Bad Po is the main antagonist of Pandas! The Movie. He is voiced by Jeremy Irons, who voiced Scar in The Lion King.

He is the evil counterpart of Good Po, like the original series.


Bad Po is bloodthirsty, scheming, threatening, rude, carnivorous, murderous, physical, sneaky, powerful, determented, abusive, bad-tempered, violent, stubborn, heartless, hated, bully, mean-tempered and power-hungry.

He is also hardline, treacherous, manipulative and no-nonsense, yet he is similar to Kerchak. But unlike Kerchak, he uses death threats and shows abuse due to his grumpy nature towards Shifu and Toothless. He, like Tai Lung, he wanted the scroll.

He is also paranoid, mean, sadistic, powerful, aggressive, kind, cold, judgmental, caring, strong, mighty, stern, fatherly, stubborn, strict, Prejudicial, contemptuous, argumentative, short-tempered, curmudgeonly, persuasive, stubborn, tyrannical, blameworthy, manipulative, imperialistic, uncompromising, materialistic, treacherous, diabolical, sarcastic, uncaring, greedy, cruel, mean, gruff, cold-hearted, arrogant, stony-hearted, devilish, hateful, sardonic, ruthless, pitiless, ungrateful, Arrogant, selfish, snobbish, unfair, aggressive, cocky, naive, competitive, cheater, mean, rude, uncaring, boastful, overconfident, annoying, deceitful, dishonest, envious, selfish, arrogant, merciless and verbally, hoping to kill Shifu and take over the throne.

He is showing no remorse after he impaled Shifu with a chopsticks, he pretended to cry at Shifu’s funeral while the animals and mammals began to sob over the loss of a master. Like Kron, he ignores Tigress’ attitude and also, like Scar, tells her to stop being so selfish,

He is vicious and he wants the "rats and brats out of the picture". He is sarcastic and powerful and he makes an offensive yet disrespectful comment about Viper’s mother and also insults Pythor by calling him a lizard with he is actually a snake and also snakes aren’t related to dinosaurs. he is threatening to murdered the dragons.

He is insult Astrid when she is alone, during the final battle, he draws his claws in the fight. He hopes to draw Shifu’s blood during the battle, which, unfortunately, he catches Shifu, giving a small cut on his fur. During the fight with Toothless which is similar to Simba and Scar, he draws Toothless’ blood before he knocks him down.

He tumbled down the edge, right after Toothless sends him flying like Simba did to Scar.


Unlike Good Po, he is evil, but unlike the original show, he doesn't have shorts, he had a scar on his eye and a red eyes yet he has green eyes. He has a long sharp claws are look like a sloth and a sharp fangs which resembles a dagger and a knife

Like Scar, he is a excellent fight and he is vindictive like Phango. His teeth is more sharper than Scar’s.

Role in the film


  • Bad Po shares similarities to Scar from The Lion King, which both are villains and both characters are voiced by Jeremy Irons.
  • In the original film, he was voiced by Jeremy Irons, who also played Simon Gruber in Die Hard with a Vengeance, Profion in Dungeons & Dragons, Alan Rikkin in Assassin's Creed, Rodrigo Borgia in The Borgias, and Ozymandias in the HBO series Watchmen.
  • Bad Po also shares similarities to his original self in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, but even more evil than the show. He is also similar to Shere Khan from Mowgli, Phango from Khumba, Captain Gutt from Ice Age, Scroop from Treasure Planet, Budzo from Zambezia, Rudy and Soto from the Ice Age film series.
  • The fight between Shifu and Po is similar to the scene where Shifu and Tai Lung fighted.
  • Although, he is similar to Kron, he is more and more worse than Kron. He is similar to the LA version of Scar from the 2019 LA remake of The Lion King.
  • When Bad Po is sitting on his throne, a bone skull is behind the throne, implying that Po murdered an animal.
  • His actions and demeanor is similar to that of Scar, Kerchak, Niju, Sir Trenton and Scroop.
  • In international versions of Pandas! The Movie, Bad Po is played in the French version by Vincent Cassel, in Italian version, he is played by the Italian actor who played Scroop.
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