Is a film in the Batman series.


Bruce Wayne has returned as Batman when a new threat comes to Gothom who is one of Bruce's fellow worker.  Edward Nigmya has created a tool that can solve memory loss by taking over the brain.  But when Bruce does not approve of the idea Edward is furious and will prove it to him by controling Gothom's most beloved hero batman.  While this is happening Harvy Dent is running for mayor of Gothom, but when Batman fails to save him when a fire breaks out in a building his face gets burned and is taken in by Edward and they partner up to get rid of Batman.


Hugh Jackman as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon

Micheal Caine as Alfred Pennyworth

Johnny Depp as Edward Nigmya/ The Riddler

Tommy Lee Jones as Harvy Dent/ Two-Face

Ron Pearlman as Basil Karlo/Clayface


Clayface appears at the end of the film and will be a villian in the next film.

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