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Batman. Dark Knight is a 2016 superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman, being the third cinematic reboot of the character. It is a British-American venture produced by DC Entertainment, Legendary Pictures and Syncopy, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is the third installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).The film is directed and written by Joe and Anthony Russo, and stars Michael Fassbender, Cameron Monaghan, Ben Kingsley and Michael Keaton. Batman. Dark Knight is a soft cinematic reboot of the Batman character, which doesn't follow the classic Batman formula, instead, already having stablished who Batman is, Bruce Wayne has indeed been the bat for around twenty years now. Now, the Dark Knight must confront a new mystery after a series of bank robberies and other crimes, encountering many of his Rogue's Gallery including the known Joker.


  • Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Ben Kingsley as Dr. Hugo Strange
  • Cameron Monaghan as the Joker
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Hayley Atwell as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/Riddler
  • James Ransone as Harvey Dent/Two Face
  • Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin
  • Willem Dafoe as Lazlo Valentin/Proffesor Pyg
  • J.K Simmons as Commisioner Gordon



The movie begins with a TV showing Superman battling Brainiac in the middle of Metropolis, the TV is turned off and we see billionaire Bruce Wayne, he gets up, holding a picture of his adoptive son, Jason Todd, he closes his fist hard and checks outside, the Batsignal is on. Bruce goes to a hallway, and puts his hand behind the portrait of his parents, flipping some switches and typing on a code, which reveals a hidden door in the middle of the wall. He walks through the door and down some stairs, and sees that Alfred was waiting for him downstairs, speaking about how if he feels sure about going on a mission, specially since today is the anniversary of Jason Todd's dead at the hands of the Joker's goons, who kidnapped him in the middle of Metropolis, as he went to save people from the crumbling buildings. Batman says he's ready, ignoring Alfred, he gets into the Batmobile and drives through the waterfall, driving towards the Bank that has been robbed. He finds Commissioner Gordon, who tells him the details, the robbers killed every single one of the people inside the bank, and that one of them is missing an arm and a leg, Batman inspects the body, noticing something sticking out of a bullet hole, he picks it up and its revealed to be a small crunched up piece of paper, after expanding it, the words "Miss me?". Batman immediately assumes it must be the Joker, who got arrested soonly after freeing his girlfriend Harley.

Batman drives over to Arkham, asking to see the Joker, after entering the supercriminal's cell, he proposes to play a game of domino, saying that he'll answer the detective's questions as he places a domino, a few questions after this, we get to see the Joker's stitched up, scarred face. He says that he knows nothing about this, but that he may be able to get contacts, Batman agrees and leaves, but he's stopped by the Joker, who asks him "how's Robin", Batman, enfuriated, picks up a Batarang and throws it half a milimeter above Joker's head, grunting, the Dark Knight leaves the scene, Batman notices a figure jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Catwoman, he gets out of the vehicle and grapple hooks his way to the cat burglar's location. And so a chase scene begins, where Catwoman tries to get rid of the Dark Knight by throwing smoke bombs at him, eventually, Batman traps Catwoman and starts interrogating her, she says that before she easily saw the robbers, they were all wearing chef hats/masks that covered their whole face, so Batman assumes. He lets her free and jumps back to the Batmobile, driving towards the Batcave, and seeing the Newspapers that have been left on people's doors: Superman saves three School Buses.

Meanwhile, Doctor Hugo Strange has been meeting up with Sal Maroni's gang, he gives him money and Maroni gives Strange slaves, which he then proceeds to experiment on in a cyrurgical room, Strange is called by his secretary, who tells him that tomorrow he has a meeting with Wayne Enterprises to discuss the new section of Arkham Asylum. Hugo agrees, and next morning, he arrives and meets up with Bruce Wayne, Hugo deduces that Bruce's actually Batman in merely seconds, but doesn't say it aloud. After this, Bruce goes to his manor to have dinner, then to the Batcave to investigate on the mysterious clue that Catwoman gave to him, while out, Alfred is ambushed by three men, all three of them wearing green masks with purple interrogation symbols, he manages to defend himself and the thugs run off, so he quickly goes downstairs to alert Bruce of this, to which he responds that it's probably Riddler's men, since Riddler deduced Batman's identity a long time ago but doesn't want to tell anyone, he isn't really surprised. Batman deduces that the chef masks means that they're Proffesor Pyg's men, a famous cannibal, he goes to his usual lair, a five stars restaurant that was once an old doll factory, Batman ravages in, beating all of Pyg's men away until arriving into the basement, Pyg's lair, the Proffesor performs his latest surgery on the newest Dollface, a bunch of Dollfaces go to attack Batman, but after finishing with most of them, he picks up Pyg and slams him against the wall to interrogate him. Pyg says that he knows nothing, and in punishment, Batman sends him to Arkham. Meanwhile, another robbery is committed and Batman goes to check it, finding several number '2s' sprayed on the wall, which is obviously Two-Face, he starts to get confused, a villain alliance, perhaps?

Next day, Bruce is blackmailed apparently by Penguin, who tells him to come meet him at the Iceberg Lounge at 22:30pm, however, he has a meeting at that hour, so he decides to pack the suit with him, faking that he has to go to the bathroom, he goes to his office, puts the suit on and jumps out of the window towards the Iceberg Lounge, he gets there and ravages into the Penguin's office but sees nothing, not even Oswald. Suddenly, the door closes and the TV is turned on, which shows the movie The Godfather, the movie Bruce went to see with his parents before they were killed, he breaks down into crying as the temperature of the room lowers, eventually, he has enough strength to break through the frozen door, finding Oswald about to enter the office, Oswald explains that he was out and that he didn't send Batman any letter, Batman, enfuriated, brutally beats down the Penguin and sends him to Arkham, in the middle of this, he is confronted by James Gordon, who tells him that he needs to stop arresting criminals just out of mere suspicions, Batman runs away towards the Batcave, he is surprised by Hugo Strange, who says that he deduced the Batman's identity, but that he won't tell anyone, infact, he will help the Bat with this mystery.

Next day, Two Face takes Bruce Wayne captive, saying that his new ally said that if he killed Bruce Wayne and robbed the bank, he'd be the King of Gotham, he flips his signature coin and aims the gun towards Bruce, but he defends himself and escapes the room. A chase scene breaks out, with Catwoman entering the scene to aid Bruce. Eventually, Two Face is defeated and Batman starts interrogating him, saying that his customer is infact Edward Nygma AKA the Riddler, and that he's hiding in the abandoned Ace Chemicals warehouse. Meanwhile, the Joker, Penguin and Pyg watch a parody of the Adam West TV show in their cells, talking eachother about how strange the 'figure' was to them.

He arrives in the Warehouse, the Riddler, knowing that Batman would come, he locks him in a room full of puzzles that he easily solves, Riddler prepares his latest mech, which he uses to fight against the Batman, however, after a quick defeat. Riddler says that his real boss is actually Sal Maroni before passing out, Batman takes Riddler to Arkham and goes to see Maroni (Paul Rudd), in his restaurant, after ending with his goons, but Maroni doesn't have an idea why, Batman deduces that Maroni was Riddler's boss, but not for something related to the bank robberies, no, he finds a note on Sal's desktop, with the message: If you're here, detective, you have failed. Still miss me?. Batman gives up on the case, going to the manor, defeated, he tells Hugo that their deal is over, since they can't find the culprit. After dressing up, Bruce goes to watch the TV, Batman is officially on the hunt, and if they find him, they'll arrest him for 90 years, he sees people complaining about Batman, children, an orphan. He goes to tell Alfred that Hugo is somewhat familiar to him, Alfred tells him that Hugo was actually Bruce's psychologist after the death of his parents, and then Bruce realizes. The robbers, the villains assembled, it was all part of Hugo's plan. Turn the Batman insane so he could easily control it, he knew he was Bruce Wayne, he had closer access to his mind. Not only had the doctor managed to almost break the bat, but he had actually manipulated all the other villains. Batman rushes towards Arkham, if Hugo had all the police department and Wayne enterprises with him, Batman needed a bigger army, to ally with his foes. He talks with the Joker about Hugo, and they agree to team up, Batman unlocks all the cells and he steps out of the asylum with his army of immates, technically lead by the Joker, Strange confronts him, surrounded by the entire GCPD, he tells the GCPD how Strange was the causant of all these robberies, he brainwashed people in order for them to do his dirty work, the GCPD doesn't believe Batman tho, and the Joker interrupts Batman's speech with the known 'Bad Day' Speech, to Hugo Strange, a fight breaks out between the two armies and the Clown Prince of Crime walks back into the crowd, vainishing away. Eventually, the immates win and Batman holds Strange hostage, forcing him to tell the truth, Hugo keeps reminding him about how if he kills him he'll be on the same level as his enemies, as the people who killed Jason. Batman keeps telling him to do it, threatening with breaking his skull, he confesses his crimes and the GCPD finally trusts the Bat Vigilante again, they put Hugo in Arkham. And Batman breaks into a speech of protection, of justice. The movie ends with Batman placing a picture of Jason down, smiling.

Mid-Credits Scene.

We see the Joker and Hugo in a cell together, they talk about how the plan didn't work, Joker starts laughing maniacally, he pulls out a knife and tears open his left arm, pulling out a bloody gun that he points at Strange, smiling and pulling the trigger. Joker and Strange had been working together all along.

Post-Credits Scene.

We see Alfred cleaning up the mess Riddler's men left in the manor, he finds Bruce with the Batman costume and asks him where he's going, to which he responds with "Strange might be behind bars now, but there's a bigger threat I need to take care of now." He jumps through the window and we see the Batsignal, it starts flickering and then reveals a firey Superman logo.

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