Balaur (SciiFii)
A Balaur californii (name meaning "California Balaur") is a species of paravian theropod dinosaur that originally lived from the late Cretaceous period in what is now Romania and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and now lives in the Asian Forest walkthrough exhibit (despite not being from Asia) in Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. Balaur californii is very similar in general appearance and is about the size of (small) Dromaeosaurs such as Velociraptor, but unlike Dromaeosaurs, it has two sickle-like claws, not just one, used for, not usually for catching small animals, but for climbing, and it largely herbivorous, feeding mainly on fruits, leaves, cycads, ferns, and horsetails, only feeding on small lizards and small mammals occasionally. It is a solitary animal in most of its time, but during mating seasons, the males often look for mates and do their mating dances to attract mates. The eggs of Balaur californii are laid around 2 months after being laid, the eggs hatch about 1-2 months after being laid, and the hatchlings are cared for by their mothers until they're sub-adults, when they must fend for themselves.
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