Balthazar Blake is a powerful sorcerer, and also the mentor of Raido, Tlob, and Charlotte. Balthazar Blake was one of the three apprentices taken on by Merlin, in an attempt to stop the evil witch Morgana le Fey, whom in present day, reborn as The Beast whom will summon Terrorcorpses, army of the dead that raised by forbidden spell known as The Rising.

He is the steampunk world counterpart of Merlinean of the same name .

Personality and Traits

Mr. Blake started off as a shady and eccentric sorcerer whom stated to always give off impression of being "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" wherever he go, but is actually a kind and gentle person. However, he is aloof in personality and tries to keep the Morganians' existence a mystery from the public, something that made his friend Inspector Jacques worry about his well-being.

Balthazar's attire was identical with the ones that he wore both in medieval times and modern era. His medieval outfits consists of grey hooded cloak, a dark gray leather vest that worn over long-sleeved chainmail armor, a belt, and brown pants and boots. His modern outfit on the other hand, consists of fedora hat, black shirt, brown vest, brown arm warmers, sleeveless gloves, black pants, and pointy shoes.

Weapons and Gadgets

Balthazar is very adept with usage of magical items, weapons, and artifacts. Known gadgets and weapons he had in his disposal are:
  • Swords (formerly): Balthazar was good in using swords, as he capable to parry sword attacks with other objects such as unicorn horn.
  • Charged Ring: Balthazar's catalyst of choice to cast his magic. Originally a regular magic ring, but now he has Mr. Phil recreated it into Charged Ring to regulate and control electromagnetic properties of channeled Mana so he won't cause electronics near him malfunction everytime he cast magic.

Powers and Abilities

As one of Merlin's apprentices, Balthazar is a sorcerer of the 777th degree, with centuries of experience and practice. This makes him highly powerful and skilled, expert in altering his surroundings and toying with the laws of physics to suit his needs. Like all sorcerers and maguses except from Merlin, his successor and Morgana, he needs a Magic Catalyst to channel his power; in his case his magic ring that have been recreated into his charged ring. Without it he is completely powerless as attempts to cast magic without it will strained him. In addition, he is a highly skilled swordsman and able to hold his own in physical brawl.

Magic Spells

  • Disperse Spell: Mr. Blake can stops all nearby spells and other magical activities from continuing.
  • Ectoplasm Trap: Mr. Blake can conjure a ball of ectoplasm energy to slow down the target. It's unknown whether he also used the spell as the booby trap.


  • Peak Human Physiology: Like other Sorcerers or Maguses, his enhanced brainpower, and physiology appeared to be supernaturally enhanced into the peak level beyond the normal humans'.
    • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Balthazar is shown being faster than normal humans as well as more agile.
    • Enhanced Durability: Even while not in his Dragonlord form, Balthazar can endure more physical harms than normal humans.
    • Enhanced Strength: Balthazar can apply practically tremendous superhuman force in his punches and kicks by using highly effective strength and muscle control when necessary.
      • Enhanced Leap: Due to his strength, Balthazar can jump higher than normal person. He can also jumped higher in his Dragonlord form as well.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Thanks to his supernaturally enhanced brain capacity, Balthazar is highly intelligent.
  • Swordmanship and Hand to Hand Combat Skills: Balthazar can hold his own in physical brawl and skillful in using swords.
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