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Azrael (/????/, Ahz- RAH- el) is the Captain-Commander of the 13 Court Guard Squads, and the Captain of 1st Squad. His lieutenant is Fuyuki Kurasawa. Azrael is also one of the two Archangels of Death, with Samael being the second one.




Powers and Abilities


Shi no yari (死の槍, "Spear of Death): In a seal state, it's a normal Katana, but it has the inscriptions of God placed upon it. And the name of his name on it.

  • Shikai: Azrael uses the command "Death" (死, Shi) and it turns blade, then covers the Zanpakutō into dark mist. Once the mist vanishs, it now an scythe with the inscription of the original Death on it.
Shikai Special ability: In the state of Shikai, Azrael is capable of releasing auras of Shiōra (死のオーラ, "Aura of Death"), which surpasses Baraggan's Respira. If anyone or anything touches this, they die instantly.
  • Shiōra (死のオーラ, "Aura of Death"): Azrael can fire auras of black energy that can instantly kill anyone or anything. This ability is sometimes called the true "Respira", from both Arrancar and Reapers alike.
  • Bankai: Shi gurētosupia (死のグレートスピア, "Great Spear of Death"): Shi no Yari true form. In Bankai, it takes a form a ancient, majestic spear which can causes instant death if anyone touches (Reapers. Arrancar, etc).
Bankai's Special Ability: Azrael's Bankai can allow other Reaper's to be protect in a shield of Shiōra for a limited period of time. The one being protected wont be harm, but if anything touches it, it will decay, rot and turn into nothing.


  • Shiōra - If Azrael is not careful enough, Shiōra can easily kill them if it touche him. Regardless of his status as the Archangel of Death.

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