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Bad is a 2011 American Horror-Thriller-Slasher Film Starring Odette Annabelle, Briana Evigan, Shawn Ashmore, Tyler Mane, Columbus Short, Katie Cassidy, Cam Gigandet, Drew Roy And Jessica Stroup.


A group of people get kidnapped for doing something bad, Now Graham (Tyler Mane) puts them in a life or death situation and they have to listen to him. Will they be able to survive?


Odette Annabelle as Ellie- She is kidnapped because she drank a lot of acohol and didn't want to get help.

Briana Evigan as Dani- She is kidnapped because she did a lot of drugs, got arrested but she was then released.

Shawn Ashmore as Ben- He is kidnapped because he was drunk and his son drowned in the pool while he was drunk.

Tyler Mane as Graham/ The Kidnapper/Killer

Columbus Short as Andrew- He is kidnapped because while he was drinking and driving he ran over a 5 year old boy and left before he was caught by the police.

Katie Cassidy as Alexis- She is kidnapped because she stole a lot of drugs.

Cam Gigandet as Matt- He is kidnapped because he sold weed on the streets.

Drew Roy as Dean- He is kidnapped because he raped a 16 year old girl and ran before the police could find out who raped her.

Jessica Stroup as Brianna- She is kidnapped because she bought a lot of drugs and kept them in her house.


Dean- Stabbed in the heart by Graham

Matt- Head impaled thru wall

Brianna- Hanged with Alexis

Alexis- Hanged with Brianna

Dani- Skinned with suture and gutted

Graham- Hanged and Gutted