This is a list of productions in the Baby Einstein franchise.


  1. Baby Einstein
  2. Everybody's Wondering
  3. Baby Einstein's Fun
  4. Baby's Relaxing
  5. Baby's Experience
  6. Baby's Fun Time
  7. Baby's Learning
  8. Baby's Firsts
  9. Baby's Education
  10. Baby's Variety

Spinoffs and Specials

  • Little Einsteins: An animated spinoff series that has a completely different cast.
  • Einstein Pals: A special which tells the stories of 10 animals, none of whom are from the 10 videos.
  • Baby Einstein Finale: The last video features all the puppets from all 10 videos and their hijinks, all the toys, and a lot of classical music. Some stock footage from the videos is recycled. Markie Scholz from the end of Everybody's Wondering is shown conversing with the puppets in the credits of the video, as well as the kids from all the videos playing and interacting with their parents (which is similar to how they are shown playing at the end of the 10 videos), especially Sierra and Aspen Clark from the end of Baby Einstein (the first video) having a moment with their parents, Julie-Aigner Clark, who created the series, and Bill Clark, who introduced the videos with Julie. After that comes a timeline, and then it cuts to the kids and their parents saying "Goodbye!". Then the camera zooms in on a box, and then Madeline Pluto from the end of Everybody's Wondering pops out of the box, starts giggling, plays peekaboo, and says "Bye bye!" as her mother picks her up and her father watches in awe, and the video ends.
  • Baby Einstein Adventures: A series that features the same cast as the videos (Every character from them appears), but is more action oriented and is aimed at an older audience. The pilot episode involves Madeline Pluto suddenly disappearing in the middle of the night and her parents, her babysitter Jill, the puppets, Markie Scholz (as well as her grandson Mark Scholz, who she raises as a result of the death of his parents from illness and childbirth and is deeply in love with Madeline Pluto, along with his friends from school, two of who, Samantha Allison and Jamie Wilson, view Madeline Pluto as cute), the other kids, and their parents have to find clues in order to solve the cause of her disappearance. The story then turns into a rescue mission when it is revealed that she was kidnapped and taken to a chemical factory in Bavaria by a criminal named Bill Schmidt to be killed along with other children she has befriended. The movie also reveals that the kids have pets. The actual show involves the wacky antics of the puppets, Markie Scholz's attempts to keep them in line, and the kids and their parents going on adventures like camping and dealing with bullies, who bribed Bill Schmidt to kidnap Madeline Pluto. However, it is set an alternative universe where the events of the pilot didn't happen because as a result of time travel by the aforementioned bullies, Madeline Pluto's parents endured a tragic breakup while they were dating (the bullies wrote a letter to Karen Lang while pretending to be Victor Pluto which was filled with insults, harassments, and a lie about having another girlfriend, causing them to angrily break up over the phone and commit suicide), preventing her conception and her birth and inadvertently causing a young boy on vacation from England to have a pleasant sleep that wasn't interrupted by bumps and altering the memories of the other characters as a result, which makes Mark Scholz, the only character other than the bullies whose memories weren't altered, so upset and after a failed attempt to revert the timeline back to normal by trying to find Victor Pluto and Karen Lang and make them fall in love in order for Madeline Pluto to exist, he is even more depressed to the point where he doesn't come out of his house, except for school.


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  • The videos and the shows have been dubbed into Portuguese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Dutch.
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