Batman: Arkham Origins is an American live-action superhero film written and directed by Sam Raimi starring Michael Fassbender, Vincent Cassell, John Cleese, Bryan Cranston, Derek Mears, Benedict Cumberbatch amongst many others.


Batman (Michael Fassbender) learns of a breakout at Blackgate Prison being led by Black Mask (Vincent Cassel) who has also taken Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb (Brian Cox) hostage. Arriving at the Prison, Batman discovers a ferocious humanoid Crocodile like creature calling himself Killer Croc (Lester Speigh) aiding Black Mask. Tracking Black Mask and Loeb to the execution chamber, Black Mask states that he's starting a clean slate, of which Loeb is not a part.

Simultaneously releasing Calendar Man (Kevin Spacey) and killing Loeb in his place, Black Mask makes his escape while Killer Croc fights Batman. Defeating Croc, Batman threatens to throw him off a cliff while Croc mockingly explains that Black Mask has set up a contest of sorts inviting 8 of the world's top assassins to kill Batman in one night for a 50 million dollar bounty.

Escaping the GCPD as they retake the prison, Batman goes back to the Batcave to analyze the data with Alfred Pennyworth (John Cleese) from a drone he found in the prison and learns that including Croc there are a total of 8 assassins trying to kill Batman:

  • The cannibalistic hunter Killer Croc
  • The veteran mercenary Deathstroke (Stephen Lang)
  • The unrivaled marksman Deadshot (Colin Farrell)
  • The Spanish super soldier Bane (Derek Mears)
  • The unstable pyromaniac Firefly (Doug Jones)
  • The charismatic pit fighter Electrocutioner (Temuera Morrison)
  • The physically unmatched Lady Shiva (Kelly Hu)
  • And the venomously enigmatic Copperhead (Carla Gugino)


Michael Fassbender - Batman / Bruce Wayne

Vincent Cassell - The Joker / The Red Hood

Bryan Cranston - Detective James Gordon

John Cleese - Alfred Pennyworth

Derek Mears - Bane

Emma Stone - Barbara Gordon

Stephen Lang - Deathstroke / Slade Wilson

Doug Jones - Firefly / Garfield Lynns

Colin Farrell - Deadshot / Floyd Lawton

Carla Gucino - Copperhead

Temuera Morrison - Electrocucioner / Lester Putinsky

David Zayas - Bird

Lester Speigh - Killer Croc / Waylon Jones

Michael Madsen as Detective Harvey Bullock

Dominic Purcell as Howard Branden

Toby Jones - The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepott

Thomas Sangster - Anarky / Lonnie Machin

Peter Dinklage - The Mad Hatter / Jervis Teth

Charlize Theron - Tracey Buxton

Eva Mendez - Candy

Vincent Martella - Alberto Falcone

Hayley Atwell - Vicki Vale

Yvone Strahovsky - Dr. Harleen Quinzel

Brian Cox - Comissioner Gillian B. Loeb (cameo)

Sam Rockwell - Enigma / Edward Nashton (cameo)

Kevin Spacey - Calendar Man / Julian Day (cameo)

Jeffrey Tambor - Quincy Sharp (cameo)

Seth MacFarlane - Jack Ryder (cameo)

Oprah Winfrey - Amanda Waller (cameo)

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