This 3 hour animation movie is made by Seth Reuben. 

This is not finished yet...

Plot (some spoilers alert!)

A peaceful day in san fransisco and an explosion appeared. The army checked it out but there was something wrong, a monster called mallenium attacked the city. The general called the army to call B the 5 foot monster, to save the world from the evil mellenium. The goverment attended a meeting of president Pedro, they were coming up about an idea of how to stop Mellenium. Dr. Craig said that B can save them all but they need to tame him first. Mean while in the city everyone was listening to the mayor and it was a rainy day, mayor Darren stated that everyone should get there umbrella and take shelter while listening. A thunder and a lightning began and B showed himself. The army went to new york and starts shooting B but suddenly Wing swooshed the army. Wing was a 6 foot brid and starts shooting red laser to people. B engaged Wing in a fight and Wing got hit by B and both landed on a building. People were running and some how the army stops shooting the monsters becase there weapons are useless. Tanks and rocket launchers were about to shoot, but Wing destroyed the tank before it can shoot him. Wing lasered the launchers and soldiers where about to die until B saved them, they capured Wing and B. They were tamed and the 2 worked together to save the city. In san fransisco bridge, mellenium attacked the bridge and starts destroying cars. B and Wing appeared and worked together but Wing got hit by Mellenium's cosmo blast. B dashed to Mellenium and hited him but got hit by Mellinium's blast. After some fighting, Vash and Dan found out that half of there crew are dead and all bad guys are dead. Wing got blasted away but he was alive. Mellenium blasted B so hard that everything was smoke, Mellenium can't see a thing until he heared a sound. B comes out from the fier and destroys Mellenium completely.

Main and supporting Characters

  1. Dan        (MC)
  2. Vash
  3. Will
  4. Jenelyn
  5. Amy
  6. Darren
  7. Tucker
  8. Kyle
  9. Ken
  10. Neo
  11. Zach
  12. Dr. Craig
  13. Nick

Minor characters

  1. President Pedro
  2. Hawaii citezens
  3. People
  4. Governor Jeremy
  5. Hathar
  6. Mayor Darren


  1. Jake (main antagonist)
  2. Parry
  3. Handy
  4. Clyde
  5. Bone


  1. B (5 feet tal)
  2. Mellenium (8 feet tall)
  3. Wing (6 feet tall)
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