Axe Flapping Maniac Women is a 2013 American Exploitation Action Thriller Drama Romance film written and directed by Daren Aronofsky starring Isla Fisher, Keira Knightley, Ryan Reynolds, Colin Farrell, Diane Kruger, Kelly Macdonald, Sam Worthington, Anna Faris, Alecia Moore, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emily Deschanel, Zooey Deschanel, Cillian Murphy, Seann William Scott, Michelle Monaghan and Morgan Freeman.

The film secured Two Oscars, Three Emmys and a Golden Globe as well as another two Oscar Nominations and two BAFTA's.

The film secured an Oscar for Best Actress In A Leading Role: Isla Fisher and Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Diane Kruger respectively.

The film was shot mainly in Kentucky and the city of Chicago as well as some other locations in Illinois.

The film got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Cillian Murphy.


Grace Dewhurst (Isla Fisher) and Helen Dewhurst (Keira Knightley) are sisters part of a vigilante female crime gang called the Prestine Princesses led by evil former Chicago District Attorney Arcane Luffel (Diane Kruger) whose psychotic, schitzophrenic boyfriend Jumby Docks (Colin Farrell) serves as the gang's informant.

The gang deal in killing criminal men who abuse who their women, children and men who steal, rob, rape and pillage.

The gang's members including the fearless leader are all women who have been hurt by men in some fashion or another.

Grace and Helen were both sexually assaulted by their father and Grace in a full fledged mental breakdown one day whilest out for a drive with her sister and dad attacked him and subsequently violently killed him.

The trauma of what she had done left her almost like an empty shell and prompted both her and Helen to run away from home at the young age of 13.

Now both the fraternal twin age of 21 they find themselves emersed in a world of violence which both secretly want to get out of, however those who attempt to abandon the gang are considered traitors and traitors are violently disposed of.

The two however see a way out as Grace breaks one of the pivotal rules of being a Prestine Princess: engaging in a relationship with an officer.

The charming Officer Henry Lowell (Ryan Reynolds) is a widowed officer whose wife so happens to have been the victim of a horrible crossfire between some abusive husbands of his original neighbourhood and the evil gang the Prestine Princesses.

At first Grace who had met the young officer by chance brushes off his many advances and only Helen is let on the business.

Helen tells her to end what her and Officer Lowell have going on but takes eye herself to a Chicago Musician Jazzy Feeble (Sam Worthington).

Complications arise however as unbeknownst to the sisters Arcane has already caught Grace out for her relationship with an officer.

Instead of exposing their exposure she sets out to secretly destroy them and the gang itself faces exposure with the recruiting of a young 14 year old girl Harriet Golding (Chloe Grace Moretz) the sister of an already current Prestine member.

A murder pulled off by the gang led by Harriet attracts the attention of two hapless sleuths Investigators Roberts (Cillian Murphy) and Richards (Seann William Scott).

As the secrets behind Arcane come to light, Grace's walls break down to allow in the love of Officer Lowell which may set her soul free and the investigators close in comes only what could be expected as a violent, messy ending, one in which Grace upon learning the outcome prepares for with the help of expert trainer Martin Immerman (Morgan Freeman) who had once served as the martial arts trainer of fearless leader Arcane.


  • Isla Fisher as Grace Dewhurst/ AKA The Burning Flame
  • Keira Knightley as Helen Dewhurst/ AKA The Sorrowful Songbird
  • Ryan Reynolds as Officer Henry Lowell
  • Colin Farrell as Jumby Docks
  • Kelly Macdonald as Henrietta Golding/ AKA The Burgundy Breath
  • Sam Worthington as Jazzy Feeble
  • Anna Faris as Ilene Samuels/ AKA The Neo-Hippie
  • Alecia Moore as Simone Cooke/ AKA The Dragon Durrant
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Harriet Golding/ AKA The Youngling
  • Emily Deschanel as Hera Yone/ AKA Maddening Mirror
  • Zooey Deschanel as Sera Yone/ AKA Maddening Mirror
  • Cillian Murphy as Investigator Roberts
  • Seann William Scott as Investigator Richards
  • Michelle Monaghan as Harpie Daxx/ AKA The Blooming Butterfly
  • Morgan Freeman as Martin Immerman
  • Rashida Jones as Elope Summit/ AKA The Rising Mountain
  • Keri Russell as Wanda Broomwald/ AKA The Sour Lolly
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