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Template:Infobox Character Baby Boos (also known as Ugly Marshmallow People) are characters who appear in Baby Boo, Baby Boo: The Online Game, and Baby Boo: The Adventure Game.


Some Baby Boos have grey skin and the “Dizzy” face. However, some others have light-brown skin, a face they think is “cuter”, and sometimes ears. They are very tiny. Of course, all Baby Boos have a diaper on. All Baby Boos are bald.


All Baby Boos have a mean personality. They don’t like or want siblings. The main siblings they hate are toddlers. If the mother does something wrong (doesn’t give them all the attention, gets the Baby Boo a sibling, etc), the Baby Boo will abandon their mother and any siblings.


Baby Boos appear in all episodes of Baby Boo.

Video games

  • Baby Boo: The Online Game (Null’s website)
  • Baby Boo: The Adventure Game (Game Boy Color)