Theatrical release poster
Bacteria vs. Cells
Directed by Ron Howard
Produced by Penney Finkelman Cox
Brian Grazer
Written by
Screenplay by Ed Naha
Tom Schulman
Story by Stuart Gordon
Brian Yuzna
Based on
Starring Rick Moranis
Bobcat Goldthwait
Jo Anne Worley
Dave Thomas
Music by William Ross
Cinematography Hiro Narita
Editing by Michael A. Stevenson
Production company(s) Michael Shires Pictures
Imagine Entertainment
Silver Studio Parents IV
Distributor Pentagon Pictures
Release date(s) June 16, 1989
Running time 104 minutes
Language English
Budget $18 million
Gross revenue $222.7 million
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Bacteria vs. Cells is a 1989 American film produced by Imagine Entertainment and Michael Shires Pictures released on June 16, 1989 by Pentagon Pictures.




  • Although this movie was rated PG-13 in the United States, it was rated PG in the United Kingdom.


  • Bacteria vs. Cells was released theatrically on June 16, 1989 in the United States and Canada and June 15, 1990 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


  • The project was brought to Shires Studios by Brian Yuzna.

Home video releases:


  • Bacteria vs. Cells


  • Bacteria vs. Cells


  • Bacteria vs. Cells
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