Bad News Neighbor is about a middle class family that move to a really nice house that is normally a lot of money. But when the streets houses go so cheap they decide to move in. The only thing they did not get is why the people moved out, but they found out the hard way with their crazy positive energetic neighbor and his family make their new house seem like a bad deal.


  • Hal Sparks-Rob Denny
  • John Stamos- Mark Wilson
  • TBA-Patty Denny
  • TBA- Michelle Wilson


  • Episode 1- "Bad News Neighbor"
  • Episode 2- "Dinner For 4"
  • Episode 3- "Sleep Thera-pee"
  • Episode 4- "Morning Rush"
  • Episode 5- " Gary The Stable Guy"
  • Episode 6- " For Sale"
  • Episode 7- " The #"
  • Episode 8- "Bad News Trick or Treaters"
  • Episode 9-25 TBA
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