in the penthouse and suit up. Because The Joker doesn't found Bruce Wayne and he grab a man and Joker ask the man where's Bruce Wayne and the guy doesn't know where he is and The Joker shot him in the head. Then The Joker screams "Now i got bored, and now all i want to know is, WHERE IS BATMAN?!" and from behind Batman replies "I'm Here" and then Joker suddenly shot Batman with his pistol and Batman block the bullet with his gauntlet and the two got into a fistfight. And Joker stabs Batman, and then he laugh and he shot Batman mutiple times and when Joker fire his last shot, batman fell out of the window and Joker laugh louder. And the camera switches into falling Batman and he landed on a car safely and scaring some bystanders. Then he saw an explosion occured in the Penthouse and he quickly rapple up into the penthouse with his Batclaw and fortunately the guests survive the explosion and Batman save the guests including Harvey, Vicki, Gordon and his butler Alfred. And after he save the guests, he fly away from the penthouse and the guests are cheering him and some people starts to believe Batman is not a criminal.

A day later, Vicki Vale wrote a story in the newspaper about the Batman saving the guests in Bruce Wayne's party. And the news makes people starts to believe Batman is not a criminal but Commissioner Loeb still hunt him down because Loeb is under Black Mask' payroll and Black Mask order him to kill the Batman because Batman is a possible threat to his organization. Meanwhile, Crane has developed a fear-including toxins from a rare flower that he found in Russia. And Joker is gonna use the fear toxin for his chaos that he will bring to Gotham. And later that night Joker is causing a road rage in the streets of Gotham with his container truck. After a short chase with the cops, Batman arrives with his Batmobile. After a long chase, he managed to stop him by shooting a line and Joker's container truck can get pass the line and the truck is destroyed. Then Batman get Joker out from his truck and stunning him. Then Gordon arrives and he pointed a gun at Batman and told him to surrender. He told Batman that he believe in him but he's forced by Loeb to hunt him down. Batman ask him to let him go and he gave him the Joker and Gordon agrees to let him go. Then Police sirens can be heard from the distance and Gordon told him to go away before the cops gets here but he already go away when Gordon cuff the Joker. Then the cops arrives along with Loeb and he congratulates him for capturing the Joker. After a few hours, Gordon interrogate Joker and ask him about what kind of weapon he'll use for the chaos that he will bring to Gotham. He refuse to answer to Gordon's question even Detective Harvey Bullock beat him up mutiple times and he said pain is an enjoyable sensation to him and Gordon decided to leave him and he want Joker to attend Psychology check up in Arkham Asylum and after that he will be transfered to the Gotham National Correctional Facility.

Joker is being checked up by Crane and after he's being checked up, a bunch of reporters including Vicki Vale are asking him about Joker's sanity but he doesn't want to gave any comment and he just walk into the elevator and get to the underground part of the Arkham Asylum. Curious, Vicki follows Crane and he enters a room and when Vicki saw what inside of the room, she record a video of the activity inside the room and sent the video to the GCPD. Crane tests the fear toxins by spraying the inmates the toxins. And then she calls the GCPD and told them that she's the one who sent the video and she wants the GCPD to get to her location. Unfortunately, she's being spotted by one of Crane's goons and they captured her and Crane sprays her the fear toxin and she's fainted. Hearing that from the GCPD dispatch, Bruce Wayne rushes to the Arkham Asylum with his Batmobile. He's having a hard time to find the underground entrance but he manage to find it. After he found the location, he fight Crane and his goons and manage to save Rachel. Crane told him that he's gonna plant the toxins into a massive number of explosives and the Joker will use the explosives when the chaos comes. After they hear the Police are coming, he stun Crane and he found two stock of antidotes for the toxin and then he bring Rachel out of there. After Batman and Rachel get out from the Asylum, the police including Gordon have found the place but they can't find Crane anywhere and now Crane is a fugitive. He inject the antidote to Vicki and bring her to the Wayne Manor after he lost the cops. After gaining back her concsious, she ask Batman who he is and he gave her his secret identity. After they reach the Wayne Manor, Bruce ask Alfred to take Vicki to her home and Alfred is happy to do it. The next day, Bruce went to the Wayne Enterprise to meet Fox and he ask Fox to create a large number of it and he explain everything and Fox agree to do it.

One of Falcone's men that apprehended by the police wants to gave the police Falcone's location because he use a hacker to fake his location. He got 50 different locations in Gotham. He's in the Docks where he operate his main business, Drugs shipping. Later that night Harvey Dent and the GCPD (Including Gordon and Loeb) storms the docks and with the help from Batman but the police and Dent didn't realize it. After Batman found Falcone in his private room, he fight him and knocks him down and Falcone ran away and Batman chase him and actually he bring Falcone to Dent and when he got closer to Dent, Batman escape and when he meet Dent, they got into a fist fight and Dent capture him. The next day Falcone is brought to the court and the film switches into the Joker in the prison. He got a visitor who turns out to be one of Falcone's men. He gaves Joker a detonator. Actually Joker has hire an hacker to turn the guards in the building phones into explosive before he got apprehended. After he return to his cell, a guard approach his cell to mock him and Joker sliently press the detonator and all the guards' phone are exploded and Joker escape the correctional faciltiy and he's being picked up by Falcone's men and they went to the court house. They crashed the court and the Joker killed the judge and take all the people in the court as hostages including Harvey Dent. They cuffed the hostage's hands and tied them up and put them on chairs and Falcone's men pour the kerosene and Joker's shot Falcone and he said "The deal is off" and Joker throw a match and the building is on fire and it attract the GCPD's attention. Dent is trying get his body to fall to the ground and he succeed to do it and the fire burn the rope that tied him up but a half of his face is burned by fire and he's trying to walk out from the building. And when he's out from the building the GCPD has arrived (including Gordon) and they're trying to put out the fire on Dent's face and suddenly the building is explodes and killing all the remaining hostages (turns out Joker has planted some explosives in the building).

The next day the Mayor refuse the Joker's offer because of what he did earlier and the Mayor and the GCPD are gonna protect Gotham. And the people who want the Mayor to surrender are making a lot of riots in the city and the Joker keep killing random people and police. And when the Mayor leaves the city hall and gonna get to his house, he enter his car and a Joker's men is sitting on the driver seat and The Joker sit besides the Mayor and he put a gun on his head and he tied Mayor's hands and legs and they drive Mayor's car into the river and when they are gonna enter the river, Joker and his men jump out from the car and when the car enter the river, the car's exploded because Joker has put a bomb inside the car and the Joker laughs. Later that evening GCPD has found out about the Mayor's death and Joker is doing a live broadcast and he told Gotham, the Mayor's death is only the beginning and he said there will be more opening act for his chaos. Hearing that, Commissioner Loeb orders the GCPD to protect the important people in Gotham including Harvey Dent. The next day Vicki Vale is visiting Harvey Dent in the hospital and she told him that she afraid Dent will be Joker's opening act and Dent calm her down and assures her by telling everything is gonna be alright and when she's gonna leave, Dent ask the police who guard him to escort her to her house and Dent said he will be alright even when he's alone. However Dent still feels guilty about the death of the remaining hostages in the court house that he can't saved and he failed to bring Falcone to prison and actually the fire is damaging his brain slowly. Shortly after that, Crane came in and he corrupts Dent's mind and he makes Dent remember his bad memories and it quicken the brain damaging process but Dent is not evil yet but he wants to avenge the hostage's death by killing Joker and his men who involved for burning and destroyed the court house. Then he told Dent he will destroyed the hospital in 5 minutes and he gave Dent a coin and he allows Dent to decide what he's gonna do next and he open Dent's bandage and he said Dent's destoryed face is his true self and then he leaves the room and then Dent flip the coin and when the coin is in mid-air the film switches into the GCPD building two blocks from the hospital and James Gordon is seen to enter his car and when he open the door, he saw an explosion and followed by some explosions from the hospital where Dent is being treated and the film switches into the hospital and the GCPD (including Gordon and Loeb) are securing the hospital.

After hours searching the hospital for Harvey Dent's body, the GCPD can't find him anywhere and they assume that his body is destroyed by the explosions and his tomb is placed in the Gotham City Cemetery and Gotham's citizens (Including Bruce, Alfred, Vicki, Gordon, and Loeb) are visiting Harvey's tomb. Vicki told Bruce that she will leave Gotham City soon because she feel Gotham is not a safe place for her and anyone anymore but she doesn't know when she's gonna leave. Later that day, Joker doing another live broadcast and he said  Harvey Dent's death is the last opening act and the main act will happened in 3 days and he said for anyone who's gonna leave the town will be eliminated and he states Gotham City is in his hands now. And Deputy Commissioner Shaun Cameron suggest the citizens can leave the town by air because Joker has no power in air. And after 3 airplanes that carries some citizens, Joker's mens are shooting down the airplanes with FIM-92 Stingers. Knowing that Deputy Cameron is the one who sent the citizens away from the city, Joker has set up a plan to kill him. The Deputy is leaving the GCPD and get to his home to protect his family and Joker has planted an explosive in his car. And when the Deputy open his car, it activate the bomb and suddenly the bomb exploded and killing him instantly. Then Joker doing another live broadcast and warn Gotham that they cannot going anywhere and he said that everyone should be prepared for the chaos.

Three days has passed and the chaos has started. Joker has announced what kind of weapons he use in the chaos. He use a massive number of explosions that filled with Fear Toxin and if the explosives are exploded it will spread the Toxin into the air and Gotham will turn into a ghost town and in the broadcast he explain how the toxin works. He sprays the toxin into a civilian and the civilian is hallucinating and his hallucination unleash his greatest fear and he is scared to death. The explosives are planted beneath Gotham and there's a way to stop the detonation, Batman must giving himself up to the Joker and if the military interfering the explosives will be detonated immedietely and the Joker doesn't have the detonator. He gave the detonator to one of Gotham's citizen. And Joker release all the inmates from Gotham National Correctional Facility and Arkham Asylum and Batman must giving himself up within 48 hours. Fortunately Lucius Fox has manufactured the antidot. The antidot is so complicated so it takes a long time to create it and he has create a massive number of the antidot and Bruce ask Fox for another favor, he wants Fox to track down the exact locations of the explosives so he can defused the explosives manually. Joker has shut down the GCPD but they silentely doing some Guerrilla attacks and they are trying to find a way to the explosives core so they can defuse the explosives manually. Meanwhile, a man wearing a hoodie jacket join a poker game and Joker's mens that help him destroyed the court house are playing. After a few rounds, the man keep losing but he always rejoin and after that one of Joker's mens ask he's ready to lose his money again then the men replies his answer by saying "Let my coin give you the answer." then he flip his coin and the result is tail and it means no and he said he's gonna finish them all and the Joker's mens laugh at him and mocks him and suddenly the man take his knife and threw it into one of the Joker's men's neck and they ask him who is he and the man put off his hood and it is revealed that he's Harvey Dent who has escape the hospital before the bombs exploded and Dent replies them by saying "I'm Justice." and then they are got into a fistfight. After a long fight, Dent kill them all and leave the area.

Back in the Wayne Manor, Bruce ask Alfred for guidance. He ask him should he gave himself up to the Joker or should he stands up and protect the city. Alfred told him none of his decisions are right. He said Bruce doesn't owe nothing to this city and he suggest Bruce should hung up his cape and just be Bruce Wayne, the Gotham's multi-billionaire industrialist and living a normal life and let the authority finish this mess because being Batman has cause nothing but trouble for Bruce and he didn't want to watch Bruce getting hurt. Hearing that Bruce agrees to stop being Batman and after that Vicki Vale rang the bell. Vicki told Bruce that she and her fellow journalists are gonna leave Gotham and she and her friends got a job in another newspaper company in Metropolis called the Daily Planet. Bruce told her to not to leave the town yet because no one can't leave Gotham alive right now but she assure him by saying that she and her friends have found a way to escape Gotham safely and she kissed Bruce and she said she still have a feeling for Bruce and she want Bruce to keep protecting Gotham because Gotham needs a savior and a guardian and then she say her goodbye to Bruce. Later that night Vicki and her 2 friends are gonna leave Gotham through a tunnel that not being watched by the Joker. After they enter the tunnel, everything goes smoothly as they expected but turns out Joker has planted some explosives that will explodes if it's radar detect a vehicle passing through and after a short drive their car got detected by the radar and suddenly the explosives are exploded and the tunnel collapsed and killing them instantly.

The next day, Joker doing a live broadcast and he told Gotham about the death of 3 Gotham Gazzete's journalists and he told the names of the journalists. Hearing one of them is Vicki Vale, Harvey got depressed and he think there's nothing for him to live for anymore and he decided to kill himself. In his apartement, he put a gun on his head and cock the gun and then he flips the coin and when the coin is in mid-air the film switches into the Wayne Manor. After Bruce watch the live broadcast, Bruce decided to return as Batman but Alfred disallowed it. Bruce convinces him by saying "This is Vicki's last request and Gotham needs a savior and a guardian and i'm the only one who capable to take the responsibility.". After hearing that Alfred agrees to support him as long as Bruce wants to. Then he rush to the Batcave and he's trying to find Joker's current location and he found the Joker and he's currently in the Ace Chemical Factory and then he suit up and he's gonna bring down the Joker once and for all.

After Batman reach the Ace Chemical Factory, he ram the front gate and storm the factory and search the Joker. After a long search, he found the Joker in the manager private room and the two are fist fighting each other. After a long fight, Joker sprays Batman the fear toxins and suddenly his fear of bats return and he saw a swarm of bats and one of them is a huge bat and the huge bat is the Joker and he's beating the defenseless Batman. Then Batman got stunned and he flashes back into the saddest time of his life, his parents' funeral. At the funeral, it was rainning heavily and the funeral is attend by Bruce's, Thomas' and Martha's friends like Captain Gordon, Commissioner Loeb, Lucius Fox, Detective Harvey Bullock, young Harvey Dent and his family and young Vicki Vale and her family and Bruce is crying and kneel down in the front of his parents' grave and Alfred covered him from the rain with an umbrella. Then the film switches back into the present again and he realize the whole factory is burning and he's trying to find a way out of there. After a short walk, he found the Joker standing in the front of a huge mirror of the factory and he's running towards the Joker and he's gonna tackles him out of the factory and when he's right in the front of the Joker, the joker is dissapear and he's running towards the mirror and fall into the river and he's drowning. He's trying to take the antidot and when he got the antidot, he put off his left hand Gauntlet and inject the antidot. After he escape the toxin mind control, he get on the surface and swam back into the shore and after he's back on the shore he saw the factory is exploded.

The next day, Joker declared war on Batman. Joker said the explosives have been activated and it will explodes in 3 hours. Fortunately, Fox has found the exact locations of the explosives. The explosives are planted in two different location, the explosives are planted in two different subways in New Gotham (East) and Old Gotham (West). Batman rush to the New Gotham subway with his Batcycle and when he's in the middle of his way, he's being stopped by James Gordon and Gordon told Batman to not to interfering because he has cause nothing but trouble. Batman convinces him by telling him that he know the location of the explosives and he ask for Gordon's help to defuse the explosives in Old Gotham and he told Gordon that he's not his and the public's enemy and Gordon agrees to help him. Gordon sent Detective Harvey Bullock and his partner who currently searching in Old Gotham to defuse the explosives. When continuing his way to the subway, he got blocked by some Joker's men and he must fight them. Bullock take some GCPD bomb squad and police officer with him to defuse the explosives. After they reach the subway, Bullock start the defusing process but it didn't stop the explosives but it causing the explosives immedietely explode and killing Bullock and the others instantly and the explosions destroyed a half of the street of New Gotham and the fear toxins are spreaded to the air and fortunately the distance between Old and New Gotham is 3 miles long so it will take a long time for the toxins to get to the new Gotham and the film switches into Batman who has beaten up all the Joker's mens who confront him and he saw the explosions and he's being contacted by Fox and he told Batman that defusing the explosives will explodes the explosives immedietelty and he knows that he's too late to inform Batman about that. Batman ask him is there any way to disable the explosives but Fox didn't know the answer of Batman's question and he suggest Batman musk ask the Joker and Fox's trying to trace Joker's location. The film switches into Gordon and Loeb at the police's hideout and they witnessed the explosions. Then they got contacted by the police officers who participated to defuse the explosions and they said they survived the explosions and the Joker's mens in the Old Gotham are got effected by the toxins and they become a mindless-like zombies who only can causing damage and they are chasing the police officers. Then Gordon, Loeb, and the rest of the police are headed to the bridge control.

After Batman reach Joker's location, Batman storms the building and he use his Sonar vision to find Joker and the Joker is in the top floor and he put a gas mask to prevent the fear toxin to enter his body. After he reach the top floor, the two got involved in a fist fight. After a short fight, Joker's gonna sprays Batman the fear toxin and Batman quickly disarmed the Joker and take the fear toxin and sprayed the Joker. Then Joker saw Batman's face turned into a face of a monstrous bat and Batman ask Joker how to defused the bomb and Joker is terrified and the film switches into the bridge control When they are waiting for the survivors, a large number of Joker's henchmens and inmates are coming and they are attacking the police. Because of that Loeb order the police to lift the bridge because the survivors are being chased by another Joker's henchmens and inmates and after Loeb get back to the defense line, Gordon told the police to not to lift the bridge. The film switches into Batman again and Joker finally answers Batman's question. He said there's no detonator and there's no way to stop the explosives. The explosives will explodes if the monorail train pass the radar that planted on the rail and the Joker gave Batman the location of the radar. Then Batman stun him and inject the antidot into his body and Batman jump out from the building and glide around to find the monorail train. 

The film switches into the bridge control. Loeb realize that the bridge is not being lifted up yet and he decided to lift up the bridge himself and when the bridge is finally being lifted, the survivors manage to jump the bridge and land safely on the other side of the bridge and with their help, the police are manage to kill a huge part of Joker's henchmens and inmates and the remaining of them are running away and the police are cheering happily. The film switches into Batman again and he saw the train just leaving the station and he get on top of the train and he get inside the train from it's window and when he get inside he storm the train and beat up all Joker's henchmens inside and make his way to control room to stop the train. But in the middle of his way, in the control room one of the Joker's henchmen's gonna cut the connector of the wagon where Batman at but he manage to get to the control room. He's trying to use the brake but it won't work and he decided to destroy the rail. After he get to the top of the train, he got confronted by the Joker and two got into a fist fight. Batman succeed to knocked Joker down and because of that Joker fall from the train but Batman quickly grab his hand and Batman realize that the Joker is Joe Chill and Batman told him "There's no reason for me to rescue you." and Batman let Joker fell to his death. After that he realize the train is almost reach the radar and he use his Explosive Launcher and shot three Explosives into the rail and in 5 seconds the explosives will explodes and Batman jump from the train and glide away from the train and after that the explosives are exploded and the rail is destroyed and the train fell into the ground.

The next day, Gotham had regained it's freedom and Gotham's citizens knew Batman has prevent the explosives from destroying Gotham and Batman become a Public hero. Batman gave the GCPD the antidots and Bruce Wayne gave his microwave emitter to the GCPD so they can clean the Old Gotham's water supply with the antidot and Lucius Fox has found a way to clean the air of the Old Gotham and Bruce see Fox's potential to lead the company and he promote Fox into the CEO of Wayne Enterprise because Bruce thinks he wasn't ready to lead a $500 Trillion Company by himself and he needs someone more experienced and really understand him to guide him and the right people is Fox. Commissioner Loeb is inspired by Batman and he had turn into a new leaf and he cut his connection to Roman Sionis' organization and Batman had formed an alliance with the GCPD and he told Gordon if he need something, he can tell the Batman. Then he put a Bat logo into the GCPD spotlight and he turn on the spotlight and The Bat-Signal is can be seen in the sky.

And because of Joker's chaos, the new mayor create the Blackgate Prison, a huge prison with a maximum security. 5 months later, a group of private militia attacks the Blackgate Prison and the film switches into the outside of the prison and a man is flipping his coin but his face is not shown. The film switches into the prison again and one of the private militia soldiers is opening all the cell doors and causing a riot in the prison. At the wall of the end of the prison, a militia soldier plant a bomb into the wall and 5 seconds later the bomb exploded and opening an escape path for the prisoners and after all prisoners are out from the prison, the face of the man is shown and turns out the man is Harvey Dent. He told the prisoners that he has free them all and now they are working for him and he announce his new identity: TWO-FACE. And then the credits rolls.

Epilogue/Post Credits Scene

In a crowded subway, Jonathan Crane is seen using his phone and he's calling someone and the caller said that Crane has failed him and Crane convinces him by saying it's the part of his plan and he said the D.A (Harvey Dent) is on his side now and the caller agrees to gave Crane a second chance and Crane thank him and saying "You can take my word, Mr. Sionis." and the screen turns into black and the more detailed credits rolls.



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In January 23, 2016 Warner Bros. has announced the sequel to the film was under development and it's called, Batman: Gotham Crusader and Daniel Jameson announced that he would direct the sequel and the final chapter of Gotham Trilogy. Ben Affleck, Bill Nighy, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Nicholas D'Agosto, Alec Baldwin, Denzel Washington have all been corfirmed to reprise their roles. The filming starts in March 10, 2016 and the film is set to be released in mid-2017. And in a interview with Jimmy Fallon, Jameson confirmed Guy Pearce, Keira Knightley, Josh Hutcherson,  Andy Garcia, and Willem Dafoe had joined the sequel but he hasn't reveal their roles yet.

And also Daniel Jameson confirmed, Slade Wilson will return in Batman: Gotham Crusader but he just a cameo. He said he'll appear in the third and the final installment of the Batman Gotham Trilogy and he'll become Deathstroke.


After the first three day the film has been released in United States, the film grossed $500.000.000 and ranked #5 in the Box Office and after a week the film has been released, it grossed $1.500.000.000 and ranked #1 at the Box Office and at the final day of the film shown in cinemas, it grossed $2.882.000.000 and still hold it's position in Box Office and it beat James Cameron's Avatar and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises and currently first-highest-grossing film all the time, first-highest-grossing film of 2018, the first-highest-grossing superhero film all the time and Warner Bros. Pictures' highest-grossing film all the time.

Batman: Gotham Knight received mostly positive reviews from critics; Rotten Tomatoes sampled 400 reviewers and judged 96% of the reviews to be positive. Metacritic, another review aggregator, assigned the film a weighted average score of 95 (out of 100) based on 100 reviews from mainstream critics, considered to be "generally favorable reviews". CinemaScore reported that audiences gave the film an A grade.

Andrew Fredrickson from New York Times gave a positive comment for the movie, "Seems like i have underestimated Daniel Jameson. Yeah i think the movie will not be as good as Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy because he's a new and less-experienced director than Christopher Nolan and turns out the movie is amazing and as good as Nolan's and even better and i can't wait to see the sequel."


Batman Gotham Knight Main Theme

Batman Gotham Knight Main Theme

I didn't own this video. A guy named Filip Olejka create this and it supposed to be his fan made Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Theme Song. It's awesome! Check it Out and check out his YouTube channel: Filip Olejka.


  • In the Batcave, an unfinished Batwing can be seen on the platform on the front of the waterfall and Daniel Jameson confirmed, in the sequel Batman will use the Batwing.


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