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Ballenuku is a German-Italian-French-Canadian-Brazilian-Japanese-British-Australian-American TV Series.



  • Flinn The Ballenuku - The Main Hero
  • Binoa The Ballenuku - The Love Interest of Flinn
  • Xizero The Ballenuku - Flinn's Brother
  • Yuokda the Ballenuku - Evil Wicked Witch who is the Secondary Villain
  • Jabadorf the Ballenuku - The Main Villain


  • Henry Carmichael - Explore and Advneture to Resouce and Protected the Ballenukus
  • Mr.Kank Lindbergh - a Middle Aged Poacher to The Ballenukus
  • Lilly Macyong - the Girldfriend of Henry

Other Lifeforms

  • Pander the Gian Panda
  • Jaspario The Jasper
  • Whiskers - Mr.Kank Lindbergh's Pet Domestic Cat (Black and white Tabbby)
  • Corey McJohn the Corey Mc
  • Donnie the Asian Dylanus
  • Reddy The Red Panda