Batman: Arkham Knight is a 2021 American superhero film and the last installment of the series. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, John Noble, and Adam Driver.


In 2045, Tim Drake (Mark Wahlberg) has became Batman but Gotham is attacked by Scarecrow (John Noble) who introduces a new villain called The Arkham Knight (Adam Driver).


The film starts with The Joker's (Mark Hamill) dead body being cremated at Gotham morgue. However, deep down, people must learn that Gotham is still not safe.

A few years later, everyone is horrified to hear that Bruce Wayne (Bruce Greenwood) has died of old age. An cop named Officer Owens (Vince Vaughan) is going to Paula's diner but a citizen (Ben Stiller) reports a smoker in the corner booth. He approaches the smoker but is attacked by him, being revealed to be a scarecrow henchman. The whole diner is under attack and Officer Owens tries to shoot them but is jumpscared and traumatized by one of them. (the main titles "Batman: Arkham Knight" later appear)

In the city, a broadcast reveals that Scarecrow (John Noble) survived that attack from the second film and is the one behind this terrorism. He plans on taking over Gotham with his Fear toxin and warns civilians to leave the city or else they will suffer. The city is now in panic.

At G.C.P.D., Mayor Gordon (Malcolm McDowell) calls in the new Batman: Tim Drake (Mark Wahlberg). They are told that Scarecrow has also made an evil army of villains and has bargained with Darkseid (voiced by Andy Serkis). They also have reports that A.C.E. chemicals is under attack. Tim agrees to take down Scarecrow.

At Scarecrow's base, Scarecrow recruits metahumans: a human insect named Drury Walker a.k.a. Killer Moth (Jason Spisak), a now mutated Garfield Lynns now calling himself Phosphorus (voiced by Crispin Freeman), Electrocutoner's cousin Jack Buchinsky (Steve Blum), an undead Mark Desmond now called Blockbuster (voiced by John DiMaggio), a street fighting assassin nicknamed Bronze Tiger (Kevin Hart), a cyborg technician named Noah Kutter a.k.a. Calculator (Domhnall Gleeson), and strong man with tusks that calls himself Tusk (voiced and portrayed by Kane). They also are assisted by Grant Wilson (Manu Bennett), Slade Wilson's son. However, they're visited by a mysterious vigilante known as Arkham Knight (voiced by Troy Baker) and he threatens anyone who tries to harm kids. He then gives them the heads of several gang members that he has killed but Slade Wilson's daughter Rose Wilson (Grey DeLisle) knows who the Arkham Knight is and has a bond with him. Scarecrow is insulted by this new vigilante and wants a bounty on the guy's head.

At ACE chemicals, Tim meets the Arkham Knight but doesn't know the reason of the vendetta. While trying to stop a meltdown, Tim gets infected with fear gas and now starts seeing hallucinations of the late supervillain The Joker (Willem Dafoe), much to his shock. Joker claims he'll always be around, even when he's dead. However, he is calmed down by Bruce's spirit. Tim gets over the hallucination and leaves ACE chemicals, which is now destroyed. He encounters his son John Drake (Emjay Anthony), the new Robin. However, the Electrocutioner arrives and tries to kill John. Arkham Knight arrives and he throws a poisonous senbon needle in the back of Electrocutioner's head, killing him. The heroes ask who is he but he decides to leave. However, he reveals that he knows their identities and is secretly someone from their past.

At Wayne tower, Lucius Fox (Samuel L. Jackson) is working on some projects for Tim Drake. However, the tower is attacked and Lucius only lets his son Luke Fox (John Boyega) escape while he is left to be caught in the destruction.

At the G.C.P.D., Scarecrow takes a dangerous weapon and kills Harvey Bullock (Kurt Russell) while James tries to stop him. Scarecrow aims the weapon at Barbara Gordon (Helena Bonham Carter), Tim's wife and James' daughter. However, James jumps in the way and is struck in the chest, mortally wounding him. Scarecrow kidnaps Barbara and knocks out Tim.

At the hospital, James has Tim promise to keep Barbara safe. Tim keeps this promise but James dies of the wound. Joker posthumously laughs but Tim stops him by telling him to shut up. Tim vows to avenge Gordon. They then hear that the villains are hiding out in a warehouse where Barbara is held captive. They get more heroes Katherine Kane a.k.a. Batwoman (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Fox a.k.a. Batwing. They also recruit Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash (John Wesley Shipp). However, the villains activated Apokolips' laser and destroys Queen Industries, killing Team Arrow.

At the warehouse, the new Firefly Ted Carson (Callen Mulvey) is hired to keep Barbara a hostage. However, Tim manages to destroy some enemy vehicles with the Battank's cannon, despite a few enemy's getting killed. He then fights the henchmen and kills a few. He then sees Carson aiming a flamethrower at Barbara and threating to kill her but he uses a shotgun to shoot the weapon's gasoline tank and grabs Barbara before jumping out a window while gasoline tank explodes, killing Carson. Outside, Batwing and Killer Moth have a sky battle but it ends with Moth getting hit by an boulder and falling down on the ground below before he is crushed to death by the boulder. They later leave but start mourning for the deaths of innocent people.

The next day, they make a funeral for the fallen.


(while trying to stop a meltdown, Tim sees The Joker)

  • The Joker: (smiling) "Hello Timmy."
  • Tim: (shocked) "Joker? It can't be."
  • The Joker: (laughing) "It is. I'll always be around. Even when I'm dead but be careful, only you can see and heard me."

(however, Joker gets punched by Bruce, who smiles at a shocked Tim)

  • Tim: (shocked) "Bruce."
  • Bruce: (smiling) "Hello Tim, look at you. So grown up."

(later, Tim encounters Arkham Knight)

  • Tim: "Who are you?"
  • Arkham Knight: "You have no idea, (unmasks himself) do you Tim?"

(Tim sees the J on his cheek and regonizes him)

  • Tim: (shocked) "Jason? But Joker killed you. We all saw it."
  • The Joker: (sheepish) "Okay, the truth is that he had a bullet-proof vest and I made a little lie but come on, he's became incredible."
  • Arkham Knight: (angry) "I trusted you. You were my brother. But you and the others BETRAYED ME AND LEFT ME TO DIE!"
  • Tim: "That's not what happened. Jason, we were saddened. We missed you. We never forgave Joker for what he did to you."
  • Arkham Knight: (pointing his gun) "Well, you know what I want? I want you dead."

(Tim smashes the mask and escapes. Later on a rooftop, Jason is wearing civilian clothes and is drinking but sees Joker, much to his anger)

  • Jason: (angry) "This is your fault, isn't it? You turned me against the ones I loved. You turned me into this."
  • Joker: (smirking) "You should be thanking me. I made you more better. You are now free to kill anyone you hate. In spite of everything you're doing to make up for it, they'll still hate you. Why bother saving them?"
  • Jason: (glaring) "Don't blame this on me. You're the reason I turned out like this. You killed Grandpa Tom and Grandma Martha, you abused Harley, you almost killed me, you crippled Barbara, you tortured Tim, and you exposed my father's identity to the world. I'm nothing like you. I don't hate John Blake because he wasn't born yet so he's never wronged me. I know your fear. You don't want to be forgotten. Well, guess what. F**k you Joker, you lose. We will never fear you again."

(Joker looks scared of this and disappears. Then Harvey Bullock's spirit arrives)

  • Bullock: (serious) "Nice job kid."
  • Jason: (confused) "Bullock, where's Joker?"
  • Bullock: (explaining) "Jason, the real Joker has been dead for 20 years. Your presumed death was avenged. We now know why you did this."
  • Jason: (shocked) "Joker is dead?"
  • Bullock: (nodding) "He is. However, it means your revenge was for nothing. (Jason felt guilt and remorse now but Bullock comforted him) Hey, it's not too late to be redeemed. You can still make this right."


  • Mark Wahlberg as Tim Drake/Batman - The Main Protagonist of the film.
  • John Noble as Johnathon Crane/Scarecrow - The Main Antagonist of the film.
  • Troy Baker as Jason Todd/Arkham Knight - The Titular Hero Antagonist of the film.
  • Willem Dafoe as The Joker - The Posthumous Antagonist of the film but appears as a hallucination. His new goal is to turn Tim into the new Joker.
  • John Boyega as Luke Fox/Batwing
  • Daisy Ridley as Kathy Kane/Batwoman
  • Oscar Issac as Richard Grayson/Nightwing
  • Jason Spisak as Drury Walker/Killer Moth - The Quarternary Antagonist of the film.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Mayor Jim Gordon
  • Crispin Freeman as the voice of Garfield Lynns/Phosphorus
  • Steven Blum as Jack Buchinsky/The Electrocutoner
  • John DiMaggio as the voice of Mark Desmond/Blockbuster
  • Kevin Hart as Bronze Tiger
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