Batman: Bad Blood (2020) is an 2020 Live-action adventure, drama, comedic and suspenseful comic book film and is the sequel to both Teen Titans (2020) and the long awaited solo Batman film to be included in the DC Extended Universe. BY this point, the Multiple rumors about Ben Affleck stepping down from portraying Batman all together had all been dropped as it was clear he intended to stay behind for the character. To make matters more exciting, he had also been seen producing the next Batman film behind the scene alongside Zack Synder; the film had begun principal photography shortly around the time “Batman: Under The Red Hood” had hit theaters......

.....which meant that an mid 2020 release was sure to happen.

The film is written and directed by Matt Reeves, produced by Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck, distributed by both Warner Bros., and D.C Entertainment and features most of the cast from the previous Batman flick. 


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  • Zac Efron as Richard “Dick” Grayson (Nightwing/Batman II)
  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman)
  • Angelina Jolie as Talia Al Ghul
  • Rachel Weisz as Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
  • Alicia Vikander as Helena Bertinelli (Huntress)
  • Tobey Maguire as Jason Todd (Red Hood)
  • Brock Lesnar as Bane
  • Steven R. McQueen as Tim Drake (Robin)
  • Haliee Steinfeld as Barbara Gordon (Oracle)
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Firefly
  • Alexander Skarsgård as Electrocutioner
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc
  • J.K Simmons as Comissioner Jim Gordon
  • Angela Basset as Renee Montoya
  • Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox
  • Jennifer Tilly as Holly
  • Cameron Diaz as Vicki Vale

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After an opening of WB Legends and DC it opens on another night of Gotham City cutting from traffic civilians walking

And the bat signal shinning from the GCPD where Commissioner James Gordon (JK Simmons) stood there arms crossed waiting till one of his officers Rene Montoya (Angela Basset) came out with two cups of Star Bucks coffee

(The Dark Knight reference)

Rene: Ever attending to see your daughter again Commissioner.

Gordon: I thought you had to go look after your mother Montoya.

Rene: Checked back into the hospital.

Gordon: I'm sorry.

Rene: So he hasn't shown up?

Gordon: He often doesn't. But I like reminding everyone that he's out there.

Rene: Why wouldn't he come?

Gordon: Hopefully....because he's busy.

At a warehouse a group of Gotham's most wanted was carrying out crates of weapons curtesy of the Red Hood's militia

Firefly Electriccusioner even Killer Croc were part of it

Electriccusioner: Boy that Hood fellow left behind a lot of cool stuff.

Firefly: Too bad he made bale before he can deliver to the big guy's contact across the ocean.

Electriccusioner: Who is this contact of his

Firefly: He wouldn't say. Says they're higher people or more like

Killer Croc: Humph! Croc higher than both of you.

Electriccusioner: Tell me again why we brought lizard boy again?

Before he could answer they heard pounding noises and men screaming Firefly armed his jet pack flying over to see all the men beaten down and....

….Spotted a familiar batterang on the wall realizing who was here

Firefly: Batman....

Well it ain't the tooth fairy.

That voice made him turn around seeing a shadow of a giant bat

Firefly shot his flamethrower only to be knocked down from behind by....

….Batman!!! (Ben Affleck)

Firefly stood shooting his flamethrower again only for Batman to run behind crates

Wasn't long till Electriccusionor and Killer Croc to arrive in the room


Firefly looked up to see Batman hold out his cape like wings and knocks him down

He then turns to the other two

Batman: Lester Pechinskie. Waylon Jones. This operation looks too smart for you two. Who are you working for?

(Arkham Origins refence)

Electriccusioner: We're not here to talk. We're here to kick your ass!

Batman: This is your last chance!

Electriccusioner armed his gloves throwing shocking punches but Batman knocked him down with one kick

Killer Croc charged at him but Batman threw smoke pellets blinding him and kicked down pinning him down

Batman: Your boss. Who is he?!

Killer Croc: Only boss of me is me!

Batman: *Punches* You want teeth?! I want answers!

The answer is always infront of you....I fear.

Batman recognized that voice he turns to see.....

Batman: Bane.

A 6 ft tall 287 pound Hulking Beast of a man steps through the depths of the shadows despite wearing all black (Black boots black gloves black military pants black jacket) You couldn't even be able to tell if someone was there or not The only thing that you'd be able to tell that someone was only a white marking over the mask of this man to show his face

Bane (Brock Lesnar) Apparently didn't look all that big this time around considering what happened the LAST TIME Bruce came across him

The last time they met was the day he snapped and shattered his back

The menacing figure that once sparked fear in all of Gotham was out-smarted by someone with mental and physical strength far beyond his comprehension.....

…...and based on how Bruce kept twitching his eyes under the cowl it was clear he didn't history to repeat itself

Bane: Speak of the devil....and he shall appear.

Batman: I must be very special, then.

Bane: How's your back?

Batman: Never better.

He proceeds to throw down a smoke bomb beneath him as the density level from the smoke clears over the entire room seemingly covering Firefly Electrocutioner and Croc in the entire blanket of smoke.....

….all except for Bane

He chuckles at the sight of Batman seemingly hiding....

…..only to be taken aback by sonic pulse generators (The ones from BvS) from both sides of him

As the extensive humming effect drones over his ears and he falls down to a knee it keeps him grounded for at least a full minute before he slowly edges himself upwards.....

…..and crushes both pulse generators by smashing one into the other

But then there's the issue of watching your back at all times cause Batman was quick to re-appear out of nowhere and clock Bane across the head as an electric impulse

And it seems like he had taken Electrocutioner's shock gloves as well.

He breathes in and out heavily as Bane just looks at him blankly Before long he....does something odd

He slowly un-zips his jacket going by the metal across his zipper.....and once he throws it aside.....

….it shows a systematic mechanism on his back which shows each and every single tube of venom from a different position pumped into his arms.....

…..his legs....

….and into his brain

Nothing the Cape Crusader hasn't handled before

(Arkham Origins reference)

Bane: May you find the peace in death that you didn't had in life.

Batman: I'm not looking for peace.

As the Dark Knight warmed up his shock gloves....

….Bane just roars out loud and charges at him

He charged at him Batman had to dive aside to avoid his attack

Yet again

And again


Till Batman found an opening to rip one of his tubes off it weakened Bane a bit but not enough

He swung enough punches to pop Batman's head off but dodging every one Batman uppercut Bane's jaw

Soon GCPD choppers happen to turn up above the roof

This is the Gotham city police department! Put your hands over your head at once and knees to the ground.

Bane: Do you police ever mind your own business?!

Bane's men threw him a bazooka he caught it and aimed

Batman: NO!

He punched Bane and the rocket barely missed the chopper flying out to the harassing

Bane then grabbed his neck and threw him towards the edge of a ledge

Bane then held up a trigger

Bane: Rest well....Batman.

Batman looked on with widen eyes and Bane presses it causing the whole warehouse to blow up

Gordon on the chopper watched in horror as the place Batman was in went up in flames

Along with a mystery caped female figure hiding at the bay

Not knowing what to say Gordon sat there staring at the place burning down as the female figure watched on

~Title Sequence: Batman: Bad Blood~

Cutting to two weeks later in West Virginia a male victor in a brown jacket and cap hat walked across a busy street with a walking signal

With sirens being echoed the figures came across a news paper holding and one article caught his attention

It was a Daily Planet article on Gotham news reading:

"Batman: Dead or Alive"

The camera rotated to his face revealing.....

…..Jason Todd (Toby Maguire)

His face frowned

Later he came back in his apartment dropping his back pack and quickly turned on the tv on the dresser and switched to the Gotham tv news on channel 126

Vicki Vale (Cameron Dietz) on tv: With criminals running a muck and Gotham police having their hands full all we know is that we need him now more than ever. But only one question remains. Will there be hope for Gotham without Batman?

Jason: *Turns it off* Still full of flawless questions aren't you Vale?

Jason opened his bedroom closet open a trunk

Cutting to with Jason holding a back pack on his shoulder walking out the door shutting it

~To Be Continued~

Mid-Credit Scene

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