Babylon 1 is an Australian/American science-fiction-fantasy television series created by Jason Holt of Hunters, starring Christopher Heyerdahl, Eliza Dushku, Eddie McClintock, and Brea Grant. It ran from June 14, 2007 until June 12, 2011, for a total of five seasons. The shows' first season aired on June 14, 2007, and was renewed for a second season. The second series aired on August 3, 2008 on Sci-Fi, returning to its 9:30 PM slot-time. It was renewed for a third season for 2009, and aired on July 2, 2009 at 9:30 PM, holding its same slot-time since 2007.

Following the well-received third season, Sci-Fi commissioned the show for a fourth season, which, according to creators, will end in a two-hour movie. Jason Holt has said that 2010 will see the sixth and final season of Hunters (TV series) and a major concentration on Babylon 1 and its fourth season. The fourth season aired on May 4, 2010, and the first part of the series finale aired on July 3, 2010. The fourth series concluded on July 11, 2010, and rumours of either a fifth season or feature length film circulated. A three part mini-series, titled Babylon 1: Stoker Chronicles aired between April 5–19, 2008, detailing Stoker's activities before the events of season one.

The show was renewed for a fifth season, and the first episode aired on March 20, 2011, with the entire cast and crew returning. The final episode of the fifth season aired on June 12, 2011. It was announced the day before that it would be the series finale.


After the success of Jason Holt and Renon Schaefer's TV series Hunters, they began production of a new show in early 2007. Holt had penned a script whilst working on Hunter's second season, originally titled Babylonia. The two opted the script to producers, but it underwent several changes before becoming the initial pilot of Babylon 1. Christopher Heyerdahl received a script from the creators, who were impressed by his previous roles. Tony Curry, from such roles as Underworld: Evolution, was also opted for the role of Dr. Jacob Harker. Actor Eddie McClintock went for the role of Luke Cosgrove, but creators felt he was suited to Dominic Williams. He was the first to be cast in the show, and Christopher Heyerdahl was cast in the main role as Jacob Harker. The role of Amanda went through several actresses, until Eliza Dushku was finally cast.

Plot summary

Babylon 1 follows the exploits of Dr. Jacob Harker, and his team (his assistant and head science officer Amanda Smith, head of security and computers Luke Cosgrove, head of medical Dominic Williams, his niece Claire Cambridge and the Supernatural Brayanir) in their effort to further study the rift between Earth and the world of the Supernaturals, without alerting the enemy or the public. Twenty years earlier Jacob worked with his former assosciate James Stoker in an effort to find the rift, but they parted ways. Stoker returns in season one eager for revenge, because Harker did not share his discovery with James Stoker. After Harker kills him he is presumed dead, but in season two he returns after injecting himself with the blood of Supernatural that can resurrect itself, and kills Claire's parents. After a confrontation between Harker and Stoker, Stoker is killed again, and Harker sacrifices himself to protect Earth and Earth 2. His daughter Alice takes control of Babylon 1's operation, until in season three the team resurrect Harker. The third season also introduces Harker's former mentor, and later revealed father, Charles Starkley. Season three results in a climactic battle between Harker and his father, ending in Starkley's eventual suicide.

Babylon 1 team becomes entwined with a new threat shortly after, involving the strange parasitic called the Mind and it's connection to the heart if Earth 2. Amanda and Luke's daughter Sarah is born, and soon after the team capture the Mind as it wreaks havoc. Harker learns of the Mind and it's connection to the heart of Earth 2 from the Chalai. As he returns the team destroy the Mind and unwittingly unleash the Voidlord Sabatgoth.


  • Doctor Jacob Harker (Christopher Heyerdahl) - The leader of the team at Babylon 1, Harker is a scientist who ha studied the supposed link between worlds for over twenty years. He and his friend James Stoker almost achieved what they had endeavoured for, but failed. Harker has a sister, Anna, Claire's mother, who is murdered by Stoker along with her husband Jonathan in season two, to provoke Jacob further. Unlike everyone else in his team Harker does not bother with romantic interest, although his wife Sarah briefly appeared before being murdered. He is the father of Alice, and godfather of Sarah Cosgrove.
  • Amanda Smith (Eliza Dushku) - Amanda joined Harker's team five years earlier to the events of season one, and acts as his assistant and head science officer. Amanda is headstrong, and has training in combat for the more dangerous missions. She has feelings for Luke Cosgrove, and they appear to be dating in season two, much to Harker's amusement. At the beginning of season four Amanda gives birth to her and Luke's daughter, which they name Sarah after Harker's wife.
  • Luke Cosgrove - Luke is the head of security at Babylon 1, and is a genius in computers. He acts as the repairman at Babylon 1 as well as head of security. Luke is often timid, and would rather do the technical side of things rather than the shooting side. He has feelings for Amanda Smith, and confesses at the end of season one.
  • Dominic Williams (Eddie McClintock) - Dom is the medical officer at Babylon 1, and has mastered the technique of "power-transfusion", the process of injecting a Supernatural's blood and adopting its powers for a temporary amount of time. He is not the only one however, as James Stoker opened a rift himself, smaller than the one at Babylon 1 but big enough for Supernaturals to pass through. He drains the blood entirely, where as Dom takes a few drops for his experiments.
  • Brayanir nar'Brayleshi - Brayanir is a type of Supernatural called a Brayleshi, a humanoid with a bestial appearance and enhanced strength and reflexes, but like the Wookies, according to Dominic Williams. Brayanir speaks usually in short sentences, followed by grunts. He finds himself attracted to Claire, but finds out that it is just an infatuation stage of his species.
  • Claire Cambridge (Brea Grant) - Claire is Harker's niece, the twenty-year old daughter of his sister Anna. She joins the team after both her parents are murdered, later to be revealed as by Stoker. At first she is quiet, but begins to find a place at Babylon 1 and befriends the others.
  • Alice Harker - Alice is Harker's 15 year old daughter, presumed dead when she was an infant. She some how survived, and joins her father's side. On Alice's birth certificate it reads Alice Sarah Edwards, Harker's wife Sarah's maiden name.
  • Sarah Harker-Edwards - Harker's wife, also presumed dead. He is reunited with her, but she is killed by Gauntlet operatives shortly after. Her fate remains unknown.
  • Charles Starkley - Harker's former mentor, and later revealed as his father also. Harker's mother Mary was married to her husband John, who Harker had presumed to be his father, but Starkley had an affair with his mother and instead of John being his father Starkley was. Starkley commits suicide at the end of season three after realises what he has done to everyone, becoming a man he never was. He was the biological grandfather of Alice.
  • James Stoker - A former friend and assosciate of Harker, he worked with him twenty years ago to find the link between worlds. When they failed they went their separate ways, Stoker travelled across the world following sightings, and Harker continued his work, hoping for success. After discovering Harker's success, James is angered by his neglect of his friend, and by the fact he didn't contact him. He tries to seize control of Babylon 1 in season one, and Harker supposedly kills him. He returns however, killing Claire's parents, opening a rift of his own and beginning to drain the blood of Supernaturals, using their powers to his advantage.
  • Khadeshirr - Khadeshirr is the leader of the Chalai, who are at first enemies of Babylon 1 before becoming their allies. Khadeshirr appears in season four he helps Harker understand the heart and the Host's connection.
  • Governor Richard Dreynard - Governor Dreynard is a US governor who petitions to shut down Babylon 1, and succeeds in Season 4. He is being controlled by a parasitic mind Supernatural Dominic calls the "Mind", and it is somewhat linked to whatever is at the heart of Earth 2.
  • Sabatgoth, the Voidlord - Almost like Earth 2's equivalent of Satan, Sabatgoth was chained to the heart of Earth 2 by the now gone higher races.

Episodes (2007-2010)

Season One (2007)

  • Immigrants: There exists a world beyond ours, a world where the physically and mentally enhanced Supernaturals exist. When Doctor Jacob Harker and his team discover a link between our world and the world of the Supernaturals, the laws of thousands of years no longer apply to the dozens of Supernatural immigrants.
  • Earth 2: When Doctor Harker’s operations are uncovered by the F.B.I, he must answer to the higher law and journeys to Washington. Amanda and Luke try to connect with the Supernaturals now refuge at Babylon 1. Meanwhile Dominic begins to explore the Supernatural technology brought over from “Earth 2”.
  • Infection: When a new breed of Supernaturals, called the Chalai infiltrate Babylon 1 and begin to infect the residence, it is up to Amanda and the others to stop them after Harker becomes infected with their virus. Meanwhile the Supernatural Brayanir befriends Dominic and assists him in flushing out the Chalai infection.
  • Morphing: Harker welcomes Brayanir officially as part of the team, while a rift in the link causes the deaths of many Supernaturals on Earth. Meanwhile a shape shifting Supernatural works against the Babylon 1 team and begins to destroy systems all across the base.
  • History: Harker realises he is the descendent of Jonathan Harker, the same man who fought Dracula, and as vampiric Supernaturals flood through the rift he must rely on his knowledge to combat them.
  • The Siege: The Chalai arrive through the rift again in greater numbers, intent on transporting all Supernaturals back to their world. When Harker refuses they declare war and begin to besiege Babylon 1 from the inside out.
  • Operation Unknown: After narrowly escaping the Chalai again, Harker and the team embark on a mission into the other world in an effort to stop the Chalai once and for all. But upon arriving all the humans become affected by a Chalai virus and Brayanir must find a way to save them.
  • Reasoning: After being taken to the Chalai leader Khadeshirr, Harker tries to reason with the Supernatural’s side of compassion. Meanwhile Dominic, Luke and Amanda try to override the core of the Chalai infection.
  • Alliance: Harker strikes up an agreement with the Chalai that every month three of their kind may enter Earth on the accordance that they do not harm any humans or other Supernaturals. Meanwhile back on Earth the government have overrun Babylon 1 and confined all Supernaturals, including Brayanir.
  • Captive: With the help of the Chalai, Harker and the team mount a covert effort to retake Babylon 1 without directly alerting the government. Using the Chalai’s unique camouflage abilities, they fight their way to the command centre and Harker meets with his past.
  • Past, Present, Future: Harker’s old nemesis, James Stoker kidnaps him and orders the execution of all other life forms at Babylon 1. Using a serum taken from the blood of a time-travelling Supernatural, he forces Harker to relieve his past’s most horrible moments in an effort to find out about the Babylon 1 operation.
  • No Surrender: After escaping James Stoker, Harker hurries back to Babylon 1 and attempts to rendezvous with the others. Meanwhile Stoker mounts a full scale assault on Babylon 1 with the aid of the army, claiming that the team are breaking the law by harbouring illegal immigrants.
  • Desperation: Upon breaching Babylon 1 Stoker and his army enter the base and begin to confine all Supernaturals, until Brayanir fights back with more of his species, called the Brayleshi. Growing impatient Stoker threatens to destroy the entire base unless Harker surrenders.
  • Stoker: Armed with an unstable weapon developed by the Chalai, Harker seemingly surrenders himself to the enemy. But after being taken he unleashes his rage upon Stoker and faces his rival.
  • Incarceration: With no escape Harker is arrested for the murder of James Stoker and taken to a high security prison, where he awaits trial. But he soon realises that the entire government is working against him and Babylon 1.
  • Awakening: After taking a sample of Supernatural blood, Harker develops abilities and escapes the prison, heading back to Babylon 1 to help the others. But he soon begins to manifest bestial tendances and the others must confine him until the blood wears off.
  • Manifestation: When Harker fails to flush out the Supernatural blood, the others have no other choice but to oblige his wish, to destroy the enemy. As the blood causes him to lose all control, he unleashes his power against General Victor Hart, the man behind the entire operation.
  • Endgame: With the enemy eliminated, Harker begins to recover from the Supernatural blood and things begin to calm down. Meanwhile Brayanir aids his species after the nocturnal Semperata begin to kill off the Brayleshi.
  • Day 100: As Harker’s superior, Colonel Leonard Delaney visits Babylon 1 and is shown around. After a Supernatural attacks him however, the team must find the culprit and stop it before it does any more damage.
  • Horizon: When a Brayleshi enters labour, Dominic must deliver the first Supernatural born on Earth. Meanwhile Amanda confesses her feelings for Luke, with some unexpected consequences.

Season Two (2008)

  • The New Kid: Harker’s niece Claire joins the team as secondary science officer under Dominic; and Harker does some reading and learns more about his family history. Meanwhile Brayanir and Luke deal with a rogue Supernatural in the supply dock.
  • Instinct: On a reconnaissance mission to the other world, the team begins to feel the sexual tension and Brayanir confesses to Dominic that he has feelings for Claire. Meanwhile the team must also deal with a Supernatural that feeds off lust.
  • Hunt: After receiving advanced combat training from Harker’s super-computer, Claire feels she is ready for the next challenge, using a gun. Meanwhile Dominic struggles to isolate another deadly virus in the air system of Babylon 1.
  • Knock Out: On a mission to the other world the team discovers a Supernatural arena run by the rebel Chalai Xotlaz, who captures the team and pits them against deadly Supernaturals. Meanwhile Dominic continues to search for the source of the new virus.
  • Virus: After discovering that the cause of the new virus is a massive bio-chemical Supernatural, the team embark to decimate it. Meanwhile Harker keeps having revelations involving the deaths of Claire’s parents and Stoker.
  • Envy: Receiving a supposed distress signal from an abandoned warehouse, the team set out to investigate. But when they arrive they are separated, and Harker comes face to face with an enemy he thought to be long-dead.
  • Envy (Part Two) : After discovering Stoker’s method of fully draining Supernaturals for their abilities and his responsibility for the deaths of Claire’s parents, Harker becomes hellbent on killing him again.
  • Decay: Stoker captures a Supernatural with the ability to touch anything and cause it to decay, and uses its powers on himself. After killing several Babylon 1 scientists as he enters the base, he demands Harker give him the serum that will render his powers permanent, or he will kill Claire the same way he did her parents.
  • Reverse Biology: : After swapping the serum with one than causes the Supernatural DNA to work against the body, Harker seemingly hands it over, convincing Stoker it’s the real thing. After he injects himself in desperation, he himself begins to decay. In his dying breathe he tells Stoker that his wife is still alive, and so is his daughter.
  • The Search: After learning his wife and daughter may yet be alive, Harker entrusts command to Amanda and heads to where he believes they may be. Meanwhile Colonel Delaney returns for a routine check-up, and is not impressed by Harker’s absence.
  • Severance: Finally finding his wife Sarah in a remote part of the world, seemingly survived, she and Harker search for their daughter. But when soldiers from the eerie Gauntlet arrive they destroy Harker’s hopes and kill Sarah.
  • The Gauntlet Crashes Down: Abducted by the Gauntlet organisation, who seem to know a lot about the Babylon 1 operation, Harker is taken to their underground base and interrogated by a Gauntlet-controlled Brayleshi.
  • The Gauntlet Crashes Down (Part Two) : Secretly activating his distress signal, Harker lets the Gauntlet imprison him and waits for the others. After they arrive at the Gauntlet’s base, violence ensues and Harker tries to escape in the chaos.
  • Daughter: Harker meets a 15 year old girl who looks like his daughter Alice, but his memories of her cannot unlock. Meanwhile the others search for Gauntlet HQ in Antarctica.
  • Alice: After undergoing the extremely dangerous procedure to unlock his blocked memories, Harker is finally reunited with his daughter, but suffers a massive seizure soon after. While in a half-conscious state his premonitions involving Stoker return.
  • The Colonel Is In Town: After learning of Babylon 1’s hectic situation, Colonel Delaney returns to help sort things out. After awaking from his coma Harker has no memory of anyone or anything involving Babylon 1.
  • This Your Life: The others decide to use an untested computer program designed by Dominic to try to restore Harker’s memory. Meanwhile Claire feels confronted by her newcomer cousin, who is receiving all the attention.
  • This Is Your Life (Part Two) : Harker recovers seemingly with his memory, and then shoots Alice. The others confine him and learn that someone has imprinted the order to kill her in his mind. As Alice’s state reaches critical the team must decide whether to save her or Harker.
  • The Sacrifice: Harker willingly attaches one of Stoker’s absorption machines to himself to supply enough blood to heal Alice. Meanwhile Brayanir’s aggression heightens due to a cycle of his species.
  • Saying Goodbye: Harker releases the machine and as the rift reaches critical impact he throws himself into the vortex to save Babylon 1, Earth and Earth 2 from utter implosion. Meanwhile Amanda, after taking some time off, discovers she is pregnant.

Season Three (2009)

  • Life After Death (Part One) : The Babylon 1 team adjust to life without Harker, and Amanda announces she is pregnant. Meanwhile Alice, still weak from her wounds, repairs much of her father’s work and takes leadership of Babylon 1.
  • Life After Death (Part Two) : After finding a breakthrough in Harker’s designs, Alice carries out an experiment to determine if his theory is right. Meanwhile Luke and Brayanir enter the roles of police investigators after a file regarding a seemingly perfect bank heist enters their hands.
  • Discoveries: Trying the track down the thieves who have injected themselves with the DNA of a Supernatural species with heightened agility and speed, Luke and Brayanir head to the gritty underground of the city. Meanwhile Alice injects herself with a potentially life-threatening Supernatural DNA sample.
  • Breakthrough: Alice solves the problem in her father’s design, and Luke and Brayanir confront the thieves. Meanwhile Dominic and Claire design a serum that heals rapidly to help the many wounded Supernaturals recover.
  • The Sins of the Father: After receiving a call from an anonymous man regarding Harker’s work, Alice and Luke head to the city to meet with him. Meanwhile Brayanir confronts Dominic, convinced he is “stealing” Claire.
  • The Sins of the Father (Part Two) : Alice meets the man who seems to know a lot about Harker, and he reveals himself to be Charles Starkley, a man who mentored Harker and injected himself with DNA of an immortal Supernatural fifty years ago. He reveals that Harker was going to undergo a procedure on Alice when she was a child to test his theory, but Starkley stopped him.
  • Possibilities: Learning of Harker’s death, Starkley journeys back to Babylon 1 with Alice and believes he may yet be saved. Meanwhile Luke begins to realise the complications of being a father, while Brayanir and Dominic help a Brayleshi who cannot compete in a tribal duel because of his injured arm.
  • Return: After collecting the tiny particles left of Harker, Starkley uses his genetic machine to attempt to clone Harker with his remnants. Meanwhile Amanda meets with Colonel Delaney to discuss the future of Babylon 1 with the absence of Harker.
  • The Veil: Starkley’s efforts prove successful and Harker is reborn. However during the ensuing celebrations, he kidnaps Alice and attempts to take some of her blood as he believes she has heightened intelligence inherited from her father’s many experiments with Supernatural DNA.
  • Deception: Harker reveals the truth to Alice that he did not try to experiment on her, that it was Starkley who was responsible. Meanwhile Starkley blackmails Harker to reveal his secret to the permanency of Supernatural abilities.
  • No Way Out: After escaping Harker’s grasp, Starkley forces Babylon 1 into lockdown and heads to the lab to claim the serum. Meanwhile the others work a case involving a peculiar murder.
  • The Isolation Room: Unable to get inside, the others try desperately to save Harker and Alice, who are trapped by Starkley in lockdown. He says that unless Harker gives up his secret than everything he holds dear with die.
  • Rescue: Using Brayanir to force a way in, the team set about a game of cat and mouse with Starkley as he leaves to find them. Alice rescues Harker, and they try to reverse Starkley’s damage.
  • Stillbirth: Learning of Amanda’s pregnancy, Starkley captures her and injects her with a serum that will kill the baby. Meanwhile the others search relentlessly for a way to save Babylon 1 and the entire operation.
  • Curiosities: After Amanda’s baby instead develops Supernatural abilities, Starkley decides to remove it prematurely for study. But when Harker finally finds him he comes face to face with his mislead and corrupted former mentor.
  • Versus: Injecting both himself and Harker with a hallucigenic serum that causes both men to think they are in an alternate reality, Starkley pits his old protégé against him in a fight to the death. Meanwhile in reality the others struggle to awake the men from their trance.
  • Father of Mine: Rendering Harker helpless and unable to attack him, Starkley reveals to him that he is his father, therefore a descendent of Jonathan Harker also. He tells “his son” that after learning about Earth 2 and et cetera that he was a changed man, and had to have some of world in his palm.
  • Father of Mine (Part Two) : Still unconvinced that Starkley is his father; Harker has him undergo a DNA test while he is tied to a chair. When the results come out positive, Harker is faced with an impossible decision.
  • Eclipse: Freeing Harker, Starkley reveals all he wanted was for the boy to accept that he was his father, and leaves with Amanda at gunpoint. Trying to track him, the team have no success and must wait for a sign.
  • Endgame: Harker refuses to come to terms that Starkley is his father, and as a result Amanda nearly loses her life. Starkley says he will stop when Harker calls him father, and when his demand is made, Starkley turns the gun on himself.

Season Four (2010)

  • Restoration: After the events beforehand, the Babylon Team set about restoring everything. Meanwhile Amanda and Luke's child may be arriving sooner than anticipated, and what powers will it possess?
  • At The Heart of Everything: The team embark on a dangerous mission to the center of Earth 2, where something is growing...
  • Rising: The team discover a malevolent force growing at the heart of Earth 2, that could threaten that world and all others. Meanwhile Senator Richard Dreynard petitions for the Babylon 1 project to be terminated.
  • Harrowed: After returning to Babylon 1 to find a way to stop the malevolent force on Earth 2, the team finds themselves surrounded by US government troops, and Dreynard presents Harker with a document permitted the government to shut down the operation.
  • D-Day: Harker and the others are arrested by the government, and Brayanir is brought to a government lab for study. Meanwhile Harker plans to unmask the being masquerading as Dreynard.
  • Parasite: Harker discovers the truth about Dreynard, that a strange parasitic Supernatural is controlling him via his brain, and fights to unmask him and his plans.
  • Confession: Amanda and Luke finally have their child, which they name after Harker's late wife. Meanwhile Harker learns some shocking truths.
  • Destroyer of Worlds: As the signs impend upon Babylon 1 the Mind establishes contact with the heart of Earth 2, and chaos begins.
  • Recon: Harker travels to the heart of Earth 2 in an attempt to discover the truth. Meanwhile the Host manifests inside Dreynard, and massacres Senate in a bid to cause chaos.
  • Oblivion: As the rest of the team tries to maintain the spreading chaos of the Host, Harker enlists the help of the Chalai, who's history details the strange link between the Host and the heart and the chaos it will cause.
  • Reap What You Sow: Containing the Host at Babylon 1, the team carry out experiments to determine its origin and et cetera. Meanwhile Harker begins to learn the impending prophecy involving the heart of Earth 2.
  • Paradigm: The team manage to destroy the Host, but unwittingly release the heart's soul unto the universe. The Sabatgoth, an ancient creature bound to the heart of Earth 2 centuries ago. As the Sabatgoth carves a void between worlds, the team face their most deadly adversary.
  • Babylon 1: Voidlord Part I: In the first part if the film length season finale, the Babylon 1 team struggle to find a way to destroy Sabatgoth.
  • Babylon 1: Voidlord Part II: With both worlds threatened by Sabatgoth, the Babylon team struggle to find a way to defeat the Voidlord and save both worlds, and the whole of existence.
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