Bambi (The Enchanted Forest)

Bambi is a deer and the main protagonist of The Enchanted Forest series. He was best friends with Thumper the Rabbit Flower the Skunk and Jiminy Cricket. Bambi is also the son of The Great Stag.

Role in The Series

Bambi starts off as a fawn who went on a series of adventures with his friends. Along the way - He defends Faline from his nemesis Ronno. Bambi once met Simba and his pride after Bambi reunites with his lost little sister Agatha. Bambi tried to escape from Tod The Fox who starts off as his rival. But when Tod sees Bambi being sad and afraid of him - Tod reformed and became friends with the fawn. Jiminy helped Bambi escaped from Ronno's followers by taking a wild ride in a minecart. Bambi reunites with Faline. In the series finale - Bambi returned as an adult stag. He also reunites with Jiminy Thumper and Flower. During a fire accident in The Enchanted Forest - Bambi battled Ronno and defeated him. After Tod the Fox helped Bambi escaped from the fire - The Animals finished rebuilding their homeland. Bambi and Faline both have twin fawns.


  • In the series - Bambi was voiced by Michael Welch as a fawn.
  • Bambi was voiced by Mena Massoud as an adult in the series finale.
  • Bambi almost broke up with Faline twice. But after his adventures - He rescued her from Ronno. Faline won the heart of Bambi.
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