Avimimus (SciiFii)
Avimimus struthio (name meaning "bird mimic ostrich") is a species of small yet social oviraptorosaurian theropod dinosaur, named for its bird-like characteristics, that was once extinct and originally lived in the Late Cretaceous in what is now Mongolia, around 85 to 70 million years ago, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and now lives in Cretaceous Safari in Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. It is almost entirely herbivorous and mainly feed on fruits, leaves, seeds, and nuts, but can also feed on arthropods and rarely fish to supplement its diet. Hence its scientific name, it lives in large flocks similar much like ostriches, although on a larger scale, normally living in flocks containing around 30-45 members of a single group.
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