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Kurt: ''Ja.'' And look at this.
Kurt: ''Ja.'' And look at this.
He turned on a tv with remote to see news channels of people cheering and talking about the Avengers X-Men....
Man: Idk what to say. Knowing someone's out there looking for us.
Woman: If you're out there hearing this Carrie White thank you so much. God bless you.
Boy: Two Spider-men? Who's the new guy?
Second boy: That Rachel Lang is hot!!
Girl: Mine would be to...F Thor Marry Capetian America and kill Nightcrawler.
Second man (Stan Lee): I may write a comic called the Angel of Havoc.
After that Carrie didn't know what to say
Carrie: They all know?
Kurt: They should. You deserve that much gratitude.....Professor.
Carrie: Professor??
It's at that moment that Carrie took seconds for the revisualization of the image from over a year ago to boom back into her head for it had been buried deep into her cerebrum for as long as she could've remembered
But the fact that she avoided it for so long....there was no longer a question why
'''I hereby appoint the new leader.....of the X-men.'''
But by this point.......there was nothing else for her to fear
She breaths in and sighs heavily letting all of the pain anxiety and anger built up from over 7 years out of her....There was FINALLY no more pain
She turns towards him as him as he nods.....but that's when she looks down at Noah cooing softly at her
Carrie: What do you say Noah? You want Mommy to do this?
He nods too.....
.....and she sheds a tear when she see's him nod
Just then it was not long before Carrie began looking upon the mansion once more being rebuilt and the school was due to reopen by the end of the summer
Some of the kids even returned to attend once more and gave Carrie some hugs
Carrie: Heheheh hey guys.
Kurt looked down carrying Noah
Out back Lonny and Laura sat out looking towards the graves of the fallen X-Men Laura looked more at her father's grave beside Xaviers Scott and Jeans and the rest of the departed X-Men members
Lonny: He'll always be with you. Like I was.
Laura: I....know. Lonny? There's something I been meaning to do. And I better do it before I feel like too much like a kid.
She then gave Lonny a kiss on the....
Lonny blushed and stood there as Laura smiled at him
And then on at Avengers HQ was to rebuilding only lead by the new leaders of the Avengers
Peter and Rachel Parker with their unborn child on the way as Spider-man 2029 told them about they smiled at one another as a new seal opened revealing
Yet a new Spider suit but....
......the silver armor spider suit (From Spider wars issue comics)
'''Avengers theme'''
And then looked upon the newest and oldest Avengers
Newest members
Ghost Rider
Silver Surfer
Daredevil (Hadn't seen him since [[Spider-Man: State of emergency]])
Oldest members
Black widow
Black Panther
And the Scarlet Witch
The rest remained alive all retired Steve Tony Rhody and Sam
They smiled and Rachel spoke.....
Rachel: Avengers......Assemble!
They stood ready and the camera pulled away flying back all the way to Chamberlain where......
.......Sue was on her computer wearing glasses making the biggest curer of her life
She typed in to write a novel titled:....
...."The Angel of Havoc"
"The story of Carrie White and the X-Men" (From [[X-Men: Carrie]])
(To be continued)
==Mid Credit Scenes==
==Mid Credit Scenes==
(Coming soon)
After the end credits we're back at Deadpool's apartment he was still reading comics but....also Sue's book
Deadpool: Haha waaay better love story than twilight *'''Notices the screen'''* Hmm? Oh sorry folks there's no teaser of another chapter of the series. It's all over. Say what? Oh you guys heard about a Spider-man edge of time well we couldn't afford it in time. Did you expect Tom Holland and Odeya Rush be leading the Avengers in another infity war with Venom and Carnage's return or a final showdown with the Spider-Carnage? Well basically. Also just recently one of the authors came up where little Noah in an older age gets his own story where Sue Snell's daughter gets mutated and Laura X-21 and Lonny all grown up lead them to another fight with a new group of the brotherhood. But that's all for now. Later
He looked over at Misstress Death walked over wrapping her arms around Deadpool
Death: Let's give them one sneak peak. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase?
Deadpool: Ohhh....Alright
He puts hand on the screen cutting back to S.H.I.E.L.D. since Nick Fury's death Hill had taken over as new director and developed a new project
Hill: Are you sure it's heavily secured.
Agent: Perfectly Director Hill.
She looked in some tube
Hill: I know Fury would want this destroyed....but there's more to this we have to know. See if it can reproduce.
Agent: Seems dangerous. Especially when Parker bond with it ([[Spider-man: Alien Activity]]
Hill: And that's will remain as it is here.
The camera zoomed at a sample of.....symbiont in the tank
The Anti-Venom symbiont
~Cuts out~

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The finale chapter of the this Carrie-Marvel saga is here!

A full year after a brutal battle in the Raft Prison with THANOS, Carrie White had been left battered, bruised, broken and in dire straits. But she had seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth shortly afterwards, allowing THANOS himself to rule the world with an iron fist while innocents are now terrified, suffering and dying a s a result. She left when the world needed her the most. And now, she’s believed to be dead.

Luckily, not all hope is lost. The X-Men joined forces with the Avengers permanently in their rebellion against THANOS and his army of skrulls, but the battles soon begin to take a toll on the teammates after hiding for so long. The things is......nobody knows as to if Carrie is really alive. If she is, then she’s their last bet on stopping the man who plans on snapping the universe in half once and for all.


  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White
  • Josh Brolin as THANOS
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
  • Halle Berry as Orono Monroe (Storm)
  • James Marsden as Scott Summers (Cyclops)
  • Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
  • Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde
  • Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake (Iceman)
  • Taylor Kitsch as Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (Hulk)
  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki
  • Joe Pantoliano as Super Skrull
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine "Chris" Hargensen
  • Elizabeth Oslen as Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Raven (Mystique)
  • Rila Fukushima as Yukio
  • Dafne Keen as Laura (X-23)
  • Max Charles as Lonny Hargensen

  • Wesley Snipes as Blade
  • Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider)
  • Mark Wahlberg as ???

(More to come)


After Marvel Studio and 20th century fox opening we open to a stormy night and apartment building where in one crappy with torn wall paper left over pizza boxes and taco bags where we see the murk of the mouth himself reading marvel comics and soon turns to the screen

Deadpool (Ryan Renyolds): Oh? Hello kiddies. That's right this is it. The end of the Carrie/Marvel crossover series. Well....besides the bonus Spider-man coming later....but yeah basically that's it! Now don't look so sad. We all know this was coming. But this will be worth while this time. I mean yeah sure the others were in their own way but this closes the deal. Anyway here we are just where Chloe Grace Mortez takes it up to a new level of mutants gods and.....

He looks at the comic

Deadpool: Oh forgot the opening title.

He shows the comic to the screen revealing the title sequence

~ Title sequence: Avengers Galaxy at War Part 3 ~

We cut to the prison with Carrie glowing and in God form

Carrie (Chloe Grace Mortez): That's it Thanos. Now I'm MAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!

She yells and flies at him and swings a punch at Thanos (Josh Bronlin) it made him fly back and hit the wall but soon as Carrie flew in to make another

THANOS does nothing more but smirk He was quick to react as he MILDLY holds up his infinity Gauntlet causing each stone embedded into it sparkle and glow together

As soon as Carrie gets in point blank range of THANOS his Gauntlet briefly light up then......


This huge shockwave erupts from both the Gauntlet and the effect of her powers which blows out the walls of the Raft prison knocking a huge number of Skrulls back into the Ocean which gave the Avengers time to escape

Only problem was.....despite still being in God form Carrie was down to a knee and barely able to maintain her balance.....which means that the Infinity Stones in his Gauntlet had rendered Thanos practically invincible

(That ain't good)

Thanos: Such.....Good will talent and skill wasted. And for what?

Carrie: *Breathing heavily* friendship.....For-for Logan.

Thanos: Hmph. I'd say the Lord has mercy on his soul.....but then again I'm sure he had no soul to speak of.

Considering how THANOS literally just reduced Logan to a literal statue of adamantium only a few minutes ago, any mention of his demise was close to render Carrie psychologically broken but all it really did was piss her off even more.

Carrie: Don't bring God or Logan into your ugly and petty little BULLS__T!!!

She was quick to burst back up to her feet and attack him again at high speeds but of course, since THANOS was invincible, there was no way he could actually feel any of her attacks

Even in God form, when Carrie telepathically pulled off a few support beams off from the wall to throw at THANOS direction, they did next to nothing. The least she COULD do was DENT the man

There were a few instances where THANOS knocked Carrie woozy to the point where she was almost knocked out, but she still came flying back to attack

But FINALLY, Carrie managed to land ONE punch square across THANOS's face which....only knocked off his helmet. Almost immediately a few seconds later, Thanos literally uppercuts Carrie with so much force that she gets sent up into orbit and disappears through the clouds of the stratosphere and higher up

While the few minutes of humidity were there, Thanos just dusted off what little dust was on his Gauntlet before turning over to a flammable figure just entering the Raft Prison from the broken walls

As it's fire form wore off, we see that it was a familiar entity and ally of THANOS.

Super Skrull (Joe Pantoliano): Progress?

All THANOS does is point up to the sky and that gives Super Skrull an idea as to what happened

Super Skrull: Hmp. Not much bravado for a supposed Angel of Havoc

THANOS: Feels cruel though. Like stealing candy from a baby. But what's fair is fair.

At that moment another gust of wind comes down vertically into said floor of the Raft Prison and despite herdling down at well over the speed of sound, Carrie splats down onto the hard texture Prison ground and is still in one piece.

Well....mostly in one piece because crashing down like that resulting in her breaking almost every bone in her body and her God form wore AGAIN.

Having to look up at both at Super Skrull and Thanos towering over her was rather humiliating and disappointing to see

Carrie: Y-you--you can't d--do-do this to me.....

Thanos: I wish I hadn't. But I have a calling card to answer.....for my destiny is at hand.

Unable to physically get up and do anything right then and there, the only thing Carrie could do was just slowly moan to herself silently as she briefly tried moving her hand out to the side attempting to use whatever dose of telekinesis she had left no matter, how much trauma it did to her brain.

But THANOS immediately steps down on said hand, rendering Carrie unable to carry out anything. After briefly stepping off, THANOS proceeds to leave......but not before he turns back around feeling the wind up against his back as he said.....

Thanos: Have fun.

As a portal appears behind Thanos and then sucks him up as he disappears, it was clear that Super Skrull was left to pick up the pieces and finish Carrie for good. He smirks sadistically as he wraps his body frame and transforms.....back into.....

Christine "Chris" Hargensen (Portia Doubleday)

(Jesus, Do I hate her)

Chris: Playtime....

Carrie: You....aren't real. Not anymore. You're not even her.

Chris: What will shut your bloody mouth UP?!?!?!?!

She lunged down but cutting to the jet where Rachel (Odeya Rush) carried Laura in and Kurt (Alan Cumming) carried Logan's Adamantium statue (Body) on board

Laura was still crying and Kurt tried to start the jet but looked back hoping Carrie would hurry back

Kurt: Miene Giellibte please hurry.

Rachel: We got company.

Kurt: Is it Carrie?

Rachel looked close and the remaining Avengers that barely escaped were approaching

Rachel: It's the Avengers......

They all rushed aboard and Caps (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downway Jr.) Came to the front

Rogers: Is this everyone Kurt?

Kurt: What's left of us. Nat and Kayla are in the back but......Carrie's still down there.....fighting THANOS

Stark: *Opens face mask* What is she thinking?

Rachel: Vengeful again. Cause.....

It didn't take long for them to notice the adamantium statue of Logan

Rogers: Sweet mother of God....

Stark: Poor guy.....

Laura cried louder making Rachel hug her tighter

Rachel: Shh shh

Kurt worried more for Carrie he felt he had to go back for her but kept remembering what she told them to do but.....his mind was made up

He was just about to teleport till.....

Rogers: This place isn't gonna hold for long we got to get out of here. Now.

Rachel: What?? No! My sister's still down there we gotta wait for her!

Rogers: Kid I understand. But we didn't see anyone else behind us. Plus the remaining skrulls we were fighting retreated to a portal.

(Yes they opened one to fallow THANOS)

Kurt: I'm not leaving without her. I'm going back!

Almost immediately, he grabs ahold of Rachel's arm as she quickly nods alongside with him as they both teleported off and out of the air shuttle disregarding the Captians pleas to wait for another time

However, it probably WAS wise WAS wise to leave it at that, for upon teleporting down to the Raft Prison, they found.....


No THANOS. No Carrie. No Super Skrull.

NOTHING was there except a dismantled and wreaked Prison Center.

Kurt: Wha--? No. No, no, no, s--she was here I swear!

Rachel: Carrie?!

Calling out to her did nothing since she wasn't there and neither did digging around what was left of the place

But they continued searching anyways.

But upon searching near one of Logan's last positions in hopes of finding something to see where she would've gone, Rachel’s foot ended up stepping over something with a very moderate metal texture plating over it

Upon moving herself back a little bit and taking a closer look at it......brought a lot more attention to her than expected

Rachel: Hey, Kurt?

He quickly teleports over to her as she kneels down and telepathically levitates two moderate prices of metal hanging by two chains

Except for the fact that after having to look at the prices more closer, Rachel discovered these pieces weren't actually metal.

These were dog tags.

It appears Logan had taken them off as a little remembrance and parting gifts of his before making the ultimate sacrifice for Carrie.

Rachel: Why did it have to be him?

Kurt: At least he's.....he's finally at peace.

But it turns out it wasn't JUST him.

As the dog tags landed in Rachel's hand, she had the tags to turn them over only to realize that Logan's name wasn't the only name on them

Carrie's name was on BOTH of them as well.

It was heartbreaking for both of them to deal with.

Right then and there the screen immediately cuts out.......

~ 1 year later ~

The city of Manhattan New York lays completely and utterly deserted with not ONE human soul on the streets

Only prices of debris newspapers mild fires and solid concrete was all that was present in these streets and while a sense of humidity would be felt around this time it really wasn't

All that could be felt at this moment was despair and bitterness as the air choked whatever air particles were unfortunate enough to be there

The only thing that was worth mentioning was how the Avengers Tower was still present standing still looking lively as ever.....

.....despite the actual heroes close the edge of demise

At that point a gust of wind circled itself around the helipad hanging out of the side of the Tower as the air shuttle startled hovering down below As it closes it's wings and finally lands the back hatch opens as a shadowy figure immediately steps out with the shadow not being shown until it steps into the elevator

A cut later the elevator opens all the way inside of the Avengers Towers as it then begins zooming up to a girl wearing black boots black blouse black shirt and a crimson jacket with fiery red hair

In other was Yukio (Rila Fukushima)

Walking further out of the elevator into the debriefing room she runs across the remaining members of the Resistance that just so happened to still be alive after the disastrous event that occurred a year ago

And they just so happened to be what was left of the Avengers

Steve Rogers with a full grown beard (Chris Evans)

Natasha Romanoff, blonde hair this time (Scarlet Johansson)

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner)

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)

Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen)

Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

Harry Osborn (Sean Faris)

Kurt Wagner

And of course.......

Rachel Lang

Rachel: Yukio.

Rogers: You're early.

Yukio: Yeah I know. But I had to pay respects the only way I could. It felt necessary.

Barton: To Logan?

For a brief second everything just grew silent

Yukio: So this is everyone?

Romanoff: Apart from the X-Men, yeah.

Rogers: Every guy with any means to defend themselves to serve as the spark and the light that will mark the end of THANOS.....all here and accounted for.

Yukio: What about Carrie?

Once again.....silence.

During that silence Kurt faced down with a tear falling from his eye Rachel almost burst till Peter almost burst till Peter wrapped around her

That's when Steve stood up and held up his drink

Steve: Yes. To Carrie the Angel of Havoc.

Barton: She was one with power.

Rachel: She was a devoted sister.

Peter: And a loyal friend.

Kurt was just in silence still but gripping his drink remembering his days with his lost love....even thinking know who would react to this with her gone

Making Kurt more pissed off then ever and just teleported

The only one who noticed he was gone was Rachel

She made another sad look not blaming Kurt for disappearing like that but still went to go find him

She later came the church he visits for solitude and called for him

Rachel: Kurt?

He was up above near the ceiling like he was when Jean and Storm found him before

Rachel: Kurt Ik you're here I can read your mind. Look you don't have to face me but please listen....I miss her too. I mean you'll always know her more than me cause I didn't meet her a month after you did. But....think about your son now. He needs his father more than ever.....

Kurt suddenly teleported behind her and turned around so fast

Kurt: Noah.....needs his mother too.

Rachel: But right now she's not here.....and YOU ARE.

Again.....silence was deafening.

Kurt: It's been one year.....that's all it took for Schiza to hit the fan. With THANOS in control, there's no real strategy for getting back our fair city. And even if we--

Rachel: Relax.

Kurt: Why should I?!

Rachel: Don't raise your voice at me! What would your son think?

It took another brief moment of silence for Kurt to come back with a response

Kurt: Someone's taking care of him for me.

Rachel: Really? And who would that be?

Cutting back to Florida......

.....more specifically, Jacksonville Florida where just like New York, was also widely devoid of anything fun of remotely interesting......

.....probably because THANOS also took over this entire area with and iron fist as well as the rest of the state.....

.......and probably the entire country too

But not all was gloomy.

At this one particular address down in Tampa inside we see one Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer) was holding up the three year old son of both Carrie and Kurt, Noah

And she was rather enjoying herself with him Either she's forgotten that an interplanetary tyrant has invaded and taken over the planet earth or she was trying her damnest not to think about it

Desjardin: Ok.....take your time darling. Down we go.

She slowly begins to place him down onto the floor and just leaves him right there in order to wait to see what happens next

It didn't take long for him to inch towards her direction stumbling over himself into a crawl but then something amazing happens

Noah slowly inches himself upwards until he was finally standing up on his own feet causing Desjardin to gasp it's then that he proceeded to take one step forward.....

....then another one....

.....then another one as he walked straight towards her

He was officially walking for the first time and the sight brought a tear to Desjardin's eye. The first time she had ever felt truly happy since Bucky Barnes gave his life for hers....

.....and THEIR unborn daughter who Rita intended to Name.....

.....Sarah Barnes.

Desjardin: Oh my g-

To sheer beauty of it was so mesmerizing she couldn't contain to JUST herself

Desjardin: *Sniffles* Sue come here and see this! Sue?

Sue (Gabriella Wilde) came running in with Little Carrie age 8 seeing Noah's accomplishment and was just as amazed as Rita was

Sue: Oh god.....he's already....

Desjardin: I mean just three years old and the little Noah is already walking

Sue: Oh Carrie would be proud.

Little Carrie: I would?

Sue: Oh not you baby....I meant--

There was a moment silence of their own till a whoosh around broke the silence and Noah was gone

Nothing there but little smoke

Little Carrie: Momma? Where the baby go?

Sue: I don't know sweetie. *To Desjardin* Did you see him?

She nodded no till her eye caught on over Sue's left shoulder

She looked back to see Noah standing on the coffee table

Rita panicked and rushed to him but he "Teleported"?

Desjardin: What the??

Sue: He's got Kurt's teleportation??

Desjardin: But where did he go?

Little Carrie: There he is.

The two women looked back and not only did Noah have his father's teleportation but he made a bowl of fruit float....By. IT. Self.

Desjardin: And Carrie's telekinesis.

Sue just sighs heavily and urges herself down onto the couch nearby and tries to bring herself to grow happy about this coming of age but at the same time......

.....her friend isn't there to see her sons REAL first moment in life and it was painful to think about to think about since it brought her back to the Black Prom Massacre in 2013

And now with it being May 2021....and she's technically in the EXACT same position she was in when Carrie was last presumed dead

Sue: *Sniffles*

Rita wasn't able to ignore those sniffles as it was clear Sue was trying her best to hold back whatever tears may trinkle out she's quick to sit next to her close to comfort her but in reality she was close to breaking down herself

Rita: Hey. I miss her too.

Sue: *Sighs* Never thought it'd actually happen. I's like Deja Vu all over again. I she wasn't really gone before it feels certain.

Rita: If you've seen how confident she gotten in the last few years since then there's no way that she's easily accept defeat. Motherhood had changed her for the better see?

She once again points over at Noah who was now levitating the actual fruit from the bowl while from every spot in the house spontaneously. When he's in one place he's suddenly somewhere else. It's almost as if his powers were drastically unbalanced to be controlled at that point

Little Carrie: How'd come he ran do that?

Sue: It's complicated, ok baby?

Little: HOW?

Desjardin: Just--just let the adults chat for a few ok?

Seeing no reason to get involved Little Carrie just got up and exited the room

Desjardin once again tries to comfort Sue the she could

Desjardin: Hey. If you ask me it's probably for the best that we keep things like this.....Until cooler heads prevail....

....even though it barely seemed to work

Sue: You don't even know that for sure. What about the aliens that took over? We just supposed to do NOTHING?

Desjardin: I--I don't know.....I know the Avengers and X-Men are doing all they can. But after everything that's happen I don't know if they can stop them.

Cutting to of New York buildings were torn streets were empty and everything was deserted lied a palace built with New York buildings on the outside was somewhat of a space stationand in the thrown room THANOS had sat in his chair in silent

We figured since he rules the earth and only a handful of his enemies were in hiding he'd be satisfied but as he sat there he still felt in complete even while looking at his gauntlet

Some point the Super Skrull walked in

Super Skrull: Sir? You wanted to see me?

THANOS: Yes. Uh.....any word on those heroing fools?

Super Skrull: Still nothing sir. They must've admit defeat by now. It's been a year.

THANOS: I KNOW THAT YOU FOOL! I meant.....*Rubs the metal of gauntlet* It's time to seek my mistress.

Super Skrull: You mean.....but sir each time you asked for her hand she rejected you!

THANOS: SILENCE! I had nothing to offer back then. No kingdom. No slaves. No power. NOTHING! Until now.

Building himself as the type who just doesn't take "No" for an answer it seemed as if THANOS was damn near OBSESSED with getting if the slightest glimmer of appreciation from.....the Mistress Death....

....although this time around he might actually do it

Super Skrull: Well.....if you insist--

THANOS: I DO insist. It's only a matter of time. But I can't do so if those fools won't show themselves. So we'll have to flush them out of hiding. What better way to for them to finally realize what it's like to lose?

Super Skrull: I don't think they're the main concern as of this point. A much stronger entity is still at hand.

That caused a dead shift in time of the entire conversation as THANOS expression went from gleefully confident to merely being intimated

THANOS: Stronger....?

Super Skrull: I'm afraid....the Angel still flies with it's wings no longer clipped

( you know what that means)

Now this caused THANOS eyes to bulge wide open as he quickly operated his Gauntlet and with it's power it seemed to open up some sort of a portal from his hand. While too small to actually go through it allows him to see what can be seen from the outside world.

Without even having to say anything of any relevance the portal immediately warps around like a vortex in his hands until it shows one rare island in the middle of.....


.....which more than likely shows the location go where this befallen Angel might still be lurking

THANOS: That's not possible.

It may or lost my have been the truth but do you know WAS possible?

The fact that Super Skrull for presumably no reason balled up his fiery fist and literally clocked THANOS across the face which rendered him woozy for literally only a few seconds....

....and yet at the same time it knocked his Infinty Gauntlet off his hand

So...."Super Skrull" grabs it just before THANOS recovers.....

Super Skrull: Now I would be more inclined to just apologize.....

.....and right before his eyes his form dissolved and then reformed into the real trickster here:

Loki (Tom Hiddleston)

Loki:.......but who the hell am I kidding? I'm not one to regret anything.


Loki: Nice try.

An army of skrulls charged in at Loki but knowing the trickster himself He just vanished most of them infront slipped off their feet and Loki happen to be on THANOS's thrown

Loki: Almost forgot what it's like to sit in a thrown.

THANOS: Traitor!

Loki: Story of my life.

He blasted at Loki but he just kept teleporting causing his blasts to destroy his lair

Loki: Nope. Zootch. Nata.

(Lol he's killing me. He and Deadpool should have a comedy contest)

Thanos was more agitated he kept blasting Loki then appeared snapping his fingers and his gallet on the flour ended up in his hands

Loki: Did you drop this?

THANOS: Why you.....

He blasts at him but this time gets him

Loki is pushed by a blast and hits a wall THANOS picked his gallet back up putting it back on his hand

THANOS: I gave you what your heart desires and you spat RIGHT in my face

Loki: Well I am one with message. And my greed for a thrown cost me a lot. Don't get me wrong I'm not all goody loving AS my brother. But fighting with him for our parents after their deaths is better than fighting him for YOU. But....thanks for one of the stones. I needed one to fix my scepter.

THANOS: What??

Loki showed him one stone he snatched from the Gauntlet when he took it

THANOS: You.....

Loki: Lat-ter.

He teleported out of there (He can do that too)

THANOS was swallowed by confusion by anger and had an outburst

But unaware he was watched

Above foggy cloud in cloaked statues the Black Bird hovered there and threw vonociler techno vision Storm (Hallie Berry) saw the whole action

Storm: Loki just stole one of the stones. Idk what he was up to but.....he just took off with one

Scott on radio: Return to base Storm. We'll discuss it during a briefing.

Storm nodded and flew the Black Bird deep into the mist

While Storm manually turns the Black Bird through the misty and foggy content of clouds back to "base" as the radio had peeled up it became known that someone was monitoring it's movement from afar.

More specifically underground.

Near the X-Mansion

Only problem it was ONCE AGAIN completely and utterly wrecked during the war but then again since this was a year after Thanos had arrived and took over it makes sense why the X-Men or what was left of them would still be considered a viable threat even after the deaths of both Charles Xavier and Logan the Wolverine

From a barely functional feasible monitor two people were briefly looking back and forth between the screen and an average laptop screen

The thing wasn't done by....who'd you expect

Lonny (Max Charles): Ok....she's on her way back.

Banner (Mark Ruffalo): Prep the landing gear.

As this Helipad gear opened up from above the ground it operated and opened slowly more around the edges of said Helipad giving the Black Bird more room to land as it locked the wheels of the air shuttle in place and takes it to it's underground holding stock (Hanger Bay) with the other air shuttles

It took not time for Storm to get comfortable and to track down Banner for a quick little chat

Storm: Have they started yet?

Banner: Just in time.

Lonny: Sorting out what?

Banner: Where we can find Carrie. If she's alive.

Storm: In that case you'll serve well for this debriefing. Come.

At that point Storm escorted Banner with her into the near by debriefing room where mostly the other but little did they know that Lonny already had bit of an easier alternative

Basically in another room in the same underground facility Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) along with Laura Kurt and Rachel were cooped up together in one room with each and Rachel were cooped up together in one room with each and everyone of them thinking the same thing: that Carrie White is in fact still alive

By that point Kitty tried researching any of her last known location on another laptop with the other three impatiently twiddling their thumps hoping to get some sort of a response

Kitty: Come on, come on, come on.

Unfortunately nothing came through.

Kitty: Oh my god.

Laura: Still nothing?

Kitty: Trust me sweetheart. I've done as much as I could. I've literally landlocked every area in the country on here and not one area came through with a positive match. If she was there it would've said something but it hasn't.

Kurt: So that's all there is to it? After a year of nothing, it's just supposed to stay that way?

Kitty: Don't be putting words in my mouth ok?

Kurt: What happened to the "Try Harder" code?

Kitty: We don't have a "Try Harder" code!

Rachel: Well we do now and you're breaking it! Seriously I thought you were better at this!

Kitty: It be easier if YOU knew!

Laura: ENOUGH!

Everyone turned directly at her

Laura: Fighting like this isn't gonna help with anything! I mean we're under extinction and we're fighting like children! Carrie wouldn't want us to fight.

Everyone backed down after hearing that

Kitty: You're right Laura you're absolutely right. Neither would the Professor.

Laura: Nor Daddy.

Kurt: *Backs up* Ja. All we been doing is moping and beating ourselves up and we should be out there fighting. And Miene Gilliebte IS still alive and out there somewhere....she need us more than ever.

You're so right

That voice startled them revealing a sitting post Loki with a grin and fixed scepter

Kitty: Loki!

Loki: Oh calm yourself. I'm only here behalf of my brother I just don't want to be in Banner's mits right now.....

(I can't imagine why)

Kurt: I see you fixed your scepter though......

Loki: Well I got to have something to fight with during this war. I mean I can't have that walking purple alp ruining MY reputation.

Kitty: Didn't you work for him once?

Loki: NOT intentionally. I was seeking a thrown of my own back my ass kicked by the Avengers now my brother and I lead the last of Asgard to a new home after Ragnorak.

Laura: What's Ragnorak?

Loki: Another word for the end of the world. But end of Asgard.

Kurt: Oh I'm sorry....

Loki: Father always said Asgard is not a place. It's people.

The others kinda didn't know what that meant but a part of it shinned a little hope for the earth as well

Cutting to the bridge of the base

Scott (Cyclopes): Dr. Banner? We have something.

Banner pulled off his glasses looking at a screen next to Scott

Scott: We picked up an unidentified subject in the east of Rome.

Banner: Skrull signals are disappearing near this signal. Could it be one of ours.

Scott: Or another threat. We'll need to send in a small group to take a closer look out there.

Storm: I'll send for Kurt Kitty and Rachel

Banner: What about the others?

Scott: This isn't the right time. Until we have everything we need to fight back this is all we have to work with here. Right now....we have to remain anonymous

Banner: Well being anonymous doesn't always mean you'll get out undected. I mean take your mansion for

Scott: I rather not bring that up ok Bruce?

Banner: Look I'm just trying to make a point.....because just in case it doesn't fall through......

He starts walking backwards away from Scott and that makes him become rather suspicious as to why he was doing that.

Banner:......I added a few minor upgrades to further ease the frustration

As he furthered inched himself towards what he was basically talking about the air shuttles Black Bird but as he inches closer to one of them it shows.....

......this small little beacon on the side of the shuttle that literally blended in with the color scheme of said beacon so nobody would know it's there.

Scott: I'm sure we already have that

Banner: True I'm but I also managed to add in a chip from Peter's Spider- Tracers and when promoted it allows promoted it allows us to track your location through satellite

Scott: It's hopefully not--you know--

Banner: No worries. As long as they don't have the access code and digit panel checked in we're golden

This calmed Scott down to some degree and he patted Bruce on the back for that

A cut later and the ones sent on said mission (Rachel Kurt Storm and Kitty) were off

In Rome however.....

....Things seemed a dark and quit at first......till as skrull shrieked till it's head was blasted off

More skrulls fought whatever or whoever was fighting and killing them

A swinging blade was thrown by the mysteries figure and it sliced off FIFTEEN skrulls head and it flew back like a boomerang

And the figure took his samurai sword and cut through the remaining skrulls

Next thing we he hear is gutter rap playing as the camera rotates up to the man's face

It was Blade (Wesley Snipes) The Walker and Vampire hunter

Blade: Make it bigger challenge why don't you?

He hears jet fire running above and see's the Black Bird flying straight ahead

He taps on his ear and speaks

Blade: Whistler. A jet heading east to my location. Imma check it out.

Cutting to where it lands Kurt Rachel with Kitty and Storm behind them looked around the deserted town

Rachel: father wanted to live here.

Kurt: Ja. I hadn't been here since.....

Rachel: I know. *Tears and sniffs*

Storm: According to the signal we're at the sinter of where the Coliseum use to be....and we're just half a mile from the target.

Kurt: I'll search above. *Teleports*

Rachel: I'll hit ground zero.

Kitty: And I'll monitor from the beacon on the jet.

Storm: Sure you don't want in the field?

Kitty: Orono trust me when I tell you. We're all a Central unit here and regardless of what happens I assure you whether on or off the field I'm doing what's best for all of us. Nothing will keep us stranded at the ground zero for long.

The brief moment of silence gave Storm enough to politely nod over to her and give the answer that "Ok go do your thing"

Storm: In that case, I'll keep Kurt occupied

She quickly turns back around and then looks back up to the sky as her eyes dilated to blank and then takes off.....

.....leaving a burn mark burned straight through the ground

Kitty smiles for a brief second and then turns back around towards the content of the city that was available as she stepped fully out of the back. And the air....

.....for once.....

.....felt very clear and refined and very minty fresh when she mildly breathed in and out what was there

It was good for a time but having to look down at all they lost in just 365 days was hard to grasp itself around and she knew that unless the others have a line of defense already on the shelves.....

....they were the only option left

But at the same time all of that weight and responsibility on their shoulders was more than enough for the average mutant to sustain

Kitty: *Sighs*We're the last ones.....

Planning to dig into the heart into the city for answers Rachel basically kept trudging through which streets led to which and so far she was making progress

Unfortunately the step towards progress led towards a rather horrific sight: a huge over-abundance of their bodies sliced cut and contorted in one of the most violent ways possible

It looked ugly enough from afar but....

.....up close it was repulsive

Rachel: Ugh.....Eww!


Rachel: Nothing yet. All I see is.....charred ash ruptured walls lots of pebbles and.....uhh.....dead Skrulls

Well that get's rid of one theory. What else do you see?

It was then that the same crazy idea popped in both their heads

You think it could be who I think it is? Rach?

At that point a certain gust of wind suddenly breezes directly past Rachel as the guard in her neck stood up It cuts off her statement but it gave her cause for concern

They were no longer the only ones here.

But that made her eyes erupt to black.....figuring she had a good idea in who did this

Rachel: Wade....

(Sorry but it's not Deadpool)

Rachel then called in the others

Rachel: Guys I don't think we have to worry much. I think Wade was just here.

Cutting to Kurt on a roof

Kurt: Ach du meine GuteThat walking tomato just keeps---

Before he closed his statement the same flying blade came flying and flipping at him

Kurt teleported at the last second to dodge it

He reappeared then the blade flew back in the same hand of the

Kurt: Meine Gute......who--are you?!

Blade the name's Blade. And I'm guessing you're an ash demon. Have fought those since my hunt in Norte Dame in Paris.

Kurt: Buddy you got me confused over someone els----AAAAAAAH!

Blade took another throw at that sharp object he teleported dropping his communicator

Kurt! Kurt come in! Are you there!

Kurt kept teleporting to dodge Blade's attacks then he pulled his shot gun which shot out silver stakes

Kurt: Gah! What is that silver! Does this guy think I'm a werewolf or something?

(Lol that was my first guess)

At the black Bird

Kitty: Kurt if you're there answer!

All she heard was static

Kitty: Storm Rachel I lost Kurt. Someone get to his location and hurry

Uhh....have Storm do it Kitty cause

Rachel pushes skrulls that appeared out of no where in ground zero with forces of her powers

Rachel: I got a LOT of wish bones to brake!

With Kurt and Blade he kept teleporting to dodge Blade's shots but this time Kurt took a shot and he falls to the ground and Storm runs to him and aiding him

Storm: Kurt? You ok?

Kurt: He's mad....he's....

Another shot was fired from behind but Kurt grabbed Storm and teleported back to the jet

Kitty: What happen?

Storm: I think whoever Scott and Banner sent us to find...he FOUND us.

Blade walked towards where they vanished and stood in confusion then heard movement from behind

Blade: Back for more?

Actually Rachel was thrown beside him she was low on power he looked down at her and saw the Skrulls coming out of the hole to ground zero

Blade: Time for round two.

He let his sword and fought on

Rachel was dangerously low on juice so there was no Physical way for her to actually defend herself so she HAD to watch Blade on the rest of the Skrulls on his own

And boy was it a sight to see

As far as she could see Blade never let his guard down for even a fraction of a second despite the tremendous amount of onslaught the Skrulls were giving him

With slash after slash and move after move the number of Skrulls just kept on decreasing until only FOUR of them were left

Slowly he sheathed his sword away ready to go hand to hand again.....

.....but a few lightening strikes from above frying the rest of the Skrulls prevented that from happening

Blade: Hmmm....

Having no idea where it came from he mildly turns back around only to get knocked off his feet by a furiously lightning quick force.....which could've been done by teleporting

After only being down for a few seconds Blade ended up looking directly up to towards Storm Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde who were staring directly down at which let him know that despite his skill he was unfortunately captured by them

And to further drive that point home Kurt literally had to wrap his tail around Blade's neck and pick him up that insuring that he wouldn't get much wiggle room to escape. But he didn't really do anything

Kitty: Scott, keep the landing gear open. We're bringing heavy delivery set for our location. And form the looks of it....I think he has seeds to spill.

Already prepared and opened. Let me know when you're close.

As the transmission cuts off all Blade did was chuckle.....mildly

Cutting back over to the Avenger Tower however....there was a.....Um...well.....bit of a problem on hand

More or less in the form of one Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr).....or should I say former Tony Stark because this version of Stark was not the one people are used to seeing

Devoid of any and all potential he's gained some weight he's slacked off tremendously since last time and the bug exclamation mark to all this?

He's been drinking

And that wasn't the worst he had shut all his suits down including Friday shutting himself from Iron man even the Avengers

He even had papers notes even pics of THANOS and Avengers even Carrie was on some of them

After taking a breath from a last sip of beer he crumbled one and threw it aside

I know it's not satisfying

Startled by who said that and who stepped out was.....

Pepper. Or was it....

(You'll see what I mean)

Tony: Oh honey I didn't hear you walk in. What'd you doing back here from the reception so early?

Pepper: I'm not early.

Shocking Pepper who's not really Pepper turns into....MYSTIQUE!!

Tony: What the??

He backed up in his chair then she strained him to his chair

Mystique: That was just so the guards would let me in. Putting on weight I see. How long have you been in doors Mr. Stark.

Tony: What do you want?

Mystique: My friend dead. Along with his mansion. And most of everything on this forsaken planet. The last Avengers are rebelling against Thanos. My son is with them. Where is their base?

Stark: I'm either slightly intimidated or I've just lost all sense of any common threads because you're barking up the wrong tree here. I mean REALLY

Mystique: This isn't the Tony Stark that the world knew. Or the one who fought with the Avengers to save the world time and time again.

Stark: HE'S dead.....along with the rest of those schucks.

Not being taken aback by his smart mouth she bounces his head off the desk as he stumbles over to his old armor Bay and then slips over himself

But then.....


It turns out that upon slipping Tony ended up throwing out his back

Stark: God! Argh!!!

Mystique: Unbelievable.

She just sighs heavily and casually walks over towards the kneeling Tony Stark seeing him in the most vulnerable position possible for good measure she kicks him upside the head

This time he spits out blood which ends up staining his teeth and before he could get another memory recital of what just happened Mystique held him down again with her leg wrapped around his neck.....

.....and she made damn sure that he wouldn't be able to breathe

Mystique: Just. Tell me. my son?

Stark: I--*Gasps for air*--I never benefited from playing ball with you ass-clowns. Why should I---

She applies more pressure


Mystique: You don't have to do it for any of us, being that you're too stubborn to lift a figure to help your friends who rather go down fighting. least do it for her.

Stark: H-her?

Mystique: You know WHO I'm talking about.

Given the huge quantities of alcohol that has plaqued his brain for the past 365 days it definitely too him WAY longer than usual for him to ponder it through.

But he finally said exactly what Mystque was thinking

Stark: C-Carrie?

Mystique: I miss her as much as my son does. If there was any chance to get her back to rid this world of THANOS it'll be worth it. Now WHERE.....IS MY NIGHTCRAWLER?

Stark just stared at her not knowing what to say as the screen zoomed at his face

Back at the rebel base another ship (The same ship Thor and all of Asgard in Ragnorak) flew above and soon landed in the hatch and Banner fallowed by a few others (Bobby Andrew Demter Gambit even Romanoff and Clint

Soon as the hatch opened revealed the return of their other worldly friend Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and was fallowed by Heimdall

Banner: Thor. Welcomed back. I wonder what happened to you after you dropped me off back here.

Thor: I managed to find shelter for my people. The guardians we ran into on the way back to earth are protecting them while I help you. I see you managed to get back to normal. I remember you saying you couldn't no more.

Banner: I owe it to Dr. Jean Grey. She sentinsize a serum to help me stabilize my transformation. Even when I'm angry.

Thor: Clever. *At Romanoff* Hey Nat. Clint.

Clint: Hey buddy. What happened to your eye? You look like your dad with that.

Thor: To make a long story short. Loki and I had a sister we did not know about and she had more issues my father than Loki did. father's dead.

Clint: I'm very sorry.

Romanoff: I like your haircut. So handsome.

Thor: A maniac cut it.

Banner: And we had to fight in a ring.

Romanoff: What??

Thor: We'll tell you later. How's Loki?

At that moment a certain someone appears and pixelated right beside him which shook everyone except himself

It just happened to be Loki....

....with his scepter in hand

Bobby (Shawn Ashmore): Wha--how did he get it back?

Gambit (Taylor Kitsch): If that wasn't alien I'd profit off it like that.

Heimdall (Idris Elba): This technology is not to be trifled with Your kind should've learned decades ago.

Gambit: Well EXCUSE ME sir.

Bobby: Look we just wanna know how he got it back. Last I heard he--

Thor: Psst. No worries.....only one way to find out

He quickly finds a barely visible pebble sticking up from the ground and quickly thinking he throws the pebble at Loki and..... makes contact with his skin confirming that it IS in fact the real Loki and not another illusion of his

Loki: Ow.

Thor: Had to be sure.

Loki: Why of course.

Thor: How'd know. The stone?

Loki gives half brother the "Really" look indication that he just asked him a stupid question. And of course Thor caught it quickly

Thor: Never mind that. Foolish of me.

Barton: Ummm....if I were you I'd keep tight around you cause you never know when they'll sneak up on us.

Loki: Barton.

He nods

Loki: Romanoff.

She nods too

As soon as he turns his attention to Banner he just shudders and turns away from him. Understandably Banner did the same

Romanoff: Guess the other guy is growing off him

Banner: Yeah that's the unfortunate thing.


Hearing the voice from inside the base results in everyone turning around towards it as these echoing foosteps generate closer and closer to the outside.....

.....until Captain Rogers himself firmly steps outside and makes his presence known once more and the first person he lies on is.....

Rogers: Loki.

Loki: Captain.

Rogers: Why back so soon?

Loki: To warn you---again.

It's at that moment that he points his scepter behind them as it points to a few ships heading in their direction and surprise.... was a massive abundance of Skrull ships planning to move forward with THANOS raid on the rest of the heroes.

Loki:.....of them.

As soon as everyone saw the ships everybody started to go in defensive mode as Loki blatantly shot at on of the few ships shooting out it's engines exhaust

But at that instant the same ship came needling down right towards them and it became an instant bullseye for them


Almost everyone either dodged for cover or got into a defensive stance.....but it really wasn't necessary for Gambit had slammed his staff down and generated a force field that protected them from the crashing ship.....


Romanoff: Bruce!

As she goes to her aid the first thing she noticed was his immediate reaction:

He was going green

Romanoff: He ain't looking good.

She then turns her attention to Steve as he just looks out towards of the skrull ships out in the distance But the presence of THANOS's large ship creeping through the clouds all the way in the back actually gave Steve some room for concern

So he just said the only thing that came to his mind


Thor had no immediate response back But whether it was mad or not it seemed to be the only solution they had at the moment

Almost everyone but Thor and Loki went back inside of said base as security went out on high alert Heidmall got all of the people around him inside safe and sound it was clear that the gears inside of his head were turning rapidly but it didn't change the fact that he still stood by Thor

As he stood by both him and Loki on the bridge all he said was......

Heidmall: By Odins wrath.....can this be real?

Thor: As real as it will get

It is at this point that all three of them get a running start towards this massive fleet of ships coming their way with no side with any intentions of showing down.

It's at this point that Thor starts running slightly faster and as the sky darkens above him his eyes go blank as his entire body generates with electricity from head to toe.....

.....transforming him into the God of thunder again

He firmly leaps high up and into the air as the ships proceed to try and shoot him down which does NOTHING all he does is re-appear through the blast residue and charge forward plowing through ship after ship while ground troops were sent to deal with Loki and Heidmall

Back inside while everyone else in the hanger bay around gathering any weapons and materials needed to prep themselves for a potential last stand, Cyclops came running out of the debriefing room

Back inside while everyone else in the hanger bay ran around gathering any weapons and materials needed to prep themselves for a potentials last stand Cyclops came running out of the debriefing room

Scott: Get that damn thing mouthed. We don't have much time.

He continued to run at a measurable pace and check on upcoming defensive systems before catching a peak of both Natasha defensive systems before catching a peak of both Natasha and Rogers taking Banner into the medical room.

At that moment everything else around him faded out and it became nothing but just a mere pitch white noise echoing through his ears making everything else inaudible to him


The voice snapped him out of paralyzed inaudible state as he realized that he was being confronted by none other than Jean Grey herself

Scott: Jean.

Jean: I saw them Scott. They'll be able to buy us some time right?

Scott: I'm hopeful of that. Don't know the hell they found us but we need to hold them off as much as we can. At this point evacuation is not an option

Jean: Scott. We still have to evacuate.

We can't.

It takes them no time to notice Bobby and Gambit up behind them.

Bobby: We can't leave without Kitty and Kurt. They're still on their way back from Rome.

Gambit: Along with Storm and Rachel.

Scott: Guys I get it. But they're handling their business. I think we need to handle ours because anywhere but here is already much safer

Quite the statement made from the self-proclaimed leader of the X-Men.....but was it true?

Well admist the Black Bird flying across the ocean both Kurt and Rachel told the other two about Blade......

......listening onwards

Kurt: So this guy.....who calls himself Blade.....he thought I was some kind of demon. I mean who doesn't? I know but....this guy has lethal weapons.

Rachel: And when I saw him fighting those Skrulls I had a chance to learn a little about him while reading his mind.

Kitty: He's not human is he?

Rachel: Barely. Part of him is a vampire too. but lives off from some serum to stabilize his....condition. That's all I got.

This made Storm raise an eyebrow having to look back at him all the way back....

....seeing him not doing anything

Storm: Well whoever he is....killing Skrulls makes him no friend to THANOS but then this point there's telling who we can trust. We better head back to.....

At that exact moment the tracker beacon went off from the side of the Black Bird as it's movement was tracked in the panel all the way back to base. The distress signal made it all clear that they could no longer hide from THANOS

Kitty: It's.....the base.....they found us....

Everyone stared at her frozen in place for a moment

But then....Blade spoke

Blade: Press forward.

Kurt: Why should we let you get involved in this?

Blade: You'll understand soon enough.

Unwilling to argue with that the jet flew on as it then passed this mild and barely visible island near the coast of Florida. Despite how little the island was and despite how fast the jet was able to pass by it SOMEONE.....

.....someone was able to catch the sight the jet. But just barely. As it got up from a crouching position it was shown to be wearing traditional tan clothing in this raggedy old cloak with a hood over it's head made of fabric

(Guess who)

Despite being completely covered up and barely visible the only thing that was a tear falling from the eye of whoever the hooded figure was

As the year fell somewhat in slow-motion hurdling towards the ground the screen suddenly cut itself and then paused like a slide show and.....*Chuckles*....guess who popped up from the slide

Deadpool: Hehehehe.....Hiya peeps. Sorry for the interruption but there was a slight bug involved. Stan Lee and Stephen King had a problem with going through with the budget. Yeah I know. Quite sh__ty huh? So....wanted to make sure the show was still working right. I know THAT sh** would not be good for my reputation. Ok, everything good? Great. We're gonna move ahead. Sorry again to slow yall down.

He quickly moves out of the was literally ONE second later he popped up again coloring rapidly the color of the teardrop with a red sharpie

Deadpool: Hahahaha! Who's the tomato now?

He looks back at the audience laughs nervously and scurries away giving the professionals the chance to start back up the screen for the scene to play again

As soon as it plays through again the teardrop falls past the red sharpie and hurdles towards the ground as it splatters along the rubble

Back at the base Natasha and Rogers were trying their best to comfort a injured Bruce Banner in the medical room but co suffering the fact that he was rapidly getting angry bulking in size and tiring green.... that point trying to calm him down was nigh-impossible

Romanoff: C'mon, Bruce. Stay with me here. Please fight it.

Bruce struggles even more.

Rogers: It's not working. We need serum.

Romanoff: Jean!

Once again, Bruce keeps groaning more and more but he finally starts to buff out his shirt and change color even more

As Steve ran out to get another vital of the serum Romanoff got a little up and personal with Banner and once again tried to calm him down.....

.....the only way she should

Romanoff: Hey big guy?

Banner calmed a little hearing that since it was the first thing that calmed him down since.....

Something else happened.....

Rogers: Is he coming around....

Romanoff: I think so.

Up on THANOS's ship he looked down upon the base staring at his empty spot of the stone that Loki took from his Gauntlet

THANOS: I want our troops down there NOW!!

The hatch of the ship opened and skrulls came falling down by perishuting

Bobby: Oh no you guys DON'T!

He blasted a wave of ice freezing those boneheads dead in their tracks

Gambit did a shot by throwing laser cards knocking them out of the sky

But they kept coming....

Bobby: They just keep coming

Gambit: And so are they. army of the strongest rebels came charging attacking the skrulls

Back on the bridge

Storm to Base. Come in! This is Storm. Scott Jean Banner! Are you there?! Over!

Natasha: This is Romanoff. Sorry Storm we had a miner hiccup.

What's the report on Thano's army attacking the Base?

Romanoff: They have actually yet to invade. But we've prepared just in case. Thor, Loki and some others are dealing with it out on the bridge

So what'd you want us to do?

At that point Rogers got hold of the communicator and spoke through

Rogers: Storm, this is Captain Steve Rogers speaking. If you're planning to land anytime soon make it as anonymous as possible. We need all the help we can get.

Idk if it's possible, Captain.

Steve: Then make it possible, ok?

Back on said shuttle Rachel held onto both Kitty and Storm as she managed to get a further viewpoint ahead to Thanos raiding their base.....

.....and unfortunately there was no way to land as the ships had completely infested the entire airways and if they got an inch to them they'd be dead just like that

Blade: We can't land there.

Somehow Blade managed to say what Rachel managed to pick up

Rachel: Wha--

Blade: Right now, we can't help them.

Kitty: What you mean?! What are we suppose to do?!

Blade: You mentioned someone you miss....dear and close to you. What's her name?

Rachel: Is that your business??

Kurt: Wait! What'd you know about Carrie White? That's her name.

Blade: I know that name too. What would you say if I told you....that I know where to look?

Almost immediately everybody on that shuttle looks back at once another and than back at Blade. If what Blade himself was saying was true then this could be the answer to their troubles and the only way they could possible rid the planet THANOS

It was risky.....

Kurt: My-Meine Gelibte?

....but it seems to be the only way to finally get the upper hand over the situation

Kitty: Captain....I had to disregard orders.....but this is absolutely essential at the moment

Storm: What you mean?

Kitty: We need HER....and you know that. Captain this is Kitty Pryde speaking just hold them off if you can ok? If not get the hell out of there!

Copy that. Rogers out.

For the first time in a long time Kurt felt a since of hope knowing that his love was out there still alive

That's when he looked upon the screen cutting back to the base the fight kept ragging and skrulls kept coming

Scott: I don't know think we can hold them for long. We have to evacuate.

Jean: But we can't go. Our other allies are across the ocean. We'd never make it.

Romanoff: Jean he's right. There's no other way.

Jean stood there in silence till she spoke on the speaker to the base


Romanoff: Alright you two go I'll get the big guy (Banner)

Outside Bobby and Gambit kept the skrulls at bay but from behind Gambit....


Bobby looked back to see his comrade fall

Bobby looked back to see his comrade fall

Bobby: NOOOOO!!!!

The super skrull turn to him as ice man blew him away with ice wind and held up Gambit

Bobby: Hold on buddy stay with me.

Gambit: Rogue...she's smiling down now...knowing....I'm coming....

Bobby: No....Remy stay with me we can win this....

Gambit: Yes.....we can....and I made peace with love...I'm last....

And then....

....Remy Labeu also known as Gambit of the X-Men....had passed from the earth.

Bobby held Remy's lifeless body in emotion and looked upon the skrulls coming that's when he grew angry and created

A giant snow storm that blew those bone heads away and froze them

People cheered for him after that

And soon everyone aboard their ships and soon set off giving THANOS a slip

On one Bobby showed up at the bridge and Jean rushed and gave him a hug

Jean: You alright Bobby?

He was just silent till he opened up

Bobby: Remy's dead.

The room was silent

Bobby: The super skrull appeared out of no where Remy looked back was too late....

Still silent everyone was down about his death

Cutting back to the black bird it landed in cemetery Kurt teleported out just when the hatch open

Blade was the first to come out

Kurt: You sure she's here?

Blade: Whistler has a friend here. He goes by Slade....he's a caretaker here.

Kurt looked around and after minutes of searching he found the man Blade mention

Carter: Ironic.

Kurt: Gun tag sir. I'm looking for--

Carter: The girl. I know Blade said you were coming. She's over there kid.

Kurt looked back and saw the same hooded figure stand by a grave Kurt had a tingling feeling as he approached her

The hooded figure slowly turned and removed her hood.....

........IT WAS CARRIE!!!!!

Almost everyone except for Blade and Carter backed up from the pure shock of it all after nearly a year with no response no answers no midst on it and absolutely no idea whether or not the allegations were actually true, it was at this very moment right here right now that all the rumors could be put to rest

Carrie White the Angel of Havoc in fact was still alive and breathing

Kurt: Carrie.....

He took two steps forward but Storm stopped him right there.

Storm: Take a closer look.

Apart from the clothing she was wearing it became clear just from sight that THIS.....this was NOT really the same Carrie White they and we all know and love

Her posture was very aloof with her arms mildly shaking and quivering every second and her eyes twitching at the sight of them Speaking of eyes her eyes twitching at the sight of them. Speaking of eyes her pupils were completely ridden with red almost as if the very thing she didn't want to become had finally taken a grip on her

But most of all the tears.....

.....the blood-filled tears flowing down her eyes drenching her cheekbones......

.....was painful for one let alone five people to see at once Even Blade couldn't help but to shrug off his shades and than look away

All of this led up to one clear fact: the battles that Carrie had in the past especially the one with THANOS had left her physically emotionally and psychologically ruined

Storm: Carrie....

Kurt: Bitte antworte mir (Please answer me)

She didn't respond back

At this point Rachel had brief idea on what to do next.....and if this didn't do it who knows what will

She slowly inches up further towards her sister as cautiously as she could unaware if she had shut anyone out from the outside world. But Carrie's initial reaction was hard to process....mostly cause she didn't respond again

But then.....

.....Rachel stood face to face with her after all this time and said.....

Rachel: We need your help Carrie.

......before pulling out something from her pocket then placed them in her hands

Having to step back to allow Carrie to process it she then opened her hand to find.....

.....Logan's dog tags

Almost immediately she got emotional as more tears to began to trickle down her cheeks as she kneels down on both of her knees. It lasted longer than anticipated....

.....but Carrie finally looked up at all of them (Blade and Carter included) with tears still running down and all she said was.....

Carrie: You shouldn't have come back for me.

(Uh oh I think all those battles officially BROKE her)

She then ran towards Carter's cabin and shut the door locking Kurt and Rachel came at the door

Kurt: Miene Giellbteit's us.

Go away...

Rachel: Why we come to take you home. We miss you.

Carter: Forget it kids. She's been like that since she got here. Kept crying out how she failed this Logan guy. I letted her stay here since she was the one who eliminated Menphistophles. But get use to it she's been like brick wall since.

Kurt: Logan was our friend that died one year ago. But we're all in dire danger. THANOS---

Carter: I know everyone knows. And the Earth is just the start. Rumor has it THANOS is going after the whole galaxy. Those rebels better have a plan if there's any hope for us.

Rachel: We're with the rebellion. And we need Carrie

Carter: Well good luck with her. Cause you'll need a miracle to reason with her.

Kurt: Miracle....That's it! Rachel stay here and keep an eye on Carrie. I need to take the jet.

Rachel: Where you going?

Kurt: To Florida to get my sien Noah was our miracle child. Maybe he can get Carrie to come to reason.

Before Rachel had a chance to protest Nightcrawler teleported to the jet but didn't realize Kitty was still aboard as he too off

Or.....was it....Kitty?

Meanwhile the majority of the Rebellion who evacuated the bunker base were.....

......still underground for that matter

But they did manage to dig through the ruins and the ruble of what used to be their former base as they managed to make it to a very familiar location

It's just a pity that THANOS himself didn't get that through his skull because after scuffling the majority of the ruble of said base he found nothing of any value

No data to give THANOS himself didn't get that through his skrull because after scuffing through the majority of the ruble of said base he found absolutely nothing of any value

No data banks no encrypted files no video footage nothing to give THANOS even the slightest bit of possibility that they had even slipped up

And this didn't sit well with him. He was seconds away from exploding and erupting with anger until he managed to get ahold of only ONE.....

......ONLY one thing.....

.....that he could he could use

A picture of the Avengers tower

THANOS: steal from me.....but I haven't begun to ruin you. We're over due for a chat, Stark.

(Oh god....)'s pitch black EVERYWHERE No light no reflections retractions of light it's just pitch black at every corner and every angle

But than the camera starts to shake and vibrate slowly in horizontal directions almost as if you're experiencing a seizure

But as the screen clears up and the vibration gets clearer and clearer.....


We realize that it was just Bruce knocked out who finally he awaken from his cold hard slumber......and that it was Natasha who had just woken him up.

Romanoff: Feeling better?

Bruce: Ahh uh....y-yeah. W-where are we?

Romanoff: We're in a bunker. All of us. It was one of the few places me and Cap hid after getting our asses handed to us by the Winter Solider. It's only safe spot we have left. Till we can reach the other allies across the ocean.

Bruce: Or....there's one.....but not on earth

Cutting back to the jet Kurt looked back as he piloted the jet seeing Kitty come out of the bathroom

(Or like said was it hurt)

Kurt: Kitty Ik this is in expected but....

Kitty: Relax honey. *Turns back to Mystique*It's only me.

Kurt: MOTHER?!?!

Raven: I had to find you as soon as I heard about Charles. Knowing what your wife was going through after Logan....I'm sorry for these losses you keep having. THANOS has to be stopped. I have a friend who has a history with him SHE might help us.

Kurt: Is this friend of yours reliable?

Raven: 100%. But we can only summon her if there's a death or near death experience that's why we need your friend Deadpool since he can live after death.

Kurt: The merk? I hope you know what you're asking for mother. He's known by his mouth. But first we got get Noah. Sue and Desjardin are with him in Florida

The black bird flew on

Meanwhile the majority of the Rebellion who evacuated the bunker base were......

......still underground for that matter

But they did manage to dig through the ruins and the ruble of what used to be their former base as they managed to make it to a very familiar location

It's just a pity that THANOS himself didn't get that through his skull because after scuffling through the majority of the ruble of said base he found absolutely nothing of any value

No data banks no encrypted files no video footage nothing was there to give THANOS even the slightest bit of possibility that they had slipped up

And this didn't sit well with him he was seconds away from exploding and erupting with anger until he managed to get ahold of only ONE......

.....ONLY one thing.....

....that he could use.....

....A picture of the Avengers Tower

(Oh god)'s pitch black EVERYWHERE No light no reflections retractions of light it's just pitch black at every corner and every angel

But then the camera starts to shake and vibrate slowly in horizontal directions almost as if you're experiencing a seizure

But as the screen slowly clears up and the vibration gets clearer and clearer......


We realize that it was just Bruce knocked out who finally he awaken from his cold hard slumber......and that it was Natasha who had just woken him up.

Romanoff: Feeling better?

Bruce: Ahh, uh.....y-yeah. W-where are?

Romanoff: We're in a bunker. All it was one of the few places me and Cap hid after getting our asses handed to us by the Winter Solider. It's only safe spot we have left. Till we reach across the ocean.

Having to sit himself back up to take a bold look around he could see that it was what Romanoff said it was. He could also see that it was also well guarded giving the fact everyone who retreated and survived managed to make it back here

Banner: *Sighs*

Romanoff: Relived?

Banner: More like I've been for the past few months.

He manages to sit himself up off the medical table in a very calm yet cautious matter.....and it only increased once Natasha sat down next to him

Romanoff: Don't worry. Everyone's recovering from earlier. We have all the time in the world.

Hearing this.....Bruce just sighs....again....

....and speaks out

Banner: I should've killed myself months ago.

Romanoff: No.

Banner: Nat, come on. You've seen what I've done, how much I despise hurting others. The world already knows the REAL Hulk for what he is...and I can't take that away from me. It's laser focused up here into my cerebrum so deeply that not even a trained neurologist could get it out of me


Banner: I may be of some use.....but I don't want to be involved in this life anymore. Even if it kills me, I---

Romanoff: Enough. Don't be so hard yourself ok? You're special in ways you could've never have guessed beforehand. That's why we had to come find you in the first place. You wanted the change the world for the better.....

Banner:.....But I ended up doing things differently.

Romanoff: Hey change is good. I'm sure Betty would've felt the same for you either way. She still does right?

There was a LONG period of silence following that question Normally Bruce would be a little hesitant on talking about Betty except she's around But this felt a lot more severe....and it didn't feel right at all.....

Romanoff: Bruce?

......Even when he FINALLY answered

Banner: She--she's.....Betty's gone

Yep around the time period of THANOS taking over Betty Ross had tragically been killed Natahsha could've chosen to ignore it much of a professional she was

But given how close she had grown to Banner as the years went by it was impossible not to feel any sort of sympathy for the guy He had already lost his life's work and his humanity.....but he didn't deserve to lose the only person who truly cared for him other than the Avengers

Romanoff: Wh--how did it--what happened?

Banner: HE did it.

Romanoff: What you mean? I don't understand.

Bruce: Betty was killed a month ago...

She was silent for a moment

Banner: During an attack Thanos launched a nuclear blast....she was caught in it....

Romanoff didn't know what else to say except wrap around him and say....

Romanoff: I'm so sorry.....

In the bridge of another ship Jean looked upon ahead as Scott came to her

Scott: Jean....we're now leaving the amphismer,

She looked towards the other side and just above the earth....

Was the Avengers Watch tower

Back down to the cemetery the real Kitty came by Storm which startled her

Storm: Kitty....I thought you left with Kurt...

Kitty: I stepped out for a moment and noticed it took off

Storm: Then who.....

Just before Storm could put two and two together they saw someone riding on a motorcycle

It was Johnny Blaze (The Ghost Rider) (Nicolas Cage)

Johnny: Howdy.

Kitty: Who are you?

Carter: That there little lady is Johnny Blaze. The Ghost Rider.

Kitty: The who?

In the cabin Carrie sat there silently and emotional till....a strange feeling chilled her spine

At Thanos command ship he was facing gauntlet but he had the same feeling as Carrie did

(The Last Jedi reference)

That's when.....

.....they SAW each other in telepathy

Carrie gasped as Thanos smirked

Thanos:'re still alive.

Carrie's expression went from shocked to anger remembering the last time she faced THANOS

Carrie: Murderous snake!

Thanos: The super skrull made your demise quite convincing But I heard this wasn't the first time you cheated death.....death....

Carrie: You're gonna pay for what you done!

Thanos: You eager for vengeance. But why hide? Can you see my surroundings? I can't see yours.

Carrie was just about to protest till the door open braking the link

It was Blade who opened the door

Blade: Feeling better?

The least that Carrie could do at this moment was to nod to show that she understood.

Blade: When you're ready there's someone who wants to have word with you.

He backs away from said door and exits although he leaves the door open at a slight angle letting only a slight slimmer of the light in

But finally he steps out to see Johnny Blaze and the rest standing outside awaiting her

Carrie: What?

Johnny: Hey, young lady. The names John--

Carrie: Johnny Blaze.....the Ghost Rider.

Normally this would confuse or even creep out the normal average person.....but Johnny got the gist for a while so it didn't bother him

Johnny: I see you been doing your research.

Rachel: She reads minds. Like I do.

Kitty: A lot.

Johnny: Hmm. Another supernatural, huh?

Once again Carrie only nods silently unwilling to fully speak out about any sort of issue concerning her or anything related to the past few years

As Johnny took a step forward Carrie once again took a step back But nothing about her composure changed

Johnny: Gotta give credit where it's due: Mephistopheles was one rough n' tough son of a b__ch I honestly thought for the longest time that.....I didn't think I got rid of the bastard.....until I heard about a certain Angel of Havoc. Finished what I started.

He then holds hand out towards her

Johnny: Props to you.

Any self-respect person would be willing to shake said hand but's safe to say her new self wasn't as self-respect or as open-minded as before So it prevented her from shaking his hand

Johnny: You ok?

Rachel: Hold on I got this.

Rachel soon walked Carrie to the other side of the cemetery in hopes to get her to see reason

Rachel: I like your robe. Cloak. Whatever it is.

Carrie was silent again

Rachel: *Sighs*Please say something. We came all this way to--

Suddenly she stopped and Rachel looked to the front of their path and wouldn't you know it they were standing infront of their......

....father's grave

   Here lies
     Ralph White

Beloved Father and Grandfather

      1976 - 2017

The sisters were silent till....

Rachel: I never knew where he was buried.

Carrie: It's why I came here. After I failed everyone.....Charles. Logan. Everyone....I came die beside him.

Rachel: What?? Carrie no. After everything you done with the X-Men and the can't just give up. Dad wouldn't want that. Neither would Xavier or Logan. Carrie THANOS is growing stronger the rebellion is losing. We need your help.

Carrie: Oh Rach....I want to help more than anything. But I wish I can make you understand. My god powers are gone. I'm no match for him anymore. I'm not coming back.

Carr just turned back and walked off throwing her hood back on

Meanwhile the black bird finally landed in flordia and Nightcrawler and Mystique teleported in Sue and Desjardin's safe house

Kurt: Guten tag?

Almost immediately Desjardin and Sue both jumped up from the mere sight of it and exclaimed simultaneously it's been a while they've even seen Kurt let alone HEARD from him since he asked them to take care of Noah and keep their son out of the action......

.....but with things slowly picking up finally it made sense to take advantage just in case

Sue: The hell? Kurt?

Desjardin: Young man you know it's been five months since you left your son with us, right?

Kurt: I do. I get it. The thing is with THANOS still in control behind the reigns and getting stronger by the minute I haven't been able to get a chance to visit. Plus the rebellion are doing all they can. But all we been doing lately is running. A lot of have been suffering and dying. I would be here sooner if it were safe. I just mainly trying to not lead THANOS to him.

Desjardin: Argh.'s not getting any better out there is it?

Kurt nodded his head but suddenly Desjardin just quickly held her stomach as this annoying pulsating urge kept kicking her from the inside out endlessly. Considering the fact she's still pregnant with Bucky Barnes child was rather odd since it normally happens after 9 months but it's been a year

So that in itself was weird

Kurt: Still kicking?

Desjardin: Still kicking. Hopefully it won't be....Ugh....too long.

Kurt: I'll be praying for you.

Desjardin: BWT this---

Kurt: Oh right....yeah this is Raven Darkhomes also known as Mystique but she is most of all my mother.

Desjardin: Rita Desjardin.

Raven: I think we met before at the wedding (From Carrie & Kurt 2) But we hadn't talk much but pleasure.

Sue: She's THE Mystique? I think I remember her when she helped Chris and that Magneto guy kidnap Carrie when we met you guys (In X-Men: Carrie)

Kurt: *Sighs* I know but I wish I can explain it but times never on our side anymore. So I have to move fast. Where's Noah?

Sue: He's asleep. Why?


Kurt: My Sien needs to know his mother is alive.

As soon as she heard the confirmation of Carrie still alive and breathing Sue immediately bolted off the couch and hugged him

Kurt wrapped around her to hug back as did Desjardin

Sue then lead Kurt and Raven in the bedroom to see Noah napping....on the toy box?

Kurt: Sien??

Sue smelled the smoke making her realize he teleported over there

Sue: Oh Kurt.. I forgot to tell you...I think your powers and Carrie's powers were passed on to him last week.

Raven: Oh god....Kurt you got your powers from your father. He could gain mine too.

Kurt: Least he's safe. Thank you Sue.

Sue: Of course. But can you let us come with you? We missed her too.

Kurt: Ja but I should tell you she's not herself which is why I came to get Noah.

Sue nodded and got little Carrie from her nap she was happy to see Kurt and creeped out by Mystique a little...

....Soon the group loaded up and boarded the black bird and took off

Cutting to the Avengers watch tower the ships from the base docked in the hatch

Andrew Demter Wanda Maximoff lead by T'Challa came and Romanoff lead the others out as the hatch open

T'Challa: Thank the African Gods.

He gave Romanoff a quick hug

T'Challa: When we heard about the base we feared the worst.

Romanoff: Don't stop fearing yet. We need to make some contacts to our allies.

Everyone off board their ships carrying their injured to medic rooms

And soon questions started being asked

Peter: Where's Rachel?

Andrew: And Everyone not here?

Pretty soon more questions were being blankly and blatantly asked than those being answered

It's clear that everyone was rather anxious dumbfounded or almost exaggerating the situation going on especially since THANOS had tracked them down since

But while all of THAT was happening Steve Rogers had something else in mind planned

Was it risky?


But would it be worth the risk?

Only if it paid off

So what exactly was his idea?

Simply walk into the office of Tony Stark and see whether or not he'd help them out with this "war" effort

But he knew he'd have to convince him otherwise since he's not one to be easily influenced

So following through with his plan he heads his office and knocks on said door

But there was no response back.....even when he knocked again

Rogers: *Sighs* God damn it Stark.....

Easily agitated he quickly burst the entire door down and off it's hinges......only to see Tony Stark himself knocked out on the floor

Guess he couldn't move much since he threw his back out during Mystique's arrival

Rogers: Tony?

He quickly rushed over to his aid and quickly helped him up to his chair

Rogers: Hey, Hey. Millionaire playboy there's asses to kick. Come on.

Still no response

So he resorted to the only option he had available: he basically clocked Stark out of his shield

It WAS rather barbaric.....but finally he wakes up

Stark: f---UGH....

Rogers: Wasn't anything personal.

Stark: Kinda felt personal though. The hell you want Capsicle?

Roger: Well FYI the others could use some motivation

Stark: Nope. Can't do it.

Rogers: Can't or won't?

Stark: Don't start.

Rogers: I just don't understand why you lost your touch. Yeah our world is inslaved but we're still fighting.

Stark: Fighting for what? This isn't like fighting Loki or Ultron Caps. They almost took over but Thanos....he succeeded. And we've already lost so much. Your friend Buck. Which I should be glad but....I'm not shockingly. Then Vision. Cause he was made from one of those cursed stones. And then Xavier from what I heard Logan was forced to mercifully kill him cause his seizer almost killed others then Logan turned into some metal statue. And....that poor kid Carrie.

(He doesn't know she's still alive)

Rogers: I get odds are against us. But they all died fighting. And we're still fighting, Tony. Cause some of us believe we still have a chance....

Tony: Chance to be sent back to the stone age?

Steve: No! But-Tony I get what it's like to be beaten by all odds. I was too after the civil war. But....when we fought Magneto--

My father?

They turned back to see Wanda by the door way

It seems somehow she finally knows the truth of her heritage.....

....and there was no way for either the Captain or Stark to hide the truth.

Wanda: Are the rumors true? Is Erik Lenshir really my father?

Stark: Uhh I'm sorry. But were you suppose to know?

Wanda: Enough.

Almost instantly he backed off long enough for Steve to get his composure together and finally answer the question. But considering the fact that he SHOULDN'T have known was.....odd.

But the answer still came....

Rogers: Yes.

......with a few repercussions for later.

Wanda: How did you find out?

Rogers: Files.....from decades before.

More silence filled the entire room as Wanda just kept giving Caps this stern look of disbelief. But then again it was understandable: if he or possibly the other members knew of her origins then how come Carrie was the only one who told her (Yes. SHE told her before she disappeared)

Rogers: How did YOU find out

Wanda: That's irreverent.


Once again Caps still remained professional as Stark....

.....took another chug out of some scotch

Rogers: You see Stark. It's far from over for you....or us for that matter.

Stark: You know we're both getting too old for this. more than the other.

Rogers: But we both have a job to do....and a war to prevent.

Stark: Didn't you mention that people die everywhere we try to end a war before it starts? So what makes now anything different? We can't prevent the war, he IS THE WAR.....


Stark:......and by the time it comes.....eternal torment and damnation await us.

The sheer utter lack of confidence in his speech made it all the more clear that just like Carrie, Stark was far too broken to be convinced otherwise. Hell even if he WAS himself it would've taken longer than usual to make him see the reasoning

At that moment the door swung open

Peter: Hey, Cap'n?

Stark: Underroos.

Stark: Hey Mr. Stark. Uhh.....Captain they're waiting for you.

Hearing this he frimly yet silently nods himself and firmly walks out of the office without a second thought....

.....leaving Wanda in the room with another stern look.

Cutting back to the Black Bird it was flying back to the cemetery as Kurt carrying Noah told Sue with little Carrie on her lap and Desjardin about Carrie and everything that happen

Sue: Logan and Charles....They're gone??!

Kurt: And Carrie has been living in guilt and hiding in the cemetery. We can't get her to come back with us so maybe seeing Noah might help her come around.

Sue: I don't see why not. I mean my daughter helped me....see pass my guilt.

Kurt was just about to reply till....

Mystique: I'm picking up something on the radar. We're being fallowed.

Kurt came up giving Noah to Desjardin and looks at the radar

Kurt: They're coming too fast.

Turns out they were being fallowed by....Skrull ships!

Kurt: Skrulls!!

Everyone jumps out of their seats and Mystique tries to speed up to loose them but.....just to run into....THANOS's command ship

Sue: What in God's name is that?

Kurt: It's.....HIM.

The ships stood face to face

(Uh oh)

Back with Carrie she once again sat in silence again with hood up and carrying Logan's dog tags....but.....she felt the shiver again and....

.....the link was back on

THANOS: Still hiding I see.


THANOS: You call me a psycho. But I'm not the one who's hiding like a coward. NOT me.

Carrie: Why would you do this? What has this world ever done to you?

Thanos: You humans would have done the same to me.

Carrie: You think Logan would have blasted you to death?!

Thanos: He brought at himself. I aimed that at you but he got in the way. And if you want me to better come out now cause....

He showed her an image of the Black Bird being pulled into the command ship showing Mystique Kurt Noah Sue Desjardin and Little Carrie being escorted by Skrulls

Carrie gasped to her husband friends even more on her child

Carrie: NO!

Rachel and Kitty heard her outside and ran

Carrie: Let them go!

Thanos: Bring me Loki's scepter or I'll send them to meet your precious Logan.

And just like that.....the link was broken just when Rachel and Kitty came rushing in

Only to see her corrupted by pure anger and in a desperate need to crack some skrulls for the capture of her husband son and friends.

Carrie: Why were we connected?! GOD!

Rachel: Carrie!

Kitty: What just happened?

Hearing the voices but acting almost instant Carrie immediately SNAPPED her head back at both of them.....

....and they both fell out of the doorway crashing onto the ground alerting Blade Storm and Johnny

Storm: Oh god.

Blade: She's coming back.

Storm: You sure about that?

A question not needing to be answered Carrie answered that firmly when she stepped out of the bunk-hold suddenly standing up more confidently than she was before.....

.....and then she RIPS her cloak off of her

Blade: Positive.

Johnny: In that case....Let's ride.

Almost immediately after he said that his head quickly erupted into flames with his skin quickly disappearing underneath that huge gassed of fire.....only for a burnt up skull to show itself out of the flames

The Ghost Rider was here

Without even discussing what to even do all three of them (Ghost Rider Blade Storm) block Carrie's path of trajectory as she calmly walks over to Rachel and Kitty still stumbling to get back on their feet's

And the first thing they all noticed.....was her BLACKeyes

Carrie: All of you.....Get out of my way. NOW.

Ghost Rider: An unlikely conclusion to this encounter.

By force Carrie pushed them all aside except Rachel for her full power shield her and pushed her back causing Carr to fly back

Rachel: You guys go. I'll take care of her.

Blade: Have to do better than that kid.

Blade and Ghost storm passed Rachel ready to fight but a force of telekinesis caught them and Carrie tied them both together with Ghost Rider's chain

And was about to crush them

(Come on Carrie snap out of it your family and friends need you)

But Rachel stuns Carrie with her mind link causing her to scream making the ground shake and crack

And just then Carr fell out cold releasing the Rider and Blade but Rachel kept them both back by force

Rachel: Both of you keep back if you know what's good for you.

Blade: Why you--

Ghost Rider grabbed his shoulder nodding to him

Rachel read Carrie's mind and found out about Kurt and the others and gasped

Rachel: Storm! Call the rebels Thanos has hostages!

In Carrie's mind it seemed dark but she was standing in front of a mirror

(Last jedi and Deathly Hallows reference reference)

In the mirror they're more Carrie's one behind the other and moved the same sounds echoing and the mirror Carr turned around to see.....

Around hooded but dark figure (Mistress Death) turn and walk away

Carrie: Hello?

She fallowed it only to see....

....Everyone she lost

Xavier (Standing)



Even Rogue with Gambit

Tommy Ross

And her father Ralph

Carr gasped and reached for Ralph's hand as he reached for her but her hand went through his

Ralph: You been so brave my Angel of Havoc.

Carrie: How are you all here?

Xavier: We never left Carrie.

Tommy: We been with you the whole time Ace.

Rogue: We're all alive in you. That's why we'll be with you to stand up to Thanos.

Carrie: Rouge....Gambit I---

Remy: Say no more. I kept fighting till the end. And everyone there never stopped believing in you.

Carrie: I'm sorry.....I'm such a mess. When I lost you all I--Lohan why would you---?

Logan: There was no stopping it anyway. Besides even though it was sh**less for me you still mattered for me to come for the ride.

Carrie: But your daughter--

Logan: She will understand what her father fought for. She will need your help with that.

Xavier: You're now the leader of the X-Men Carrie. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands now.

A moment of silence as Carr took time to absorb that then looked up to them realizing they're right and could not hide no more

The world needed her most all her family needed her

Carrie: You'll still be with me?

Ralph: Always.

And then.....

.....A flash blinked imaging a woman's skull like face (Mistress Death's face) And Carrie woke up on the black bird in the air

She gasped out of pure shock from what she had just experienced and inadvertently fell out of Rachel's hands into the hard gridded floor

The sound caught everyone's attention as she urged herself back to herself back on her feet almost immediately like she was high in adrenaline

But once she got over the shock her shock turned into happiness for the first time in well over a year

Carrie: *Sighs* Guys.


Once again she bolts out of the chair and hugs Carrie as TIGHTLY as she could. For all it was worth this was worth this was definitely worth traveling across half the country for the chance to see her best friend again

Sue: Thank you God I feel better now.

Carrie: I bet you do.

Sue: Good to have you back.

Carrie:'s good to be back.

Sue couldn't help but to smile again as she finally contained her excitement as everyone else began to hug and comfort her

First Desjardin

Then Raven

Then Kitty

Then Storm

And finally.....

.....she pauses infront of her sister then finally shared another family reunion hug

Rachel: You ok?

Carrie: Idk....I feel light headed. But ok I guess.

Blade You were out of control earlier.

Rachel: Blade!

Carrie: What did I do?

Rachel: You didn't hurt anybody that's all that matters. And Ik what set you off.

Carrie: Thanos wants Loki's scepter or.....

Rachel: I know I read everything.

Storm: We're coming in

The black bird flew towards the Avengers watch tower the hatch opened and landed in as remaining X-Men and Avengers came in as their hatch open

Rach was the first to come out

Jean: Rach we were afraid you'd never find the tower.

Scott: Did you uncover the signal?

Rachel: Yes. And we brought some new recruits. But even better.....this.

Rachel stepped aside and.....

....Carrie emerged from the hatch way

Scott: My god....

Jean: Carrie??

Everyone who saw her clapped applaud and cheered for her return as Carr felt embarrassed but warmed welcomed

Everyone turns hugging Carrie first Jean Scott Andrew Bobby Wanda Romanoff Angel and even Laura and Lonny

Jean: Bobby get to the bridge inform everyone Carrie is back.

Bobby nodded and rushed up to the bridge

It felt again rather embarrassing to have to be re-introduced like this after what everyone had assumed to be an unconfirmed death. But at the same time she was glad to finally let all of this pressure go.

Laura: Something told me.....that you'd be back.

Carrie: Laura honey....if your father taught me anything it's that even when you more at the lowest of the low there's no excuses for cowardice. Sorrow is acceptable. Pain is acceptable. AGONY & LOSS are acceptable


Carrie: But NOT.

Everyone around her murmured in agreement and once again cheered for her as she then noticed a weird tingle on her shoulder but apparently this wasn't new to her

Carrie: Oh my---Scott

As soon as she caught him he suddenly supersized himself back up

Ant-man: Damn man sorry but I just--I couldn't help it. I missed you for reals.

Carrie: Missed you too Scott.

At that point she urged herself further into the debriefing room turning away from the others.....only to turn back around.

Carrie: I missed you've all had my back and supported me since the very beginning when no one else would. It cost me almost everything I had in the long did everyone else in this very room......some were relatives others were allies.....some were relatives others were allies.....some were even outsiders......but they still trudged forward with the utmost respect and care and peer that they could.....yet the past still holds a burden on this present time.

And the wings of the Angel shall see us past it.

Hearing the familiar voice echo through her eardrums suddenly.....made her feel somewhat young again. I guess Bobby having to go and inform them wasn't exactly necessary.....because apparently Caps had seemed to get the gist a little while ago thanks to that little slip that Wanda had given him

Having to walk up directly towards her felt like he was pillaging back in time again.....but this time it felt good

Roger: Carrie......

Carrie: Reporting for duty....Captain.

At that point they both saluted each other

Rogers: Actually.....I think it's time.....for the NEW plan out the strategies for our next move. But only if you're up for it.

Carrie: Y--you mean me?

Rogers: But of course. My old age will slow me down soon and that's why I-Capetian America appointing you Angel of Havoc as leader of the Av--

Carrie: Wait Steve....I can't accept your job.

Rogers: Wha--but---

Carrie: I'm already a leader to another team. I made a promise to someone I carry out his will and continue his school for gifted youngsters but....I have a better leader for you.

She turns directly to.....

Rachel: Me??? Wha-Idk if I can--

Carrie: Rach you stood by me all the way you came all the way to save me. Rachel sister....the force of rage.....will be the new leader of the Avengers?

There was another moment of silence till......

Rachel: One condition. You lead with me during this war. And future chrises.

Carrie: Fair. Now first we have to help Kurt Noah and the others but first....where's Loki.

Out scoutering

That made them look back and who was it you ask


Hey yeah I wanna shoot baby

Carrie: Wade??

Deadpool: The one and only. Ready to save the world. Only cause I'm paid too.

Rachel: Who's paying you?

Deadpool: Idk. Just got an email from them. They're probably pro's and they pull down a gaggle of ass. They said I needed to summon another ally with a with a near death experience or whatever that means since I can't die.

(Sounds like Mystique emailed him)

Rachel: So killing you would really summon this ally?

Carrie: Are you more crazy?

Deadpool: Yes. Yes maim I am. But you make it sound like I'd really die from this? Just get it over with.

And something....or someone did got it over with but not by Carrie or Rachel he was struck by behind by....Negasonic and he fell

(She looks like she did in DP 2)

Negasonic: I always wanted to do that.

Carrie: Negasonic??

Negasonic:....good to have you back Carr. You been MIA for a year.

Carrie: Yeah. It's.....a long story.

Negasonic: What isn't?

Rachel: I like your hair.

Negasonic: Least I'm not Ripply from Alien 3 anymore.


Carrie you think Wade's ok?

Negasonic: He's fine. I saw Collous crush him by accident one time and he woke up the next day.

In Deadpool's head he was imaging he was back in Francie's medic facility

Deadpool: What the sh**biscuit?! How did I get back in Francie's house?!

It's where you were suppose to die originally you sweet tomato.

Deadool: *Frowns* Alright I have f**king had it with people calling me *Turns and stunned* Uh uh---I mean call me Tomato anytime....

What he was seeing was.....Mistress Death herself

For a few seconds nothing really happened of any kind Even as Negasonic tapped her foot repeatedly and rather impatiently waiting for Deadpool to shoot back up like an ADHD bunny....

.....nothing happened

Rachel: Either he's dreaming or asleep.

Negasonic: Typical of him.

Carrie: that case....*Turns to everyone else*.....let go alien hunting.

At that moment Caps just nodded

As the new Captain took over the strategic for how to get one over on THANOS it cuts directly over to his huge aircraft ship roaming through Georgia.....shortly after capturing and more than likely imprisoning Kurt and the others


.....that turned out to be EXACTLY what went down

As Kurt himself up from a long slumber it became almost apparent at least to him that this was the last place and seeing Skrulls packed around his cell/chamber like a bunch of hyenas waiting to pounce at him whenever the opportunity presented itself was already uneven....

....but the fact he had no idea where the others even were was--

It was already too much for him to think about

Kurt: Guys....? Sue? Rita MOTHER?!

Sue: Yeah yeah Kurt I'm awake but not so loud. I have a splitting headache.

Desjardin: Me too. B-but where are we?

Kurt: Another cell. Why do we always end up in cells? Noah. Noah? Noah! Where's Noah?!

Mystique: It's ok he's right here.

Raven was holding her grandson tight and gave him back to her son and Kurt hugged his son tight

Mystique: You're a better father than your own father was to you.

Kurt smiled emotionally and hugged his mother tight too

Little Carrie: *Cries* Momma I wanna go home.

Sue: I know baby me too.

Mystique: I got an idea. *Smirks*

We cut to a skrull coming down the hall and catching the group fighting.....

.....the Super Skrull?

Super Skurll: Soldier! Get in here and help me!

Fallowing his orders the skrull unlocked the cell door and came in


The Super Skrull turned into....Mystique then snapped it's neck and it fell dead

Kurt: Clever mother.

Desjardin: And I use to hate you when you assaulted me and robbed me (In X-Men: Carrie)

Mystique: That was old business.

Kurt: Well it still worked. Let's get out of here. We got to get back to Carrie.

And the others proceeded

Unfortunately they didn't get too far as they literally ran across Super Skrull standing on the other side of the hallway with more Skrulls. And it was clear from his elastic fist clenching up that he was getting annoyed

Super Skrull: Clever. Using my vessel to escape said confinement. But you're not the only shapeshifter here.

Mystique: But I'm way more dangerous than anything you could pull off.

This smart remark made him chuckle endlessly....almost as if he took that as a chellenge

Super Skrull: Oh really???

Right then and there his skin suddenly began melting off yet again as another skin substance over him as he began changing form

And of course..... just HAD to be that one person

Chris: Bad, Bad inmates.....

Sue: YOU?!?!

The old rivalry begins again

Back in Wade's dream he was still struck of the appearance of Mistress Death as she looked at him seductively

Deadpool: So uh....What do they call you...honey?

Mistress Death: I am what you livings call the Grim Reaper. But I am known as the Mistress Death.

Deadpool: You're the Grim Reaper??? And you're a woman?? I mean uh---of course you're a woman. It was....really the finemen beauty eyes....

Mistress: Well aren't you the charmer. But I am also the one THANOS seeks.

Deadpool: You? What's he want from you? He suicidal?

Mistress Death: Hehehehe you're funny. But no. I wish though. He has a deeper obsession over me more than the infinity stones. He wants me as his queen. That's I why I agreed to help you and the Avengers if you can destroy him for me.

Deadpool: You got it. We been trying to get rid of him for a year now.

Mistress Death: See you soon sweet little murk.

She blew a kiss at him and everything blacked out till.....

......Deadpool woke up on another ship next to Negasonic

Negasonic: About time.

Deadpool: Nice hair cut what happen to Ripply from Alien 3?

Negasonic: She fell into lava douchepool.

Deadpool: No need to spoil it.

Carrie soon walked in

Carrie: You're awake finally. Did you find our new ally?

Deadpool: Argh....Yeah.

Carrie: I'm interested.

Deadpool: Well, in a way of speaking, I'm more obsessed with why I think that's--

Right before he finishes his sentence Carrie suddenly holds tight of his leather as tightly as she could and then presses up against the side of his head.

Closing her eyes and having to concentrate deeply it didn't take long to extract whatever he had gotten from that hallucination nightmare....

....and the end result did in fact shock her

Carrie: Uhh......

Deadpool: What the f__k was that about? You high after going AWOL?

Carrie: No. Course not.....

Referring back to his black out hallucination dream what Deadpool has discovered was far from the answer or even the solution that she might've been hoping for.....but at this day and age it was the only option that they now had

Anything to end this war

Carrie:......but it's safe to say we're in for a doozy.....if we can trust them.

As she turns back towards everyone in the jet we're back at THANOS's ship heading towards halfway into North Carolina which isn't far from Carrie and the others location

Inside Kurt Sue Desjardin Raven and the kids Little Carrie and Noah were being forcefully moved into the throne of THANOS himself while Chris-Skrull had them lined up one by one again.....

.....with each of them being laid down in their knees kneeling before HIM against their will

But none of them were aware how baby Noah himself was soon getting aware and cautious of the situation they were in

THANOS: You know....escaping is not wise.

Kurt: Neither is pissing off our Goddess Du Bastard (You Bastard)

THANOS: Goddess? Hmph. WHAT goddess? If my recollection is correct she barely presented a challenge to me since we last fought. She was lucky to even survive. Barely to tickle me.

Chris-Skrull: Told you once and I'll happily imply it again sir Carrie White means NOTHING to anyone and I'll make sure to exploit that next time she runs her bloody nails in our business again

Sue: Why won't you LEAVE HER ALONE?!?!?!


Thanos: That's enough! Change back Super Skrull or remain silent

Chris-Skrull: Hmph...

Thanos: I must apologize. Sometimes my super skrulls forms have minds of their own. However this Chris I hear about has a lot of aggression all of you.

Sue: God you have no idea...

Thanos: However I'd like to talk about this Chris as in more of her than what the Super Skrull knows.

Desjardin: Are you serious?

(God I hope so)

Thanos: Do I look like I'm kidding?

Kurt: What do you want to know?

Thanos: Everything.

As much as they hated talking about that spoiled brat they just went along and told Thanos the whole story of Chris Hargensen

After the story Thanos took it well

But...when they said their opinions on her making the camera zoom at Chris-Skrull's face after each name calling and statement on her

Sue: She use to be a friend but was a lying selfish b**ch!

Desjardin: She did things to her likings and never cared for others feelings.

Kurt: She wanted nothing more than Miene galliebteto suffer!

Little Carrie: Mom says she's mean.

Desjardin: Vile!

Sue: Selfish!

Kurt: Cruel!

Mystique: Spoiled!

The names were really making Chris-Skrull heat up like a toaster

And she was just about to lose it nerve too..... it grabbed Sue and Desjardin by the throats simultaneously with her elastic arms. And just to make sure the others wouldn't get involved she had to freeze both Kurt and Mystique with.....freeze breath.

(Yeah the Super Skrull had the same powers of whatever form it takes)

Only little Carrie and Noah were left

Chris-Skrull: You....out of all people should've known better.

Sue: I DID know better. When I learned what you REALLY are!

Chris-Skrull: I should dispose of you right now you god damn traitor!


Desjardin: If that's what you really want then finish it!

It was clear that they were daring her to do the unthinkable right then and there and trust me she would do just that. But just before it was about to put Sue out of her misery.....

...a loud sonic pulse rocked the entire ship as it knocked both Chris-Skrull and Thanos back while blowing out the generators dismantling half of the ship in the process.

And the first thing both Sue and Desjardin saw when they recovered was.....

Noah: Friends.....

They all even Thanos and Chris-Skrull were all set eye on Noah

Kurt: Sien?(Son)

That's when Noah pushed Chris-Skrull off Sue and Desjardin with his mother's telekinesis and used his father's teleportation to transport everyone. One. By. One.

(Amazing! This child is barely 3and he's already mastered his a way I think)

Thanos: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Where they ended up was.......

Sue: The hell are we?

Desjardin: Idk....looks like....

Did you hear that?

I sure did.

They recognized the voices and looked over to see......

Thor and Heimdall come in

Thor: Sweet Valhalla...

Kurt and Mystique (Both): THOR!!!

Thor: Wagner? Mystique?? Miss Snell....Miss Desjardin? Children?

Kurt: Thank the Lord it's you....where are we?

Heimdall: The Asgardian ship we're in transportation with the guardians of the galaxy.

Thor: How did you get here?

Sue: Beats me....

Kurt: That would I think is.....

He looked towards his son...

Kurt: Miene sien (My son)

Sue But how? How could he master your powers so quickly? He's barely three.

Kurt: Well long story short I guess that's just what happens when you raise them right. I mastered my powers when I was three too.

Heimdall: Seems your son has a magnificent gift. He must've picked us up on his senses and transported you all here.

Sue: My god...that's gonna be a tough text on my book. If this Thanos thing EVER ends

A glimmering bright glorious sight of his son who saved his father and friends was something that most fathers wouldn't have seen coming but Kurt somehow always known

It's hard to think about that fact but when you get it around it the realization is beautiful as his son stumbles back up to his feet he stumbles back up to his feet he stumbles forward towards his father only to hug him as lightly as he could as vice versa

Kurt: My little man....Changes topic....Wait how'd you know we were here?

Thor: We received word you were captured by Thanos from Carrie on our communications

Loki: *Walks in* Of course Thanos wanted to trade you all for my scepter.....the one that I rightfully earned for my conquest.

Thor: Yeah and we made you regret that.

Loki scoffs and chuckles silently to himself

Raven: Guys.....

She points behind the asgardian brothers....

Raven: It ain't going down yet.

Almost everyone else had to glue their towards Thanos dystopian battle ship as every ember crackle debris and sparkle of fire and pyrotechnics flickered through each and every corner of the ship. But despite Noah inadvertently blowing out half of the ship but despite Noah inadvertently blowing out half of the ship it wasn't going down that easily this huge ship was still managing it's weight and staying I close them

Quite a sight to see

Sue: My god....all of that.....this is gonna be a tough to to implant all on my book

Desjardin: It'll come back around to you sooner than you think Sue if you're still having trouble Carrie will definitely help you.

Kurt: Wait hold on. Speaking of which you guys heard from Carrie??

Thor: Oh yes.....she heard you were in trouble so....I guess it got her out of her shell and reassembled

Loki: You guess? Brother she ALREADY reassembled.

Kurt: Get her back on. I need to hear voice again.....we all do At this point in time this is the only chance we have to warn her.

Loki: Wait until we land blue one.

Kurt: Blue one??

Giving the fact that they were on the Ravager ship and it was extremely fast it took it almost no time at all in order to make it back down to solid ground as the rubber tires squeaked alongside to concrete street road

Desjardin: We'll be fine down here right?

Heimdall: Until the others arrive yes.

Thor: Heimdall? I believe the Nightcrawler commands a call.

Heimdall: As you wish.

Heimdall just took a pair of communication headphones off his neck and tossed them towards Just as he puts them on and tries to stabilize a connection to another channel Sue and the others Just crowded around him hopefully for him to get a stable connection

The more he kept switching channels....... kept switching channels..... kept giving him more static



Kurt gasped finally hearing her voice again

Kurt: Mien Angel?

Carrie: *Gasps* Mien Nightcrawler??

They felt their hearts racing and reliving and both wanted to hold one another

Carrie: Oh thank the lord you're alive! Where are you?

Kurt: On Thor's ship....along are Sue Little Carrie Ms Desjardin my mother and our Noah....

Carrie: Oh thank God....We're tracking you guys now. We were gonna come save you.

Kurt: I knew you couldn't stay hidden. It was even our sien who saved us.

Carrie: What??

Kurt: It's better I tell you in person.

Carrie: I'm on my way. And Kurt? I missed you.

Kurt: I missed you.

The transmission cut off and Carrie's ship set off as Deadpool sat there as he was day dreaming of well......

Deadpool: That's how we defeat Thanos??

Misstress Death: Enough to weaken him. But...that will allow me to exchange his soul.

Whatever they were talking about.....we won't know till the end of the war.....if we win.....

Deadpool: I guess that adds up. Say....did you even had a childhood even being the Grim Reaper?

(Really Wade?)

Misstress Death: Not process. I am a force of the balance. But if I was to have a childhood it be rougher than yours.

Deadpool: Ha! You sound like Vanessa. I mean just before she died......we had a crazy match.

(Yes Vanessa was marked....Ik we never added her but a death list had to be big in a finale)

Misstress Death: I am sorry. Her soul will be at peace but need to wake up.

Deadpool: What??


He woke up looking over to see Negasonic at the door way

Negasonic: Wake up dummy we're about to dock

Cutting to outside the ship it flew by to the Asgardian ship as the hatch open and Carrie's ship landed

Kurt Sue carrying little Carrie Desjardin and Mystique carrying Noah stood in the hatch as the ship landed and it's dock opened and Carr was the first to come out

Kurt gasped as did she when they saw eye to eye and ran to each other grabbed one another in a tight reunion hug

Soon pulling back from the hug....Carrie had pause in front of her husband again the one who's been on her side since the beginning the one she abandoned for over 365 days But that simple fact did not even seem to bother him in the slightest

They both take one mild baby step back very carefully unsure what to say to one mild baby step back very carefully unsure what to say to each other in their LAST re-introduction didn't work out the first time

But the only way they could speak to one another was simple

Kurt: My Angel....

Carrie: My Nightcrawler.....

Finally being reunited with the one she destined to be one to be one and forever was a big revelation for her to have to deal with on a huge emotional level he was

They're finally back together again.....

....bringing a tear to her eye

At this point of them inch each other closer to one another as if they were about to share their first in a long time kiss in what felt like forever Unfortunately not much came out of that scene as the screen filers out and than stops again know who comes out and lectures us then

Deadpool: *Sniffling* I'm--I'm sorry. I--*Laughing and crying*

(I'm sorry. I HAD to get back to that one scene that was hilarious)

He comes over himself and re-replays the screen they finally bring themselves together for a kiss....the first full one in a full year

Kurt: Sorry we couldn't find you sooner.

Carrie: Hehehe....Kurt all is forgiven.

Sue: Carrie!

Carrie: Sue??

The two rushed and gave each other a hug of their own and wasn't long till she noticed her former gym teacher but first true friend in her life

Carrie: Ms Desjardin!

Desjardin and Carrie had their own reunion hug

Desjardin: Oh honey why does this keep happening to us?

Carrie: Idk....enemies tragedies apocalypses wars. It's common with those things.

Desjardin: Well after this war if we live through this...I'm staying close.

Carrie smiled tearfully and turned to Thor who just noticed....his new look

Carrie: Thor??

Thor: Like the hair?

Carrie: Yeah. It suits you....but what happened to your eye?

We had sister issues

That voice made everyone turn their heads seeing Loki with his arms behind his back

Carrie: Loki??

Loki: The one and only. To make a long story short our father had a daughter he never told us about. She striked at Thor in the eye. We had to destroy Asgard to defeat her.

Thor: And our father.....died.

Carrie: That's horrible. I'm so know I lost my dad too. I didn't even meet Rachel till I met you and the Avengers.

Deadpool: *Appears* Ha! The God of mischief! I got to get this out but you have a direct line in my funny bone. And it's right main street!

Loki: Main street??

Thor: Loki....I think he meant.....

Loki: Ohhh....hahaha! You know I think I like this guy.

Deadpool: Hey I gotta tell you this funny time when--

As Deadpool talked he wrapped his hand around Loki walking out

(I told you they'd get along)

Thor: Guess Loki made a friend.

Carrie: A useful friend though

Thor: What?

Carrie: Wade seems to connect with an ally that knows Thanos's weakness. Which is why we need to get back to the watch tower.

Thor: Understood. We just need to find the guardians first.

Everyone soon left except Carrie and Kurt

Kurt: You ok?

Carrie smirked approaching him

Carrie: I am now.

She grabbed him in a sealed kiss and dragged him away

In short time Carrie and Kurt finally had their own alone time since a year in an embrace of passion

Two hours later Carrie covered in a blanket with bare shoulders sticking out woke slowly to woke to find Kurt shirtless but in pants by the window Carrie crawled out holding the sheet up to her chest and walked by him and kissed his shoulders

Kurt: How did you survive?

Carrie: What you mean?

Kurt: That night Logan died in the did you escape?

Carrie: I wondered if you would ask me that. The super Skrull as Chris was just about to strike me down.

The screen cuts to a flashback and Carrie narrates what happens

He or she would have succeeded if not for Blade. He stabbed her from behind the stomach and found me on the flour he took me out of there and he and this old man Whistler flew me out of there on their helicopter. I passed out watching the Black Bird Fly away out the window.

The flashback ended and her story began to make a little sense to him

Kurt: That does explain how he knew where you were before. But what was he doing in the prison?

Carrie: He and Whistler picked up the massive activity going on there while flying across the ocean. They tracked it and later Blade found me. But.....swallowed by my grief and guilt over Logan I been living off at my dad's cemetery. I am sorry I left you for so long.

Kurt: Hehehe.....Carrie ALL is forgiven.

she smiled widely as Kurt moved his full front by hers and looking into one another's eyes

(Infinity war reference)

Kurt: Stay. Stay with me.

Carrie gaze at him more and kissed deeply with the screen cutting far them from them

Later they came out all dressed but then wasn't long before Carrie felt a very cowering presence glimmering over her as if this huge crowing shadow was curtsey of the one that had haunted all of her life

But this point she knew better.

Carrie: Kurt....

Kurt: I know.....but you can't do this alone anymore.

Carrie: Get the others down here. This is where it began and this is where we'll end it.

Understanding where she was coming from he knew there was no risk arguing she lost just as much as everyone else and when she gets serious like this there's no stopping her

Kurt nodded heavily.....but not before he let Noah take one glimpse over at his mother

Carrie: *Gasps softly*

She quickly makes her way over to him tightly since it's been almost forever they have seen each other

Grasping him tightly and holding him up and she turns her attention back to Kurt who just nods silently and then teleports away

(He's gonna get everyone....that includes Stark)

Unwilling to back down any longer Carrie lets Noah down beside him as she stands firmly in front of the path of the barely functional dystopian ships path of trajectory insuring that Thanos will eventually catch sight of her

And of course......HE DOES see her.... mind link again

Thanos: Finally....

Carrie: It ends here.

Thanos: When I see a sun rise that's when it ends.

Carrie: It will set on your death! Monster!

Thanos: I can snap my fingers and make you vanish if I wanted. But lucky you I require Loki's scepter. So now it comes to this.

Carrie: I'll be waiting.

The link broke

(Last Jedi reference)

At that point she just held Noah's arm firmly to stand within the ships course of trajectory. Whether or not this was going to be her final fight last stand or another tempt to save the world remained to be seen

Noah would make sure it wouldn't be her last.....

......on Thanos's command ship the impersonation of Chris thought otherwise as "she" also caught sight of her holding hands with the same boy that outclassed her not to long ago

It took no time at all to put two and two together.....and once "she" found out the relation it lights her fire

Chris-Skrull: I want every f__king gun we have mounted at that b__ch. And don't pull away until I'm certain she's dead this time!

Thanos: Who are you to command me?

Chris-Skrull: DO IT!

Getting rather frustrated but seeing no reason to let her get in the way also THANOS with a brief nod directed every gun to slowly turn over towards where Carrie and Noah were standing strong together. Neither had any intentions on moving

At that moment both nemeses caught eye of one another as their eyes kept revolving towards one another.......

....briefly staring at each other..... Carrie suddenly smirked at her

Chris-Skrull: See you in hell. FIRE!

All of the ships guns fired and rained down energy clasts like an endless bucket of rain right over where Carrie and Noah used to be standing.....and it engulfed in a entire cluster bomb of energy particles clashing together

For well over a minute these guns didn't stop firing and it was really ticking off THANOS in more ways than one

Thanos: That's enough!

Chris-Skrull: No! Keep raining down on her!


Chris-Skrull pushed him back as they kept firing till......

They stopped

Thanos: You vile back stabbing maggot! How dare you defy-

Apparently Chris had taken over the Super Skrull completely cause she pushed his head to a window knocking him out

Chris-Skrull: Did you get her?

Soon as the dust cleared....

.....Carrie barely had a scratch on her Chris's eyes bolt up

Carrie even whipped dust off her shoulder


Chris-Skrull: Rrrrr.....that's it! That's it! that's it! THAT'S IT!!!!!!! I'm finishing this myself!

Just then everyone inside and through techno binoculars Sue saw Chris coming out approaching Carrie and Noah

Sue: It's Chris!

Thor: No....the super skrull....

Kurt: Either way we have to help her.

Mystique: Wait Kurt....I think your wife knows what she's doing.....


Chris: Why is it every time I strike at just WON'T DIE!!!!!!!

Carrie: Because it's just facts Chris. You spent your entire life for your own selfish desires. You cause so much pain. Even to your own father. You abused him thinking he had power over everything just cause he was an attorney. And then you team up with every villain and monster that came to destroy innocent lives and take over the world you never cared who got caught in the crossfire just to fulfill your own wills.

Chris: So are you hear to forgive me like any other stupid Christine would?

Carrie: No.

The way she said that without hesitation Chris powered up as did Carrie

She then charged at Carrie but Noah teleported them and she went through the smoke

Chris: What--What---

Looking for something?

Chris-Skrull turned back seeing Carrie smirking carrying Noah kept teleporting


....Carrie grabbed her arm and she looked up at her and Carrie...

...was glowing again

That's right she was a goddess again

Chris used high voltage but back in God effect

Chris-Skrull: No no no NOT AGAIN!!!!!

Carrie: Every time you come back it's the same thing. Weather you're a clone hallucination or even a skrull form token over it never ends how you wanted. Cause I will always be Sue. Ms. Desjardin. The X-Men and the Avengers. See ya around Chris.

She unleashed full power as the Chris-Skrull screamed she obliterated into NOTHING!!!!

The people inside cheered then Carrie looked up to the skrull ships smirking then.....

....They all Retreated!!!!

....all except for THANOS ship

At that brief instance knowing how potentially vile and deadly this confrontation is going to get all Carrie did was close her eyes.....

.....resulting in a psychiatric connection with Rachel

Rachel: Wha--? Carrie?

We need the others down here. Go get them. NOW.

Rachel: What about you?

I'll hold HIM off. It's time I finish what I started.

Rachel: No....Carrie NO!!!!

Kurt: What is it??

Rachel: She's going to take on Thanos alone again....

Kurt: Mien Galiebte you can't! There must be another way!!

Do you want to take back our earth or not?! Kurt Rachel the problem last time was I acted out of guilt for Logan and everyone who died. But this time...I'm positive afer defeatinging Chris....again! And I'll do it again if she comes back again....she always does.....but she never wins. But the point is.....God sent us to earth for a reason. To protect it. And all it's people. And so is the whole universe. Years ago I felt lost cause I was hated by everyone. Until you all gave me a chance for me to know my REAL place. Now this war ends tonight. Call the Avengers and the X-Men here and we'll end this together. I'm counting on you.

They were touched by her speech and did exactly what she said to send word to the Avengers

With an emotional and memorial soundtrack beginning to play Carrie glew again and flew out infront of Thanos's ship and her god form allows her to breath in space

Thanos woke up in time just to see through the window Carrie was floating looking serious at him and Thanos frowned back at her

At that point after staring down at her for a brief period of time she holds out her hand firmly and directly in his direction

She'd be tempted to just blast him into oblivion if she could but....


Letting a huge burst of energy out through her hands each stretch of energy out through each stretch of energy aimed directly at each piece of debris wreckage whatever was available on the ship..... became clear she was fixing the ship

She wanted to deal with THANOS as fair as she could comprehend. One on one Mano Demon to Goddess

Slowly moving herself forward towards the ship then phases through the window and ends up face to face with him himself as she set herself slowly on the ground and continued staring him down as he did the same to her

Quite intense huh?

Carrie: Like what you see Thanos?

Thanos: *Chuckles* I underestimated you back at the prison. Clearly so. I don't know much about why you continue to desperately tread forward in a battle that's deemed impossible to win....but it's always put a smile on your face.

Carrie: Trust me big guy. You're not the only one to do that.

Thanos: Why do you continue to persist? All I ask for Loki's scepter and my stone back.

Carrie: Forget it Thanos! You cause you need to watch who you're referring to. I've wrestled with gods and the Devil himself. They couldn't defeat me, they couldn't control me and I swear on Logan's grave, that you will PAY FOR HIS DEATH AND ALL THE LIVES YOU TAKEN!! YOU will not see the end of this day after the end of the war. And it ENDS NOW!

Realizing Carrie was still angry for the death of her teacher who was her friend and father figure in the X-Men something popped in Thanos's head over a loss he had too

(Small Infity war reference)

Thanos: I understand my child. I may have taken much from you. But there's much I loss too.

Carrie: Well you should have thought of that BEFORE YOU KILLED MY FRIEND!

Feeling excited and up to a second challenge after a long year Thanos willingly let himself wide open with his gauntlet still grasped on his hand and just said....

Thanos: En gardethen.

And just then Carrie roared causing space to shake a bit

Then they charged throwing fists and punched one another making a giant viberation

At the watch tower Banner received the signal from Kurt and Rachel Thanos is here and he and Carrie are fighting

Banner: Nat.....we got something

Romanoff: What?

Banner: Then there's no time to loose. Let's gather everyone and end this while we have a chance.

But....the watch tower had bigger problems

Then non cowardly skrull army set attack on the watch tower had bigger problems

The non cowardly skrull army set attack on the watch tower and that's when they're side of the war began

Scott: Jean you should get out of here. Cable will need you tonight.

(Yes they had Cable Ik he's from the future but in the comics he was Jean and Scott's son and he was just born not long ago in this)

Jean: He'll sleep till dawn and snore like his father. It's you who needs me tonight.

They smiled at one another and gave each other one last kiss

Rogers and Stark and any remaining Avengers stood ready for battle and.....

....Lonny and Laura looked out what was happening then looked at each other

They held hands

It's at that moment that two of the huge over-abundance of Skrull ships turn directly towards the Avenger watch tower

Everyone else's attention became laser focused when they set sight on the towers and prepared to fire with their guns at the ready.....



One of the ships quickly went smack-dap into oblivion causing the other ships to turn towards that direction And as it turns out..... was Kurt Rachel Loki and the others on that jet laying fire to the other ships in an last ditch effort to turn them away and give others the chance to at least get away

And for the most part it worked

The others who didn't turn away still kept locked onto the Tower but luckily the others inside weren't willing to tolerate that as the ones who could fire (Scott Jean Wanda Romanoff Barton etc) did manual try shooting one ship down at a time like it was a shooting range

Mostly it would be difficult for the others but since they're known for firing at a distance their shots were more than accurate

As for the others they quickly scurried around in hope to either defend themselves Stark case....cower up and hide away like a know what

But as for Captain America he wouldn't tolerate that

Stark: A little privacy please?

Rogers: The hell you doing?

Stark: Saving myself.

Rogers: Typical. That's what you're best at looking out for JUST yourself?

Stark: EXCUSE me. I'm not the one who still puts my body in harms way after 100 years. I've done this as long as I can muster and I've lost just as much.

Rogers: Stop pissing me off with that SOB story. This is the only chance we have Tony. Put the suit on

Stark: This ain't my fight no more.

Rogers: Put. It. On.


Hearing Kitty's voice from over the loudspeaker on the jet didn't really distract them but it did give the others some time to listen Despite the fact that they were still getting shot at she apparently still had time to let the others know

Avengers, X-Men the time for battle is at hand! Tonight we take back our world! Carrie an--

Before she could even finish that tracker beacon from earlier started bleeping up on both the outside and made it's way inside of the jet as it's monitor caught a homing projectile coming towards them from behind

In other words: missile

Thor: Missiles.

Sue: Say what?!

Deadpool: Yeah....uhhh might I suggest someone----

Rachel: Don't you say it. I'll go ahead and deal with it. Open the back.

Heimdall did just that as she approached the hatch ready and prepared

Deadpool: What was I gonna say?

The next thing that happens that missle cmping through at high speeds directly at Rachel but she blocked it away with her telekinesis as it zips past them and hit another ship that pattern continued onwards the blasts towards Rachel became more and more relentless and she began to lose energy

Rachel lost energy and fell on her knees and looked onward at the blasts and the screen faded into white

Cutting to Carrie and Thanos's fight Carrie threw a punch but Thanos countered it by grabbing it and punching her back with Gallivant in the stomach

Luckily no sever damage thanks to get her god form then she upper cut his jaw

He fell back but then they swung punches and kicks speeding around the galaxy making it shake

Carrie: You beast! You devil! VILLIAN! Why do you hate us so?!

Thanos: Your kind would have done the same!

Carrie: LIAR!

The battle ragged and ragged they started crashing on planets and tore through their lands




Then just up to space coming a stare and taunting face to face

Thanos: Impressive. You've become more powerful than you were at the e prison.

Carrie: I only had one flaw back then. The guilt for Logan and Charles. But I guess that was mostly cause of my past pains. But I guess all it took for me was to know how much my family still needed me. And your fall once and for all.

Thanos: So this isn't about revenge no more?

Carrie:'s about the future.....without YOU!!!! And the misery you CAUSED!!!!!!

Carrie powered up maximum as did THANOS and ragged on once more

Back at the watch tower things seemed like a disaster

Rogers and Stark were still arguing Andrew and Kitty hatched a secret backup plan

And some of the others were fighting the skrulls in tower but some were already dying

And it didn't take long for Kurt to notice Rachel was missing

Kurt: Rachel? Rachel!

Bobby ran in

Bobby: What happened?

Kurt: Rachel's gone.....

Bobby: Oh is Peter....

Skrulls charged in but Nightcrawler grabs Ice-man and teleports

With Rogers and Stark

Rogers and Stark

Rogers: We don't have time for this Tony! If we don't fight now everything will be lost forever!

Stark: Everything is lost anyway! We fought the good fight but look where it got us.

Rogers: No where yet. It's not over yet we can still win this!

Stark: Give me a break! What have we won huh? We were a big shot ten years ago. But it's only brought us to more destruction. I mean people hated us cause of the mess the bad guys caused.

Rogers: But we won the heart of so many people too! You won one of one kid who looked up to you and you were the only one who believed in him....and that kid just disappeared.

Stark: You mean....Peter?

Rogers: Yeah and for all we know Thanos might have him! And you're just gonna sit here?!

As for Tony really didn't know how or even what to say to that Peter meant a lot to him and he practically treated him like he was his own son The fact that he just disappeared without cause or reason just....


....he didn't know.

All he did was just storm past Rogers back to where his office was while trying to remain as discreet as possible....

....leaving Rogers frustrated

Rogers: Damn it man.

At that point blasts came raining down from the side of him and he suddenly puckered up and used his shield to block off the attacks only to see it was more Skrulls

Thinking fast he threw his shield as it ricocheted off three of the Skrulls and then drop kicked one of them before kicking back up and knocking another one down

As the Captain continued to put up amazing defense outside of the Avengers Tower became sounds slinging involved

The sound kept on going and going only for it to finally subside once we get a glimpse image of two visible shadows on a few rooftops aside the Avengers Tower. Moving off from the side both shadows eventually show Rachel Lang knocked out on the floor with both shadows standing above her

It's more than likely these two were the ones who managed to catch Rachel in time before she met her uncertain demise

This her?

Yep....this my girl.

To give credit where it's due I will say: you're going to make a very fine father one day. I'm sure of it.

The amount of commotion going in between them eventually started to rock Rachel up and out of her unconscious state as she stumbles up

Rachel: Argh....damn those skeletons...

Hey Hey Hey. It's alright.....

It took a while for her vision to clear but once it did

Spider-man: I'm here now.

.....she felt a sense of comfort and property. She immediately hugged him tightly and it took him to latch back at her despite all the chaos happening around them this was a minor well needed distraction

Rachel: Oh my god baby I missed you.

Spider-man: So do I. What the hell went down over here?

Rachel: I was going to ask the same thing.

Spider-man: It's...Umm...don't ask me. Ask him.

He points back to the other shadow who steps out of it and he's shown to be in yet ANOTHER skin-right costume with the same color scheme as Peer except with more elaborate and vicious details to his suit

Rachel: Wha--? Who are you?

Spider-man 2099 (Mark Wahlberg): My name is Miguel O' Hara. I'm the Spider-man from the year 2099.

Rachel: Uhh---I--there's a future Spider-man?

Spider-man: Trist me I asked the same thing.

Spider-man 2029: I maybe from the future but I am also your great great great grandson.

Spider-man: Huh??

Rachel: What??

Spider-man 2029: I was sent back to help you all of a dark future.

They looked at each other wondered who sent him

Rachel stood up walking to him

Rachel: Who sent you?

Spider-man 2029: My OWN Aunt. Who was Carrie White's great great great granddaughter.

Now the story got interesting as Spidey and Rach looked at him more in shock

Spider-man 2029: In my time to this very day. Carrie lost this fight and THANOS reclaimed Loki's scepter. And with all infinity stones THANOS had won this battle with just a snap. Most of you ceased to exist. Even you Grandpa.

That left him in silence

Spider-man 2029: You Grandma survived along with a few others and my Aunt told me you were one cranky pregnant woman.

Rachel: What??

Spider-man 2029: Let's just say you two had a son as well and didn't know till after this fight. That son Ben Riley Parker (Ben Riley the Scarlet Spider) and little Noah grew up into rebel leaders to avenge all of you to destroy Thanos and the war lasted for decades with no end to Thanos were close to extinction when was growing up and took the mantel of Spider-man. See we were sent to steal the time stone. We couldn't defeat THANOS any other way so we decide the only way to stop him is to change history. My team and I succeeded but Thanos came for us the minute they sent me to the past to warn you all what Carrie has to aim for his head.

(Spoiler alert: Exactly what Thor should have done in Infity war)

That there....had Spidey and Rachel look at each other again

The fights ragged on and on but even the Avengers had their shares with the Skrulls had theirs

Clint was the first to fall by a counter from a skrull by his own arrow

Cyclops was next by a shear stab in the rib

Then Jean by oblivion by her own powers to wipe out skrulls out numbering her

Wanda Bobby Storm and....Hulk smashing the remains to dust

And they all looked at the others who did not make it

Bobby: This can't be happening....

Storm: We can't quit now...they would want us to keep on

And so we will.

They looked over to see Kurt coming out of the shadows

Storm: Kurt.

She hugged him closely

Storm: You find the kids?

Reveling Laura Lonny Little Carrie and Noah

Storm: Thank god.

Kurt: Now Thanos.

Don't start without us.

Startled by the voice and seeing.....

....the Guardians of the Galaxy by a hole on the wall

Groot: I am Groot.

Storm: Well ain't that cute.

Rocket: That's all he really says. But he actually said....."need assistance?"

Kurt: That raccoon just talked?

Racoon: Just don't call me rabbit like that Thor dude.

Gamora: Listen there's no time to loose. We need to take Thanos down soon as possible. There's no telling how long your friend will last out there.

Kurt: You mean Carrie?

Peter: Plus we have to destroy those stones.

Storm: We'll settle with anything you know. Anything to get rid of Thanos.

Outside in space Carrie and Thanos's battle raged they were both covered and bruises and cuts and soon they crashed on the moon

Thanos: You're nothing but a runt trying to prove her POWER!!

He grabbed her slammed her down like Hulk did Thor and Loki

Thanos: See? Just a brat!

Carrie: Thanos?

Thanos: What?!

Carrie: *Stands* I rather be a brainless brat than a cold hearted monster. Like you.

Thanos: FOOL!!!!!

He swung his gauntlet but she grabbed it pushed him towards his palace then CRASHED into it crumbling

Carrie panted feeling her energy draining

Carrie's abilities were running low if she ran out of energy while still in space she would not breath

My power is starting to run low...if I don't defeat this guy soon....I'll loose oxygen out here in my human form....but how? He just keeps coming back for more!

The answer is infront of you.

Startled by that voice Carrie looked and image Andrew and Rachel

Rachel: You must aim for his head. Destroy his head. And whatever you do. Don't let him snap his fingers

Andrew: And then....his gauntlet. It holds the stones. After Thanos you must destroy the stones!

Carrie: How do you two---

Rachel: A friend.....told Peter and me to aim for his head.

And I told Andrew.

She looks back again

Deadpool: Who are ally told me.

(Since Deadpool can't die I think he can breath in space...I think)

An image of Death was behind him only he can see her....

....but so can Thanos

Carrie: Are you....sure?

Andrew and Rachel's images nodded and disappeared

At Andrew and Kitty's side the Skrulls busted in

Kitty and Andrew took one last one look at each other and.....

....she smiled and kissed him

Just then the Skrulls blasted them both (Dead)

Carrie even felt their deaths when the images disappeared

Carrie: Andrew!!!! Kitty...Rrr...

She looked over angry as Thanos recovered coming out of the ruble

Death: Your ex?

Death: That's him.

Despite the fact he could see her he didn't notice her yet THANOS was just focused on Carrie but felt an surging presence similar to hers before But it didn't seem to bother him for the moment

Right now Carrie was his only concern....

.....despite Deadpool and Mistress Death was watching from some intergalactic portal watching everything from afar

THANOS: Why do you not yield? I can sense your power lessening.

Carrie: I'm nails tough to clip then I was before. And as a wise man would's not over till it's over.

THANOS: You are indeed persistent. But your primitive skills mind games will not aid much longer.

He was quick to blast her but Carrie's telekinesis was able to slow the beam down and then re-route it back towards him....

....which was able to render him physically churning his stomach

Carrie: How you like them apples?

He finally brings himself back up to a knee but before he could do anything an entire barrage of rockets and laser projectiles came raining down all over him and startling Carrie making her step back

But there was no reason to feel frightened....

....for it was both the Ravager (with the Guardians Storm Bobby Romanoff and Bruce who turned back)....

....and the jet (with Thor Loki and the others)

And wouldn't you know it Iron man flew in (Finally) with his robot army including War machine

Carrie: Tony?

Iron man: Like Wanda and Clint said before it was time to get off my ass.

Carrie: Good to have you back. Both of you.

War Machine: Yeah retirement didn't suit me.

As THANOS approached he smirked at everyone eyed at Deadpool and Death for a second but looked offended to see her hiding behind Deadpool even lady Death behind him which made him raise his eyebrows

Mistress Death hid behind Deadpool from THANOS like a high school girl hiding from her asshole ex behind her new boyfriend

Thanos was not satisfied but turned back to Carrie

Thanos: So you all assembled. What's left you.

Carrie it's over THANOS. We both know you're no match for all of us. You barely could hold me out just now.

Thanos: As a god maybe but you're not one with an iron fist.

Iron man: B**ch please.

Thanos: Well you're not the one with complete power!

B**ch please.

Thanos got pissed he blasted them but Loki blasted back forcing Thanos back he got more pissed he just held up his hand about to snap his fingers but.....

.....Carrie remembered

Whatever you do don't let him snap his fingers

Carrie suddenly stopped him by grabbing his hand with her powers before he could snap Thanos looked at her and then.....

Carrie: NOW!!!

And the Avengers charged at Thanos beginning the FINAL round

Loki blasted again but apparently THANOS had eyes on the back of his head as he quickly repelled Loki's blasts and then shot at each and every single one of them

But the blast somehow misses them as they keep running towards him at high speeds

It's at this moment that Carrie started running a few meters faster before leaping up into the air and immediately knocking Thanos down to one knee before reaching for his gauntlet. He suddenly pulls away and seats Carrie back only for Thor and Loki to double team on him from both sides

Thanos: Irritating flys!

Carrie: Get the gauntlet! I'm going for his head!

Even at that advantage Loki and Thor weren't enough which is why the other Avengers each took separate shots at Thanos while reaching for his gauntlet.....

.....all except for Banner

Romanoff: Uhh.....code green?

(Infinty war reference)

Banner: What do you say big guy? Rrrrrrr........Nooooo!What do you mean no? You were a great shot at the tower earlier. Just one more time? We kill Thanos Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo!!! HULK YOU ASSHOLE!!!

Romanoff: What's going on?

Banner: Ohh....Hulk's being stubborn. He won't come out.

Allow me.

Iron man: Veronica?

A Stark satellite launched a pod towards the jet

Tony in mask: Better jump out Bruce!

He did and the pod launches on him and latches the mega iron suit on Banner he remembered the last time he saw it

Banner: Wow! Now I know why you like these things Tony. Let's kick his ass!

Iron-Banner jumped up and grabbed THANOS senseless but only.... get a taste of his own medicine

THANOS grabbed Hulk and SLAMMED him around

Loki: Ha! That's what it feels like! That's what it feels like you dall creature!

Banner in mask: Give me brake Loki. That wasn't really me. Hulk and I.....are kinda.....two people.

Thor: And don't forget New York Loki.

Loki: Oh you had to bring that up.

Thanos was about to launch another attack but was stopped and his arm was caught by force

Thanos: What??

Rachel from her end held his arm with her remaining powers

Now Carrie! Do it! Kill him!

Hearing her sisters voice Carrie lunged at Thanos for another attack aiming at his head.....

....But Thanos powered the glove braking Rachel's concentration she fell back in the ship

Peter: Rachel!

Spider-man 2029: Grandmother!

That gave them an awkward stare

Spider-man 2029: Um....just focus on the mission?

Carrie launched a power punch but Thanos countered it by blocking her with the gauntlet but....

...beginning to struggle on one another giving each other angry looks at each other's eyes....

.....But without either of them noticing...

...the gauntlet was beginning.... crack

Till THANOS unfortunately surprise he could even notice it

Thanos: No......

He then went back to his focus on the thrill of battle had pulled him in very much so that he was oblivious to his own creations near self-destruction

But the sight didn't pass Carrie's line of sight

But the sight didn't pass Carrie's line of sight

This caused her to smirk....

...and chuckle

Carrie: You know the funny thing about this...even if I don't live long enough to cherish this....

THANOS: HMPH. least my boy'll know his mother went out swinging

She forcefully grabs ahold both of THANOS hands with her strength increasing molecule each second until that familiar golden aura reappears around her resulting in a frantic change in her posture as well as her eyes going gold


Right then and there she snaps his unprotected hand hearing his bones snap in process and while he backs up from the pain she headbutts him back a few feet away from her

And then she mentally holds THANOS locked in place right in position where he stood. She even resorted to burying his feet inches deep into the Moons surface so that he couldn't trudge himself back up

Carrie: NOW!

Quickly thinking Iron man shot out of his arc reactor at THANOS and it barely grazed his back before the beam aimed at Captain America Quickly thinking he puts up his shield and it reflects the blast towards THANOS but with the remaining stones left in his Gauntlet he was able to put up a force field to temporarily prevent the deflected blast from hitting him

But the effect of the battle was taking a toll on him let alone the Stones as they were also close to breaking

It's at that moment where he felt core force applied against him as he turned to his side and saw Thor and Loki blasting at him

With him distracted Carrie knew this was her chance

She grabbed him in a Darth Vader choke

As Thanos held his neck he looked at Carrie and was about to use the time stone but.....

....Dr. Strange appeared form his spellcast opening and pulled the stone away with force back in HIS hand

THANOS: NO! *Looks at Carrie again* Why must you finish it like this? The ones you lost.....I can bring them back with the time stone....

Carrie: You took them ALL from me! And destroyed my HOME!

Thanos: Please! Let me go....I promise everything I done....can be undone.....can be undone...I can fix it all and I'll leave and never return....I can even bring back the ones you lost be before my arrival.

There was a moment of silence Carrie lowered her hand for a moment

Carrie: I give anything to have them all back. BUT NOT BY YOU!!!!!


Mistress Death just stood beside Deadpool as Carrie crushed all the stones even the time stone in Strange's hand which made him shake his hand and Carrie waved her hands OBLITERATING Thanos like Apocalypse from the HEAD!!!! (In X-C 5: Return of Apocalypse)

Thanos was now nothing but dust which flown into Death's hand and she gripped them

Thanos was finally gone

(About time....)

Carrie breathed heavily and fell her powers ran out and her vision fated as Deadpool and Iron man approached her and it blacked out

After a moment the vision began to focus again giving a vision giving a vision of Noah on her chest

Noah: Momma....

Carrie: What....Noah?? Hey baby.

She sat up in her bed in hospital wrag and picked up Noah holding him to her chest

We never left your side since we won

She looked up see her love sitting on the table beside her

Carrie: Kurt....

He hopped down hugging her

Carrie: How long was I out?

Kurt: Two days. I teleported you in a ship with Banner soon as you went out. And rushed you back to the watch tower

Carrie: And Thanos??

Kurt: He's gone. I doubt he can rebuild himself together.

Carrie: Where are the Avengers? Rachel and Peter and.....

Kurt: They're fine....but half of the Avengers are gone. Clint Jean Scott Andrew and Kitty.

Carrie: No....

Kurt: Jean and Scott need our help. They had a kid of their own before the war. Little Cable.

Carrie: Well like I promised Logan I look after Laura and Kayla we'll look after Cable for Scott and Jean

Kurt: Ja. And look at this.

He turned on a tv with remote to see news channels of people cheering and talking about the Avengers X-Men....


Man: Idk what to say. Knowing someone's out there looking for us.

Woman: If you're out there hearing this Carrie White thank you so much. God bless you.

Boy: Two Spider-men? Who's the new guy?

Second boy: That Rachel Lang is hot!!

Girl: Mine would be to...F Thor Marry Capetian America and kill Nightcrawler.

Second man (Stan Lee): I may write a comic called the Angel of Havoc.

After that Carrie didn't know what to say

Carrie: They all know?

Kurt: They should. You deserve that much gratitude.....Professor.

Carrie: Professor??

It's at that moment that Carrie took seconds for the revisualization of the image from over a year ago to boom back into her head for it had been buried deep into her cerebrum for as long as she could've remembered

But the fact that she avoided it for so long....there was no longer a question why

I hereby appoint the new leader.....of the X-men.

But by this point.......there was nothing else for her to fear

She breaths in and sighs heavily letting all of the pain anxiety and anger built up from over 7 years out of her....There was FINALLY no more pain

She turns towards him as him as he nods.....but that's when she looks down at Noah cooing softly at her

Carrie: What do you say Noah? You want Mommy to do this?

He nods too.....

.....and she sheds a tear when she see's him nod

Just then it was not long before Carrie began looking upon the mansion once more being rebuilt and the school was due to reopen by the end of the summer

Some of the kids even returned to attend once more and gave Carrie some hugs

Carrie: Heheheh hey guys.

Kurt looked down carrying Noah

Out back Lonny and Laura sat out looking towards the graves of the fallen X-Men Laura looked more at her father's grave beside Xaviers Scott and Jeans and the rest of the departed X-Men members

Lonny: He'll always be with you. Like I was.

Laura: I....know. Lonny? There's something I been meaning to do. And I better do it before I feel like too much like a kid.

She then gave Lonny a kiss on the....



Lonny blushed and stood there as Laura smiled at him

And then on at Avengers HQ was to rebuilding only lead by the new leaders of the Avengers

Peter and Rachel Parker with their unborn child on the way as Spider-man 2029 told them about they smiled at one another as a new seal opened revealing

Yet a new Spider suit but....

......the silver armor spider suit (From Spider wars issue comics)

Avengers theme

And then looked upon the newest and oldest Avengers

Newest members


Ghost Rider

Silver Surfer

Daredevil (Hadn't seen him since Spider-Man: State of emergency)

Oldest members

Black widow

Black Panther


And the Scarlet Witch

The rest remained alive all retired Steve Tony Rhody and Sam

They smiled and Rachel spoke.....

Rachel: Avengers......Assemble!

They stood ready and the camera pulled away flying back all the way to Chamberlain where......

.......Sue was on her computer wearing glasses making the biggest curer of her life

She typed in to write a novel titled:....

...."The Angel of Havoc"

"The story of Carrie White and the X-Men" (From X-Men: Carrie)


Mid Credit Scenes

After the end credits we're back at Deadpool's apartment he was still reading comics but....also Sue's book

Deadpool: Haha waaay better love story than twilight *Notices the screen* Hmm? Oh sorry folks there's no teaser of another chapter of the series. It's all over. Say what? Oh you guys heard about a Spider-man edge of time well we couldn't afford it in time. Did you expect Tom Holland and Odeya Rush be leading the Avengers in another infity war with Venom and Carnage's return or a final showdown with the Spider-Carnage? Well basically. Also just recently one of the authors came up where little Noah in an older age gets his own story where Sue Snell's daughter gets mutated and Laura X-21 and Lonny all grown up lead them to another fight with a new group of the brotherhood. But that's all for now. Later


He looked over at Misstress Death walked over wrapping her arms around Deadpool

Death: Let's give them one sneak peak. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase?

Deadpool: Ohhh....Alright

He puts hand on the screen cutting back to S.H.I.E.L.D. since Nick Fury's death Hill had taken over as new director and developed a new project

Hill: Are you sure it's heavily secured.

Agent: Perfectly Director Hill.

She looked in some tube

Hill: I know Fury would want this destroyed....but there's more to this we have to know. See if it can reproduce.

Agent: Seems dangerous. Especially when Parker bond with it (Spider-man: Alien Activity

Hill: And that's will remain as it is here.

The camera zoomed at a sample of.....symbiont in the tank

The Anti-Venom symbiont

~Cuts out~


Coming soon....


  • Remy Labeu (Gambit) - Stabbed suddenly by Skrull
  • Betty White - offscreen killed by nuclear blast
  • Vanessa (From Deadpool) - Unknown
  • Chris-Skrull - Obliterated by Carrie in God form
  • Clint Barton (Hawkeye) - by a skrull with his own arrow
  • Scott Summers (Cyclopes) - Stabbed in the rib
  • Jean Grey - Olivine by her powers whipping out skrulls around her
  • Andrew Detmer - Blasted by Skrulls
  • Kitty Pryde - Blasted Skrulls
  • THANOS (Finally) - Obliterated by Carrie

Main Cast Gallery

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Featured Songs

  • Breaking Benjamin ~ Never Again
  • Insturmental Core Music ~ Journey Through The Victory
  • Skillet ~ Salvation
  • We As Human ~ Taking Life
  • Rudimental ~ Free



  • X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister
  • Avengers: Fever Of Rage
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